A Firefighter Looks At Premeditated Murder At WTC

Almost every professional and intelligent person I have spoken with over the past few years will listen half-heartedly as I list the reasons why 911 was an inside job. Although they acknowledge they have little trust in the veracity and honesty of their US government (which has lied to them consistently over the last five years), these same intelligent people nevertheless cling to some childlike trust in the government version of events for September 11, 2001.

Why? Because to believe otherwise would leave most Americans floundering like a storm-tossed ship that has lost its rudder. An unnatural and abiding trust in government has replaced their trust in God. Yet every godly, religious thinker-from Jeremiah to Jesus to Mohandas Gandhi-- throughout history has warned humans about the dangers of governments. But to actually reflect on this simple truth would leave most folks fearful and befuddled.

And without any understanding of history (The Reichstag Fire for example), and without a dose of healthy skepticism, most citizens will believe the best from their governments. If ignorance is bliss, a childlike trust in the state must be ecstasy.
Even more perplexing: why do most Americans prefer to take the word of proven liars over the words of honest men? Firemen, policemen, medics, reporters and first responders; Why would they lie?

A New York firefighter named Nick DeMasi, searching in the ruins of the WTC days later said: "There were a total of four black boxes (recovered). We found three."

US officials--these very same officials caught in scores of subsequent lies for the past five years--denied finding any. Which people do you prefer to believe? Proven liars or honest men?

Even more damaging, to the official government version, a team of brave New York firemen ascended to the impacted floors of the World Trade tower. Their exact words when seeing the fire were: "We should be able to knock it down with two lines." ( The Memory Hole - Excerpts From Firefighters' WTC Tape on 9/11)

Two hoses. A half dozen men altogether, to put out the fire.
Recently I completed a firefighter course of classroom and field tests. A fire instructor mentioned the word Conduction. Simply, conduction is a scientific law that some metals conduct heat better than others. An iron rod or steel beam or girder will conduct heat throughout its entire length before melting. Like your barbecue grill will maintain its integrity although subject to repeated intense heat. Or a well-designed and constructed skyscraper will maintain its strength and integrity although subject to raging fires. Like that 56 story steel building in Venezuela that recently withstood a 17-hour fire and remained standing.

According to an Associated Press report: "Early tests on steel beams from the World Trade Center show they generally met or were stronger than design requirements, ruling them out as a contributing cause of the collapse of the towers. Engineers with the National Institute of Standards and Technology have conducted preliminary tests on some of the 236 pieces of steel from the wreckage, said Frank Gayle, who is leading NIST's review of the steel. The tests found that, typical for construction steel used in the 1960s when the World Trade Center was erected, the steel beams exceeded requirements to bear 36,000 pounds per square inch. Often they were capable of bearing around 42,000 pounds per square inch."

Simply, due to Conductivity, a fuel fire does not have the intensity and longevity to compromise a steel structure in 45 minutes time. Or even over 17 hours. Only an absurdist-or a citizen in denial--would believe that two aluminum airplanes and several thousand gallons of kerosene (jet fuel) could utterly destroy seven stout steel buildings.

Seriously man, you need to

Seriously, Move on is right-

Seriously, Move on is right- to those that still support the murderous lieing regime of bush such as John Roper.

Ha, Propaganda

Ha, Propaganda Mechanics!!!

Nice try. Sorry, in my world, THREE, not two, but THREE buildings cannot simply disintegrate in one day and the trillion dollar U.S. defense system cannot be outwitted by a handful of flight school flunkies.

Time to take off the training wheels, politics is a dirty business, and I'm not falling for it anymore.

Popular Mechanics' Assault

Popular Mechanics' Assault on 9/11 Truth


The Hidden Hand of the CIA, 911, and Popular Mechanics

John Roper: Seriously, you

John Roper: Seriously, you need to become better informed. Here is a debunking article that tears apart the popularmechanics.com propaganda hit piece:

Here's a group of scholars, engineers and other professionals convinced that 911 was an inside job: st911.org.

I dare you to read any of the above. But I'm betting you won't.

And John... Popular

And John... Popular Mechanics is doing a piece on the "Katrina Myths" as well... don't they have anything better to do with their time? Doesn't Chertoff's cousin have anything better to do with his time?

