Hicks Shuts Down Spitzer Fund-Raiser

Remember: The Hicks For Senate Campaign, Green Party people, and 9/11 Truth people and other groups are holding a big protest outside Spitzer's office on 3/22, Wed., 12-2 PM. It's lunchtime at Ground Zero/Wall Street.

The Cover-Up is OVER!


Here's how to shut down a ritzy Democratic Party fund-raiser: just ask some simple questions about 9/11.

66% of the electorate in 2004 asked Attorney General Spitzer for an independent investigation into 9/11. Spitzer refused. So, yesterday, I interrupted his speech and asked him why. The really surprising turn of events is that none the upper West Side liberals who came up to talk to me afterwards censured me for the disruption, instead they gave me pointers on how to do it better next time. Many stayed on to talk about 9/11, and the untold story there.

Meanwhile, Spitzer and the career politicians cancelled their planned Q&A session, and slunked off stage. No one got around to asking for money at this "fund-raiser." Meanwhile, at the back of the room, five mainstream newspaper reporters and a TV camera talked to me about my Senate race, my book, 9/11, and Vox Pop.

Here's the first media hit:

Spitzer Collects Endorsements And Heckles

By DAVID LOMBINO - Staff Reporter of the Sun
The state attorney general, Eliot Spitzer, picked up several endorsements from key Manhattan Democrats yesterday in his race for governor even as he fended off an angry verbal attack by a heckler at an Upper West Side synagogue.

Mr. Spitzer, the front-runner for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, accepted endorsements from Reps. Carolyn Maloney and Jerrold Nadler, both Democrats of Manhattan, as well as the president of Manhattan, Scott Stringer.

The heckler, Sander Hicks, a Green Party candidate for Senate, interrupted Mr. Spitzer's remarks for several minutes, demanding to know why the attorney general has not opened an independent investigation into the events of September 11, 2001.

Mr. Hicks, a Brooklyn coffee shop owner and former punk rocker, has published a book that challenges the official interpretation of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and argues that the Bush administration had considerable foreknowledge of the events.

Over the pleas of several audience members, Mr. Hicks declared his right to freedom of speech and said he would not leave until Mr. Spitzer answered.

Mr. Spitzer asked Mr. Hicks to respect the rights of the audience members, and asked him to call his office today.

DATE: Wed., March 22nd, 2006
TIME: 12 pm – 2 pm
LOCATION: 120 Broadway (south of Fulton St., also home of Silverstein Properties!)

2 pm demonstration at Ground Zero
4 pm demonstration at Wall St. & Broadway to engage the financial district

Excellent work by Sander

Excellent work by Sander Hicks!!!

Spitzer was supposedly a super-prosecutor afraid of no one. Spitzer is a self-serving liar, coward, and a flunky for the Feds.

I thought Sander was running

I thought Sander was running for Governor... what do I know...

You know very little Jon,

You know very little Jon, and you prove it over and over again...

I know enough that if a

I know enough that if a story is released stating that the 9/11 Commissioners may have been bribed, my initial reaction wouldn't be that the story "didn't interest me much".

Dumb ass.

he was running for

he was running for governor...when did he change and who is he running against, Hillary?

Bribed to have

Bribed to have "anti-pakistan references" dropped from the report. What's so exciting about that???

*sigh*... It means the 9/11


It means the 9/11 Commission itself was compromised (which is nothing new), but compromised by people willing to take bribes. Compromised by people willing to lie and omit information for money.

As your friend Sandra said, the entire report is NULL & VOID.

And on top of that, the Commissioners should be investigated along side the perpetrators of the act. They took part in the cover-up. They were accessories to murder.

Bribed to have

Bribed to have "anti-pakistan references" dropped from the report. What's so exciting about that???

who else put pressure on the commission?

who else bribed the commission to keep "anti-whatever" out of the report?

those are the questions that should follow after this news report....it is exciting if we can get our leaders to ask the same thing.

but it is a huge admission that i am sure will be denied officially and then the MSM will say, "officials deny report" and then they will forget it.

but we can't let them forget....my Reps will get a fax of the article this afternoon.

I concur Jon, that was my

I concur Jon, that was my point, until I realized it nullified the report, it simply wasn't all that exciting.

I think they're discussing Cheney's bank records on C-Span, better go check that out....

Bribed to have

Bribed to have "anti-pakistan references" dropped from the report. What's so exciting about that???

Reportedly, Mohammed Atta, alleged ringleader of the hijackers, received at least $100,000 from Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed, Director of the ISI (Pakistani affiliate of the CIA).

Is this week off to a roaring start or what? Very pleased to hear what went down with Hicks and Spitzer.

Sander Hicks -- what a hero.

Sander Hicks -- what a hero. Spitzer has become ONE OF THEM -- must have been all along, although he sure fooled a lot of people (myself included) with all those wonderful indictments of big corporate CEOs. Games.

People like Spitzer need to be exposed. New Yorkers are already ahead of the curve on 9/11, so hopefully Hicks will continue the pressure on Spitzer to help enlighten NY'ers.

Has anybody listened to that audio MP3 of Hicks on the Majority Report with Jeaneane Garofalo? I downloaded it just now, and will give a listen. Link is here: http://www.911truth.org/media/sanderhicks2172006aa.mp3