9/11 Breakout: Message from Webster Griffin Tarpley

Can we unify???

Dear friends:

I am writing to call your attention to the article by Mark Jacobson entitled “The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll” appearing in this week’s issue of New York Magazine dated March 27, 2006, available online at: http://www.nymag.com/news/features/16464/index.html, of which I am enclosing a copy.

I would invite you to interpret this important signal piece as a warning issued by a section of the US ruling elite of their readiness to use some form of revisionist exposé of the real story of 9/11 as a political weapon – a more powerful version of the Watergate tapes -- for the purpose of neutralizing the obviously unhinged Bush-Cheney rogue regime, including administration plans for new synthetic terrorist provocations leading to an attack on Iran and further totalitarian measures
on the home front.

Flaws and weaknesses in the article, which are obvious enough, change nothing in this picture. The 9/11 truth movement is now offered a perhaps unique opportunity to change the course of world history for the better. This can be done by mobilizing world public opinion on the basis of a unifying political platform of full MIHOP, identifying the September criminals as intelligence networks inside the US-UK military/security bureaucracy, exercising control above and behind the Bush-Cheney White House and Tony Blair’s 10 Downing Street.

The overriding POLITICAL issue at hand is the reality of MIHOP, the key to avoiding opportunism on the one hand and the sectarianism of purely technical disputes on the other. It is time to direct all available polemical energies outward, towards breaking the influence of the gatekeepers on the left and the right, and towards maximizing the political impact of the 9/11 scandal.

Webster Griffin Tarpley

Copy in word format:


For unity to happen, some

For unity to happen, some people are going to have to bite the bullet on their pet projects - like the no plane theory. I'm not advocating this one way or the other, but right now, we don't have SOLID evidence to back this up, so I don't think it's beneficial to proceed in that direction as a whole. But if this is your thing (no plane), i'm not saying to stop your work, just don't get pissed that it is not being included in the main body of work around the 9/11 truth. (that also goes for those that don't believe in it. let them do their thing. as long as everyone can agree that the solid evidence is what is put forward first, then no one should worry)

Which leads to the obvious questioned posed my somebigguy, how are we even going to unify? I know the Scholars for truth are out there, but is that enough? My biggest worry is that sometime in the near future, "the truth" breaks out into the MSM and then it gets shot down in two days because there isn't an infrastructure to defend against the attacks. We have got to start planning for this as a whole.

That's easy... put me on the

That's easy... put me on the TV set. :)

Personally, I think there

Personally, I think there were planes (maybe without passengers, probably remote controlled).

Maybe there were no planes and I'm wrong.

What no-planers say is that controlled demo is a limited hangout, because the government -- when busted on this -- will blame it on Al-Qaeda, and we need a smoking gun that can't be blamed on Osama and the boys.

I don't buy this: http://georgewashington.blogspot.com/2005/11/9-11-end-game_14.html

I think we can win on CD.

That's just my 2 cents worth.

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I agree Ian, just because

I agree Ian, just because people don't subscribe to No Planes or Holograms, doesn't mean that they are left wing gatekeepers or are trying to suppress the truth as is implied by constantly by certain individuals here, it simply means they have a different opinion.

Can we all agree that 9/11 was an inside job? Regardless of how it was done? Can we push forward with the most obvious and damning evidence, publicly disprove the official story, and push for a new investigation to finally uncover ALL of the answers once and for all???

I vote yes, somebigguy.

I vote yes, somebigguy.


unifying themes:
-overwhelming evidence of 3 WTC towers being controlled demolitions, esp the House Of Spooks AKA WTC-7

-pentagon's failure to release numerous confiscated videos showing what hit the pentagon

-identities of put-option buyers

-PNAC's pre-911 documented wish list

divisive, unproven/unprovable theories like pods & blue screens & flashes & what DID hit the pentagon, etc should be ignored & marginalized- they only serve to divide. "911 Truthers" who spend all their time attacking others (WingTV, Daryll B. Smith) should be discarded.

Tarpley's got a radio show 2 hours/week on RBN now, archived here:

@ other truthers: I'm

@ other truthers:

I'm watching "they" carefully,
after knowing how much harm they can do uns us in short time, aka what happened in germany 2003 with only two or three occasions.
(please feel free to ask Gerhard Wisnewski about that!)

So what about a 911 anti defamation league network? ;)

We need pre-planned, written

We need pre-planned, written responses to each attack we know they will use:

- 9/11 people are anti-semites;

- No planes

- We're saying fire not hot enough to MELT steel, but it only had to be hot enough to soften steel

- No structural engineer has said controlled demo

etc. etc.

we need a movie about this

we need a movie about this administration and call it "A for Agenda"

GeorgeWashington, nice post

GeorgeWashington, nice post about the end game. I never read that.

Yes. Endless speculation

Yes. Endless speculation about: no planes, missle-shooting planes, pod planes, flashing planes, blue screens, holograms, etc., makes a very bad first impression on newcomers. That sci-fi, deep-fringe stuff likely turns away many of the general public from further inquiry into the truth. (This is the true goal of the disinfo agents.)

Hey GW, I like it, have some

Hey GW, I like it, have some canned responses to these questions that we all compile and work on together. Then when we discuss it with others, we have a unified message.

I guess I've been posting on

I guess I've been posting on the wrong thread, this is where the party is. I've been posting on the 'Sheen makes big news" thread, but my comments are more appropriate here. I don't want to repeat them all but check them out and respond if you like. PS Nice ad on Raw story!!!!!!

