Bush's Bad Science


If you've been paying attention, you know that the Bush administration has been playing fast and loose with science. But I'm not sure people fully grasp the implications.

Examples of bad science include:

• Global warming. The 2000 scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ("IPCC") said that man-made pollution was causing global warming... Unsatisfied, Bush orchestrated the ouster of the IPCC Chair, Robert Watson and replacing this eminent atmospheric scientists with an Indian economist, Rejandra Pachauri. See http://www.nrdc.org/media/pressreleases/020419a.asp

Then Bush put in a crony who blue-pencil vetoed parts of science reports which were not sufficiently pro-industry. http://www.commondreams.org/headlines05/0608-05.htm

• In 2002, the US Geological Survey submitted the results of a 12- year study, concluding that oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would adversely affect the habitat of the wildlife of the region (duh). Interior Secretary Gail Norton ordered a reassessment and -- coincidentally -- got the desired result in one week: arctic wildlife just love oil rigs. See http://www.smirkingchimp.com/print.php?sid=6431

• Also in 2002, the Pentagon terminated the contract of the "Jason" panel – an advisory group composed of forty to fifty elite scientists. John Marburger, Bush's science advisor, described the group as "working scientists – top-notch people who are experts in their fields". One member suggested that the termination Jason followed from an attempt by the Bush administration "to place political appointees to [the] scientific panel." (NY TIMES, 3/23/02).

• Critics of Bush's "National Missile Defense System" faced retaliation by the Bush administration. By way of example, the dissent of Dr. Theodore Postal of MIT cost him federal research grants, along with threats of research cutbacks to MIT. In addition, Dr. Nira Schwartz, a scientist and computer expert, was fired by the defense contractor, TRW, immediately after determining that the design of the defense missiles (i.e., "kill vehicles") was fatally flawed. In early march, the General Accounting Office confirmed her findings. See http://www.salon.com/news/col/huff/2002/03/14/trw/index_np.html.

So can we agree that the Bush administration -- directly and through its allies -- has put enormous pressure on scientists and engineers to give results which favor industry?

Okay, now how about cooked intelligence? Can we agree that the Bush administration faked the whole Iraq WMD thing, and is now faking intelligence about Iranian weapons capabilities?

Okay, then ... why is it so hard to believe that the Bush administration pressured NIST into reaching certain conclusions about the collapse of the World Trade Centers? NIST, the agency charged with figuring out why the WTC buildings collapsed on 9/11, refused to model the collapses themselves (huh?), and is delaying on reaching a conclusion about why World Trade Center building 7 -- which was not hit by a plane -- collapsed on 9/11. See http://911research.wtc7.net/essays/nist/index.html, http://911review.com/articles/griffin/nyc1.html and http://www.physics.byu.edu/research/energy/htm7.html

Here come da Tarpley. WORLD

Here come da Tarpley.

with Webster Griffin Tarpley

A weekly overview of world intelligence plus an in-depth interview from Washington DC

This Week's Guest: GERHARD WISNEWSKI of Munich, Germany, author and producer of books and television broadcasts on the events of September 11, 2001.





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Hey, does anyone remember

Hey, does anyone remember the video that shows them pulling the molten metal out of ground zero????

It was posted here recently, and had to do with Steven Jones and possible st911.org. Anyone remember where it is?


Molten metal:


In the introduction part..

It was 65 degrees today in

It was 65 degrees today in Chicago. This is the 6th record breaking warm winter in a row. We used to have an ice sculpture competition/exhibition on Michigan Ave every year. No more . . ice melts.

A lady commented on the nice weather today and I said, "its nice, but I'm a little concerned about global warming." She said, "Global warming isn't mentioned in the bible sweety." I thought for a moment and said, "neither are cars."

Not much satisfication outwitting the wittless.

off topic about Social

off topic about Social Security Death Index and people not being listed...

If you go to http://helpdesk.rootsweb.com/ssdi.html#notlisted

it tells you that people who might have spouses or family members getting death benefits might not be listed.

I still find it weird that John P O'neill is listed but Betty Ong, Mark Bingham, and Todd Beamer are not.

