9/11 Skeptics Receive Fair Shake on Showbiz Tonight - Video Download

CNN Showbiz Tonight Covers Charlie Sheen and 9/11 Skepticism
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Tonight marks the first instance where those that question 9/11 were given a fair shake at voicing their opinions. While little can be said in just 10 minutes of coverage, it was at the very least a reasonable discussion and an important milestone for the 9/11 truth community. 911truth.org's media coordinator Mike Berger did a great job with the short time he was allotted while the host A.J. Hammer allowed for a good live discussion and avoided the all-to-familiar Bill O'Reilly style of 'news'.

Despite the numerous questions surrounding 9/11 which have gone unmentioned by the mainstream media for the last 4+ years, and the growing number of respectable scholars, government officials, and family members demanding answers - this is the first time a major news station has covered 9/11 questions in any reasonable format, even if it was on a Hollywood celebrity show. If the mainstream media were to truly desire to cover 9/11 further I would hope in the future they might consider a longer format so that all of the news and facts they haven't bothered reporting over the last 4+ years might have a chance to finally be seen and heard. (Hey Showtime and HBO, are you listening?)

I urge all of those who support 9/11 being further discussed by CNN and their affiliates to contact them via their feedback form here. Be sure to reference the host A.J. Hammer, and the show 'Showbiz Tonight'.

Note: You can find more on Sheen's recent comments here.

Update: You can find the following night's broadcast here.

Update: There are a bunch more articles related to the Sheen coverage, use the search bar on the archive panel on the left to find more.

Special thanks to our Canadian friends at stoplying.ca for posting their recording!



Going to bed.

Going to bed. Congratulations to everybody... it's not over yet.

Pretty amazing, when you

Pretty amazing, when you think about it. Showbiz Tonight leading the way on responsible journalism, (mainstream-wise anyway) and four plus years later. Maybe the laws of physics have been repealed.

Better than nothing but I

Better than nothing but I think the time should have been used to hammer at the controlled demolition point because thats all you need. That woman just babbeling about the demolition theory was hilarious. I would have taken her down rite there. They also still refuse to play that WTC7 clip. Im sure it will get more people curious tho. Good timeing with the rawstory ad for sure.

Jaybird, You gotta


You gotta understand, the fireproofing was blown off the buildings, thats all you need to know right there.

Uh.. WTC7 wasn't hit by a plane, uhmm, what was WTC7 again?

You see, the 80%+ remainder of the structures may have been structurally sound, but obvsiously it shouldnt provide any resistance at all to a collapse, and a freefall collapse is exactly what you should expect! see, its easy to believe in B.S.

Oh yea. Thanks dz. I was

Oh yea. Thanks dz. I was wrong all along.

A truthers' boycott of

A truthers' boycott of National Geographic seems appropriate after their spokeswoman's misleading remarks tonight!

What was her deal? She says

What was her deal? She says we should ask questions but then acts like everyone should just accept her version of the story. Maybe her experts and our experts need a showdown on facts. People: continue asking questions! I think she hasn't done her homework.

Prophet http://www.haloscan.c

ask kevin spacey about the

ask kevin spacey about the documentary that failed to metion wtc-7 put out by national geographic,didnt he narrate it?

My CNN comment for tonight

My CNN comment for tonight broadcast:
Showbiz Tonight* Excellent job with the topic of 9/11 and the conspiracy brought to your viewers attention by Charlie Sheen. I have been researching 9/11 for nearly four years and aggree with Sheen We deserve a REAL investigation. Sadly this is the closest to a fair and accurate report seen in the media to date almost 5 years later. Hopefully those of you that have the ability will continue to push the 9-11 Truth Movement completely into public arena. You really have a powerful role to play and I thank you for tonights broadcast but realize this must be only the beginning. Thank you!!

Wonder what kind of hits

Wonder what kind of hits they are getting over at 911truth.orgs website and here as well. Anyone know?

My comments to CNN: On

My comments to CNN:

On Showbiz Tonight, Nicole Rittenmeyer of National Geographic, tries to counter Mike Berger's assertions, and says that "some of those issues are easily answered."

She goes on to say that: "The fireproofing was blown off the buildings. There has been tons of research..... it looked to untrained people to be controlled demolition, but experts have evaluated this again and again and again and it's pretty self explanatory."

Self explanatory, Nicole? The three World Trade Centers towers that fell on Sept. 11th were the first and only steel framed buildings that have ever collapsed due to fire. These buildings all fell at near free-fall speed - which, by itself - defies any rational explanation except controlled demolition. Some will say that these were the first buildings that were hit by a plane and THAT is difference. Well, the Empire State building was hit by a large plane many years ago and it did not fall. And Building 7 was hit by no plane, had two small fires, yet collapsed in fashion exactly like controlled demolition.

Perhaps Nicole is referring to the "experts" of the FEMA report on the collapse of the towers. That report, like the animations that were repeated during your segment totally IGNORES the existence of the 47 truss reinforced steel columns making up the core of the World Trade Center towers 1 and 2. The editors of Fire Engineering Magazine called it a "half baked farce."

The official followup report by the "experts" at NIST, in fact, changes the FEMA theory and postulates that the bolts connecting the floor trusses to the central columns failed. Yet, NIST refuses to show the calculations or the models that explain this thesis. Their theory goes up to the moment of INITIATION of collapse and does not in any way explain the actual collapse. To this day, NIST has not given any real explanation as to how Building 7 collapsed. We await their contractors report, due in May, with bated breath!

Steven Jones of BYU and a member of Scholars for 911 truth (st911.org) and Jim Hoffman at wtc7.net have both thoroughly debunked the FEMA and NIST reports. I suggest you get them together with some NIST officials to discuss their theories. Now THAT would be interesting television.

Now would be a good time to

Now would be a good time to fill Jon Stewart's INBOX with requests for Charlie Sheen to be on his show. Sheen is articulate, funny, photogenic, *and* clearly passionate about this issue.
Comedy Central doesn't make it easy to email them (you have to go through FAQ), but if we flood them now with requests, then . . .

