Hannity & Colmes Cover Sheen's 9/11 Comments - Video Download

Rather than waste any large amount of time ranting about Hannity, I'll just refer you to my lengthy rant earlier today on 9/11 media coverage.

If you have some comments in response to this clip please post them in the comments, and maybe we will pick a few later tonight to add to this post.

Thanks a bunch to Jon Gold for hooking us up with the video and adding the nice quick response to the beginning of the clip, if anyone has a better version let us know.

What a half-hearted attempt

What a half-hearted attempt by Fox to discredit Sheen.. they're loosing this one and they know it.

Sorry for the quality.

Sorry for the quality.

QUESTION. you suggest Bush

you suggest Bush is so devious he planned an attack on the WTC......yet.......this guy didnt even plant WMD in Iraq to cover his butt? see?you would think that would be CIA-101.

the whole idea behind this WTC attack would have been so he could have a reason to invade Iraq or wherever. but Bush didnt even do the minimum to cover his butt.

that proves if anything he is simply an honest dufus.not a mastermind now I am supposed to believe Bush blew up the WTC? nah.he didnt even plant WMD on Iraq

not buying it.

Glenn, Noone who hasn't read


Noone who hasn't read up on 9/11 will 'buy it' either, I know I didnt. None of us think Bush himself is a 'mastermind' (well, maybe some do), but he knows the truth, and he is covering it up.

All I ask is that you read a few books on the subject. Read 'The 9/11 Commission Report - Ommissions and Distortions' by David Ray Griffin, and look over the timelines at cooperativeresearch.org.. You will learn a lot, and you may change your mind once you do.

"this guy didnt even plant

"this guy didnt even plant WMD in Iraq to cover his butt? see?you would think that would be CIA-101."

They don't have to plant WMD... it's much easier to plant stories like this...




Going to bed. Nite.

Going to bed. Nite.

Glenn, one reason for the

Glenn, one reason for the globalists not planting actual so-called "WMD" in Iraq is to further induce cognitive dissonance in the masses, thus pushing those who go along with the political system even deeper into denial, since the alternative would be having to come to terms with the fact that they were lied to about the claimed reasons for the Iraq invasion. Having thus pushed such people even deeper into denial, the globalist elite can use that psychological denial amongst the masses to get away with even more extreme and blatant criminality.

One can make a conclusive case proving the U.S. government staged the 9/11 attacks even without any physicalist inquiry into the plane crashes or collapsed buildings (even though the case for that is conclusive), i.e., via historical inquiry into the public record in conjunction with deductive reasoning. For example, in regard to such facts as listed below:

- The PNAC document in 2000 calling for "a new Pearl Harbor" as a pretext for Middle-East domination;

- the fact that the October 2001 Afghanistan invasion was planned months beforehand (thus, the U.S. government was certain months before the 9/11 attacks that a pretext would present itself allowing the U.S. government to invade Afghanistan, and lo and behold such a pretext arives right on time);

- the fact that the supposed hijackers weren't Muslim extremists but did cocaine, hired prostitutes, drank alcohol, partied hard, etc.;

- the fact that many of the supposed hijackers were trained on U.S. military bases and had their legal residences on U.S. military bases;

- the fact that the supposed hijackers apparently knew that they had protection from the highest levels of the U.S. government and repeatedly went out of their way to draw attention to themselves as crazed, potential terrorists, as if to build a "legend" back-story;

- the fact that the many FBI agents attempting to invastigate these supposed hijackers were repeatedly and consistently blocked and ordered not to investigate these supposed hijackers, despite forceful protestations from said FBI agents that terrorist attacks were going to happen;

- the fact that U.S. government agents who tried to investigate the supposed hijackers were persecuted yet those in the government who blocked the investigations were promoted and given bonuses;

- the fact that many of these FBI agents went to David Schippers, the former Chief Council for the House Judiciary Committee, informing him (in an attempt to try and get something done) about the planned terrorist attacks and that they were threatened with the National Security Act not to pursue their cases and not to talk about them;

- the fact that David Schippers tried to get high-level functionaries (such as John Ashcroft) in the U.S. government to listen to him but they weren't interested;

- the fact that Osama bin Laden is a protected CIA asset and that before the 9/11 attacks a number of governments offered to arrest Osama and turn him over to the U.S. government but every time the U.S. government wasn't interested, despite the fact that he was supposedly wanted in connection to a number of previous terrorist attacks;

- the fact that the U.S. government worked with, supplied and used Osama's al-Qaeda terrorist network against the Serbian government all the way up into at least 1998, despite the fact that Osama was supposedly wanted in connection to a number of previous terrorist attacks.

