Showbiz Tonight Follows Up Sheen Coverage With Alex Jones - Video Download

Alex Jones is so fast with his points, he got a lot out there in the short time allotted. Be sure to notice the poll 'Do you agree there is a government cover-up of 9/11?' - it was 65% yes to 35% no.

If you missed last night's episode you can get up to speed here.

Thanks to Showbiz Tonight for having Alex Jones on, Alex Jones from for getting the word out, and the owner of for the super speedy rip!

Note: This video was updated at 11:31PM EST to include a few other clips that were missing from the first clip, including a reference to

great work dz!

great work dz!

This is HUGE!!! A.J.

This is HUGE!!!

A.J. mentions they have received tons of MOSTLY POSITIVE emails!! Alex mentioned Northwoods, the 47 columns, building 7!!! Man that guy can talk.

This is unbelievable...

roflmao @ the dating girls

roflmao @ the dating girls in high-school analogy.



This was the best

This was the best main-stream interview I've ever seen!

fox news right now!

fox news right now!

actually...they just said

actually...they just said later in the show. they're going to try to destroy him.

sorry for the dis-jointed

sorry for the dis-jointed post. on the intro to Hannity and Colms, they played some audio of Sheen. They said, "later on the show, you won't believe what else he said". I don't know what to think of this.

I hope the Schollars for Truth and and Alex Jones and Sheen can get together to develop a startegy. We're going to be getting attacked hard, real fast.





Turn on Hannity & Colmes...

I hate Sean Hannity. Hate

I hate Sean Hannity. Hate is not a strong enough word. It's just not strong enough.

Sheen needs to get on TV and

Sheen needs to get on TV and start talking. maybe A.J. will have him on tomorrow...

Hey all, remember CNN said

Hey all, remember CNN said they received "mostly positive emails", the jig is up, the public has awakened, and we've hit the mainstream.

Time to double are efforts, keep the momentum going, deliver flyers and vids, send emails, and talk to everyone. People are ripe for this right now, strike while the iron is hot!!!

Hey what happened on

Hey what happened on Fox....??? No Tv please tell

Thats right, any official

Thats right, any official word from Sheen on this????

Is it too soon to bring in

Is it too soon to bring in the Zionist element? I mean, getting rid off Bush and his neo-cons is one thing but as long as the puppet masters keep puling the strings it doesn't matter if you have a democrat or republican in the white house.

Hey Road66, you're right, I

Hey Road66, you're right, I don't know anything about the Zionist angle, but we have to stop blaming everything on Bush and start blaming whoever is behind the scenes pulling the strings.

I think we can all agree that replacing Bush would solve nothing.

"The Rantings & Ravings of

"The Rantings & Ravings of Charlie Sheen, and his bizarre Conspiracy Theory."

That's what they just said

That's what they just said is coming up.

We should post up the FOX

We should post up the FOX video...

...for laughs?





jon will try to record it,

jon will try to record it, do the same if you can..

im not going to rush posting their segment if it is all crap though, im gunna watch jarhead and post it later.. i think we all know what the segment will be..

OMG dying from

OMG dying from curiosity...but when?

FOX News Headline: Will

FOX News Headline:

Will Charlie Sheen's bizarre 9/11 conspiracy commentary help boost the economy? Tune in tomorrow!

K. Thanks anyway. will

K. Thanks anyway. will survive and they dont really matter anyway. You're right. No biggie. What is big is the coverage. Good or bad. Fox news may be burying itself unintentionally.

That rocked. I've said it

That rocked.

I've said it before: look out for the 'Swiftboat'-type counter attack. They'll have a bigger budget.

Hey all, success breeds

Hey all, success breeds success, get out tomorrow and spread the word!!!

Do you agree with Charlie

Do you agree with Charlie Sheen that the U.S. government covered up the real events of the 9/11 attacks?

Yes 73% 2600 votes

No 27%964 votes

Total: 3564 votes

its about to come on.. and

its about to come on.. and like i ranted about in my last post, this may be a tactic for the right wing to slander 'liberal hollywood types'.. we just have to show em up with facts so that the massive hits see the counter-arguement..

Somewhat off topic, Images

Somewhat off topic, Images from Spitzer protest:

we need the 911 families to

we need the 911 families to step up now...

batter up!

no shit, fuck hannity. 'he

no shit, fuck hannity.

'he should think about the families before he says things like this'.. STFU, like you know shit about the families.

we will get it posted later

we will get it posted later tonight.. jon recorded it, hopefully it will be good quality.. try to have it up in an hour or two..

i dont want to post the video without a response to it.. but perhaps we can post it and then add some good comments to it in response..

"we need the 911 families to

"we need the 911 families to step up now..." definitely.

that segment about as good as we're going to get when it comes to FOX news. I thought it was pretty good actually.

i dislike hannity

i dislike hannity

dz...i personally think you

dz...i personally think you should have a response when you post it, but that's just one little fish's voice...

note: msnbc moussaoui trial

note: msnbc moussaoui trial article at end states documents and pictures i think must be released at end of trial seems seems down...

must have been a glitch,

must have been a glitch, it's back up now

There's a transcript of tonight's show already!

Hell yeah, people. Hell

Hell yeah, people. Hell yeah.



Getting it to dz now.

Getting it to dz now.

CNN 67% believe there was a

67% believe there was a coverup!!!!

