The birth and life of the '9-11 Truth Movement' - DailyKos Diary

The birth and life of the '9-11 Truth Movement' - DailyKos Diary

For a full week, New Yorkers were assaulted by a disturbing photo on almost every street corner in Manhattan. Last week, the cover of the Village Voice was a picture of building blocks shaped like the World Trade Center with a crayon for an antenna. A small boy sits in the background, cross-legged with a paper airplane in his hand, pointed at the building block towers. The caption was The ABC's of 9-11.

A Zogby poll of New Yorkers' opinions about the 9/11 investigation, released on August 30, indicated that 49 percent of New York City residents and 41 percent of New York state residents believed that some federal officials "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act."

In present day New York, there are people meeting in church basements to discuss the World Trade Center. People who have become quasi expert in pyroclastic flow and just know that the World Trade Center was filled with bombs.
The fact that the White House had pressured the EPA to sanitize its warnings wasn't the first sign that Bush places business before American life and it helps tear down the wall of denial that no American president is evil enough to let 9-11 take place.
In a world filled with real conspiracies from evil leaders these theories are not such a leap. The reality is that George W. Bush and his co-conspirators are not interested in Americans and even if they were not willing participants, they are capable.
Too much information is too questionable and those questions that these hurting American's are asking have never been addressed. They deserve answers.
The Truth Movement seems to be growing. Judging by what I witnessed at the Harper's Town Hall meeting to discuss The Case for Impeachment, they may be the largest grass roots movment in Manhattan. The organized group that stood around the theatre was very large and well behaved. They had banners and seemed more like an informational picket line without the police officers. Everyone stayed off the pavement so as not to crowd the ticket holders. They just stayed out in the gutter in silence and presented their posters and banners.
As I interviewed these conspiracy theorists, I realized this is another group of Americans that have been left out in the cold by the Bush Regime. They are not crazy. They suffered through a horrendous experience and watch the government cover up all of the answers.

Most of the people I spoke with don't endorse any wild theories. They just want the government to run a proper investigation.

Very interesting diary entry from a New Yorker, check it out and post some comments.

Boy, the lying, sycophantic

Boy, the lying, sycophantic government shills are thick on DailyKos.

Mia Dolan is my bitch.

Mia Dolan is my bitch.

Some good points concerning

Some good points concerning the statement made by certain people in Brigham Young University ( ) against Steven Jones is made in the below Wikipedia Talk page:

On the above page, do a search on the phrase "cleverly worded".

To boil it down, the statement never actually mentions any error that Jones made.

Wow - some of those replies

Wow - some of those replies really made me laugh! (aluminum powder!)

Mia is massively Tweeked.
you can keep her ;-P

And that RedDan guy gives the impression of spittle hitting the computer screen as he types. I think he was definitely projecting some feelings about himself when he said...
"The peddlers are vultures, profiting from ignorance and need, selling their snake oil to people who are looking for meaning where none exists, befuddling people with high-sounding, complicated terms, denying basic physics..." blahblahblah

Maybe his focus on money is because he is paid? It's a sure sign of dishonesty when people start accusing 911 Truthers of profiteering. As if we were Haliburton or something.

911 Truth is like art...
always a financial loss,
but worth every penny.

> 911 Truth is like art... >

> 911 Truth is like art...
> always a financial loss,
> but worth every penny.

Well said!!


the greatest threat to

the greatest threat to PROFIT is

Isn't it great that Dolan et

Isn't it great that Dolan et al keep up the discussion? For each of their inane comments, there is a well-argued, fact-based response by a truther. :-) If they are "disinformationists", aren't they actually doing a disservice to their cause...?

You are astute, Vesa. The

You are astute, Vesa. The point is not to win an argument, but to prod the willfully obtuse to show how wrong they are. That day's argument really began here:
because of one sentence written by the diarist, later altered under pressure from the party hacks.
I stumbled in here from 911eyewitness, btw.