And the list of such facts documented by the mainstream major media news articles and in primary documentation (such as the PNAC report) go on and on and on. The above is barely even scratching the surface on such facts as can be found in the mainstream public record. Add to that the fact that the U.S. government has a well-documented history (i.e., modus operandi) of staging such Hegelian dialectical PsyOps attacks as the Pearl Harbor attack, Operation Northwoods (which although didn't go forward due to John F. Kennedy, all the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff approved it for implementation), the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, etc., etc.

For mainstream documentation on the above facts, as well as on more such facts, see the below documentation resources:

The below post by me contains the November 10, 2003 article "September 11--Islamic Jihad or Another Northwoods?" by Tim Howells, Ph.D., which is a very good, short introduction to just some of the more damning mainstream major media articles and U.S. government primary documentation which proves up one side and down the other that the 9/11 attacks and the following anthrax attacks were a Hegelian dialectical PsyOp staged by the U.S. government as a pretext in order to obtain more power and control. I append my own additional endnotes at the conclusion of Dr. Howells' article, in order to add further mainstream documentation.

From: James Redford
Newsgroups: soc.college,alt.education,alt.education.alternative,alt.education.research,misc.education
Subject: The U.S. Government Staged the 9/11 Attacks
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 13:49:56 GMT




The Truth About the 9/11 Attacks:

http://www.geocities.com/vonchloride/ (Note that this website by me hasn't been updated in a long time, so some of the links on it have gone dead. You can use http://www.archive.org to revive some of the dead links.)

For more on government-staged terrorism, see the below post by me:

"Documentation on Government-Staged Terrorism," September 30, 2005:


some of those work against

some of those work against you. maybe I am missing something , but if you are going to paint these hi-jackers as frat fun boys out for a good time then that DEFINTLY doesnt fit the MO of someone who would go willingly to their death for a lie.

also I dont read too much into the plan to invade afganistan was already in place. I have long heard that our military planners have ready made plans to invade just about everywhere even canada. thats what military stategy types do.they plan. besides, how tough would it be to draft a plan to invade that garbage dump?

as I have said, its all about credibility. you are suggesting Bush got phase 1 correct knock down the towers yet flubbed phase 2 accuse Iraq of havign WMD tothreaten the US yet bush didnt even plant any on Iraq.

you HAVE to see the descrapency!
nobody in the realm of that level of planning would purposely come up with a devious secret plant to destroy the WTC and then not plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. they WANT to have credbility wouldnt you think?

why do all this and shoot themselves in the foot? everyone now doesnt believe bush when he says anything now. whereas if he planted the WMD he would have people on his side to this day.

and at the end of the day, bush is SUPER rich already. there is no motivation. all it takes is one screwup in the chain of all those who worked to knock down the towers. you cant even spread a rumour about a co-worker without it getting back to them yet he recruited fellow americans to kill fellow americans?

not buying it.

Glenn needs to watch

Glenn needs to watch 911REVISITED at 911revisited.com

Glenn, You are disavowing


You are disavowing countless amounts of information based on your WMD example, a question which obviously we can't answer. But that doesn't change the facts surrounding 9/11. I urge you to read a few books on the subject, perhaps watch the '9/11 Revisited' video linked at the top, or some of the other videos on this site and others, and at least pay attention to 9/11 related news. I garauntee you that myself and hundreds of others haven't devoted years of their life fighting for a cause that they don't believe in, and that they believe in the cause because of their research.

p.s. this issue isn't all about bush, he just happens to be the president.

Best wishes.

Bush may not have known

Bush may not have known exactly what was going to happen. He doesn't seem like a "must know" type of person.

If you think about it, Bush is the classic patsy. He's emotionally disturbed and can be led around and put at the right place at the right time.

He thinks Jesus is talking to him. Maybe its a guy in black suit with shades.

"maybe I am missing

"maybe I am missing something , but if you are going to paint these hi-jackers as frat fun boys out for a good time then that DEFINTLY doesnt fit the MO of someone who would go willingly to their death for a lie."

People being utilized to carry out a false flag or PsyOp don't necessarily know the entire truth or ultimate goal of the operation. They just carry out the part they're told to. In fact, the fewer people who know the whole story, the safer it is for the masterminds. Patsies/fall guys (like the 19 flunkies) probably were duped into whatever parts they played on any number of levels.