Here's something else that

Here's something else that our friend John Roper should have a look at:

9/11 WTC 'Controlled Demolition Theory' Analysis Thread
(BIG thanks to CB for this link)

The Fraud Of 911 A

The Fraud Of 911
A Firefighter Looks At Premeditated Murder At WTC

That's an extremely powerful article by fireman Douglas Herman! (I notice that you edited out a few paragraphs to save space somebigguy. People should click your link to read the entire thing if they wish.)

And you know it's a great article when a disinfo agent jumps out so quickly with that Pop-Mechanics bullshit.

Nothing back from Mr Roper?

Nothing back from Mr Roper? You folks take care of business.

Mr. Roper you are a

Mr. Roper you are a SLAPDICK. Good day.

Roper, that was hilarious!

Roper, that was hilarious!

SBG Anonymous said"I notice

SBG Anonymous said"I notice that you edited out a few paragraphs to save space somebigguy. People should click your link to read the entire thing if they wish" which link leads to the original article as I was not able to locate. I was just talking with a fireman today about 9-11 well Loose Change actually and he seems very receptive to the information, and would share it with his firehouse family except... get this he wouldnt know how to tell them where he got the DVD from. He doesn't want to lie to them. My firebuddy is a closet case and couldnt possibly be out. No way could he lie about where he got a dvd from but has no probem lieing about his entire life. Amazing. Sorry I think i went a little off topic.

Mu point was I wanted to

Mu point was I wanted to send hm the link to the article of which we are discussing.

"Move on". Reminds me of a

"Move on". Reminds me of a relative who told me "It's over!". Kind of hard to move on, and it ain't over when every day Bush reminds me that "the world changed on 9/11" and I have to give up another right. If the world changed on 9/11, I want to know why! And the best place to start is with the truth. No B.S. Also reminds me of http://www.moveonmoron.com

Seriously, wasn't going to plug a site, but they have these 9/11 mini-cards that you can hand out for just 5 cents (hint: get a little rubber stamp and add your own favorite site on the back). They go good with Deception Dollars. On the left, click Avatar store and then click mini-cards and messaging. They are supposed to have a booth Sat. in L.A. too. Nice people.

Now wait a minute SS. I

Now wait a minute SS. I read that three times trying to figure out if you are talking about a gay fireman. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Interesting angle.

chomsky video

Hey all, we edit the

Hey all, we edit the articles on the front page here so people don't have to search too hard to get the latest news. You should always follow the link to get the whole story...

John Roper, you're thick as

John Roper, you're thick as shit and twice as runny!!

You FUCKING prick!! Did bush disintegrate your brain cells along with the towers!!

Propaganda Mechanics my FUCKING ASS!!

Anon- yes he is gay.

Anon- yes he is gay.

SS--here's the link to the

SS--here's the link to the original story:


If your fireman friend can't tell his colleagues where he obtained Loose Change video from, tell him to surf the web about 9/11 & download or purchase his very own copy of it (or other 9/11 videos & books). Then he can truthfully say he got it from the web.

You could click on the

You could click on the picture too.

I think someone here asked

I think someone here asked about Madsen's site... he told me it was hacked.

FYI... I don't know if this

FYI... I don't know if this was posted here, but supposedly Rawstory.com's Larisa is going to be interviewing Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and they're asking us to submit questions.


I submitted this...

Dear Congresswoman,

Why haven't you supported the work of Representative Cynthia McKinney regarding 9/11?


Jon Gold

Off topic question: Do you

Off topic question:

Do you think the administration is nervous about 9/11? Since it is growing so fast?

I certainly hope so. They should fear us; they really should.

-BTW, Jon Gold & Co., nice work. This is a very nice site.

One more thing; instead of

One more thing; instead of attacking John Roper, talk politely. No one is EVER gonna change opinion when theyre called "shithead", "asshole" etc.

- Keep this site at an academic level.


"-BTW, Jon Gold & Co., nice

"-BTW, Jon Gold & Co., nice work. This is a very nice site."

Wesley, seeing as how I post here a lot, and I contribute a lot of articles, I could see how one would think I'm part of this site.

However, that's just not the case...

I have a site of my own that I maintain. SBG, and dz steal whatever they can from my site to post here. :)

Thanks for your kind words, but the credit for this site should go to dz, and then SBG.

Not to mention the hordes of people who contribute articles to this site.

Wesley-I never called Roper

Wesley-I never called Roper an asshole or shithead. I called him a SLAPDICK.