I havent been on Hoffmans

I havent been on Hoffmans site 911research for a while. He has a feature ripping on Scholars For 911 Truth. Im not saying there are/arent any valid points. I just got done reading the 97 comments most of which argued the planes/no planes bullshit. Why must EVERYTHING to due with the events of September 11 be madness? I am starting to think I am the only human being on this planet and everyone else is just lizard people here to drive me nuts. Nice job lizards. KOO-KOO. I think Im retireing from all this bullshit. The world is fucked. The human race is fucked. Oh well. Time to focus on things that keep me happy-good workouts, food, weed in moderation, heavy music, driveing my nice new car, sex, etc. Best of luck. dz you are one of few people I respect in this movement. I hope all your work is not in vain. Dont forget to enjoy yourself along the way. Im out of here for good. Good nite.

ok-ok. Dont beg. Im back. Im

ok-ok. Dont beg. Im back. Im gonna quit careing soon tho. Im going to try hypnotisim; or satanism maybe. Then Ill think this sick shit going on is cool!

off topic but check out this

off topic but check out this new movie trailer...


@ somebigguy: I think it was

@ somebigguy: I think it was in 911 revisited:



Gerhard Wisnewski on Webster Tarpleys new show- that's great, don't miss it.

Gerhard was one of the first sceptics here in germany.

His film make a hard impact on the official theory.

It is called: "Aktenzeichen 11.9. ungelöst" (Case 9/11 unsolved)

There is a version with english subtitles available. My link doesn't work anymore. Can someone search for it?

Here are some chapters of his book, already translated to english:



Finally found a

Finally found a link:


In the middle of the page...

Hey guys, thanks for the

Hey guys, thanks for the link, thats what I was looking for.

Jaybird, don't give up on us yet, we're getting there...

Investigating the Bush

Investigating the Bush Administration's Misuse of Science
A presentation by ..Union of Concerned Scientists
March 11, 2004
"If you believe in a rational universe, in enlightenment, in knowledge and in a search for the truth, this White House is an absolute disaster." -- Princeton University scientist Michael Oppenheimer

SBG: I hear you bro. I

SBG: I hear you bro. I should learn to keep my mouth shut when Im feeling negative. Sorry. I just get tired of this movement as small as it is being biodegradable. PMA.

"Bush is misusing science"?

"Bush is misusing science"? Surely you're mistaken. He's a nukoolure scientist, damn it!

In Bush's science fiction

In Bush's science fiction world there were planes used by terrorists and here is good evidence that supports the NO PLANE theory:


Scholars attack ideas, Pentagon PsyOps attack individuals.

I converted this file into DVD format and distributed it to some video nightclubs here in Cleveland last night. http://thewebfairy.com/911/nicknack


KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! (not directed at anyone in particular; sincerely)

AmR--Dynamite anti-war

AmR--Dynamite anti-war video! Thanks.

(IMHO, I think the WTC no-plane hypothosis has been duly noted, and people will heed it. Perhaps a sub-section of this board should be used if people wish to explore it further, as it really is a sub-topic.)

The no-plane hypothesis is

The no-plane hypothesis is interesting (it's always been considered strange that the planes seem to melt into the buildings) but plane or no plane, the buildings fell and they shouldn't have. That should be the main focus for now in the 9/11 movement and as someone else posted, we're not solving a mystery so much as trying to find the guilty parties.

The big problem I have with it, is if James Ha and Amanda think this is true then the 9/11 movement is basically finished. Why? Because if the media is that involved, then everyone has a very strong interest in preventing the knowledge from ever reaching the light of day.

Most people in the 9/11 movement have been silenced from 5 years of wiretapping or perhaps threats (like Spitzer and many others). Private citizens and the media are really the last line of defense. And if the media is in on it, besides being generally complicit, and we now have to expose them too, it's over. It will never happen.

Obviousley the media is on

Obviousley the media is on it. I dont know if its to that degree tho as the live repoting that day actually supports our alternative conspiracy theory. Once the official version comes down obviousley everyone falls in line.