Re: WMDs--Good question. All I can think of is what Jon said above. We had already goosestepped through Afganistan and Iraq before Bushie & Co. finally rolled over on the WMD. But then they just renamed the mission "Iraqi Freedom." Since no WMD were found, they said we were really there to sack Sadam & spread freedom & democracy.

And yet again people bash

And yet again people bash the person instead of what he's saying. I give props to Sheen for coming out! If you do the research you'll be shocked to find out YOUR government executed a Modern day Operation Northwoods.

Hannity is a paid off puppet. Any REAL journalist will investigate the facts. And the Facts cannot be denied!

My only fear is that they don't set off a nuke or something to take the attention away from the 911 Truth movement.

And like dz said above, most

And like dz said above, most people really can't grasp 9/11 being an inside job without doing tons of research. Very few people can see through such complex deception without intense studying.

Studies by physicists and

Studies by physicists and mechanical engineers, pilots and aeronautical engineers, which substantiate the remarks of Charlie Sheen and of Alex Jones, along with audio and video footage and other research resources, may be found at the web site for Scholars for 9/11 Truth, which is a non-partisan society of experts and scholars dedicated to exposing falsehoods and revealing truths about the events of 9/11. If you have courage, the truth may be chilling but it also provides our best and possibly only remaining opportunity to restore integrity and honor to this once-great nation.

The men identified as

The men identified as hijackers did not know that they (at least the ones that aren't still alive) would be used in this way.

The evidence suggests that they were brought to America by some security focused entity to learn how to fly aircraft so that they could pilot the heroin out of Afghanistan.

Check out Dennis Hopsicker's work. At the same flight school that Atta learned to fly badly, a lear jet belonging to a known organized crime boss was confiscated by the DEA because it was carrying 43 pounds of herion.

The same air service was used to ferry Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris around the state during the 2000 presidential elections

He's still trying to get the back.

If you look at Venice Beach, FL on a google map you'll see its a perfect place to fly into undetected from South America.

You may remember Mr. Hopsicker from his work that led to an HBO movie about Barry Seals who flew cocaine into Mena Arkansas for the outfit.

This isn't that hard to get your hands around. Its about money, power and control. Tale as old as time, beauty and the beast.

Wow, is that our Prof. Jim

Wow, is that our Prof. Jim H. Fetzer?????

I think we are winning! even

I think we are winning! even on fox we have someone questioning the govt. i wonder tho...why are their still people who are willing to die for murders? can anybody answer that?

Why are some partisan people so entrenched in being a republican (and democrat for that matter) that they are willing to give up their freedoms, their sense of intergrity, their pride, and some cases their life for ideologies?

glenn - they were caught

glenn -
they were caught red-handed by brewster-jennings trying to plant a shipment of nerve gas to be used as evidence that saddam had wmd, so you can't really say that they didn't try to do just that

Scholars For 911 Truth -

Scholars For 911 Truth - st911.org

Hey, that was Prof.

Hey, that was Prof. Fetzer!!! Keep up your amazing work, Sir!!!

James, great recall on the

James, great recall on the attempted nerve gas scam!

here's some sad news: a

here's some sad news:
a member of the scholars for 911 truth was mugged and shot in the head.

Glenn, there were no suicide

Glenn, there were no suicide hijackers: the planes were remote-controlled. Many of the supposed hijackers were U.S. military; indeed, many of them had their legal residences on U.S. military bases. A number of them probably thought they were involved in so-called "anti-terrorism" operations. Going by the mainstream major media news reports, about half of the supposed hijackers were alive after the 9/11 attacks (which of course means that of those who lived, they didn't commit suicide attacks).

If any of them actually were used aboard planes on September 11, 2001, then they probably thought their function was as part of an "anti-terrorism" drill, i.e., playing the role of Arab terrorists in order to test security. Based upon their actions prior to the 9/11 attacks, many of these supposed hijackers were going out of their way to act like crazed, potential terrorists; they clearly knew that they had protection and didn't need to fear arrest.

The U.S. government had already been telling other governments (well prior to 9/11) that it was planning to invade Afghanistan in October 2001. That is, it wasn't some mere table-top excercise or contingency plan--the U.S. government actually had an invasion of Afghanistan set for October 2001 well before the 9/11 attack occured.

For documentation on all of the above, see the documentation resource links I provided in my previous post in this thread.