The funniest thing about

The funniest thing about people like Mr. Roper, should he actually be an intelligence operative working for some part of the U.S. Intel aparatus and not merely an uniformed citizen, is that they think that by posting 1 simplistic line with a link to an already thoroughly debunked and discreditted hit piece, that they're somehow going to distract or deter people from focusing on the factual information contained in this Fireman's article. And also think they're going to stop us from continuing the fight to actually and eventually, on a massive mainstream, unavoidable and undeniable scale, expose the apparent true murderers [at the helm of the Bush Administration and select co-conspirators at the helm the U.S. Military and Intelligence aparatus'] of the 2996 people on 9/11.

Especially when we are moving so much closer every day to doing so!

It really makes my day. Mr. Roper, you provide a great laugh lol.

And as Anonymous wrote "And you know it's a great article when a disinfo agent jumps out so quickly with that Pop-Mechanics bullshit."

So very true.

Sorry, didnt know what

Sorry, didnt know what slapdick was, but then I checked urbandictonary.com.


he really is a slapdick. I totally agree.

Bush says U.S. seeks to

Bush says U.S. seeks to shape world:

U.S. threatens to bomb Iran sites “after a month” – report:

US document hints at ‘confrontation’ with Iran


dsm... I use

dsm... I use www.whatdoesitmean.com as well for some of my news, but some of their stuff isn't that trustworthy... just letting you know...

If you want specific

If you want specific examples... Sorcha Faal for one... the $50,000,000.00 offer for anyone to come forward with proof of a 9/11 cover-up, etc...

Thanks for the warning.

Thanks for the warning. Although it goes pretty much without saying for all media.
I read quite many what others might consider "alternative" and "conspiratorial" newssources, but make sure to watch my step.

SomeBigGuy: Is this your

SomeBigGuy: Is this your essay? Its really good, but because it has no title and no attribution, I can't tell.

If its yours, you should say so!!!

9/11 disinfo agents who are

9/11 disinfo agents who are protecting their NeoCon masters may be in far more trouble than they believe. Their deception is cleary that of an ACCESSORY AFTER THE FACT!

Accessories after the fact--are people who receive, comfort, or assist a felon knowing that he has committed a felony, or is sought in connection with the commission or attempted commission of a felony. See 234 A. 2d 284, 285. The term thus applies to one who obstructs justice by giving comfort or assistance to a criminal offender in an attempt to hinder or prevent his apprehension or punishment. 378 F. 2d 540, 542.

Nope, not my essay, this is

Nope, not my essay, this is actually the firefighter's work: Douglas Herman. Here's his bio, apparently he is a regular contributer at Rense:

"USAF veteran, Alaska commercial fisherman, and 57-year old certified firefighter, and regular Rense columnist Douglas Herman believes in healthy skepticism, the power of the honest individual over the inherent dishonesty of the state, and the Supreme Power that resides in all of us. Contribute to Rense, for a continuing free (internet) press."

Its a good article, especially how he discusses the fact that the steel girders would have dissipated the heat and it would be virtually impossible to heat up any columns to failure in a situation like that. That is one key element that hasn't been discussed much, but seems to be gaining a lot of steam lately.

Unfortunately, I haven't written any essays for a while, ever since I wrote my "Simple Logic" articles, I decided I couldn't possibly top them. (nyuk,nyuk,nyuk)

By the way, did anyone check

By the way, did anyone check out this Roper character's blog site?


Check it out, what a loon, according to him, republicans can do no wrong, despite overwhelming proof to the contrary.

Roper link looks like a Govy

Roper link looks like a Govy disinfo site disguised as a Confederate/redneck/patriotic site.

This is Roper e-mail

This is Roper e-mail address

Hey anonymous, you made this

Hey anonymous, you made this statement:

"9/11 disinfo agents who are protecting their NeoCon masters may be in far more trouble than they believe. Their deception is cleary that of an ACCESSORY AFTER THE FACT!"

You are damn right, and when I'm arguing with these fools, I point out to them that when the next attack comes, they will have nobody to blame but themselves for not looking at the evidence objectively.

These people will not open their eyes until they get an airplane to the teeth compliments of Dick Cheney.

What's the opposite of

What's the opposite of disinfo? info? An informationist?

Somebigguy: In response to

Somebigguy: In response to your statement "nyuk,nyuk,nyuk", I would state "Why Coitanly!"

But that's just one man's opinion.

GW... Helloooo, Helloooo,

GW... Helloooo, Helloooo, Helloooo... Hello.

Hey, y'all. Hey, here's a

Hey, y'all.