Ask Jay Leno to book Charlie

Ask Jay Leno to book Charlie Sheen. email: tonightshow@nbc.com

Randy, I think Jay Leno is a


I think Jay Leno is a shill, I doubt he would give Sheen the time of day..

just my 2 cents though, do what you can!

The problem cannot be the

The problem cannot be the part of the solution.

SS, st911.org setup their


st911.org setup their sitemeter 2 days ago, you can find there stats here:

you can find this site's stats here:

I think better than The

I think better than The Daily Show would be The Colbert Report. Steven is so subtle with a sneaky left hook and I bet he would love to hate a Hollywood liberal conspiracy nutcase like Sheen. And he would do an excellent job for the truthyness movement.

jay leno works for a defense

jay leno works for a defense contractor

Nicole Rittenmeyer knowingly

Nicole Rittenmeyer knowingly lied in stating that WTC-1 & WTC-2 collapsed because the planes blew away their fireproofing.

As supervising producer of National Geographic’s 9/11 “documentaries”, Ms. Rittenmeyer damn well knows that a plane did not strike WTC-7, and that it also collapsed that day. Since WTC-7 collapsed without having “its fireproofing blown away” why must the cause of collapse of WTC-1 & WTC-2 be that their fireproofing was blown away. Ms. Rittenmeyer is deceitful in purposely ignoring that WTC-7 collapsed without having its fireproofing affected whatsoever, when according to her, this was certainly the cause of WTC-1 & WTC-2 collapsing.

The three buildings did collapse similarly due to a similar reason: controlled demolition with explosives!

Jay Leno is a freakin

Jay Leno is a freakin idiot.

Jon Stewart & Colbert all the way! Jon with the "oh no you did´nt!", and colbert with his super patriotic irony.

That would be fuuuureeeeeakiin´ awesome.

Of course, it did happen

Of course, it did happen from the fire, the fire proof was blown off the building, there are tons of research, thereÂ’s a lot of evidence out there that suggests, itÂ’s been examined and reexamined, it looked like a controlled demolition for untrained people, but experts have evaluated that again and again and again.

Nicole Whitmeyer?, National Geographic

Debunking talking points;

• Not all experts agree with this, aka http://www.st911.org
• Steven Jones debunks NIST and other paper-theories already. (In this paper ‘Why indeed did the WTC Building collapse?’)
• The experts who agree with this thesis were paid for by government or government agencies. Who orders the band determines what kind of music to play.
• In fact, there is no evidence that they evaluated a controlled demolition, besides a short mention in the NIST report.
• All steel beams evidence that wasn’t shipped over to China show only minor heat damage.
• The fire wasn’t that hot as they claimed
• Fire proof blown off- everywhere, in the same way? Don’t forget you have a symetrical, fast forward and straight down implosion in less then 10 sec.
• There are some hints that they omitted hard facts, like the 47 interior columns in the WTC or the exterior wall at the Pentagon to reach their conclusions.
• They even admit that they adjusted facts to reach their conclusions, but without saying details. Why not release them? Scientific examination means repeatable modelling, too.
• Why does the modelling stops at first crumbling? What about the rest of the demolition?
• To this day, no conclusion why WTC 7 fell was presented. Instead they offer a challenge for scientist to come up with the best fitting theory.
• Don’t forget the firing of Kevin Ryan, Underwriter Lab, after critizizing NIST report. What exactly was the reason for his firing?
• What exactly is the difference between untrained people and trained people? Was Van Romero trained enough?

It's best to direct

It's best to direct debunkers like this NG lady to two lucidly written and abundantly documented articles, both thoroughly undermining the NIST report.

Jim Hoffman: http://911research.wtc7.net/essays/nist/index.html

Steven Jones: http://www.physics.byu.edu/research/energy/htm7.html

I'm spreading this clip far

I'm spreading this clip far and wide

Hey guys, damage control is

Hey guys, damage control is hard at work here, have your say:


CNN´s slogan: “CNN,

CNN´s slogan:

“CNN, The Most Trusted Name In News”

- I say, youre beginning to show that, but theres still a long way to go. Its been almost 5 years, so they have a lot of catching up to do.

dz is very modest re: site

dz is very modest re: site statistics, linking to a chart showing visits over the past month. Check out the trend in visits to this site over the past year, available at


Who is Nicole. And as far

Who is Nicole. And as far as the coverage . . . WOW!

Time to distribute this clip.

Charlie Sheen Related 9/11

we must do a better job

we must do a better job policing the movement

opinions are one thing, facts another

a scathing indictment is in the works for my regular place

also on another topic

what do you guys think of the birmingham church fires?

9 fires

4 on one day, 5 on another

a joke?

or hate crime?

southern poverty law center doesnt have it on thier site

9 bapist churches, only baptists

these guys are out on bond

"9/11 truth

"9/11 truth community"

Truth? What would the tinfoil hat wearing brigade know about truth?

Flanstein... what does a Fox

Flanstein... what does a Fox News Zombie know about truth?

Flanstein... a simple

Flanstein... a simple question for you...

On 9/10/2001, would the American people have allowed the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq?

I'm submitting the clip to

I'm submitting the clip to Google video. Don't know if it'll be accepted, given it is a tv capture.

I guess Flanshill is a "hit

I guess Flanshill is a "hit and run" troll.

Jon. Dont care. Flanstein is

Jon. Dont care. Flanstein is either 1) just a stupid, ignorant egosentered moron, or 2) the counterpart.

I bet its 1.

Re: "Fox News Zombie" Just

Re: "Fox News Zombie"

Just sharing a spontaneous thought. We all know the smear tactics used to discredit us, they're mostly one liners devoid of factual substance, but full of malice and arrogance. Those that fall for them don't seem to be susceptible to factual argumentation at all, so appealing to emotions might be more effective. They are willfully ignorant, and they are cowards too scared to face reality - let's call them on that! Let's make them feel our contempt, confront them with their flaws instead of presenting scientific arguements destined to go unheard. If they can't cope with rational discourse, let them know they're arguing like infants, make them feel like the infants they are, call them on their faults, with all the authority we undoubtedly have.

