Huge Reaction To Sheen 9/11 Story

Yesterday's Charlie Sheen story, in which the actor went public with his grave suspicions about the official story of 9/11, received widespread interest across the Internet and was even linked on the Drudge Report for a time, a news website that gets more traffic than the New York Times.

Our observations will now center around the question of if any mainstream outlets will pick up the story or seek to interview Mr. Sheen regarding his comments. The story is obviously big enough to be of interest to a wide readership but its context may cause establishment controlled media to shy away in journalistic cowardice.
The mainstream media pour over stories about Mr. Sheen's personal life whether real or manufactured yet will they remain silent when Sheen actually discusses something serious?

Carlos Santana is all over the news today for criticizing George Bush and the Iraq war yet Charlie Sheen has gone much further, if the media ignores this story it is proof positive of a cover-up.

In many ways a Hollywood celebrity stepping forward and making these comments receives more attention than a former government official or physics professor because the information is wrapped in a package that is instantly recognizable to a wide audience.

The danger is that some are dangerously ill-informed, such as Madonna, who dismissed 9/11 as "ambiguous" yet focused all the attention on Hurricane Katrina and kept the argument firmly within a left-right paradigm prison.

Charlie Sheen on the other hand took the time to educate himself thoroughly on the real issues of 9/11 before going public with his doubts about the official story.

Edit: Did he ever, he knows all the issues, he has no doubt been researching this for months
Our hope is that Sheen's stance, which is by no means a rarity for him or his family who have been politically engaged for decades, will encourage other high profile celebrities to use their platform to educate America and the world on the serious issues that face us and the real perpetrators of global terrorism.

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I wouldn't call the reaction

I wouldn't call the reaction "huge". Mabye it was relatively huge for Prisonplanet. It was on Drudge for a few hours. That's significant, but not huge. Google News has only one listing for the story today. However, this whole "movement" is no doubt beginning to poke its head into the mainstream. It's really interesting, just as an observer. I can't even imagine what will happen if it ever does become "huge".

If it ever does become

If it ever does become "huge", you will be seeing certain people in Government standing trial.

I posted this to infowars (I

I posted this to infowars (I remember someone already suggested this on this forum):

"Scholars for 9/11 Truth" has proven a very good idea. Could you encourage Sheen to form a similar movement for actors (or people in the entertainment business in general)?

It would be very difficult for the mainstream media to ignore a growing movement of actors insisting on 9/11 Truth.

Similarly, "truthers" in other fields of life should be encouraged to form their own movement. Say, Rockers for 9/11 Truth, Politicians for 9/11 Truth, Artists for 9/11 Truth, etc.

Time for group power!


I'm holding a screening of

I'm holding a screening of LC2E here at Texas A&M on 4/11, and my dire hope is that we garner enough attention and support to initiate something like "Aggies for 9/11 Truth." This isn't my top choice of locales, but I'm here so I may as well make the best of it. There may be forces in place keeping this from becoming 'huge,' but we don't and probably can't know whether or not that's the case. What we can do is everything within our personal power to make the movement itself a story worthy of large news outlets.

How about Celebrities for

How about Celebrities for Truth or Stars for Truth.
What do people like Tim Robbins or Susan Sarandon or Sean Penn think? They speak out about all kinds of issues, they probably haven't talked about 9/11.

A prize to the person that

A prize to the person that comes up with the best one-liner to answer the complaint that, "What makes them experts? They're just actors."

The best one I can come up

The best one I can come up with so far is:
"What? Was Paul Revere an expert?"

Some of these listed on the

Some of these listed on the 9/11 conservative right understand the no plane theory. I would be interested to know if Charlie Sheen understands the absurdity of an aluminum plane filled with hydrocarbons going into a solid steel structure like a hot knife into soft butter.

In the real world a jet plane would burst into an orange ball of fire upon impact and break into pieces with most of the pieces falling to the street below. Think about it. How could a plane suffer no apparent damage what so ever? Not even a bent wing tip or spark or flame!

This is almost as amazing as the Pentalawn!

Amanda--you worry me deeply

Amanda--you worry me deeply sometimes.

Amanda--enough with the

Amanda--enough with the Morgan Reynolds garbage already!