And as I already explained to you, Glenn, the globalists didn't "flub" on not planting actual so-called WMD in Iraq. That was done intetionally for purposes of psychological warfare upon the U.S. public. Again, see my above post for that.

Nor does this have much to do with Bush, as he's just a puppet of the globalists. This has to do with the globalist elite and their self-termed New World Order consisting of a one-world totalitarian government and one-world religion with an enforced population reduction of most of the world's population.

You mentioned people not being able to keep secrets. The Bush patriarchs are dark occultists (i.e., Satanists) in the dark occult organizations Bohemian Grove and the Brotherhood of Death (a.k.a. the Order of Skull & Bones). Extreme sexual deviancy (such as child sex-slavery and child snuff-films) is used as blackmail by the Western intelligence agencies and their occult secret societies in order to keep their key people in line. Those directly involved in intentionally carrying out the U.S. government-staged 9/11 attacks would be thoroughly compromised in such a way that they wouldn't dare go public with their knowledge; not to mention the fact that such people would be admitting to complicity in mass-murder.

An example of this form of blackmail is former President George Bush, Sr.'s sexual fondness for young boys:

"Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush: 'Call boys' took midnight tour of White House," Paul M. Rodriguez and George Archibald, Washington Times, June 29, 1989:




The below documentary, "Conspiracy of Silence," was produced by Yorkshire Television (U.K.) under contract by the Discovery Channel. The documentary was scheduled to air nation-wide in the U.S. on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994. It was listed in the April 30th-May 6th edition of TV Guide and in newspapers for that day.

This documentary exposed a network of business leaders, Washington politicians and other high officials involved in a child sex-slave ring that flew children to Washington, D.C. and elsewhere in the U.S. for sex orgies. This documentary film turned out to be very presciently named, because close to the time before airing, various congressmen threatened the cable TV industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired. Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased for some half-million dollars by unnamed persons who ordered all copies destroyed. A copy of the rough-edited version of the film was furnished anonymously to attorney and former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp, among others.

Former CIA Director William E. Colby is also interviewed on the documentary "Conspiracy of Silence," wherein William E. Colby backs up the legitimacy of these charges and also talks about the real risks of assassination that John DeCamp faces for taking up this case (other investigators into the Franklin, Nebraska child sex-slave scandal were assassinated).

Below is an RM file (33.3 MB) of "Conspiracy of Silence":


You can download this same video in the below higher resolution format. Windows media (39.6 MB):


"Conspiracy of Silence" doesn't attempt to go into the Satanic and human-sacrifice angle of the Franklin incident, although that is very much part of this case, as this case is directly connected to Bohemian Grove and other child sex-slave rings. For more on this aspect, see the below book by former State Senator John DeCamp:

The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska by John W. DeCamp (AWT; 2nd edition: December 1, 1996), ISBN: 0963215809:


One of the best introductions to the background and subsequent cover-up of the above film, "Conspiracy of Silence," is from the below excerpts from the book The Franklin Cover-Up by former State Senator John DeCamp, wherein he also talks about his relationship to former CIA Director William E. Colby (who himself was assassinated). Do a search for "Yorkshire" to go directly to the section concerning this film:




One of the victims, Paul Bonacci, testified in court to being forced into deprived sexual acts with men and other boys, including snuff films made at Bohemian Grove, with U.S. Senior District Judge Warren K. Urbom presiding. Bonacci won the court case and was awarded one-million dollars by Judge Urbom.

Below is the text of the ruling by Judge Warren K. Urbom mentioned above:

Paul A. Bonacci, Plaintiff vs Lawrence E. King, Defendant, 4:CV91-3037, Memorandum of Decision Filed February 22, 1999:


Below you can read more on the above case. Scroll down to the section entitled "Snuff kiddie porn at Bohemian Grove":

Bohemian Grove Dirt:



In addition to the above, phoney wannabe Texan and actual New Haven, Connecticut Yankee carpetbagger President George Bush, Jr. is a closet-case who is queerer than a three-dollar bill. Take the case of Victor "Victoria" Ashe, George Bush, Jr.'s long-time homosexual lover and fellow member in the Brotherhood of Death (a.k.a. the Order of Skull & Bones)--the former Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee, and now the current Ambassador to Poland, appointed by Bush, Jr.