Maybe this'll work. And maybe not. I don't know, like I said, just a thought...

Fucker Carlson supposedly

Fucker Carlson supposedly bashed Sheen last night... the transcript isn't up yet. I'll post it when it is. Supposedly he said something to the affect, "This proves that the left hates America."

I finally went and found out

I finally went and found out the origin of the 'tinfoil hat' phrase, pretty humorous

The Boston Herald ripped

The Boston Herald ripped into Sheen too; 'The estranged husband of Denise Richards, who is better known for his affinity for prostitutes and gambling than his Homeland Security credentials, ...'


If Homeland Security / National Security credentials are such a great thing, why did 9/11 happen in the first place?

Will Charlie Sheen speak

Will Charlie Sheen speak about 9/11 and The Zionist connection?

1. Larry Silverstein – Former chairman of UJA & Jewish Philanthropies of New York. He is a very wealthy businessman who actually built WTC 7 in 1987. He owns a lot of very expensive real-estate in NY. He had a six-weeks-old terrorism insurance and would get 3.55 billion dollars in case the WTC would be destroyed in an attack. After the attacks he wanted 7.1 billion dollars because he saw both of the planes as a separate attack. This claim has been rejected in 2004, but he's not giving up just yet.

2. Frank Lowy – Second richest man of Australia (Westfield Mall). Former Israeli commando. Very good friend of Rupert Murdoch. Donates heavily to Israeli charity organisations and international political lobby groups. One of the closests aides of Tony Blair, prime minister of Britain is the pro-Israel Lord Michael Levy who has gotten generous donations of Lowy. Frank Lowey bought the underground WTC mall together with Larry Silverstein.

3. Henry Kissinger – Famous and very controversial US diplomat. Pro-Israel, donates millions to the earlier mentioned jewish charities and is very close to the banking dynasties as Rockefeller & Rothschild. He was the first choice to head the 9/11 investigations but had to resign because of heavy resistance of the people against this decision. In 2004 the issue had been raised that Kissinger Associates was a primary benefactor of a hightened insurance payout on the World Trade Center, that had gone into effect in June/July of that same year.

4. Rupert Murdoch - Ows 175 newspapers and channels in the US, UK & AU. All his news media tends to be anti-european [except the UK], pro-Israel and pro-War on Terror. He has produced the famous Lone Gunman pilot and a very interesting fact is that the bankers have ‘forgiven’ his huge unpayable debts that were threatening his survival in the early nineties. He is good friends with Ariel Sharon and openly supports the right wing Likud Party.

5. Lewis M. Eisenberg – Arranged the deal between the Port Authority and Silverstein/Lowy to hand over the complex to these men. Eisenberg had a leadership position in the UJA, just as Larry Silverstein and has been vice-president of American Israel Public Affairs Committee, an Israeli lobby organisation. In the late eighties he was the center of a sex scandal when working for Goldman Sachs.

6. David Rockefeller – Played an advisory rol for the Port Authority. Member of a banking dynasty that controls the US money supplies through the Federal Reserve and other banks, which is headed by another right wing Jew, Alan Greenspan. David Rockefeller was the visionary of the two original towers.

7. Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli prime minister and close to the people mentioned above was quite happy with the attack. In an interview directly after 9/11 he had this to say about the attack:
” It's very good…Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy for Israel.”


Has Flanstein ever heard of

Has Flanstein ever heard of Operation Northwoods?



"The plans had the written approval of all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff"

Guys, forget Flanstein. Look

Guys, forget Flanstein. Look at his website. He can only think in a one dimensional way. Arabs - bad, Jews - good. If he's not already institutionalized, it's hard to believe he can operate or critically think in this modern world.

My gut tells me he works as a fruit packager in a factory. Example. Bad fruit - out, Good fruit - in.

Feel sorry for him really. The reason he's here is cause now his website is meaningless and you guys a screwing up his world view.

WTC7 is the holy grail.

WTC7 is the holy grail.

Boston Herald used some snide qualifiers when referring to said favorite sit-com star, but there was enough information to plant seeds in those balanced on the edge of 911 reality.

Are there lots of Canadians

Are there lots of Canadians on line here? If so how are we trying to spread truth there? is it getting through? No one seems to be talking about it at all and the stoplying.ca seems great, but perhaps it should have a blog site too.

Oh yeah, Flanstein. I know

Oh yeah, Flanstein.

I know another one dimensional thinker who reminds me of you but I don't think he would agree with your assessment of Arabs. The glorious and incompetent King Bush. But he loves Arabs....holds hands with them and everything. Lol.

You gotta thank Carlson

You gotta thank Carlson really. Even negative attention is good attention and probably got a second flurry of activity at 9/11 websites.

"Will Charlie Sheen speak

"Will Charlie Sheen speak about 9/11 and The Zionist connection?"

Is that what's it's rally all about with you folks - Jew hatred?

p.s. You do know that Charlie Sheen is B list actor - don't you?

Party's over. Fox News

Party's over. Fox News mentioned Charlie Sheen on Fox & Friends this morning. They didn't mention the CNN interview, or any of the topics brought up in the interview. Instead they picked out what he said about how Sheen thought a plane couldn't make those maneuvers at 500+ mph and hit the pentagon. Then they blabbered about how they had friends that worked near the pentagon and it was unbelievable to think that a plane didn't hit the pentagon and the WTC. Their comments took one small piece, pulled it out of context, brought in the emotional friend-was-a-victim sentiment, and acted like they discredited it just based on that. Nevermind anything else he said that was legitimate.

I think this first CNN exposure will gain many more researchers, just people that decided to google after hearing the story, or visited 911truth.org. But we'll have to wait for the next big celebrity or congressperson or court case for things to really speed up.

Zionism is a political

Zionism is a political movement and ideology.


Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people


Don't confuse the two terms.

Cleveland Rocks!

