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If you're in Carol's riding, please vote for her. Also, please sign this petition.

The latest encounter between activist Carol Brouillet, and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, highlighting the resistance to "information" that many people don't want to acknowledge.

“You avoid answering my questions.” I said, matter of factly. My Congresswoman Anna Eshoo responded, again, very irritably, “Oh, you are so disrespectful.” Her overreaction, I believe was not to my statements, but to who I am and what I am doing. I am challenging her at the ballot box next November, as a Green Party Candidate for California’s 14th Congressional District. We disagree on key issues; and I am tired of marching on her office, press in tow, to force my issues into the public arena.

A Veteran at today’s Town Hall Meeting asked her, “Are you afraid?” She denied being afraid, but she is afraid to look at the darkest shadows that are cast by the Bush Regime, and the American government; she said that she wants to be “a beacon of hope” in the land of the free and the brave.
She is probably doing the best job, she thinks she can do, but she can’t see things that she refuses to look at.

She won’t look at evidence of voting fraud, the serious problem we have with the Diebold machines, and the blatant stealing of two Presidential elections. She accepts the 9-11 Commission’s Report as bipartisan and thorough, but I doubt very much if she even knows what it contains and omits.

After the meeting, an activist looked her straight in the eye, and asked her if she agreed with the 9-11 Commission’s Report on Building # 7, he repeated this three times, until she said that she agreed with the Commission. The Commission’s Report omitted entirely the collapse of Building #7, a 47 story steel structure, not hit by a plane or significant debris, that collapsed in the manner of a controlled demolition on the afternoon of the attacks. Her ignorance of the topic was clear.

Who posted this? SBG is

Who posted this? SBG is that you?

Anna Eshoo = pathetic

Anna Eshoo = pathetic jellyfish + Bush apologist.