Hey, here's a piece I'm working on to try to wake up Democrats. I've already gotten feedback from one friend that it sucks, and is just a useless rant. Do you agree? If so, I'll start from scratch...

Don't Whine - Grow a Spine

A few days go I slammed the Republican party. Now its your turn, Democrats.

The Democrats have been making whiny, nasal sounds about how the Republicans aren't playing nice, about how they can't get any media coverage, about how they have to "play to the right" because American people have swung so far to the right.

In fact, the Democrats have become cowardly and visionless. Let's break this down so its nice and simple.

Republicans Aren't Playing Nice

Of course they're not playing nice; they are out to conquer the world by force.

The neocons and their allies carried out 9/11 in order to whip the people into a state of fear, so they would rally around the "strong leader" to protect them. They used Anthrax on key Democrat leaders who might have opposed the Patriot Act. They pretended Saddam helped his arch enemy Bin Laden on 9/11, and they faked WMD intelligence in order to invade Iraq. They torture innocent Iraqi farmers, spy on Americans, out CIA operatives, and generally do anything and everything in order to get their way.

Of course they don't play nice, you spineless jellyfish!! The problem isn't that they aren't playing nice. The problem is that you are playing Neville Chamberlain: trying to appease the monster in hopes it will go away.

It won't!!! Get out of your little Washington bubble and wake up!!!!

The Media Won't Cover the Dems

We know, the mainstream media won't cover anything at all of substance these days.

We bloggers have been saying for years that we have to "Be the Media". If you are a Congressman, Senator or other Democratic power-player, then get the message out through the blogs and the alternative media. Get it out at town square meetings. Get it out in mailings to your constituents. You (or your media consultants)have the know-how and the resources. If you don't know how to do it, ask us bloggers: we'll get the word out for you.

Stop whining and start speaking and writing.

The Public Has Swung Right

That is a myth. The polls show that a clear majority of Americans agree with poll questions reflecting many traditional Democratic values.

The problem is that the 9/11 trauma has shifted many Americans into a small, fear-based way of thinking. WHAT YOU ARE TOO STUBBORN TO GET IS THAT 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB, and that until you address that, people will remain in their little sub-human monkey panic mode. You can use all of the logic in the world, people won't be able to hear it and use their logic until you address the core emotion: panic over 9/11 and terrorists. Don't you people understand basic human psychology? Go ask a shrink.

By failing to address 9/11 head-on, you are ceding the country to the power-crazed neocons (who are as far from true conservatives as the neoliberals in the DLC are from real liberals). And by failing to address other disturbing trends in our recent history, such as vote fraud, you will ensure that the Democrats are not put back in power while there is still a country to run.

TAKE YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BACKSIDE!!! It is YOUR job to save our country from a bunch of power-crazed folks who think the Constitution is a "G ... D ... piece of paper"

You've Been Dreaming

Wake up. You are now a grown person. You are not a little kid being pushed around by the schoolyard bully. Look down at your feet: they are a lot further from the ground when you were when you were pushed around on the playground. You are now a grown person. Start acting like one. You have the resources to do this.

I know, I know. You want to play it safe, because your advisors tell you that ...

Sorry, they're wrong. Put down your comfortable lifestyle, your Starbucks beverage or your imported booze (or your adulterous affair) for two seconds so that you can take stock. I know you like your lifestyle: just put it on hold long enough to think straight.

You hope that things will get better when ...

Sorry, they won't. Has Iraq gotten better? Has spying on Americans ceased? Have the threats of war against Iran and Syria stopped? Have the republicans been following Roberts Rules of Order recently?

What will it take for you to realize you're dreaming?

What will it take for you to realize you've overslept?

What will it take for you to care enough to protect the country you took an oath to defend?

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're not in junior high school any more.

And remember, some of the Democratic party's favorite sons are guilty for the mess we find ourselves in. For example, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter's national security advisor, in his book "The Grand Chessboard", more or less advocated world dictatorship and the use of false flag operations and deception to justify invasion in Eurasia. See this summary. If you don't face that some of the worst traits you see in republicans exist in the Democratic leadership, you'll never wake up.

Dig Down Deep

Don't believe in an orthodox religion because you're turned off by the hypocrisy, the horrible things which have been done in the name of religion, etc.? Well dig down and find SOMETHING that you DO believe in besides just your comfortable car, and your comfortable lifestyle, and your comfortable office.

What is important to you? What do you value? Where do you get your meaning?

Clinging to the "little pleasures" might have seemed okay in different times. BUt we are in a crisis now!

