New Pentagon Research Site

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Why investigate 9/11? The simple answer is because the current administration has failed to do so. The official investigation has been handled poorly by any standards.
This is where I begin my piece of the investigation. I've decided to focus strictly on the Pentagon attack.

I only read a couple of the

I only read a couple of the subpages, but the site seems sane and thought-out, which is a refreshing change to most of the sites focusing on the Pentagon.

I'll read more of it, hopefully the 'no-plane' BS is kept to a minimum. There *are*, after all, a lot of actual anomalies regarding the Pentagon besides the 'phantom plane' distractions.

after seeing jack whites

after seeing jack whites photo studies,anonymous pictures of aircraft parts are unacceptable.

why wont the govt release the video?

they altered photos of the outside,why not the inside?

why doesnt anyone talk about

why doesnt anyone talk about prior knowledge?

I'm the first anon. poster

I'm the first anon. poster to this thread and after reading most of the site I have to say it is the best Pentagon site I've seen.

However, it would be good if people kept the focus on the more obvious failures of the official theory. If the gov't releases footage showing an AA 757 hitting the pentagon, the damage to the truth movement may be substantial: 1) Those in support of the official theory will begin a massive campaign of saying that the whole truth movement is now dead. 2) Those in the movement who have attached themselves to the BS no-plane theories will further marginalize themselves by finding supposed proof in the video that it was forged. Hell, the terrorists will probably add a couple of suspicious editing artifacts to the video just to throw people off...

Great site.

Great site.

To other Anonymous: A

To other Anonymous: A distiction should be made between "no planes" at the WTC and "no plane" at the Pentagon. There are certain reasons why many truthers believe that Flight 77 did not hit the pentagon, but these reasons don't apply to the WTC.

Also, no one should trust any video the Govy finally releases after stalling 4+ years. (By now, they could even have built a replica of the Pentagon in the desert somewhere and videoed a plane crashing into it.)

Russ Pickering is on point.

Russ Pickering is on point. I've been in contact with him and he seems to be the real deal. He's definitely done his homework, I highly recommend his website.

He's responsible for putting me in touch with Bob Pugh and securing a copy of the only 12 minutes of footage that was shot outside the Pentagon immediately after the impact.

Trust me, it's some good stuff. Watch it here:

whatever videos they release

whatever videos they release of the pentagon strike (if any) will have to jibe with the photos they've already released, and those photos have already been proven by jack white to have been doctored and staged - the mcmedia remains the major obstacle to the uncovering of 911 truth -

I don't see any mention on

I don't see any mention on this new pentagon research site of the claim that flight77 didn't even leave the ground on 911 -