Charlie Sheen article

I woke up laughing this

I woke up laughing this morning. I haven't been this happy since I don't know when. There's still alot of work ahead of us, and who knows what the repercussions will be, but I'll take the truth over a lie any day. OK, OK, OK on Leno, I was just throwing it out there. Anyone who interviews celebrities should be bombarded with requests to book Sheen. I wonder what they are talking about on the set of Two and a Half Men this morning. I wonder if Oliver Stone is recutting his movie. I hope Sheen is ready for this. He's the new-media-darling of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Tarpley and Berger rock too!

Oh yeah RE: Fox & Friends, I

Oh yeah RE: Fox & Friends, I forgot to mention that they said (paraphrasing) "if you don't think the planes hit the buildings, come up with an explanation with what happened." He did mention controlled demolition in the Jones interview they were reporting on. They just failed to mention any of that. The media coverup was so obvious.

The Raw Story has picked it

The Raw Story has picked it up, semi-prominently



Raw Story on Charlie Sheen,

How did the Spitzer thing go

How did the Spitzer thing go yesterday?

haha! Look at flanstein´s

haha! Look at flanstein´s homepage. haha!!!

Flanstein. You truely are an idiot.

Instead of taking cheap

Instead of taking cheap shots at Sheen, why donÂ’t you refute why heÂ’s wrong about 9/11? Why do you believe boldfaced liars Bush & Chaney?

Did they find the WMD in Iraq yet? 2,300 U.S. soldiers are dead & 15,000 maimed over total bullshit, just like 9/11!!!

How wonderful to see the

How wonderful to see the 911blogger ad next to the Sheen article on rawstory. Nice timing!

This is a good development.

This is a good development. Why'd they wait so long? Some elements of the MSM seem turning against Bush now. A couple things recently stood out. One was the video of W. being warned by Brown about Katrina. Some PowerMeister is letting damaging stuff through the MSM filter.

anonymous, yeah, the timing


yeah, the timing is great.. hopefully ppl will watch it.

"How did the Spitzer thing

"How did the Spitzer thing go yesterday?"

Randy... I just sent Janice an email asking for Les to do a little "write-up". I'd like to know what happened as well.

How about adding your

How about adding your comments to Sheen blog on HuffPo:

911Truth.org is working on a

911Truth.org is working on a Spitzer write up now... FYI.

Hey all, hope you

Hey all, hope you celebrated with a beer last night, and not any of that cheap crap either. You need good Canadian Suds for a celebration like that!!!

It was awesome, it really

It was awesome, it really was. But the next weeks is very important! Theres a chance more people will buy in, and theres a chance the media uses it to their advantage. I have absolutely no idea.

Let's not forget to continue

Let's not forget to continue following through on the remarkable New York Magazine article:

>>"Then they blabbered about

>>"Then they blabbered about how they had friends that worked near the pentagon and it was unbelievable to think that a plane didn't hit the pentagon and the WTC. Their comments took one small piece, pulled it out of context, brought in the emotional friend-was-a-victim sentiment, and acted like they discredited it just based on that. Nevermind anything else he said that was legitimate."

Can anyone verify that this took place? Did anyone record it? It's exactly what I predicted would happen.

No one should ever claim they 'know' what happened at the Pentagon, or that they 'know' that AA77 didn't hit there. None of us know. We literally don't know what happened there and by going around saying we don't think the real planes hit, we only set ourselves up for discrediting, which hurts ALL the other important questions that can't be easily wiped away with a 30 second appearance of someone who saw the plane.

People can research whatever they want, but by making slick films and promoting the least credible questions the hardest, we ruin the credibility of the strong questions.

Fucker Carlson Is A Nazi

New York Post: "SHEEN: WHAT

New York Post:


Wicked write up Dz, I just

Wicked write up Dz, I just noticed this is up on prisonplanet!!!


Bill Zwecker CBS in Chicago

Sheen was on the CNN

Sheen was on the CNN homepage about an hour ago.


Such a mega breakthrough!! I

Such a mega breakthrough!! I already had a lot of hope that the truth would smash the lies eventually, but this just takes it a big leap forward, Charlie SheenÂ’s the man, and heÂ’s paved the way for Webster Tarpley to get on air, and pushed Alex Jones more into the limelight, and now prison planet has linked to 911bogger on the damn FRONT PAGE LOL, so this is just fantastic news around!!

As an attorney, who must

As an attorney, who must maintain decorum as an "officer of the court", I would just say

THAT'S WHAT I'M &@#$&@#&+ TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Canadian Suds -- an

Good Canadian Suds -- an oxymoron? Actually, Molson Canadian is a nice brew off the tap

Just sent this to CBS

Just sent this to CBS Chicago:

Another CBS2 affiliate in Utah recently ran a story about a BYU Physics professor who has just submitted a paper for peer review that states that the World Trade Center buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. You can read and view the story at http://kutv.com/topstories/local_story_314234334.html. Three buildings collapsed that day but only two were struck by aircraft. The 911 commission promised to release its findings on WTC7 but to date has not. From a PBS Documentary, America Rebuilds - WTC owner Larry Silverstein said: "I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.' And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse." You can watch it here: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/cutter.html

I believe as Mr. Sheen does, that we need a new investigation.

Feel free to revise and use.

Lol Jon, Fucker can go take

Lol Jon, Fucker can go take his bowtie and blow it till it starts spinning! We donÂ’t need ignorant jokers like that anyway, when the truth fully breaks heÂ’s going to feel like he was a good little German. And unlike Bill O-liely calling for not even valid apologies over the WMD lies, all the people in the media who were tricked by 911 are going to feel so ashamed no ones going need to arrogantly call for O-liely style apologies from them, cus theyÂ’ll do it all by their own accord, Fucker Carlson included!

LOL GeorgeWashington I hear

LOL GeorgeWashington I hear ya man!!


Maureen Dowd has an article

Maureen Dowd has an article about Moussouai "Called Fly into a building...?" Check it out.


I was inspired.

I was inspired.



