Political Cartoonist Asks Real Questions About Flight 93

Ted Rall: 'Knee-jerk liars: The legend of United Flight 93' - SmirkingChimp.com
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The first indication that government officials were covering up the truth about United 93 came with their refusal to make public the cockpit voice recording (CVR). Releasing CVRs after a crash has long been standard practice; pilots' last, usually profane, utterances have become a cliché. Yet the FBI stonewalled victims' relatives for months after 9/11.
Another eyebrow-raising portion of the official account of Flight 93 states that "the passengers and flight crew began a series of calls from GTE airphones and cellular phones" after the hijacking. Ever forgotten to turn off your cellphone during a flight? I have. Try it yourself: Cellular telephone calls tend to drop when you're driving at 60 miles per hour; passenger jets travel up to ten times that speed. Moreover, there's zero signal, and thus no ability to place a call, above 8,000 feet. Flight 93, en route from Newark to San Francisco at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet, dropped 700 feet when it was hijacked at 9:28 am. Cell calls? Not likely.
If the Air Force shot down Flight 93 to protect the capital, it was the only time on 9/11, or since, that the Bush Administration has done something to keep America safe. Whether they were concerned about being second-guessed or for the financial health of the airline industry, we'll never know. We do know that they've become knee-jerk liars, even covering up the rare occasions when they do something right. Perhaps they don't really know what happened up there. If so, they ought to say that rather than promote more fairy tales about Flight 93.

The passengers did try. The only thing that takes away from their heroism is Bush's lies. So. Now that Zacarias Moussauoi has been convicted, where's that tape?

This is really a great read, and aptly timed given the number of times 'Flight 93' has aired on The History Channel in the last month, and given the upcoming movie on the same subject.

You can find some cartoons by Ted Rall on his website at tedrall.com.

Hat tip to smirkingchimp.com for posting the article.

Great article... Sorry, off

Great article...

Sorry, off topic...


Read the second to last article, and my comment.

dz says you have to

dz says you have to emphasize that they were referring to Flight 11, and Scott Hodes is suing for Flight 77 footage. Regardless, it's a good indication that they have no intention of showing "footage".

Maybe the Tillman family and

Maybe the Tillman family and the Flight 93 families have something in common.

Most definitely.

Most definitely.

Ever see previews for this

Ever see previews for this movie?


Freedom to Fascism?

Freedumb and Lieberty for

Freedumb and Lieberty for Oil!

I wish I would think this way but is it possible Tillman was offed because they needed a martyr in the war against terra.

I remember the NFL half time show in Phoenix where they honored Tillman on the "Jumbotron". The crowd booed when the smirking chimp came on the screen but they cut this part out for nation consumption. General Myers was in the booth with the announcers talking about Tillman the great heroe. As they cut away to commercial break, they played the number one song at the time which was "American Idiot".

Wake me up, when september ends.

Zacarias Mousaoui is

Zacarias Mousaoui is obviously mentally disturbed as was Mohamd Atta and Lee Harvey Oswald and Charlie Whitman.

Psychotic people herded around into the right place at the right time.

>>Cellular telephone calls

>>Cellular telephone calls tend to drop when you're driving at 60 miles per hour

I talk on a train going over 70 mph every day and have very few if any 'drop outs.'

I believe trains travel

I believe trains travel close to the surface of the earth. Could be wrong.

The problem with cell phones

The problem with cell phones from mountain tops (and airplanes) tends to not be not predominately that of low signal strength, but being line-of-site, with sufficient (or marginal) signal strength, to so (too) many cells simultaneously.

When a cell phone tries to switch cells faster than it can connect with them, the phone/call won't/can't work/continue.

Obviously, the more rapidly an elevated cell phone is moving laterally, the more the problem increases.


Speaking of political

Speaking of political cartoons, am I the only one who was seriously puzzled/disappointed by the President of Iran's call for holocaust cartoons instead of 9/11 cartoons?

(Talk about "still fighting the last war"...!!!)