Two New 9/11 Related Radio Shows Premiere

Tonight is the premiere of Michael Woolsey's 'Visibility 9/11' radio show on Revere Radio Network. It starts tonight at 9PM EST, and airs each Wednesday night.

Webster Tarpley has a new show as well on Republic Broadcasting Network on Saturdays from 4-6pm EST.

If you can't catch them live both sites maintain archives of their shows as well.

Feel free to post other radio shows which are friendly to those that question 9/11.



Bush Is Going To Reaffirm

Acknowledged-- engaging DVD

Acknowledged-- engaging DVD burner overdrive.

can someone post a direct

can someone post a direct link to webster tarpley's archives? i cant find it on the rbn page.




click on the 'Hr1' and 'Hr2' links for direct mp3 downloads..

Holy shit guys. I wasnt even

Holy shit guys. I wasnt even aware this video existed until today. Am I the only one in the dark here? Its called 911 revisited and is available for $8 postpaid and free to watch on there website ( This is absolutely killer! The entire video deals with the controlled demolition of the WTC buildings. Tons of different great video shots, news reports, firemen testimony, etc. This is the whole proof rite here. As soon as people watch this they will see just from the live news reporting that they were too mentally damaged to think clearly that day and that the media completely covered this up since then. No disrespect to Dylan Avery but this blows away Loose Change 2. The absolute best thing to do as a movement is focus the case 99% on the destruction of the WTC. In my opinion everything else is distraction by comparison tho every other aspect can be ripped apart as we all know. Anyone fighting about plane/no plane and related beefs dont deserve the time of day from those of us who actually want to see our nation awaken from its slumber. Has evryone seen this yet or what? I need this dvd pronto!

jaybird, i beleive Dr.


i beleive Dr. Griffin recently said that was the best video on C.D. that he had seen.. unfortunately, the new Jones DVD was also called '9/11 Revisited', so it probably confused some viewers.. hrm.

The 40-minute montage is

The 40-minute montage is also available at these fine locations:

90-meg wmv download

Google video

The current version is 56

The current version is 56 minutes. It was reissued with extra footage.

Ah, thanks Jaybird. And

Ah, thanks Jaybird. And here's a corrected link for a 41:27 minute version:

jeez.. i heard about this

jeez.. i heard about this movie probably 2 weeks ago from gold, and from another person but just skimmed it.. just watched the whole thing and wish i had done so already..

this video is amazingly good.. i believe i ordered a copy when i first got the link, but apparently it is taking 3-4 weeks to ship, which is probably why i fogot about following up on it..

this is the best movie about

this is the best movie about CD because it doesn't go into tin foil hat stuff....

blue screens and voice duplicators need not apply.

Keep fighting the good fight people.

I thought I'd share a nice

I thought I'd share a nice statement regarding 9/11 that really lays it out..

"Although i cannot know the specifics of that day or the planning involved by anyone i do know that the official version is grossly inaccurate and that people involved in government are withholding information to an extent that is criminal."


DHS, indeed. here is an



here is an email i got last week:

I saw an ad for your site last week. I clicked on it. Since then I haven't slept much and I've started smoking again. I joined st911. I am currently writing an article for our local alternative news magazine. I would like to refer to that web ad as a starting point. Because I would like the article to be strictly factual I'd like to be accurate when I refer to the ad. Can you direct me to where I can view the ad again or email me a copy.
BTW, I have an undergraduate degree in physics and I can assure you that anyone with a physics degree would have to agree that there are serious problems with the official explanation for 9/11. Frankly anyone who got a good mark in high school physics would agree there are serious problems.

I've been waiting about

I've been waiting about three weeks for my "Revisited" DVD. dz, look for my contribution soon. It's really a hassle when you forgot your Pay-Pal password and you're computer-challenged, like me.

Anonymous One: Why not just

Anonymous One:

Why not just download the 80MB WMV file and convert it, you can burn it to VCD easily and the quality is fine enough to watch.

Computer challenged.

Computer challenged. Thanks, but I don't have a clue what you just said. And my computer is so slow that I started to watch it, but it kept stopping. Probably need a new computer, but I will go along until this one konks out. And wait for the mail. Pitiful isn't it?

I knew I was comp-chal, but

I knew I was comp-chal, but I didn't think I posted twice.

Controlled Demolition can

Controlled Demolition can account for collapses of steel-framed buildings (unlike the government's impossible 9/11 theory).

Controlled Demolition cannot account for:

1. The supposed "pulverization" (far more likely molecular dissociation) of all that concrete (and other building materials and contents).

2. The obvious release of so much, excess(ive), volcano-like, heat energy necessary to generate the observed pyroclastic flows. ("pulverization" consumes energy, it doesn't release it!) Pyroclastic flows, which are totally different from large dust clouds, are not the normal or explainable outcome of "controlled demolition".

3. The molten metal (and roaring oven, as referred to in the video) found weeks after the collapses.

4. The fires which continued to burn for 99 days after 9/11, despite constant dousing with water.

So just because "Controlled Demolition" and "conventional [chemical] explosives" were theoretically capable of bringing down the towers and WTC7, such terms and concepts are insufficient and inadequate to explain what happened and was observed (and recorded).

Please let us not settle for half-truths (I'm being very generous in my use of that term).

I just found out about

I just found out about Republic Broadcasting. They just contacted me for a two-hour interview on a show from 4pm to 6pm? Is this legitimate as an operation?

I told them it would be okay as long as they stuck with 911eyewitness topics alone - controlled demo - bombs in the building. No questions on other peopleÂ’s problems or research. Is this a fair station where they are not going to be asking about fake planes and the pentagon when we are only witness to the tower collapses?

By the way that is a very good video with nice footage you linked to. Another great compilation.

It is amazing that the people are not totally at arms with this crap in their faces. I understand the sheeple thing now.

Yes, I'd say go for it. I

Yes, I'd say go for it. I used to listen regularly but got out of the habit. Webster Tarpley has a program now, and Nat'l. Intel. Report with John Stadtmiller is a good one too. I think that David Ray Griffin, Dylan Avery and others have been on. Thanks for reminding me.