Don't Whine - Grow a Spine

GW Does it again. We all know the Dems are complicit in the attacks, but one day they might just rise up, if they think they can win...

A few days go I slammed the Republican party. Now its your turn, Democrats.

The Democrats have been making whiny, nasal sounds about how the Republicans aren't playing nice, about how they can't get any media coverage, about how they have to "play to the right" because American people have swung so far to the right.

In fact, the Democrats have become cowardly and visionless. Let's break this down so its nice and simple.

Republicans Aren't Playing Nice

Of course they're not playing nice; they are out to conquer the world by force.

The neocons and their allies carried out 9/11 in order to whip the people into a state of fear, so they would rally around the "strong leader" to protect them. They used Anthrax on key Democrat leaders who might have opposed the Patriot Act. They pretended Saddam helped his arch enemy Bin Laden on 9/11, and they faked WMD intelligence in order to invade Iraq. They torture innocent Iraqi farmers, spy on Americans, out CIA operatives, and generally do anything and everything in order to get their way.

Of course they don't play nice, you spineless jellyfish!! The problem isn't that they aren't playing nice. The problem is that you are playing Neville Chamberlain: trying to appease the monster in hopes it will go away.
The problem is that the 9/11 trauma has shifted many Americans into a small, fear-based way of thinking. WHAT YOU ARE TOO STUBBORN TO GET IS THAT 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB, and that until you address that, people will remain in their little sub-human monkey panic mode. You can use all of the logic in the world, people won't be able to hear it and use their logic until you address the core emotion: panic over 9/11 and terrorists. Don't you people understand basic human psychology? Go ask a shrink.
Wake up. You are now a grown person. You are not a little kid being pushed around by the schoolyard bully. Look down at your feet: they are a lot further from the ground when you were when you were pushed around on the playground. You are now a grown person. Start acting like one. You have the resources to do this.

Thanks to Jon Gold for his

Thanks to Jon Gold for his insights and input!

Few are those who can see

Few are those who can see past the partisan paradigm.

And nobody flys in small

And nobody flys in small aircraft anymore.

I have found the missing

I have found the missing link!

Thanks for the laugh

Thanks for the laugh anonymous.

Whilst we be disiraqted and

Whilst we be disiraqted and congress keeps us divided (phoney left right) the real powers (the corporations) are doing this:;article=99836;title=APFN

--listen to what Katherine ALBRECHT ( has to say here to the world. Now this is truly terrifying! Please listen to some of the middle segments - but the whole schmeer is going to take your breath away, as Alex Jones calls it 'a panopticon prison [planet]'

The above link will open a

The above link will open a slew of mirrored files from Wed coast to coast
a must hear. THIS IS BIG --i mean BIGGG!

anonymous and The

anonymous and The Professional, here's a better one for you:


Pres. Bush Sees "Vast Conspiracy"

(Conspiracy Nation, 10/20/01) -- U.S. president George W. Bush is calling the Sept. 11th terror attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon a "vast, global conspiracy." But less paranoid observers scoff at the notion.

"This is a common American reaction to what are in reality merely random events," stated professor G. Steadfast of Oberlin college. "President Bush is exhibiting paranoid symptoms, part of what I call 'the paranoid style' in American politics."

Author Gerald Poser concurs: "What you have on September 11th is just three, random, lone nuts, who simultaneously hijacked planes. Because of the chance synchronicity of the events, which according to Chaos Theory, *can* happen, president Bush has jumped to paranoid conclusions. Case closed."

But conspiracy theorists throughout the world, drinking gallons of coffee and with tired eyes glued to the Internet late at night, aren't so sure. Some even venture beyond what president Bush has said. "I see an evil man with a towel wrapped around his head, sitting in a cave, as being the ultimate mastermind of the plot," said one of these caffeinated theorists.

Chirp Ballet, noted writer, laughs at the multiplying theories born from president Bush's original theory. "Of course, there are no conspiracies," he chuckled. "But beware of the crypto-fascists," he added, as an afterthought.

Also dismissing notions of a "conspiracy" behind the Sept. 11 terror attacks is Umberto Eco, author of *Foucault's Pendulum*. Eco offered his own scholarly perspective on the Bush conspiracy theory: "Ever since Nietzche dethroned God, with his statement 'God is dead,' there has been a 'God vacuum.' People such as president Bush seek to fill that void by creating a new 'God,' in the form of a vast conspiracy," he proselytized. "Hence, Mr. Bush *needs* to see a 'vast conspiracy,' as a security blanket against God's demise."

But president Bush is adamant. "The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were the acts of crazed assassins, coordinated by the Devil," he insisted.

And, Bush adds, "What about that fourth plane that crashed in Pennsylvania?"

"Merely a random event, allowable in the framework of Chaos Theory," responded Poser.

You're welcome.

You're welcome.

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GW... your diaries get as

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