Morgan Reynolds (former Bush employee) claims, among other
things, that the airliners should not have been able to pierce,
penetrate, and disappear well inside the 2 WTC Towers.

Reynolds states, in part: "In a violent encounter with between an
aluminum plane weighting nearly 140 tons and a steel tower weighting
500,000 tons, the plane of course would be crushed. Aluminum has
lower yield and failure strengths than steel and a Boeing 767 mass
was minuscule...."

and Renolds goes on,

"...A plane flying into a WTC tower should break up, shatter, and
scatter pieces everywhere...."


How would Reynolds explain that 350 mph winds of a tornado can drive
paper drinking straws and blades of grass well into trees and even into bricks?

Straws are able to go through telephone poles, obviously, because of their extreme speeds...

This is based on what many textbooks refer to as the NORMAL FORCE,
the force the surface of a solid object exerts to prevent another
object from passing through it. Every surface has a maximum normal
force. It can push no harder than its maximum. A straw moving at an
incredible speed hits the phone pole. The pole pushes on the straw
with its maximum force. Time is required to stop the straw. In that
time, the straw moves a distance into the telephone pole. Force
provides acceleration. Acceleration over time provides a change of

The mechanical properties of a projectile depends on its speed. For
example, if I take a soft lead bullet and press it slowly against a
steel plate, say 0.5 cm thick, using a mechanical press, it would
deform into a lead disc and the steel plate would be largely
unaffected. However, if I take the same soft lead bullet and it's
fired from a 0.357 Magnum, it would easily blow a large hole in the
same steel plate.
The difference is that deformation of a projectile takes a certain
amount of time to occur. If the impact time is very short compared
to this characteristic time of deformation, the mechanical
properties of the object will be very different...

Honestly, are you a disinfo artist?

Something big is definately

Something big is definately happening in the back rooms of washington. It might be the triumph of the realist over the neocons, a backlash to recent intimidation of the press, a real fear by the military and washington elites that the the neocons are foolishly planning to attack Iran with all of its obviouse repercusions or it might be its just time to pull the plug and minimize any further damage.
But it definately looks like the press has finally been given the go ahead for a 'controlled demolition' of the Bush administration. Someone has given the word to 'pull it' so that they save the ship by sacrificing the captain and his crew. 911 and the lies that lead us into Iraq threaten not only the administration but the very foundation of propaganda, covert ops, false flags , and criminal / government nexus (i.e. drugs, organized crime, money laundering, international banking ect. ) that has worked so well , at least from their perspective, to acheive their aims. They will not allow this whole system to be opened up for scrutiny. 911 and Iraq was a new experiment with the old statedgy of empire and facsism in support of international financiers. The experiment hasn't failed completely yet, but when its certain that it has, they will want to control the damage, so they may continue in a more subtle way, ala Bill Clinton or should I say Hillary Clinton. I beleive the majority of the press and the congress know that 911 was an inside job, but they will only expose it when they no the jig is up and they can reep the greatest benefits, while offering a quick solution to a disoriented and angry population that will then just want to 'move on'. Imagine what would happen to the morale of our troops if it became clear elements of our own government were involved in 911. Obviously the military is thinking about this. ...Thus it will be 'controlled demolition' ....We will be told: "The criminals have been removed, they were idealistic, they were fanatical christians that believed in Isreal as the promised land, they may have done wrong but they're heart was in the right place. Now that they have been removed, there is no reason to look any deeper, we must move on."
Just some food for thought from a news junkie.

Radical Prag--Very plausible

Radical Prag--Very plausible analysis of subtle, covert, mafia-like way that unfortunately, our govÂ’t really functions.

Sadly, all sorts of illicit manipulation, behind-closed-doors bargaining, deal making, back scratching, money under-the-table, give-and-take corruption occurs without ever seeing light of day. This culture of unlimited fraud & lying with total impunity helped set the stage for NeoCons to perpetrate 9/11. And now this is probably the way it will be resolved.

Its the same old story,

Its the same old story, mostly greedy rich old men trying hopelessly to overcome death by becoming living gods.

Control the earth, control the heavens. It is an illusion but a seductive one.