You can't shield your family with money alone. You can't have your privacy or your basic rights unless you fight for it.

You are lying on a big raft on a river. Your immediate family members are lying next to you. They are all asleep, counting on you to protect them. The raft is going into the churning river waters right before a giant waterfall, and you are happily snoozing in the sun.

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on, I'm a big boy and

Come on, I'm a big boy and can take it. Are there any parts at all worth saving, or should I start over from scratch?

The part "your Starbucks beverage or your imported booze (or your adulterous affair)" is stupid and will certainly be deleted. It sounds pretty darn puritanical.




They're not being stubborn...

Here's an excerpt from something I wrote called, "Our Finest Hour".

"I can say with great confidence that what we were told about 9/11 was not the truth. I can say with great confidence that people in our Government went to great lengths to cover up the events of 9/11. I can say with great confidence that we were lied to about what happened on that horrible day. I can say with great confidence that it was, in fact, elements of our Government who were complicit in the events of 9/11.

My solution is simple. Expose that truth. If you expose the lies surrounding the reason for all of our problems, then the problems related to that reason correct themselves.

I've often thought about why people refuse to do this. I used to attribute it to fear, but fear of what? The Government capable of these atrocites might turn on them? Guess what folks, they're turning on us anyway. They're taking us for a ride to a destination I don't like.

Fear is definitely the reason, but not of the Government.

The fear is attributed to the psychology of exposing the truth. It's very difficult for people to realize that the reason everything is happening right now is because WE, as Americans, have neglected our duties as citizens of these United States. It's our fault, and it's hard for us to face up to it.

No one is more guilty of this than me. I didn't care about what our Government did for the majority of my life. I didn't vote until the 2004 election. I used to be so selfish, and still am to a certain extent, but I can't allow this to continue. That's a personal decision I, and others like me have made.

The fear is also attributed to the effort it would take to expose the truth. Having to change your lifestyle, and your priorities in order to expose that truth is very scary. We like our TVs, and our couches, and our nights out, and our family get togethers, and whatever else it is we like to do. Having to put some of those things on hold until the truth is exposed is a hard thing to do, and I completely understand wanting not to, however it needs to be done. Otherwise, America as we know it, is dead."

Jon, good points... that's

Jon, good points... that's what I was trying to get at (clumsily) with the Starbucks and fine imported beer image: we all like the American lifestyle, and it is understandable that people don't want to have to give that up in order to actually fight for the survival of democracy, etc.

The "American Lifestyle"

The "American Lifestyle" will be gone if we continue down this path. That's what people need to realize. Our way of life is changing for the worse to benefit a few.

GW, You always hit the nail

You always hit the nail flesh,
John Gold and DZ on DailyKos you all ran into one of the best disinformers
i have come across ever,Mia Dolan, You guys handle him with brains and ease...Bravo

paul... Mia is my bitch.

paul... Mia is my bitch. :)


Okay, here it is (with help

"Sorry, they're wrong. We

"Sorry, they're wrong. We know you enjoy your comfortable lifestyle, your social get-togethers, your little "perks" that you've worked so hard for. We understand, and living in America is comfortable when you've got a little money. But hit "pause" for two seconds so that you can take stock. The "American Lifestyle" will be gone if we continue on the autopilot we've been on. The couch may be comfy, but the water is rising quickly."


Is it 5:30 yet? Me want to

Is it 5:30 yet? Me want to go home.

So I can shoot the shit

So I can shoot the shit online without my shoes on.

Jon, you say: "Mia is my

Jon, you say: "Mia is my bitch."

Reminds me of another well-known 9-11 activist whose girlfriend was causing mischief!

Sorry, I shouldn't laugh...

Hmmm... another activist

Hmmm... another activist who's girlfriend was causing mischief... Don't know who you're talking about. The only 9/11 couples I know are Holley and Sander, Jim Hoffman and Victoria Ashley (used to be I think), and that's the extent of my gossip.

Unless... you're referring

Unless... you're referring to THAT 9/11 "couple".

Jolly Roger and his lady.

Jolly Roger and his lady.

Not friendly with Jolly

Not friendly with Jolly Rodger. Not friendly with most people who frequent that 911TruthAction list. Don't ask me why because I don't know.

All I know is they don't

All I know is they don't like anyone who's opinion differs from their own.

