Don't Allow the Crackpots to Take Over 9/11

I'm trying to understand the purpose of this article. He is clearly blown away by what he saw at the website, and then ends the article by saying the Truth will never come up as long as "crackpots" are the only ones preaching it. At that point he seems to close the book on the whole topic, doesn't make any recommendations that readers follow up or take the topic seriously, or that he will follow up on his own...

Sometimes a story literally calls out from a subway entrance, telling you to tell the world of its existence. This was the case during a recent beautiful mid-March Saturday afternoon as I ambled back to get my bus home. The man who called out to me was carrying a portable DVD player and speaking with an academic sort who wore a top hat and concerned look on his face. This was a city known for free thinking and street corner political posturing. Usually I passed by such displays of self-aggrandizement without a second thought, but this time I was being called and I took it as a challenge.

"Why don't you write about this?" he said. He didn't have literature, and I didn't have time, but he had a website: "It's the truth about 9/11," he said. I scribbled it down and went my way. Conspiracy theories and carefully weaved parallel stories that propose to tell the "truth" are usually hard to believe and best appreciated with the proverbial grain of salt. In bizarre world, everything you have been led to believe is in fact a lie. The truth about any major event is buried beneath a tangled spider's web of lies.
The site is run by a consortium calling themselves "Scholars for 9/11 Truth." In carefully compiled and at times chilling sections of peer-reviewed papers, articles, audio/video files, and upcoming events, the group effectively lays out its case. Why did WTC-7 fall, though no aircraft struck it? Why did the three buildings collapse in the style of a controlled demolition? How could a single planeload of burning jet fuel-- most of which flared off in the initial fireball--cause the South World Trade Center to collapse in just 56 minutes?

There are other questions, many of which will keep a normally sane person up all night. Truth is the logical reward after a series of questions.Among these are BBC reports that five of the alleged hijackers were alive and accounted for after the event. I tried to shake away images and memories as I left that website and tried to have a peaceful Saturday night correcting papers and writing lesson plans, but the story refused to let me go. Six months away from the fifth anniversary of 9/11, the scars are still fresh. If these questions are relegated to the rantings of crackpots, the truth will never come out.

ignore the crazies, stick to

ignore the crazies, stick to the impossible collapses of three steel builidings. Although there is an ocean of counter-evidence, we only need to prove (to the public) that WTC7 came down due to controlled demolition to crack this wide open.

Here's a comment I left for

Here's a comment I left for the author:

Hi there, please ensure that the crackpots do not take over this movement. That requires journalists to report on these topics fairly and honestly.

Please read this article titled: "Now that you know, what can you do"

The only thing we need more

The only thing we need more than "scholars for 911 truth" is for each of us to continue to think for ourselves, and never blindly obediently line up behind people just because they happen to have the letters "PhD" after their name (any more than it makes sense to line up behind folks because of the "D-" or "R-" [or "President"] they may happen to have in front of their names).

As long as Jim Fetzer keeps going on radio shows and talking about "the planes" which (the government claims) hit the towers and focusing on "the jet fuel", as long as Steven Jones keeps trying to advance his inadequate diversive distractive "thermite" hypothesis, I'll continue thinking outside their smallish box.

"As long as Jim Fetzer keeps

"As long as Jim Fetzer keeps going on radio shows and talking about "the planes" which (the government claims) hit the towers and focusing on "the jet fuel", as long as Steven Jones keeps trying to advance his inadequate diversive distractive "thermite" hypothesis, I'll continue thinking outside their smallish box."

Very ambiguously-worded remarks. How much do they pay you to spin this stuff?

Hey Blimp, I think everybody

Hey Blimp, I think everybody here still thinks for themselves.

I think the real danger we need to deal with is people who have an inability to co-exist with other people who may have differing opinions. Don't you agree? Because people like that tend to simply attack people and cause problems, rather than doing what they can to promote the truth.

Personally, I think its more effective to provide encouragement and support to others, especially those that are having such a positive affect such as the Scholars for Truth. I guess that means if any hologram/blue screen pushers ever acheive any success in the mainstream, we'd support them too.

Oh well, nobody ever succeeds by simply attacking others, so I doubt that will ever happen. But keep at it, if at first your tactics don't succeed, keep repeating them over and over again until nothing gets accomplished. Tell me, is that your goal?

Hey, I just noticed, there

Hey, I just noticed, there appears to be a typo in this hyperlink to the Tucker Carlson interview, did anyone else catch this?

Ed, Exactly. Once you

Exactly. Once you remove a cornerstone, the whole thing comes crashing down. But gathering the evidence now is simply being prepared in advance.

blimp boy.....are you for

blimp boy.....are you for real? Are you trying to say that in this video there is a welder who didn't hear or feel the impact of the plane and kept on working?

here is a clip of thermite in action

I would love to see some evidence it's not thermite...please bring it on.

This was all on this website just days ago. Too much helium?

Besides WTC 7, I find people

Besides WTC 7, I find people are also amazed to learn the fact that no one actually saw the "hijackers" board the planes, and that none of their names appear on the passenger lists.