We have arrived!!!!!!

Thanks, dz and Jon for getting this posted.

dz's got it.

dz's got it.

I think its important to

I think its important to appreciate these guys are not invincible. If they were we might as well give up now. Toynbee the British historian advanced the idea that movements of large numbers of people determine history not small bands of unfaithful losers. Well, consider that a contextual restatement. What we are witnessing is the triumph of Toynbee over adherants of Spengler once again.

3-5 minutes.

3-5 minutes.



Alex Jones isn't my favorite

Alex Jones isn't my favorite 9/11 truth teller, but damn if he can't get the facts out fast.

I'm hoping that Sheen's move will inspire other high profile people, not just in Hollywood, to speak up.

I'm excited by this development, but don't want to get my hopes TOO high regarding the CNN poll, simply because it's not very scientific. That said, I have a very strong sense that people don't trust the gov't at all nowadays, which makes it easier to question 9/11.

One can vote in the

One can vote in the above-mentioned CNN poll right here:

Below are the results as of right now:

Created: Thursday, March 23, 2006, at 17:04:53 EDT

Do you agree with Charlie Sheen that the U.S. government covered up the real events of the 9/11 attacks?

3249 votes

1080 votes

Total: 4329 votes


Some here in this thread posted inquiries as to who the real powers-that-be are who are controlling both the top-tier of the Republican and Democrat parties. Below is the answer:

Reuters publicly acknowledges that the Bilderberg group of European royalty and international central bankers groomed Bill Clinton and Tony Blair for the U.S. Presidency and British Prime Ministry, respectively:

"Secretive Bilderberg group to meet in Sweden," Peter Starck, Reuters, May 23, 2001:

For more information on the Bilderberg group, see the below news archive:

See also:

"Elite power brokers' secret talks," Emma Jane Kirby, BBC News, May 15, 2003:

"World government in action," Joseph Farah,, May 16, 2003:

"The masters of the universe," Pepe Escobar, Asia Times, May 22, 2003:

And as the below BBC Radio report reveals, the European Union and the euro European Union single-currency were both secretly planned since the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954:

BBC Bilderberg Report: European Union, Single Currency Planned Since 50's

BBC uncovered incredible archived Bilderberg documents which confirmed that both the EU and the Euro were the brainchild of Bilderberg. ...

"Club Class," Simon Cox, BBC Radio, July 3, 2003:

I just watche the replay of

I just watche the replay of alex Jones on showbiz. I just had to see it coming out my TV and not the web. All I can say is Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!
......and nice plug for 911 deserve it. ........
Now they are following with the conspiracy theories of princess Diana's death...nice try CNN, I would cover my butt too after Alex ...I need a beer......a german beer, nothing personal my northern friends.

just uploaded a newer

just uploaded a newer version from which includes the reference to, you can re-download it via the same link..

holy freaking cow. i just

holy freaking cow. i just saw the reference to the site.. all i can say is WOW.

THe poll is still

Thanks A.J. and Alex, and

Thanks A.J. and Alex, and Charlie!!! You guys are freaking heroes. It has taken way too long to get the truth rolling on the 9-11 coverup and I just thank you guys for being the true patriots to get it out there! There is NO plausible explanation for the collapse of WTC-7 if you do not consider controlled demolition!

The levee will really break

The levee will really break once the actual video of the collapse of WTC7 starts to be replayed. Lets hope if Sheen is booked on Showbiz Tonight, he'll get them to show it.

Alex, pumpkin, want´a

Alex, pumpkin, want´a hug?

WE need to WIN this wave!!!!! It is extremely important!


The WTC 7 video is one of

The WTC 7 video is one of the best smoking guns.

Larry Silverstein is still trying to push through his project for the Freedom Tower. He should have been locked up Gitmo-style long ago.

There's a daming article on Silverstein at:

It seems as if there were any investigation of this, heads would start rolling very quickly.

82% !!!!

82% !!!!

This is looking a little too

This is looking a little too easy to me. Pardon my paranoia, but I doubt the puppet masters allow anything to happen that they can't handle.

Everybody take a deep breath and stay focused.

And no, this is not the time to introduce 'the Zionist element.' That's an easy fire for them to put out, at least at this stage. There has to be a natural progression, where blame travels up the ladder. Get to the point where some very big fish have to explain why they did what they did, and at who's bequest.

No endzone dances yet.

Why won't the video

Why won't the video download? I've attmepted it four times. It takes minutes to download (I have a T1 line) and then results in a blank video player. Any suggestions?

CNN Poll is now 83% out of

hollywood? who cares what

hollywood? who cares what hollywood says? this is fringe stuff, squeezed in between make overs and Britney Spears newsflashes. Alex Jones comes off like a nutjob... a nutjob about to get rich from net traffic. If you conspiracy theorists have so much belief in this you should commission your own independent engineers to investigate.

Leave C&L out of this. Why should C&L have to post everything that comes out of Charlie Sheen's pie hole?

It is a wise idea to keep

It is a wise idea to keep the money you once paid that fraudulent governance in taxes and use it to hire an independent investigation.

Government is the corruption. Jones got the word out louder, faster and stronger than anyone yet on a major network and response is, yes?

The majority of people say the government conspiracy theory is a hoax! Who would have thought the government had tin hats when they had all that money?