Action Alert-Charlie Sheen Blows the Lid off the 9/11 Coverup

Well all, I trust we are all invigorated with the spectacular happenings occurring all week long. I see Jon Gold is busy organizing a campaign targeting all the news organizations, if you can help out, by all means throw your hat in the ring.

If you have friends or relatives in the media, call them up and tell them they owe you a favor. If you are the media, now is your chance to get 9/11 truth past your editor. If CNN will spend a whole week on this topic, then it MUST be newsworthy, and it SHOULD be on the front page of every paper in the country. If Charlie Sheen was arrested for something, it would be front page news, so why not this?

Lets direct all this pent up energy and excitement towards driving the topic of 9/11 Truth home to the masses. Spread the word, now is the time, the iron has never been hotter!!!

Congratulations all! This never would have happened without the help of every person that ever stood up and spoke their mind, handed out a flyer, shared a DVD, or angered their relatives by thrusting this into their consciousness.

Time to bring this baby home, get out and spread the word! Here are some words of encouragement from our friends at


Charlie Sheen has made big news by publicly stating that 9/11 was an inside job. The Sheen story has been covered in one form or another by many of the major entertainment shows.

However, most of the coverage has focused on Sheen's personality, and has studiously avoided discussing the actual facts and issues which Sheen actually raised.

Moreover, the news departments of the corporate media giants have so far boycotted the 9/11 and Sheen stories. For example, while CNN'S Showbiz Tonight has done an excellent job on the story, have you heard anything substantive from CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Larry King, Lou Dobbs, or Paula Zahn about 9/11?

Its time to spread this from being an "entertainment" story to a "news" story.

Please contact as many news reporters and editors as you can and demand they cover the story. Demand they discuss the FACTS in a fair and balanced way, by interviewing the top experts in the field.

As a start, you can put the media in touch with some of the top experts in the field, people like Professors Jim Fetzer, David Ray Griffin and Judy Wood, former head of the Star Wars defense program Bob Bowman, former chief economist for the Labor Department under George W. Bush Morgan Reynolds, and former Congressman Dan Hamburg. Give them Scholars for 9/11 Truth's email to set up interviews:

If you don't have time to call or fax, here is a list of some media emails to get you started : (Please follow this link for entire list of contacts)

As soon as Sander is done, I

As soon as Sander is done, I will help out...

Everybody go to,

Everybody go to, post on the message boards for fahrenheit 911, george w bush, world trade center, v for vendetta, and the soapbox. The soapbox can be found on the message boars tab, scroll down, its not connected to a movie or a person in a movie.

These boards get alot of action, especially the soapbox, many will read what you post.

Yo, anybody got the CNN clip

Yo, anybody got the CNN clip with alex jones???

also, if you dont want to

also, if you dont want to sign up for an account and go through that bullshit, go to

Mr. Gold, Help when does

Mr. Gold,
when does sander hicks come on? listening to Gibson is making my brain dribble out of my ears.

andi, GREAT link.

andi, GREAT link.

I was sent an email from

I was sent an email from Sander and got a phone call from someone telling me he'll be on...

Gibson just spends his radio

Gibson just spends his radio show cutting people Why are they even bothering...there's his view or the highway.

From Me... "Recording it

From Me...

"Recording it now."

Sander's response...

"that's great.

it was a good short and sweet show. I out-argued him and he changed the subject and I called him on it.

fascist louse!

Make sure you tape after he cut me off, and hung up- I wonder what he said.....

THANKS for being there. You are lo tech HQ!

I don't think they played it?

Mr T, We are hoping we will

Mr T,

We are hoping we will have tonights CNN clip soon.. Why didnt anyone else record it!?

We are gunna have to get video recording setup here sooner or later.. I'll start looking into it..

i just posted in the platoon

i just posted in the platoon and arrival and general sections of IMDB and also the V Vendetta section. It would be nice though if someone had the code for the you tube video of alex talking about charlie (even from last night would do)

Something happened

Something happened there...not played on Gibson show who looks like a white rat in his photo. Sorry its true. Not my fault really.

