A Reception in Support of New York State

A good Truth spreading opportunity!! Attend if you can:

Below is the information regarding the reception on Sunday, March 12, 2006 - 1:00pm, in support of New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and his candidacy for New York Governor.

I think we should attend and ask him why he did not investigate the true causes and effects of September the 11th 2001. And why did he ignore the repeated call by the 9/11 families for such investigation? And why New Yorkers should trust him now, after such miserable failure as the New York Attorney General to investigate the MURDERS of
three thousands (3,000) innocent New Yorkers?

A Reception in Support of New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer And his Candidacy for Governor:

Sunday, March 12, 2006 - 1:00pm
West Side Institutional Synagogue
120 West 76th Street
New York, New York

RSVP to - Eileen Reyes ereyes@spitzer2006.com> - Or - (212) 529-2006

Complimentary Admission

Eliot Spitzer For Governor
330 Madison Ave, 19th Floor,
New York, NY 10017
Phone: (212) 529-2006
Fax: (212) 979-2607
Eliot Spitzer Spitzer@spitzer2006.com>

off topic but check out this

off topic but check out this trailer...


fear anyone??

It doesn't take a very deep

It doesn't take a very deep understanding to 9/11 to recognize that Dems do not oppose Reps in any serious meaningful manner, any more than do two professional wrestlers. It's mostly scripted staged 'opposition' for our amusement, entertainment, and, most of all, diversion.

The only thing more revealing than Bush's repeated incriminating 9/11 witness statements is the total non-reaction to them by Reps and Dems alike.

Then there's the 'little' matter of Prescott Bush, who served as Hitler's banker during WW II, and had his companies taken away from him by Congress in 1942 under the Trading With The Enemy Act, becoming a U.S. Senator in the years following WW II when "Nazi" was the dirtiest word in the USA, which reveals Dems' complicity in keeping such a deep dark election-busting secret for their Rep 'opponent' and from the voters. IOW, this charade has been going on for generations. But that only makes sense -- any good student of 9/11 knows by now that it requires at least one lie bigger than even 9/11 itself in order to keep The Big Lie of 9/11 under wraps so well for so long.

So expecting Spitzer -- or any Dem for that matter -- to want to completely unravel 9/11 is totally unrealistic.

So, what happened? Anyone

So, what happened? Anyone get in Spitzer's face? At least, please tell me that guests had to wade through throngs of demonstrators with signs. I'm on the opposite coast. Hoping for a full report.



Thank you Sander Hicks.

Thank you Sander Hicks. Check out Monday's headlines above!

I heard Sander confronted

I heard Sander confronted Spitzer. He was shouted down by the audience and asked to leave. Spitzer gave a non-answer. And the Media turned away from Spitzer and onto Sander. This I just heard second hand. Can't find the link referred to above.

Right here on Blogger today

Right here on Blogger today (Hicks Shuts Down Spitzer Fundraiser)