If George W. Bush, an assault weapons ban supporting, amnesty loving, abortion supporting, biggest spender on federal government ever, faux cowboy from Kennebunkport Maine is a conservative then I guess we're all Hollywood liberals.



Where is that "Access

Where is that "Access Hollywood" link? I never got it working, and now its disappeared.

9/11 truth, it's in the

9/11 truth, it's in the stars!

CNN is now linking to

CNN is now linking to Sheen's piece on its main home page.


(Look in the watch video box near the left-top of CNN homepage & click to watch it.)

The Maureen Dowd article

The Maureen Dowd article 2cents above referred to is at


Today's a proud day, and we

Today's a proud day, and we all need to step up our efforts. Focus in on intelligent and/or popular friends, mention your interest in the issue in passing, and don't let those that are aware of the situation go back to daily life while forgetting what's going on. I talked with half a dozen uninitiated friends about it yesterday, I had good friends over to watch the CNN coverage last night, and after having a really good talk with Morgan Reynolds this morning, I've honestly never felt this hopeful for the movement before. It's a golden moment and we need to sieze it.

Someone brought up a good

Someone brought up a good point regarding Moussaoui. The Government's argument for the death penalty is that if he had warned the FBI, they could have prevented 9/11.

Wasn't Rudy Guiliani aware that a second plane was headed towards New York City? Didn't Major Don Arius have to call his brother on a landline to tell him to get the "hell out of the building?"

Rudy could have saved lives, and chose not to.

Moussaoui could have saved lived, and chose not to.

Shouldn't Rudy get the death penalty as well?

Here's the scholars' take on

911truth's Spitzer article

911truth's Spitzer article is up, at


I'd sure like to be included

I'd sure like to be included on your 911 related sites lists. I've had all the best people on 9/11 on the show and continue to cover it regularly. From Tarpley to Sibel.

"Today's a proud

"Today's a proud day"


"It's a golden moment and we need to sieze it."

The only thing you numbskulls need to seize is your medication. Speaking of which, I have a picture of a prominent member of the 9/11 "truth" committee on my blog....


Flanstein - can't be

Flanstein - can't be bothered to even look. You're boring and your blog is boring.




Who's posting on Flanshill's

Who's posting on Flanshill's site? Don't give him the hits.

Hey Meria... thanks for what

Hey Meria... thanks for what you do.

Hey George Washington, the

Hey George Washington, the Access Hollywood clip can be seen here:


Also, regarding the 911blogger stats, notice how the thing started nosediving after I started helping out!!

Re: Are there lots of

Are there lots of Canadians on line here?
Actually its amazing. I spoke to a friend half way across the country and he was aware and researching the 911 Truth Movement. He also mentioned local video stores were renting copies of 911 Truth videos. They were renting like hotcakes. It appears that we have one candidate in the race for the our federal Liberal Party leadership who is running on a 911 Truth platform - his name is Ashley MacIssac. But its hard to tell through the msm clutter we get up here as well. I am also trying to dialogue with students in France.

The best part about

The best part about Flanshill is that he is the perfect representation of our enemy. Everyone take a look at the enemy.

They are NOTHING.

They give us more visitors

They give us more visitors to boot.

"Also, regarding the

"Also, regarding the 911blogger stats, notice how the thing started nosediving after I started helping out!!"

I've had a million visitors since you left you bastard.

flanstein...that guy on your

flanstein...that guy on your site might be you

somebigguy, didn't it start

somebigguy, didn't it start accelerating up after you started? Correlation is not necessarily causation, they are always reminding you in econometrics

I'm browsing video on

I'm browsing video on cnn.com. 'Charlie Sheen's 9/11 theory'is currently the most watched regardless of category.

I'm sorry guys. I feel

I'm sorry guys. I feel responsible for somebigguy.


Hey Paladrome, check out the

Hey Paladrome, check out the Canadian Action Party website:


Those pesky Canuckians know what's going on. (or so I've heard, all the Canadians I know, know ALL about it)

Hey SBG... yesterday you

Hey SBG... yesterday you were referring to "it", and I said, "it will be when dubya is hung."

If other people start coming out as a result of what Charlie Sheen did, then you may have been right.

There's a first time for everything.

You know what... we need to

You know what... we need to come up with some good 9/11 Truth jokes. Things that only we would appreciate.
Any ideas?

How many truthers does it

How many truthers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Hey Jon, when I said "IT", I

Hey Jon, when I said "IT", I was sure that if we got mainstream coverage of the Sheen interview, we would hit the front page of every paper...

You know what, I think we will!!!

Sad but true, but the general masses will be more inclined to listen to a celebrity than they will be listening to a scientist. IMO, this is the biggest thing ever to hit the truth movement, but we shall see....

how many truthers does it

how many truthers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Three -- one who electrocutes himself trying to illuminate things at work, and two friends who take him to the hospital and tell the taxi driver what happened.

"How many truthers does it

"How many truthers does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

Fifty. One to screw it in, and 49 to yell that he's a shill for the electricty company!


I see Sheen is on CNN right

I see Sheen is on CNN right now. Is this true?

I see the video on LIVE Steam, which I am not a member.

flanstein, you should put a

flanstein, you should put a link to
markbingham.org on your site

Someone at work asked me a

Someone at work asked me a good question...

"If Rumsfeld was involved, then why was he in the Pentagon when it was hit?"

Yeah, Rumsfield was in the

Yeah, Rumsfield was in the exact opposite side of the building, how big is the Pentagon again????

And I wouldn't go so far as to say Bush even knew what was up that day. When he was sitting in the school room, he looked like he was shitting his pants to me. He must have figured he was gonna be 'JFK'ed big time that day.

Oh well, he has been the head propagandist and cover up artist since.



so the pentagon crash photos look to be altered?


Rumpsmell was no the

Rumpsmell was no the complete opposite side of the pentagon. The side that was hit was the side that was just recenlty re-inforced and still had some construction going on. So there were fewere people in there. If you look at the digram of how the plane swooped in, you see it would have been much eaiser to hit the side the rummy was in. But instead it hit the "least" likely and most difficult target, where causualites were minimized and high value targets were not in any danger.

