Private Plane Intercepted by Four F-16s

Private plane strays hundreds of miles before crash

The pilots of F-16s based in Wisconsin intercepted the plane near Madison, Wis., and tracked it to Michigan, where it was picked up by pilots of two F-16s based near Detroit.

The military pilots fired flares to attract the pilot's attention, but were not able to make contact. They tracked it until the moment of the crash, officials said.

"Our aircraft had the civilian aircraft in sight when it abruptly began to descend," said Staff Sgt. Dan Heaton of Michigan's 127th Air National Guard unit.

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Too bad they don't say how

Too bad they don't say how long it took to intercept.

Ever see this? Western Air

Ever see this?

Western Air Defense Sector Gets 1998 Scramble Award

U.S. Fighter Jets Intercept Another Plane Near D.C.

Military Was Set To Down Cessna

A few interesting quotes from the last one...

"Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld gave military officials the authority to shoot down, if necessary, a small plane that wandered into restricted airspace over the nation's capital May 11, according to two senior federal officials."


"The authority to authorize a shoot down of a civilian aircraft is delegated to a very, very small number of senior civilian and military officials"

Here's an interesting

Here's an interesting one...

9/11 Fears As Rouge Plane Enters Turkish Air Space

This was a 14 minute response time. Not bad for the Turkish Air Force.

And the gov't apologists

And the gov't apologists will say, See? Now we've fixed the problem!"