Howard Stern Film Festival Call For Entries

Here's a good opportunity for some exposure for all the 9/11 film makers out there. The movie has to be 5 minutes long or less, which should be no problem for most of you...

Additionally, it must be related to the Howard Stern show. Luckily, Howard's 9/11 radio broadcast is available here:

A few ideas I've been thinking about; Maybe intermix the news that the towers were collapsing from Stern's broadcast with the firefighter's audio stating they were seeing pre-detonation charges prior to the collapses or lack of fire. Maybe mix the initial reports of bombs going off that day with the official story of fires causing the collapses that was rolled out on a red carpet almost immediately after the events...

The deadline for entries is April 11, and official rules can be found here. Make sure you follow the rules to ensure you don't get eliminated due to a technicality.

If you’re an aspiring filmmaker or think you’ve got what it takes to make a great Howard Stern related/themed short film, here’s your chance to prove it!

Short films, live action or animated, up to 5 minutes in length based on a topic related to The Howard Stern Show. All entries are subject to the Official Rules.

OFFICIAL RULES: Can be read and downloaded at www.Howard.TV

April 11th, 2006. Deadline is date RECEIVED, not postmarked. Late entries will not be accepted.

• All work for consideration must be submitted on DVD. VHS also accepted but not preferred.
• Follow the directions found at including complete rules, official submission form, and participant affidavit.
• Place DVD in a standard commercial DVD case. Please be sure to include your name, contact information (address and phone number (with area code), short film title, and the running time on the spine of the DVD packaging and the DVD itself.
• Mail DVD or VHS along with completed submission form and participant affidavit in a bubble-pack envelope (collectively, the “entry”) to: Howard Stern Film Festival, c/o iN DEMAND NETWORKS, 345 Hudson St., 17th Fl., New York, NY 10014 (“Sponsor”).
• Entries must be received by April 11, 2006 to be eligible.

$25,000 in cash prizes, press exposure for the finalists, and winning films will be aired on Howard TV On Demand and at the festival in NYC on April 27, 2006.

• 1st place – $15,000
• 2nd place – $7,500
• 3rd place – $2,500

Howard Stern, select cast members, industry professionals and other “distinguished” judges.

Thursday, April 27 2006 in New York City

The Awards Show & The Winning Films The finalists and winning entries will be seen on Howard TV: Howard’s On Demand Channel as of April 28, 2006.

another idea for video

how about "nick nack paddy

how about "nick nack paddy whacked" by the who boys? thats under 5 mins.

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