Nicole Rittenmeyer on

Nicole Rittenmeyer on whether the questions of 9/11 should be opened up, "I think people should read." LMAO.
Someone didn't give her the Debunking Talking Points Memo. Reading is just what they *don't* want people to do.

Rumsfeld was on the other side of the Pentagon - the one that wasn't going to be hit anyway.


SBG R U joking, if anything

SBG R U joking, if anything the stats have been going up since you started, you do a wicked job! Actually I bet it is a joke and I just took it seriously like a dumbass lol.

As far as good ol'Dubya goes, I wouldnÂ’t like to see him hung, I actually feel sorry for the guy, to me he's like the manchurian candidate. The guy's got ear pieces, he's told what to say, I bet he doesnÂ’t have an original thought of his own that ever materialize as policy, he's stage-managed all over the place. He's more like a child then a President in my opinion. I blame his farther Darth Bush for puppetiering Dubya into politics. But as far as hanging goes for the rest of them, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz all of them deserve that fate, they all know exactly what their doing. But then we've got to consider that their just more intelligence versions of dubya, their still all puppets. It's those elite few with all the money and power who've committed the worst crimes against humanity, their the one's who need to be Nuremberged most of all. And as for B-Lair and his crooked cohorts, their all just Bilderberg puppets to, B-Lair the scumbag trying to turn the UK into Blairstrip One out of OrwellÂ’s 1984, with all the Biometric Id cards, and surveillance society terrorism laws. It doesnÂ’t matter what side of the Atlantic your on, their all treasonous sell-outs and they all need to go.

Hey DBLS, yeah I was just

Hey DBLS, yeah I was just kidding. I usually direct my attacks at myself or Jon Gold, that way nobody's feelings get hurt.

"I usually direct my attacks

"I usually direct my attacks at myself or Jon Gold, that way nobody's feelings get hurt."

You're just jealous.

Jon Gold, you

Jon Gold, you said:

Someone at work asked me a good question...

"If Rumsfeld was involved, then why was he in the Pentagon when it was hit?"

That's akin to asking "If Rumsfeld was involved, then why was he on the Earth when it was hit?"

The point is that the Pentagon is a big building. Just because one section of it gets hit doesn't mean that the whole thing is going to collapse. He wasn't in the section that got hit, now was he?


Concerning comments some people here have made that the case for controlled demolition is the 9/11 Truth movement's strongest issue, that is just not so, even though the case for it is conclusive. A lot of the controlled demolition case is based on technical scientific issues and thus doesn't have much psychological impact for the masses. The recordings of the eyewitnesses talking about bombs going off, and other direct evidence of this nature, would be the strongest pieces of evidence of controlled demolition as it concerns psychological impact upon the masses.

It also doesn't have any explanatory power beyond the fact that demolition charges were set in the buildings and thus that the U.S. government had to be directly involved with that. That is, it doesn't offer much explanation as to how modern Western intelligence agencies operate in manufacturing terrorism.

One can make a conclusive case proving the U.S. government staged the 9/11 attacks even without any physicalist inquiry into the plane crashes or collapsed buildings, i.e., via historical inquiry into the public record in conjunction with deductive reasoning. And the case to be made here is far stronger than the controlled demolition case insofar as the psychological impact it can have upon the masses, as it's something they can understand without referring to textbooks in structural engineering and physics. It also offers a lot of explanatory power in demonstrating the incestuous relationship between the supposed "terrorists" and the U.S. government, how the U.S. government was able to stage the 9/11 attacks from beginning to end, why the U.S. government did it, etc.

For example, in regard to such facts as listed below:

- The PNAC document in 2000 calling for "a new Pearl Harbor" as a pretext for Middle-East domination;

- the fact that the October 2001 Afghanistan invasion was planned months beforehand (thus, the U.S. government was certain months before the 9/11 attacks that a pretext would present itself allowing the U.S. government to invade Afghanistan, and lo and behold such a pretext arives right on time);

- the fact that the supposed hijackers weren't Muslim extremists but did cocaine, hired prostitutes, drank alcohol, partied hard, etc.;

- the fact that many of the supposed hijackers were trained on U.S. military bases and had their legal residences on U.S. military bases;

- the fact that the supposed hijackers apparently knew that they had protection from the highest levels of the U.S. government and repeatedly went out of their way to draw attention to themselves as crazed, potential terrorists, as if to build a "legend" back-story;

- the fact that the many FBI agents attempting to invastigate these supposed hijackers were repeatedly and consistently blocked and ordered not to investigate these supposed hijackers, despite forceful protestations from said FBI agents that terrorist attacks were going to happen;

- the fact that U.S. government agents who tried to investigate the supposed hijackers were persecuted yet those in the government who blocked the investigations were promoted and given bonuses;

- the fact that many of these FBI agents went to David Schippers, the former Chief Council for the House Judiciary Committee, informing him (in an attempt to try and get something done) about the planned terrorist attacks and that they were threatened with the National Security Act not to pursue their cases and not to talk about them;

- the fact that David Schippers tried to get high-level functionaries (such as John Ashcroft) in the U.S. government to listen to him but they weren't interested;

- the fact that Osama bin Laden is a protected CIA asset and that before the 9/11 attacks a number of governments offered to arrest Osama and turn him over to the U.S. government but every time the U.S. government wasn't interested, despite the fact that he was supposedly wanted in connection to a number of previous terrorist attacks;

- the fact that the U.S. government worked with, supplied and used Osama's al-Qaeda terrorist network against the Serbian government all the way up into at least 1998, despite the fact that Osama was supposedly wanted in connection to a number of previous terrorist attacks.

And the list of such facts documented by the mainstream major media news articles and in primary documentation (such as the PNAC report) go on and on and on. The above is barely even scratching the surface on such facts as can be found in the mainstream public record. Add to that the fact that the U.S. government has a well-documented history (i.e., modus operandi) of staging such Hegelian dialectical PsyOps attacks as the Pearl Harbor attack, Operation Northwoods (which although didn't go forward due to John F. Kennedy, all the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff approved it for implementation), the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, etc., etc.