Below is the Globe and Mail's own tactful way of subtly "outing" Bush, Jr.:

"Bush prefers our pretty boy to his pretty boy," Jane Taber, Globe and Mail, January 16, 2004, Page A1:



See also:

Bush's Secret Life in 84:


Also revealing, on the Nixon tapes from May 13, 1971, Nixon says of Bohemian Grove:

"But it's not just the ratty part of town. The upper class in San Francisco is that way. The Bohemian Grove, which I attend from time to time--it is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine, with that San Francisco crowd. I can't shake hands with anybody from San Francisco."

(From "All The Philosopher King's Men--President Richard Nixon, John D. Ehrlichman, and H. R. Haldeman," James Warren, Harper's Magazine, February 2000 http://www.prisonplanet.com/032604nixontape.html .)

Yet the Bushes just can't get enough of Bohemian Grove.

Also interesting, as Mayor, Ashe spent $200,000 for a 7.9-foot black granite Egyptian obelisk (i.e., the Phallus of Osiris) on which is the laser-etched names of the people that died in the 9/11 PsyOps attacks, and which is in front of the City-County Building:



And then there's the case of Bush, Jr.'s gay male escort Jeff Gannon (a.k.a. James Dale Guckert), who sidelined as a scripted softball White House reporter:

"Secret Service records raise new questions about discredited conservative reporter," John Byrne, Raw Story, April 24, 2005:


"Homeland Security: 'We're still looking for Gannon credentialing,'" Raw Story, April 4, 2005:


"The smoking scalp?," Jeff Wells, February 15, 2005:


(Note: this post is continued in the next post by me below.)

(Note: this post is

(Note: this post is continued from my previous post above.)

Concerning the hidden video caught by journalist Alex Jones of a dark occultic ritual performed every year at Bohemian Grove, see:


See also the full video Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove by journalist and documentary film-maker Alex Jones, which you can view in full for free below:

Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove:


Additionally, you can view clip excerpts Part 1 and Part 2 of Jon Ronson's documentary Secret Rulers of the World, which also documents Alex Jones' infiltration of Bohemian Grove, at the below link:


Below can be found audio and a transcript of ABC News' Monday, April 23, 2001 World News Tonight with anchor Peter Jennings program concerning nightvision video secretly captured on Saturday, April 14, 2001 by New York Observer reporter Ron Rosenbaum of an occultic ritual conducted by the Brotherhood of Death at Yale (a.k.a. the Order of Skull & Bones):

"April 23, 2001 ABC News Report on Hidden Video Captured of Skull & Bones Ritual," PsyOp911, October 4, 2005:


Definitely see also the below very important article series which contains extensive documentation on the child sex-slave and snuff-film rings run by the globalist elite:

"The Pedophocracy," Parts I through VI, by David McGowan, Center for an Informed America ( http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com ), August 2001:


James, that's horrible! And

James, that's horrible! And under such strange circumstances--he offered no resistance.

How deep into 9/11 truth was he? This better not have been any COINTELPRO shit!

Anonymous, I assume you're

Anonymous, I assume you're referring to James Ha posting this case:


If the object was his mother's purse, why needlessly throw a murder charge on top of it by firing *two shots* into Michael Zebuhr's head? Obviously the object wasn't the purse, the object was to murder Michael Zebuhr. The purse was simply taken so that it would be written up in the press as a mugging.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth had better get this case front-and-center on the frontpage of their website and point out the logic in my previous paragraph--as well as using press releases and everything else at their disposal to draw attention to it. If they don't call attention very load and clear to the obvious and sinister political implications of this case then they are making it easier for other members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth to be knocked-off.

RE: James and Glenn Bush may

RE: James and Glenn

Bush may or may not have known about/planned what happened on 9/11. But somebody did, and if you are 95%+ sure it was controlled demolition that brought down the buildings like many skeptics, it sure wasn't Arab patsies who did that.

You can come up with many motives that different individuals within our government may have had, but it really doesn't matter at his stage exactly which one it was. It matters that there were squibs (demolition charges) running down the sides of all 3 WTC buildings in footage from all the networks. It matters that many firefighters that were *in the buildings* said there were many explosions going off and the lobby on the ground floor was all blown out.

Once you accept that what actually happened is not what you think happened, then you can start to question who may have done it. We can work out whether there were any remote controlled aircraft or mini-nukes or any other unsupported hypotheses once we have established as a nation that the planes hitting the buildings on 9/11 were theater, with the real cause of their destruction hidden in plain view.

Watch 9/11 Eyewitness. That was the piece of evidence that first got me involved. Loose Change is another good one. Then watch the rest. Lots of movies are streamed from Google video and also listed on my site, which is not really ready yet, but you can at least watch the movies.