Anonymous, What really

What really bothers me, is how often people to whom I have exposed the truth of 911 say, " what we really need is a strong political leader who will clean up this whole mess." That is some dangerous territory, that I have no doubt has come across the minds of some in power. All you have to do is look at the popular support of military coups in other countries when the corruption of even democratically elected governments become well known.....'profit on the way up, and profit on the way down"....The 911 truth movement should be looking at how and who will profit "on the way down".

You guys're getting waaay

You guys're getting waaay ahead of yourselves.
The real danger is that thirty years from now we're the Kennedy assassination.
Now's the time to get 9/11 out there with everything we've got.

Chander, agree. If this

Chander, agree.

If this doesnt come out soon, I will go insane. Not kidding. My brain will crush itself.

I added a few

Mainstream Media Blackout On Sheen 9/11 Piece

Controlled gatekeepers and delusional Neo-Cons attempt to kill story

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | March 22 2006

Despite a huge reaction amongst the alternative media to Charlie Sheen's comments on 9/11, in part due to a brief link on the Drudge Report which was mysteriously pulled after a few hours, newswires and entertainment outlets have actively sought to impose a blackout on the story.

In our first conversation with the Associated Press they strongly indicated that they would be running a story on Sheen's comments, as they did with Carlos Santana's much weaker comments about the Iraq war. However, after talking with Jeff Williams of the LA Associated Press office it became clear what the policy was.

Williams' attitude was brash and arrogant in saying (to paraphrase), 'I know all about Charlie Sheen and I don't care what he says.'

Asked if the story was newsworthy in comparison with the milquetoast Santana piece, Williams responded by saying 'we're not going to run anything.' ..........

Believe it or not - the

Believe it or not - the Sheen story was mention briefly on CBS's Access Hollywood last night. They said Charlie had caused a stir with his comments about 9/11 - the plane flights and the tower collapses, on Alex Jones' radio show. They played a short clip of Charlie saying "I turned to my friend and said, am I crazy or did that look like a controlled demolition?"

It's not the evening news, but it was a broadcast channel, albeit late at night. But If this is as far as it goes, it's over.

As far as the behind the

As far as the behind the scenes demolition of the Bush administration, you guys are correct.

The International Bankers behind all this bullshit play ball with both sides, and the lifeblood of their continued manipulation of the American public is the way they play the 2-party system.

It's simply the Left's turn now. Get ready for President Hillary Rodham Clinton, the next globalist puppet of the Rothschilds.

That Jeff Williams of the LA

That Jeff Williams of the LA Associated Press does not sound like a news professional, to say the least.

Williams is using his misguided anger (real or phony) to avoid & quash a clearly legitimate news story!

So airliners can't bust up

So airliners can't bust up skyscrapers??? Take a good look!!!

Here what a small private plane did crashing into the tallest building in Milan, Italy in 2002!!!!

So stop your no planes at the WTC b.s.!!!!

"What makes them experts?

"What makes them experts? They're just actors."

"American actors with the right and duty to question their Government."

Good one, Jon. Over on

Good one, Jon.
Over on Huffpo the gatekeepers musta gone out for tacos. I got in a couple on the Colin Powell thread.

... and better actors than

... and better actors than Bush.

Well it looks like Webster

Well it looks like Webster Tarpley is seeing the same thing that I alluded to earlier in this thread, but expressed it much more eloquently.

Another interesting addition is the first part of a two part series on Zionism and 911 in by an american professor. Just the timing of this article makes you wonder who is threatening who in this highstakes showdown.
Check it out. It is a good artical if only to understand why some in the 911 communiy seem to bring up the 'Zionists' in any discussion of 911. And why they often seem to be the most paranoid of the 911 skeptics. This is what they have been reading and refering to. I don't necessarily buy it, but I'll remain a skeptic with an open mind, just as I have with all of the other 911 research. (Sorry, I can't seem to copy the link)

Charlie Sheen coverage

Charlie Sheen coverage tonight. CNN Headline News Channel. Showbiz Tonight, 7 PM Eastern. I just heard the promo. Something about 9/11 conspiracy theories and what a star thinks.

I forgot to mention the

I forgot to mention the timing of the recently released Harvard report on Isreal and American foreign policy. (As a side note, I meant to say that Tarpley was more eloquent , don't want to be seen like I was tooting my own horn)