For mainstream documentation on the above facts, as well as on more such facts, see the below documentation resources:

The below post by me contains the November 10, 2003 article "September 11--Islamic Jihad or Another Northwoods?" by Tim Howells, Ph.D., which is a very good, short introduction to just some of the more damning mainstream major media articles and U.S. government primary documentation which proves up one side and down the other that the 9/11 attacks and the following anthrax attacks were a Hegelian dialectical PsyOp staged by the U.S. government as a pretext in order to obtain more power and control. I append my own additional endnotes at the conclusion of Dr. Howells' article, in order to add further mainstream documentation.

From: James Redford
Newsgroups: soc.college,alt.education,alt.education.alternative,alt.education.research,misc.education
Subject: The U.S. Government Staged the 9/11 Attacks
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 13:49:56 GMT




The Truth About the 9/11 Attacks:

http://www.geocities.com/vonchloride/ (Note that this website by me hasn't been updated in a long time, so some of the links on it have gone dead. You can use http://www.archive.org to revive some of the dead links.)

For more on government-staged terrorism, see the below post by me:

"Documentation on Government-Staged Terrorism," September 30, 2005:


Thanks for answering my

Thanks for answering my questions paladrome. Where I am is surrounded by a deafening wall of silence. I wish people would just start talking.I feel like I'm in a really bad Twilight Zone episode.

Anyway, I know Im jumping the gun but why aren't Governments interested in the deaths of their citizens. I mean 4 Canadians died that day and others from 80 countries. Aren't governments supposed to ask for the truth? If I were family members in those countries Id be demanding it.

i knew that 911blogger would

i knew that 911blogger would blow up once sbg got onboard...

dz made a good choice... to think that he could have picked gold.. ugh..

It is my belief that all the

It is my belief that all the activities taking place by the terrorist for a number of years up to Sept 11th was FULLY known by our Government. I don't think they had a clue as to the level of destruction and/or death the terrorists' plot would yield. Nevertheless, it is my strong belief that the Government's way of thinking was in terms of a "minimal" casualty situation or collateral damaage (if you will) was worth an entry into war. Why they went on the premis of WMDs is beyond me. Perhaps to stray from a real connection between Iraq & Sept 11th, and that is a mater of our Government having killed two birds with one stone. Anomisty grew between Sadam Hussein and The Bush family, but as we all know it was not always that way.

Bush wanted to win this "personal" battle or get back at Hussien for whatever reason, while at the same time gaining his ticket to a war which we all know = BIG BUGKS FOR THE BIG GUYS.

So much so is the GREED behind this administration, that Osama Bin Ladin took a back seat. We did quite a bit in Afghanistan right after 9/11 taking out training camps, talaban, etc. Perhaps if Bush went in there with the same level of determination as he went into Iraq, Osama would be behind bars or better still, executed by now. Was it greed or is the Bin Laden family & the Bush family such close friends that they would spare the life of their loved one? Who knows...perhaps a both are true.

It's so blatently obvious that so much is put infront of us in the way of media, movies, documentaries--For example, the documentary about the history of the architectual company of the WTC's and its findings on how and why they collapsed. A very well presented, logical case if anyone caught it. Or was this documentary a planted plot to divert our attention to the "implosion" theory? On this subject, I believe the documantary as it explained it perfectly. Yet I've not seen it mentioned anywhere. I can't see the need for an implosion. Those buildings were doomed, regardless.

All and all truths are never disclosed to the American people. Partial truths are, and the rest resides or hides behind the clause of confidentiality based on a potential threat to National Security.

We as Americans must remember that WE run this country. However, that has never been the case with this Administration. It runs the American people like a puppet show.

Maybe the answer is to take back America, improve the quality of our products and buy American ONLY. We seem to be so hated by so many around the world. Yet, they come here to get education, sell us their products, oil, etc., take our money, gain power through this wealth provided, and eventually use that power against us.

Wouldn't it be interesting if we could boycott ALL foreign-made products work for ourselves; depend on ourselves for everything? Shut ourselves out from the rest of the world economically speaking? Hmmm what a concept?

We focus and give more to other countries than we ever have for our own people! True, it is the greatest country in the world. But a country is only as great as the leader behind it.

It'll be interesting who will step up to bat in the next presidency and where we end up with this GLOBAL situation relative to terrorism that for now has NO END IN SIGHT.


POST SCRIPT... Bush's ticket


Bush's ticket to war was allowing the terrorists' plot to take place. Who to go to war with, was key--it had to a war that could last ($$$), while at the same time take out a "true" (personal to only Bush) enemy.

Attacking Afghanistan was obviously a "quickie" war that really didn't or wouldn't yeild good returns (over too quickly). Not to mention the "friendship."

Hmmm....things that make you go hmmmm.


POST SCRIPT, POST SCRIPT (last one, I promise)...

What better government "staged" terrorism, than ALLOWING a KNOWN terrorist plot to be executed and by actual terrorist organization(s)? Key word here is "ALLOWING"

No strings, no connections (to speak of), and objective accomplished!

When you consider the source

When you consider the source (Sheen) the conspiracy theory is just on too many Vicodin's talking. Gimme a break.

"i knew that 911blogger

"i knew that 911blogger would blow up once sbg got onboard...

dz made a good choice... to think that he could have picked gold.. ugh.."

Anything else you'd like to say about me?

Go ahead... have fun. Let's see what you got.

this same show is talking

this same show is talking about 911 again and going to have alex jones on...

oh comeon gold, you know im

oh comeon gold, you know im playing with you... youre my boy gold...

Is the truth finally coming

Is the truth finally coming out?