Loved they used Bob Dylan!

Loved they used Bob Dylan! Makes me feel like a hippy! aaaaaalriiiiight.

Fox news is very

Fox news is very credible...................................or not?

Um, this would be big news,

Um, this would be big news, no?:
'Scholar for 9/11 Truth' Shot Dead

Look at operation

Look at operation northwoods, sype it out in google! The government planned a fake terror attack on its own citizens and then would blame it on their political enemy to get the American citizens to back a Cuban War. They didnt carry this out, nevertheless it was a "false flag operation". Was Sept 11th a false flag operation? or was it islamofascists? you decide.

hello...is anybody paying

hello...is anybody paying attention....somebody was just SHOT AND KILLED, under very peculiar circumstances. WE HAVE TO MAKE BIG NEWS ABOUT THIS!!!

"I have long heard that our

"I have long heard that our military planners have ready made plans to invade just about everywhere even canada. thats what military stategy types do.they plan."

Glenn... there is a difference between having plans in the event something happens, and arbitrarily creating plans.

Look at this story from the BBC...


"Niaz Naik, a former Pakistani Foreign Secretary, was told by senior American officials in mid-July that military action against Afghanistan would go ahead by the middle of October."

Those plans were on the President's desk on 9/9/2001.

Rather convenient, wouldn't you say?

"Loved they used Bob Dylan!

"Loved they used Bob Dylan! Makes me feel like a hippy! aaaaaalriiiiight."

That's what I was going for... the tree-huggin' hippie experience.

one of the presentations

one of the presentations that Dr. Griffin often gives would be a perfect target for a terrorist attack wouldn't it?

it seems some of you dont

it seems some of you dont even know who is behind this. some are not even willing to think Bush is calling him a patsie. well who then? this isnt the illumanati reptile shapeshifting thing again is it?

sometimes I get the feeling people like alex jones just stop short of admitting they believe in that. you know why? I think you do.its actually a sign of not willing to see his own theorys thru. so he holds back telling the full story about reptile shapeshifters.

I am not trying to be mean, but quite frankly,we are america. not to be arrogant but we do what we want ANYWAY and dont need grand conspiracys that involve the DANGEROUS job of fishing to recruit shadowy people to kill fellow americans.how does that board room meeting go?

I think I will let my point stand.

we accused Iraq of having WMD yet didnt plant any on Iraq to back it up.

think about it. is that really the MO of a country that put together a devious conspiracy to invade other countrys?

hell if Bush(or whoever) did plant WMD on Iraq THEN he would have more power to do what he wants in the world. but he/they didnt.that doesnt bode well for a big conspiracy.

"it seems some of you dont

"it seems some of you dont even know who is behind this. some are not even willing to think Bush is calling him a patsie. well who then? this isnt the illumanati reptile shapeshifting thing again is it?

Based on the facts that exist, we have several suspects. You're stereotyping the work that we are doing by associating us with David Icke.

sometimes I get the feeling people like alex jones just stop short of admitting they believe in that. you know why? I think you do.its actually a sign of not willing to see his own theorys thru. so he holds back telling the full story about reptile shapeshifters.

What the hell does this have to do with 9/11? It seems to me you know more about David Icke than most people.

I am not trying to be mean, but quite frankly,we are america. not to be arrogant but we do what we want ANYWAY and dont need grand conspiracys that involve the DANGEROUS job of fishing to recruit shadowy people to kill fellow americans.how does that board room meeting go?

Why not ask Dick Cheney?

I think I will let my point stand.

we accused Iraq of having WMD yet didnt plant any on Iraq to back it up.

As I pointed out to you earlier, they didn't need to plant WMD. All they had to do was plant stories from anonymous sources stating that WMD did exist, and that collaborations between Saddam and Osama existed, and it would be enough to convince the sheeple.

think about it. is that really the MO of a country that put together a devious conspiracy to invade other countrys?

Uh, yeah... ever hear of the Reichstag fire? How many countries did Hitler invade?

hell if Bush(or whoever) did plant WMD on Iraq THEN he would have more power to do what he wants in the world. but he/they didnt.that doesnt bode well for a big conspiracy."

I already addressed this.

Glenn, you just have to do the research for yourself to truly believe what we're saying. We aren't going to do it for you. We will point you in the right direction, and let you know of recent events, etc... but ultimately, you have to do it for yourself.