Loud Studios--That's a

Loud Studios--That's a remarkable likeness between unidentified sparking object in WTC and the thermite demonstration! (I hadn't see this before anywhere, thanks for posting it.)

Very hard to explain why something with such volatile properties would be in an office building.

Hey gang, I'm a key player

Hey gang, I'm a key player at Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Support us WHEN WE'RE DOING GOOD WORK, and criticize us when we're not!!!

We -- and every other group -- are only as good as our latest campaign/action.

A Key Player from S9/11T (seriously)

Just left this comment for

Just left this comment for Christopher Stevens.

I'd have to guess that he is shill for the government - he must be LOOKING for a reaction.


Although you purport to be an adjunct college English instructor, your article shows no proof of any real critical thought. The reader is left confused as to your true intention until you relegate the "conspiracy theories" of to be "rantings of crackpots."

You say "Conspiracy theories and carefully weaved parallel stories that propose to tell the "truth" are usually hard to believe and best appreciated with the proverbial grain of salt."

One of those conspiracy theories that is truly hard to believe is the theory that 19 Arab hijackers armed only with box cutters, managed to defeat the greatest air defense that money can buy - all controlled by a few madmen in a cave with a laptop.

For you to call the evidence and theories at to be the ranting of crackpots clearly demonstrates that you are not interested in the truth or have read virtually nothing at that site. The truth is that virtually nothing about the official story makes any sense unless you are willing to suspend the laws of science.
If you want to have an academic interchange with the professors at, then please start by refuting their arguments. Name calling with no substantive arguments is not befitting of an English instructor. You might start your refutation by looking at what the 911 Commission has to say about the collapse of Building 7. You will find that they avoid it completely! Why? Because there is no explanation of its collapse that fits the official story. A valid scientific approach should require that we look at all theories and settle on the one that fits ALL the evidence.

If you merely look at the video of the collapse of Building 7 you will see that if fell at near freefall speed even though no plane hit it. The authors of the 911 Commission Report pretend that the interlaced steel grid core of the twin towers did not exist. It thus stretches their credulity when they say that fire caused those buildings to collapse. We are supposed to believe this even though no steel frame building has EVER collapsed due to fire and hasn't since. Yet it happened three times in one day! If fire engineers really believed the official story, fire chiefs of American cites would evacuate all steel framed buildings whenever there is a fire. In fact, the editors of Fire Engineering magazine called the official investigation of the collapse of the twin towers and building 7 to be a "complete farce." Steven Jones adds considerable weight to the belief that controlled demolition is the only “theory” that fits all the facts.

If we believe the rantings of the 911 Commission's lies, the truth will never come out.

Are you guys fighting?

Are you guys fighting?

I'd say the name-callers are

I'd say the name-callers are the likeliest government shills. I'd say those who would try to ascribe conventional causes to a highly unconventional event are the second most likeliest. (In this case, in this forum, there seems to be some overlap...)

We already knew -- Galileo would recognize -- that we cannot blame such destructive collapses at free-fall speeds solely on gravity (as claimed by the government). And, of course, once we know that we cannot blame the collapses on "airplanes", hijacked or otherwise, we should already be beyond blaming 9/11 on Muslim "hijackers". Case cracked!

Instead, Professor Jones is sucking up oxygen busily trying to advance a "thermite" hypothesis which gains us nothing, and costs us the recognition that we already know the towers were brought down artificially -- as if we're waiting for Professor Jones PhD to prove something.

Further, "thermite" -- even 400 backpacks' worth -- cannot account for any of the highly unnatural aftermath effects: the huge pyroclastic clouds (which reveal that a nearly unthinkable -- volcano-like -- level of heat energy was released), the vast amounts of smaller-than-2.5-micron particles and so few large chunks (see Naudet video "collapsed to dust" FDNY passage), the molten metal found weeks later, nor the fires which could not be put out -- despite constant dousing with water -- for 99 days!

So even if it is someday proven that, say, thermite was used in bringing down the towers, that still doesn't prove that something else wasn't also used, and can't begin to account for the observed recorded phenomenal evidence beyond the collapses themselves. So does that make this "thermite" hypothesis merely inadequate, or also part of a distractive diversionary "limited hangout" disinformation campaign?

Seems to me that the true government shills would want to try to ridicule such revelations/questions, and ascribe false ulterior motives to anyone who would make/raise them.

As I've pointed out before, no one has ever come up with any kind of "pulverization" mechanism which can account for all that too-fine powdery dust. OTOH, we do know what could have caused the powdery dust via molecular dissociation, and that mechanism also accounts for those other phenomena as well.

I'm tired of seeing half-truths (as in, "we know we can't blame the collapses on airplanes so let's argue about whether it was airplanes or not", and suppress evidence which reveals that it was not airplanes, and work to defend the government's impossible theory against such claims, a la Jim Hoffman) being promulgated through the 9/11 truth movement for so long by so many.

