March 18, 911 Truth Movement Contingent

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No. California 911 Truth Alliance and supporters were out spreading the word at the March 18 Anti-War Rally in San Francisco. Holding Signs saying "Neo-Con Jobs: Iraq and 9/11" and passing out information cards, the truth movement hopes to dispell the 911 lie that got the "war on terror" started. By providing well-researched papers, books and websites we hope to discredit the official narrative and the rational for permanent war.

Sat., March 18, 2006: Guest:

Sat., March 18, 2006:

Guest: Phil Burg 9/ll Lawyer from Philadelphia.

Good for S.F. What's wrong

Good for S.F. What's wrong with L.A.? Are there only two of us? Or does S.F. do it with mirrors? An inspiring day anyway.

I stopped by for awhile on

I stopped by for awhile on Saturday. It's interesting to see all the different "issue" groups at these antiwar rallies--everyone seems to think their's is the most important! One of the big themes seemed to be immigrant rights. Lots of commies in red. Pretty decent drum circle (gotta love that!).

I also did a random interview w/ a guy on BART. Asked him who he thought was behind 9/11 and he thought it was a bin Laden/Saddam combo!! It was actually hilarious. But we started giving him some info and he was really open to the MIHOP possiblity. Fun day.

I'd love to hear more about

I'd love to hear more about this event - I'm doing a post about a March 19th event in Tacoma, WA and I'd love to know about stuff in other areas. Feel free to email me and let's correspond!

Check out the post here.

was there on saturday in

was there on saturday in to meet a few of the dedicated troopers..bless their souls! I helped a little passing out flyers for the DRG talk on March 30th in oakland. I was also able to pass out a 100 dvd's i made of various talks, discussions and documentaries.

i was amazed at the amount of people that seemed to know 9-11 had elements of our government involved. when i asked if they wanted a dvd they said "no we already know."

I was also pleased to see that after all the speakers were done talking and everybody was going home and packing up their stations or information booths, the 9-11 truthers still had many people collected in front of their booth, talking and sharing information, passing out info, selling books, videos.

Way to GO people!!! You Rock!!

man, i should have

man, i should have went...

are all of you guys in the city???

i hope to be at the drg talk in oakland with a bunch of friends... we should all meet up and say hi...