Because if the media is that

Because if the media is that involved, then everyone has a very strong interest in preventing the knowledge from ever reaching the light of day.

the mcmedia sure does seem to bend over backwards to ignore 911 altogether don't they?

There's still the internet,

There's still the internet, hopefully to stay. I'm sure it's a thorn in their side and they're desperately trying to get in under control though.

I don't see what good should come out of this hologram or CGI line of thought, even if it were true, which I highly doubt, what's the use of focussing on it?

I'd rather have people viewing "The Money Masters", a documentary about international banking that will alter your perception of reality forever. What it lays out might just be the root cause of the systematic madness mankind engages in, and after all, we should be looking for the perpetrators once we identified a crime, which I believe we sufficiently have already, shouldn't we?

Give it a go, it's well worth your time if only for the history lesson our educational system thoroughly fails to provide.

Talk about "Bad

Talk about "Bad Science"...

The Anthrax Attacks (History Channel, UK, 2004)


If the no plane theory were

If the no plane theory were true, then they would have done the same at the Pentagon.

SBG: The molten steel video


The molten steel video is shown at the beginning of the Steven Jones 2/1/2006 presentation.



I gave up on MSM a long time ago. The only channel I watch is Turner Classic Movies. Anyway, I'm too busy making copies of Loose Change 2 to be bothered by their mind control. I've found that distributing copies to owners or managers of coffee shops with wireless Internet connections to be an effective method of creating our own network of communication. The NO PLANE theory is an important concept to have a grasp of because it ties so many loose ends together.

(Pentagon PsyOps attack individuals.)

1.) No hijackers - NO PLANE

2.) No bodies - NO PLANE

3.) No luggage - NO PLANE

4.) No FAA record of 2 flights being scheduled to fly & reports of 2 still in service - NO PLANE

5.) Nothing in Shanksville but a smoking hole - NO PLANE

6.) Nothing at the Pentagon but three smoking exit holes - NO PLANE

7.) No phone calls - NO PLANE

8.) No US military stand down - NO PLANE

And if you want to know what they did with the passengers, ask these people:


9,) WTC - 2 x PLANE Come on

9,) WTC - 2 x PLANE

Come on be comprehensive ;)

OK Bluescreeners, if you lot

OK Bluescreeners, if you lot can verge on the ridiculous, impossible and insane... Then so can I !!!

I reckon the "PLANE" that hit the South Tower (Second PLANE to hit) was a... wait for it...

A modified airliner, with armour plated nose cone and cockpit, with additional reinforcement on the wings. The reinforcement was specially designed with the object of "cutting into" the building on impact.

It was loaded FULL of THERMITE which was pre-ignited on impact. sadly there was no room for passengers, luggage etc.

This was remote guided via satellite and radio.

Prove me wrong...

Many thanks for your time :)

Personally, I think it was

Personally, I think it was cosmic rays from a neighboring star system that caused the structure to weaken.

Prove me wrong...

Lumos, great video :+: :+:

Lumos, great video :+: :+: :+:

Anonymous, would a coating

Anonymous, would a coating of Depleted Uranium wrapping the "birds" allow them to cut through anything, and account for the "flash"?

Tarpley is kicking ass right

Tarpley is kicking ass right now.


Here's a good "Part II" for

Here's a good "Part II" for what Lumos posted...

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve (Von Mises Institute, USA, 1996)

reprehensor I don't think DU


I don't think DU works like that...

I believe the velocity heats the DU and causes it to catch alight. Because the velocity was high for a long time it would have noticed, I'm not sure but I believe it's used on short flight time ammo shells, anti armour etc.

To be honest... the main reason I believe it was not used because it would have shown up on analysers with alarm bells...


manipulating real-time video

Cleveland Lost &

Anonymous, thx. Sitting

Anonymous, thx.

Sitting Bull,

Thanks for the Wisnewski link.

I had no idea that Der Spiegel led a smear campaign that got him and his partners sacked from WD.

And WD owns the rights to his film and won't distribute!

Under pressure from Neocon allies!


