Hunger Strike for 911 Truth

Cathy Garger from Maryland writes:

I saw this article and thought: If the 9/11 families can fast, why not 9/11 Inside Job Truth Activists? It would certainly draw great national - heck, worldwide - media attention if 9/11 Truth Activists all over the nation fasted in DC and in every state capital, all on the same date.
We've got to step up our efforts quickly - and dramatically.

Our Psychopaths In Power are looking to soon nuke the living daylights out of Iran. And I hear word that North Korea is not far behind.
This may come as no surprise to others, but I dare say that America would be shocked to read world renown DU expert Leuren Moret's recent report that tells us that the March 2003 "Shock & Awe" campaign in Baghdad effectively nuked not "just" Iraq, but a good many other nations, too! So now we know that the US Psychos In Power are not "just" wrecking the Middle East with our radiation, but we're doing a nice job of radiating, most likely, millions of others in other countries.

Is it any wonder why the American President is not exactly greeted with dozens of long stem roses in his travels lately around the world?

I don't know about you, but the destruction of the planet and of the human species, in particular, by our own political "leaders" is certainly more than cause for disgust and dismay. In fact, I actually see it as a cause to become quite hungry - right out in public. Picture taking time, everybody! Does anyone have a video camera to film us starving outside, en masse, on the steps of 50 state capitol buildings?

What do you say? Shall we develop a "STARVE FOR TRUTH TO STOP NUKE WARS" campaign? Is saving the human species from additional US-sponsored "shock and awe"-style genocidal radiation poisoning a good reason to go hungry for a bit?
Hunger strikes draw attention. LOTS of attention. And what we need now, before we begin bombing yet another nation that's done nothing to harm us? We need to get LOTS of attention in LOTS of newspapers and get in front of LOTS of TV Cameras. We need to actually be "hungry" (quite literally so) for attention if we want the mainstream media to cover the lies of 9/11 and the fact that we are soon about to nuke yet more of the planet into oblivion.
Wanna help plan a Hunger Strike for 9/11 Truth to Stop US Nuke War Madness? Join us at and let's chat about creating a juicy 50 state (plus the District of Crime) Hunger Strike that will make the mainstream media salivate and lick their lips to cover.
9/11 Truth Activists, the power to spread truth and wage peace can be ours if we can just come together long enough in order to put down our forks and keep our mouths shut - at least just for a bit.

how about... "Hungry for the

how about...

"Hungry for the Truth"

All the best

I think the planet will be

I think the planet will be just fine without us.

Why can't we simply as a

Why can't we simply as a group call to re-open 9/11? Kucinich and others can make that call easily can't they, without ruffling too many feathers? And it's legitimate too considering Able Danger and the Moussaoi trial. I think that the hunger strike is fine but all 9/11 truthers should stay on message, and that message should be RE-OPEN 9/11 come what may!

Now ask yourself, What

Now ask yourself, What emotions did I experience while reading "9/11 families to pray, fast for tribute"? Did this article supply any pertinent information or was it meant to reinforce the myth that 9/11 was a terrorist event and not a US military shock and awe program?

And we wonder why the MSM is in bed with the evil empire. Look who the owner of the Staten Island Advance is!

Israel and its supporters have a concept of the relation between media and government that is powerfully at odds with our own Anglo-Saxon tradition that inspired the First Amendment.

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this is a beautifully

this is a beautifully symbolic way to protest the insanity of the entire war on terror and our sense of resolve to do everything we can to bring an end to it.

i hope the media will pick up on this, but am afraid that the bad guys are just trying to ignore us until it no longer matters.

Must read the story that

Must read the story that goes along with this. You mean, they intend to build the memorial UNDERGROUND and the Port Authority wants it to be exempt from building and fire codes?!? Sounds like they want to bury our memory of the victims just like they are trying to bury the truth.

I just got done watching Mel

I just got done watching Mel Gibson's Braveheart and the Patriot.

I am angry, and I want to find some traitors.

Like to spread the 9/11

Like to spread the 9/11 truth?
Here is a good contact list to use.

They just covered Maureen

They just covered Maureen and the hunger strike on CNN Headline News.

Bush just signed the Patriot

Bush just signed the Patriot Act. I am hoarse from screaming LIAR at the television. Did anyone count how many times he said 9/11? He named just about every Senator who voted for it. I thought he was going to read the damn phonebook. I have to turn off the news and go puke now.

The (families of the)

The (families of the) victims of 9/11 are, for the most part, still too emotionally distraught to be able to think/see through The Big Lie anyway, so if they want to deny themselves food, I don't see how that could possibly hurt the cause of 9/11 truth.

But honest 911 truthers need our strength, and our thinking caps on, too much to be denying ourselves food at a time like this!

Especially given how "Hungry for the Truth" many, but clearly not all of us, are.

Your Government killed its'

Your Government killed its' own people. PERIOD.

Here is the audio from coast

Here is the audio from coast to coast am from Feb 23rd. Scholars for Truth

Somone did a post on Anti

Somone did a post on Anti cev earlier on... Sander Hicks posted a short bit about he knows over at GNN.

Moussaoui & the Anticev Connection

Just a reminder.... sign

Just a reminder....
sign this petition at the website of Scholars for 9-11 Truth...peace,pw

Please take a moment to sign this petition at the website of Scholars for 9-11 Truth. Its purpose is to obtain the release by the government of pertinent 9-11 evidence such as Pentagon surveillance video and tapes seized by the FBI from businesses nearby the Pentagon immediately following the strike.

I'm sure you would just LOVE to see what the government is hiding on those withheld and confiscated video tapes just as much as I would. The goal is to obtain at least l0,000 signatures. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign the petition, and if you like, you can remain anonymous, insofar as your name being displayed publicly on their Web page.

While I don't normally have any faith in the effectiveness of petitions, I strongly urge you to take two minutes of your life to sign this one. I have signed it and I urge you to do the same and pass it around to all the forums you frequent, as well as share it with those on your email lists.

,Thank you in advance,

the Spirit of the American People



Paul... how come the great

Paul... how come the great YBBS isn't on your list of sites? :(