Because I want the whole ugly truth to move already, and it's blatantly obvious that the real live paid government disinfo agents do not. So if you want to attack me and call me names for being logical about 9/11, you'll have to get in line behind them (assuming, of course, that you're not one of them).

You know... It seems like

You know... It seems like there's something else we could be doing right now...

off topic CIA, Movie

off topic

CIA, Movie Producer...they actually have bought the rights to..get this..Orwell's "Animal farm".

FBI Knew al-Qaeda Pilots

FBI Knew al-Qaeda Pilots Training in U.S. [march 7 2006]

Internet blows CIA

Internet blows CIA cover
It's easy to track America's covert operatives. All you need to know is how to navigate the Internet:,1...

The NSA already knows how to

The NSA already knows how to find out where you're surfing from. Now, it wants to share its secret with online advertisers:

As long as people assume the

As long as people assume the 9/11 commission as gospel, but also assume the more outlandish 9/11 conspiracies(pentagon missle, al qaeda not involved, noplanes, etc) the real truth will stay hidden.

What is with it with some people...I mean seriously are they trying to out tinfoil the next? Hologram planes/no planes? Geezus. And saying Isalmic Muslims werent involved, wow. I'm sure Khalid Sheik Mohammed wouldnt be happy hearing that.

Isnt it remotely possible 9/11 was allowed to go through, without some sort of "inside job" scenario?
But I guess we can just pile on
more rediculous claims about remopte controls, missles, pods, etc.
Just as the public doesnt seem to want to hear about major holes in the official story, a lot in 9/11 truth don't want to hear about evidence of flight 77 found at the pentagon or deep al Qaeda involvement.

Hey "A Key Player from

Hey "A Key Player from S9/11T",

Is there any chance that your video people could cut the Steven Jones lecture and footage into short chapters and post it on (for free) for the benefit of busy people and activists that want to link to short and specific topics.

Great for blog post schooling. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

What do you think, possible?

Hey I did not put that as my

Hey I did not put that as my homepage!

Sending this as a test.

8000 wtc

8000 wtc photos

apologize if it's nothing new.

I'm confused. Is 911blimp

I'm confused. Is 911blimp implying that the towers were hit with a space-based energy weapon? It's not impossible, given our current level of technology, but it would be extremely hard to convince the public that such a thing were used.

What a mess.

I imply no such thing. The

I imply no such thing. The evidence, however, does so very strongly (except for that "space-based" nonsense; where did that come from?).

Did you read the web site ???

Actually, it would be extremely easy to convince the public of this if we had visual (electron microscope images) evidence of lots of otherwise-unexplainable nanoparticles in the WTC dust.

Sent a comment asking if the

Sent a comment asking if the 'crackpots' are the people questioning 9/11 or the M$M & their 'conspiracy theory'.

911blimp, I hear you, Loud and Clear.

I like the video where one

I like the video where one of the hijackers (supposed) sets off the metal detector and is pulled aside, searched with the wand and then released to get on the plane.

Rummy said that he thinks the war is going so good that we ought to have another one with the defenseless democracy wanting Iranians.

Meanwhile, at darkness headquarters, Al and Bill Queda plan to launch flu infected birds using IED's.

Scott and Mark McClennan were found in a three some with their male escort friend that asked questions at white house press conferences.

Gale Norton will retire and will be presented with Owl testicle ear rings.

Time to go to bed . . . wake me up, when september ends.

I, too, asked the writer who

I, too, asked the writer who the crackpots are. He replied that "crackpot" was "strictly his editor's doing". The crackpot thing does have the appearance of an "addition".

He actually promised to read my WTC 7 pages at

So far, we haven't made or

So far, we haven't made or edited any videos. We only post stuff on the site that others have shot.

I'm sure if the folks who made the video edited it, we could post the edited version too.

The whole idea is to FRAME

The whole idea is to FRAME THE ARGUMENT.

What does the average person do when they themselves discover shocking information? They repeat it to their friends with an added air of authenticity, because they feel they made the discovery.

Since it's now inevitable to all but the most deranged minds that this story will come out, then the way the "handlers" go about it is to make sure FROM WHAT ANGLE people approach it. If you are drawn to 9/11 by someone who pre-concludes that it is "craziness", you are much more likely to see it that way yourself.

As much as we hate to admit it, we are all at least a bit subject to
mob mentality. The more learned viewer will eventually discern the info for what it truly is, but.. as we know, the average Joe is not always that learned.

First impressions are invaluable when it comes to rumors and accusations. The massive "perception managment" team behind 9/11 is in high gear, and the infuriating irony is that our own tax dollars are paying for it.

D. Douglas... that last part

D. Douglas... that last part is actually pretty funny. If you can't laugh, ugh... I don't even want to think about "if you can't laugh"...

**UPDATE** "Sent a comment


"Sent a comment asking if the 'crackpots' are the people questioning 9/11 or the M$M & their 'conspiracy theory'."

Response from Mr. Stephens:

"That was the one line I wish I'd changed because it's being mis-interpreted.
The "crackpots" are the mainstream media, but I really should have just ended
by imploring all of us to seek the truth re: 9/11.

Thanks for writing."