I wish it was only the

I wish it was only the "American Lifestyle". But the UK has followed the US template for so long now, we are also falling deeper in the mire. Blair's offer of a role in the Carlyle Group once his Premiership comes to an end is evidence in our countries complicity in the events of 9/11. I hope for my childrens sake that we can get the truth revealed. I can't allow the truth to die, i owe it to the future generation.

DabeesUK... welcome. I have

DabeesUK... welcome. I have a crapload of info on the London Bombings on my site...


My condolensces for your loss.

Not sure if you read my post

Not sure if you read my post incorrectly John? But the only loss i have had, is the loss of freedom. Like your goodself. When i refer to my children, i refer to them growing up in an Orwellian nightmare. I have 3 children and my greatest wish is for them to live in an open and honest society....... I know i'm a dreamer, but hope prevails.

DabeesUK... No... I

DabeesUK... No... I understood... just saying... my condolensces for the attacks, and everything that has happened since...

The funny thing about the U.K. They've been dealing with the IRA for years, and never have taken the measures they're taking now... Now, they're doing as you said, and mimicking the U.S.'s every move.

Sorry John, still very new

Sorry John, still very new to this. I'm doing my best to get people to at least view the evidence of 9/11. It's my personel view that we nedd to ease the mainstream into this fight. Too many have the blinkered opinion that their government is ALWAYS right. I have found that give the masses (the ones that haven't been exposed to the realities of 9/11 etc) a little credit and some credible information, then they will work it out like we have. I have seen many things on this site, and others, that just overload their sense's with information and conspiracies that it's easier to take the OFFICIAL line for ease. We need to extentuate the positive and eliminate the negitive. Then, and only then will the majority be able to absorb it. Just my humble opinion... for what it's worth

The UK situation is

The UK situation is following the US and vice-versa...

This is obviously part of the same plan... by the same oil and military corporations... sick man... and our guv sell out for a few million... scumbags at any price

Also big cheer to DZ and SBG for the 911blogger, gotta say very impressive :)

Also big cheer to Jon Gold... Man you have stamina and a heart of GOLD ;)

All the best

Stamina nothin'... I'm

Stamina nothin'... I'm OBSESSED... :) Thanks.

It's a good job our

It's a good job our obsessive nature keeps us here.

I've run into Jolly Roger,

I've run into Jolly Roger, sent me some stuff to distribute a while back. Gotta say, he doesn't waste time arguing with everybody, just pops in every now and then suggesting people spend a little less time arguing and a little more time "Truthing".

A good guy from what I've seen.

And George Washington has written more than his share of awesome articles, keeep it up man!!!

Now I know why liberals are

Now I know why liberals are all brain dead.

Anyone who believes this shit is brain dead already.

"Controlled demolition"?

Yeah, right.

Get a life, willya, for Pete's sake?


Why assume Liberals??? I'll

Why assume Liberals??? I'll never understand that. Those that want to put an end to state sponsored terror know that the two party system is nothing more than an illusion.

Keep dreaming Homan, three buildings can simply disintegrate in one day, and the U.S. trillion dollar defense system can be outwitted by a handful of flight school flunkies.

"Anyone who believes this shit is brain dead already."

Couldn't agree more.

I'm sure that the Homan

I'm sure that the Homan variety critics haven't spent much time looking at the facts and details of 9-11, and in particular, the collapse of the WTC towers and WTC 7 (seven hours later).

Disbelief is a natural response. It's understandable, but it's wrong. The evidence is too strong to deny. Buildings don't just fall down.

Many educated engineers and other scholars have stated this and done tests. Those who try to debunk it are trying to support an official theory that is impossible to maintain using mathematics and physics.

To use GWB's straw-man tactics:

Some say that the 9-11 attacks were orchestrated by 19 hijackers and a guy with a walkie talkie in a cave in Afghanistan.

I tend to believe that those who had the means and the motive orchestrated it. That is, those who used the attacks to justify wars, fund defense projects and curtain rights at home.

I also find it curious that many sites related to 9-11 truth are being hacked. Again, who has the means and the motives to do this?

One day soon we will get to the bottom of what the government and these agencies are doing or have done.

The credibility of America lies in the hands of those who must hold our own government accountable for the lies, oppression and abuse that has been perpetrated on our country in the last five years.

Stamina nothin'... I'm

Stamina nothin'... I'm OBSESSED... Thanks.
Jon Gold | Homepage | 03.17.06 - 4:56 pm | #

and we love you for it, gold!!!!

i would have to say im obsessed also... HAHAHA!!! there is something wrong with the people who arent...