New Website From Associate Member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Aidan Monaghan, an associate member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, has recently launched his website at

He has a pretty good bit of stuff on his site for having just launched, so get over there and check it out. As always, post some comments, and of course send him some feedback!

Note: The Scholars for 9/11 Truth Petition is at 4000+ signatures, you can check it out here.

Man these guys need to take

Man these guys need to take like a basic web design course or something. :+: :+: :+:

The Professional, I find the

The Professional, I find the website to be laid out just fine.

Although the author of the page could benefit from learning how to typeset properly: such as using blockquotes (i.e., displayed quotations), not italicizing quotes, not italicizing *and* putting quotation marks around titles (use one or the other, depending on the type of work, i.e., if it's a book or movie use italics, if it's an article or published paper use quotation marks).

Who cares? Its whats in

Who cares? Its whats in there that counts. He wouldnt use that website in a courtroom anyway.

Nice site, and nice information.

We are going to win this. I wonder what will happen. Rich folks escaping the country, hiding like Mengele. Man, this thought is what keeps me going. Its time to piss in Bush´s face!

Cheers to the Punctuation

Cheers to the Punctuation Police.

See ya both at the next Geek Squad Convention or Spelling Bee Contest.


I know this is off topic but

I know this is off topic but you just got to see this. Jon Stewart does Bush.

NEWSWEEK: CIA 'Arranged' for

valis, Chatter about "Al


Chatter about "Al Qaeda" and "9/11 hijacker[s]" as if they could have been real is part, and supportive, of the government's Big Lie. (Enemy creation was, after all, Job One.)

If you can't help yourself, the least you could do is put "hijackers" and "AlQaeda" (elCIAduh) in quotes, or refer to the "purported/mythical hijackers", lest your words, uh, inadvertently subvert the truth...

...or you could put "(sic)"

...or you could put "(sic)" after those terms if they're someone else's words you feel the need to publish here.