Will Americans be duped again?

http://www.iamthewitness.com/DarylBradfordSmith_23Mar2006.html (audio)


Investigate the Truthseekers



The Capitalist Conspiracy


( http://www.realityzone.com - http://www.freedomforceinternational.org )

Ex-Zionist Benjamin Freedman Speaks Out


Myron Fagan - The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations


Hidden Agenda


From the Vatican


Leo Strauss and Neoconservatism

Saving America: Leo Strauss and the Neoconservatives: http://evatt.org.au/publications/papers/112.html

Radio interviews

- Shadia Drury, The Sunday Edition (April 10, 2005): http://globalpublicmedia.com/interviews/377

- Shadia Drury, Progressive Radio (November 7, 2005): http://progressive.org/radio_drury05

http://weekendinterviewshow.com -- http://philipdru.com






The Power of Nightmares



The Century of the Self





Is an economic collapse, riots, concentration camps and a world government (UN) on the way?



Download: http://www.lonelantern.org/downloads/FEMA_Camp.footage.wmv

Ok guys I have a great idea.

Ok guys I have a great idea. Who can we get to further the cause of the theory that the government was responsible for the 9/11 attacks in order to give them an excuse to attack Muslim nations. Why don't we get an untalented actor who is the son of another far left liberal actor, and who cheated on his wife and likes to bang hookers. He would have great credibiltiy

Charlie - to kooky

Charlie - to kooky conspiracy lovers, any celebrity who embraces their ideals has "credibility"...

Ok FIRST Flanstein = NSA

Ok FIRST Flanstein = NSA program (the ass is not even a real person) Sorry to burst your bubble guys (it's more fun with two) so enough on the nsa bot ok.
Second try not to break your arms patting your backs just yet folks. There is still this issue of your government running ruffshod over EVERYTHING. This will be stopped by YOU the Americans at a pace that you can endure. Or you can let some other FORCE fix your problems for you. The pace of this fix will not be slow. Better take heart America the WORLD is most surely watchin this show. You had better get this right so help you GOD.
and in response to inquiries yes Canada is and will continue to speak on this issue. At least this Canadaian will.

"yes Canada is and will

"yes Canada is and will continue to speak on this issue. At least this Canadaian will."

Speak for yourself you paranoid and illiterate twit.

look at the things used

look at the things used and
def. look at was not used of this INFOWARS piece "infowars" being the important bit to See when you look at Alex Jones and really anything to do with the guy. There is allways some Ultra-revelant and well known bit of the puzzle left un-seen and relagated to the Jones recyle bin. Dont try to see more than is there folks this sheen thing is SURLY some sort of trick. Rove and his grubby little hands are all over this. Any one rember the fall of M.I. boy Tom Cruse? well i bet Sheen is getting set up for one such fall from grace after he has been on topic for some period of time. Then Whack some SMEAR will com and put the public back on the un-certain footing it is so use to now further steeled against other such CLAIMS from other CREDABLE persons. please have a gander and give this some thought.



VIDEO DOWNLOAD: Alex Jones Remixed Music Videos by Pirate News TV and Revere Radio Network - 1 hour

VIDEO DOWNLOAD: Bush Jr's 9/11 alibi in the Dead Zone of the West Wing - Charlie Sheen has at least one thing in common with George Bush: His father played the president on TV for a very long time

CNN Poll: 78% of Americans agree with Charlie Sheen - Agree: 4599 votes - disagree: 1263 votes

"The U.S. government has consistently blamed me for being behind every occasion its enemies attack it. I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks, which seems to have been planned by people for personal reasons. I have been living in the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan and following its leaders' rules. The current leader does not allow me to exercise such operations."
—USAma bin Laden, CNN News, "Bin Laden says he wasn't behind attacks," September 17, 2001


ABC News: Friendly Fire

Karl Rove and those guys think they control reality. The only thing they control is Jeff Gannon's underpants."
-Alex Jones

And Charlie Sheen controlled Denise Richard's underpants. DAMN!


an for those that missed the

an for those that missed the little bit previous i will light her up a bit.

Usama is a joke on you

The NEO-CON is full of games "wordplay" is just one such game

lets look at the Usama game K.

USA is the first bit you all got tha eh.

so THAT is the usa bit now for the NEO-CON BIT the last two stand for Military Asset.

U nited S tates A merica M ilitary A sset.

just for those that missed this bit of
in your face dare.

They Did after a while

They Did after a while change it to Osama tho.

i suppose if charlie had

i suppose if charlie had been around during the orson wells live performance of war of the worlds, he would have been looking to shoot martians. sheen and people like him are the reason walmart is americas biggest employer.

Masher1 links to one of the

Masher1 links to one of the biggest Jew-hating sites on the Internet and some VERY amusing conspiracies.

I especially loved the one that went:

"More evidence that the Columbine massacre was a Zionist attack"

The Forest Gump of conspiracy dorks..


Heh ICU 2 Mr FLANstein

Heh ICU 2 Mr FLANstein

Sure is funny WHO's names

Sure is funny WHO's names are related to dissing Daryl. Criminals BEWARE JEWS FIGHT ZION TOO.

And some Truth to set my

And some Truth to set my point.

need some help on a place to start


Nicole Whitmeyer?, National

Nicole Whitmeyer?, National Geographic

Spokesperson for Murdock
like so many others!!

Try seeking the Popular

Try seeking the Popular mecanxic bit on 9/11 THEY have the same look to them NOW.

Sheen is a lame attempt by

Sheen is a lame attempt by this NEO-CON goo to throw up some early DAMAGE CONTROL by slowly leaking the mainstream up to Alex Jones Lame level of awarness. While this BUNCH of criminals can patch the damage done in recen weeks by the level of INTREST in USA land on this particular CRIME from the internet. Go BLOGGERS go yer in the WAR NOW.

Americant's. The ignorant

Americant's. The ignorant fools that belch forth their establishment garbage. The same ilk of those who still wished to support king George of England and not to stand up and fight for independence. All I can say is "fuck you". We will meet in the streets one day you cock suckers. And when we do....you better hope Jesus is there to protect your worthless asses. Fuck the New World Order, I'm coming for all you sons a bitches! Not a NAZI! OOTO