I believe that we must stick

I believe that we must stick with the scientific evidence and work from our strong points. The door must be opened and not slamed in our faces with things we can't back up.

We need the govenment to turn over all the videos and tapes of 911, We need samples of all the recovered molten steel so it can be independently tested for thermite. Physicists from all over the world must stand up and show the world that the "Laws of Physics" can not be redefined by the governemnt in the issues of free fall speed. All the flight manifest for the four airplanes involved in 911 must be released, the "real" ones. All the tapes recording of the flight controlers stations that day also be released. We need to be all on the same page with creditability. If we can prove there's just one deliberate lie in the 911 Report the American people will want to know why! If there was explosives and thermite in those buildings, then we can find out who and how they got there. We have to know why F-16 fighter pilots sat in their jets for up to 30 minutes in some cases awaiting scramble orders, when it was clear we were under attack with two of the WTC Towers already hit! Who gave the "STAND DOWN" orders on the morning of 911? We have to present a case where the facts are so overwhelming the American people have to open their eyes! Just my opinion!

i can hold my breath for a

i can hold my breath for a very long time


" - 9/11 people are

" - 9/11 people are anti-semites;"

Funny you should mention that, George.

This thread was started, deleted, then reinstated over at DemocraticUnderground, first in the General Discussion area, then in the September 11th forum, which is sort of a black hole over there.

The moderator put some qualifiers in the reinstated post, but the offending poster just couldn't help but post the same bullshit again, (that would be "salvorhardin");


The intent? Smear 9/11 skepticism as antisemitism, pure and simple. Then, purge the Devils!

Gold, I think you have a DU handle. Please come and kick some ass if you have time.

If the mainstream media was doing its job, then the American Free Press would never have touched 9/11.

For better or for worse, a couple AFP articles are going to continue to be sourced because they were there first on one or two issues. (Airplane parts and molten metal specifically, Bollyn and Szymanski.)

Pretty much everyone knows who Carto is now, and the caveat is understood.

Remember the civil rights

Remember the civil rights movement! The movement included anarchists, communists, socialists, christian faith groups, suburban white youth ect. They all where united by the acknowledgement of a simple truth...blacks were being exploited and repressed in the US. They all had different solutions to this problem ...they certaintly didn't all agree on the solutions....But that would come later, the most important thing was to expose this truth........Our truth is 911was an inside job......lets welcome everyone in exposing this truth, that is the unity that is needed. They called the leaders of civil rights communists and socialists and pointed to some of the more extreme /nonmainstream members of the movement. Even Antisemitism continues to be used to attack any radical black liberation movement. Yet they didn't waste their time refuting this or proving their own legitemacy they just kept pointing to the Truth. We should do the same.
We should keep this movement wide and inclusive.

I personnally would use the 911 scholars petition as a rallying point, its straightforward and offers at least a preliminary action that can be taken immediately.

But that would come later,

But that would come later, the most important thing was to expose this truth........Our truth is 911was an inside job......lets welcome everyone in exposing this truth, that is the unity that is needed.
Radical pragmatist | 03.22.06 - 4:53 pm | #

thanks RP...we need that kind of talk!

"If we can prove there's

"If we can prove there's just one deliberate lie in the 911 Report the American people will want to know why!"

For some reason I doubt that.

It's already happened and no one noticed.

I feel it the constellation of facts/data which create a picture, which is persuasive and can't be refuted.

The tactic I've noticed the government and Psyop people take is to separate data points and then contest individual ones. No matter how stupid the refutation, they'll go ahead with it. Nothing is too stupid to be posited.

Remember their side does not have to be rational, it just has to appear that way to someone who is not looking too close. Their argument just has to appear to be rational to someone who is copying what other's, and those in authority, supposedly "think."

For the government's story to win we do not have to be irrational, but only appear that way. Our own self-doubts and fear of the criticism that is coming our way can give us a vibe of irrationality.

Think of it as similar to a lie dector test. It's a bogus test. The way around it is to realize it's a bogus test. There is nothing to fear.

So just realize the governments argument to be the crap it is.

Think of the woman Propaganda Producer who tried to refute Mike Berger on the Entertainment piece - what did she say? "Oh, all the questions [of Sheen] are answered."

All they do is just state that they are right. So by fiat, they are right. It's pure and simple an argument from authority. Not from data.

You people (urgh! people

You people (urgh! people :-)
you PEOPLE are obviously WRONG:

- in the west, all too often TALK is
confused with ACTION.

+ DO something in the real world!

- You don't really even LISTEN to

+ He says there is A HISTORY
OPPORTUNITY .. right *N*O*W*
not later! therefore.. DO SOMETHING

I can not tell you what you can do,
but it won't be WRITING something.
I guess it means involving your body
as a whole.

How about meeting at a newspapers
office, then move on to your RadioTV

These people-the perps- are

These people-the perps- are very clever people and they hire the best evil minds.They are discussing scenarios as we type.
The way to do this is to get some prominent people to speak up, lots will come when one or 2 stand up.They need to be famous for max distribution, Hollywould is a good one, first with Sheen and now lets see who stands up,lets see the true Patriots because then the snowball just gets bigger...

Operation Northwoods: In

Operation Northwoods:

In 1962 the Joint Chiefs of Staff were going to paint a plane like a commercial airliner and swap it with a real one. Then they were gonna shoot it down and blame Castro for it. Then go to war against Cuba using this fake terrorism. This document shows a number of similar actions and they were willing to kill civilians to make these plans happen.

I think maybe they finally got around to using this tactic on Sept 11, 2001.

All you have to do is read history: