First Reports on Recent 'Scholars for 9/11 Truth' Press Conference Surface

Scholars for 9-11 Truth Press Conference: Alexandria, Va. - WingTV

(Alexandria, Va.) – Once again, 9-11 truth is making every effort to break through into the mainstream arena.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, March 14, 2006, the Scholars for 9-11 Truth held a press conference outside of the Albert V. Bryan U.S. District Courthouse in Alexandria, Va. where the trial of accused 9-11 terrorist Zacharias Moussaoui is currently underway. Speakers included Professor James Fetzer, retired Air Force Colonel George Nelson, and attorney Phil Berg.
Following the press conference at an impromptu photo-op, Phil Berg continued, saying that “Bush, Cheney, and others should be put on trial for treason and sent to jail.” In this same vein, 9-11 researcher Webster Tarpley had the following to say about Zacharias Moussaoui: “He’s a psychotic, militant patsy who is several degrees of understanding below Lee Harvey Oswald.”
After listening to over thirty minutes of hard-hitting information delivered by Fetzer, Nelson, and Berg, the press corps was invited to ask questions. Remarkably, only one reporter made an inquiry: “Why would they do it? What were their motives?” Professor Fetzer answered with a litany of reasons, including the infamous PNAC missive and the need for a "New Pearl Harbor" which would lead us into Afghanistan, Iraq, and beyond. After this explanation, no other questions were posed to the Scholars, despite the substantial amount of information they provided.

We did notice one journalist with tears in her eyes as she scribbled furiously on a notepad while listening to Professor Fetzer. If we hearken back to what Colonel Nelson said about conscience, the question remains: will members of the mainstream media start following their conscience by exposing the lies of 9-11, or will they continue to aid and abet in the ongoing cover-up of the gravest crime ever committed against this country?

Go check out the full article for the details of the event. Also, WingTV covered the ST911 press conference in their daily broadcast today, which can be viewed here as well.

A big thank you goes out to WingTV for the coverage, and Carol for the heads up!

Additional response from The

Additional response from The Scholars available here:

Great article, but I think

Great article, but I think you inaccuratly credited me. I was previously referring to the International Press Conference in Tokyo on 9/11 Conspiracy [More here]

Fetzer's public statements

Fetzer's public statements are evolving... for the better.

Were you there Reprehensor?

Were you there Reprehensor? Valis?

The Scholars rule!! This is

The Scholars rule!!
This is the jumpstart this movement needed. No group has done so much so quickly.

On another note, somebody was discussing a few days ago about putting a database together of truthers in the event that the Internet is "attacked" by those pesky terrorists one day.

I've been thinking about it, and think we really should do something like this, the perps will fire back one day, lets not forget who controls all the internet name servers.

Anyway, because nobody trusts anybody in the movement, I'm picturing a Hub and Spoke method of tracking all Truthers willing to participate. This is what I'm envisioning:

- One person will function as the "Hub Manager". This person is in charge of tracking Names, email addresses, and phone numbers of only the individual "Spoke Managers" at all the regions (or spokes).

- "Spoke Managers" are responsible for managing the individual Truthers in their own spoke (region). This person tracks names, phone numbers, and email addresses of Truthers in their own specific region. The Spoke Manager shares this information with nobody, not even the Hub Manager.

Using this method, nobody has a complete view of the entire database. The Hub Manager communicates with the Spoke Managers, and the Spoke Manager's communicate with the individuals in their database.

The Spoke Managers do not communicate, or even know about each other. They communicate only with the members in their region and the Hub Manager.

The databases tracked by the managers should not even be stored on a hard drive that can be hacked or deleted. The information should be written down on paper.

On a monthly (or regular) basis, Managers will contact the members in their database to discuss new ideas, recruit new people, and ensure the lines of communication remain open in the event that we will one day actually need them.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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