Bluescreen Team Meeting

The government has not the

The government has not the slightest desire to suppress ideas that the world is headed for apocalyptic global cooling, or apocalyptic global warming, or apocalyptic polution of the environment, or apocalyptic shortage of oil, or apocalyptic viruses, or apocalyptic terrorists trying to kill us all, or an apocalyptic U.S.S.R. (or Iraq, or now Iran) waiting to nuke us, or an apocalyptic invasion from outer space, or any other similar apocalyptic ideas. It's the government that invents, promotes and funds such ideas in the first place. What better way to massively socially re-engineer world society than to convince the masses that the sky is going to fall at any near moment unless the government steps in to run all our lives, requiring massive increases in funding and power for the government in the process.

But some ignorant dupes here actually buy into these globalist scams because they've been force-fed these notions since birth by the government and its de facto nationalized mass media.

For more on that as it applies to the globalist elite's "Peak Oil" scam, see the below article by me:

"The 'Peak Oil' Scam," December 5, 2005:





"Every office you go into at the Pentagon has CNN on."

Is this what every office at CNN has on?


@ reprehensor: That's the

@ reprehensor: That's the ugly truth. IMO we could learn something how they handled it here- our tipping point seems to be the weeks before 11.9.2003. Several books in the bestseller list, Wisneswkis video shown on WDR. Der Spiegel felt obliged to lead the smear campaign, but in fact it was a television show on WDR what blow us back. It was called: 911- Täuschung oder Wahrheit ( Depection or truth? )

It was pure propaganda- somehow I learned it, weeks after showing. But my wife and I were compelled as we saw it, how they dismantled Gerhard via serfdom to science, with scientist who didn't felt ashamed to lie right in front of our eyes.

It's very well documented, but sorry- unfortunately only in german yet.



Purported "Al-Qaeda

Purported "Al-Qaeda Undercover Soldier, U.S.A": Last Warning to American People - Two Operations Will Occur;

New version Jones 5.4 9/11

New version Jones 5.4

9/11 Truth now easier than ever!

Upgrade now.

:+: :+: :+:

The Professional: Glad

The Professional: Glad someone took notice. Sharing is caring, so let's all try to get the message out!

Not new, but first time I

Not new, but first time I read it:

"Britain now faces its own blowback"
by Michael Meacher
[Saturday September 10, 2005]



It's already in the

It's already in the archive:


It looks like Websters radio

It looks like Websters radio show is based on the Talking Point "Expose the 911 Reichtstagsfire first"
I first ever heard of from georgewashington.blogspot.com , Letter to Sen. Barbara Boxer.


I welcome that, because I agree strongly in this point!

You guys are gonna love

You guys are gonna love this. Bush jokes openly about Cheney and Rove running the show at a roast in Cheney's honor:

Bush said that while pundits speculate about whether Cheney or White House political adviser Karl Rove run the government, itÂ’s another person who actually pulls the strings. Cheney, Bush said, tells him what to do but CheneyÂ’s wife, Lynne, tells the vice president what to do.

"Reporters dressed as sick chickens for a bird flu skit, as the Incredible Hulk to poke fun at Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, who likes to wear a Hulk tie while waging fights in the Senate, and as Cheney hidden behind a Darth Vader mask.""

Alex Jones is gonna have a field day with this article.

Written by a

Written by a physician...

Time For The True Story About 9/11

"Written by a

"Written by a physician..."

"In a gross misrepresentation, the 9/11 Commission explained their version of the "pancake theory" collapse: The cores of the Twin Towers were hollow, comprised only of stairwells and elevator shafts. In truth, each of the Twin Towers contained dozens of solid central steel support columns." ...

Precisely. Too many people think the towers where like houses of cards. You don't knock out some cards and then a chain reaction neatly collapses (and pulverizes) everything.

I wouldn't have expected any collapse whatsoever that day. (If anything, a lopsided, partial cave-in around where the planes hit at the very most. Even this didn't occur.) Certainly not both towers being reduced to piles of dust & rubble! Only explosives can explain this.

I like how DRG put it,

I like how DRG put it, rather then calling it a "gross misrepresentation", he called it a "desperate lie" or something like that...