Did we just catch Fox News

Did we just catch Fox News editing a show of theirs?

well hey wasn't it about six

well hey wasn't it about six minutes short? they couldn't take it huh? And wow, a show about hanging up on people...that's innovative. And apparently it sells. Murdoch makes millions.

I recorded it...

I recorded it...

I even commented in it where

I even commented in it where appropriate...

You're Foxed (2 meg

You're Foxed (2 meg humor/educational)

Yahoo, are you allowed to

Yahoo, are you allowed to post it? or is that violating some sort of rule? They should expect several nasty comments but more about a ridiculous and incomprehensible show.

Can someone else please

Can someone else please confirm that Sander Hicks was NOT on the John Gibson show tonight...

you want the youtube

you want the youtube code?
just add less than sign in front of object and anything after a greater than sign:

object width="425" height="350">param name="movie" value="">/param>embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">/embed>/object>

I have to re-listen to it..

I have to re-listen to it..

i meant to say add a less

i meant to say add a less than sign in front of object and AFTER any greater than sign..

all of my IMDB posts were

all of my IMDB posts were deleted after only maybe 2 minutes. Can someone else repost the alex jones stuff in platoon, arrival, and other charlie sheen movie threads?

oh wait, maybe they weren't

oh wait, maybe they weren't deleted, nevermind.

WOW what a week, You know my

WOW what a week,
You know my e-mail list is over 4000
none of them ask to be on it and at least 30-40% are people or groups that at least"use" to support the Bush/PNAC adminstration...
this Sheen/CNN/Alex Jones/911 pissed
many people off....i loved it.
and when i saw that
emblem on CNN yesterday...well thats what i told dz was gonna happen Jan 2005...LOL LOL

Everyone: HELP!!!!!!!! http:/

pw, I'm on your mail list

pw, I'm on your mail list and find it worthy!

Let us take a brief retrospective back, back to the days of Sunday, when dz innocently inquired;

[insert hypnotic regression music]

Sunday, March 19, 2006
Beginning of the Week Open Thread
"Things are picking up, is it quick enough?"

Can someone else please

Can someone else please confirm for me that Sander Hicks was not on the John Gibson show?

Question...Any idea why

Question...Any idea why Sheen was not interviewed by Showbiz? I mean Alex was great but doesnt it seem a little odd that Sheen did another interview with Alex. Alex did another interview about Sheen to Showbiz and all the other news agencies continue to ignore it???? Buzz Flash had the smallest article link all my Dem emails not a one of them mentions Sheen.

I really hate to be a killjoy here but seems like something is up and we are the ones being tricked. i am not saying that it is Sheen or Jones fooling us but something just aint right! maybe if it gets so much airtime and still nothing comes of it we will all just shut up and disappear. Our story will be last weeks entertainment sound bite.......??

I think Alex wanted to take

I think Alex wanted to take the live stuff, who else would you want in that situation?

Sheen said some questionable stuff already on Alex's show regarding the "pull it" statement, it could be disastrous if Sheen goes on TV and says the wrong thing.

Sheen's being coached, he'll come out when he's ready, don't forget, Sheen did offer to debate the facts.

You can't coach a debate

You can't coach a debate like that. What you need is an official statement, then some time to research it, then rebut.

We've had 4.5 years to research possible statements, but who knows what kind of sleeves they're wearing.

Wait, that's not how it goes.

SBG your looking at my

SBG your looking at my thoughts in the wrong manner. I do not knock Sheen or Jones and I am more than happy that jones who is a fast talker was on the show but why did the show not have Sheen on? I meant my question to be aimed at the Media Gate Keepers.........

This stuff is awesome. I

This stuff is awesome. I urge everyone to do what I've done and help start progressive and truth-related networking groups in your area - We call ours the Progressive Roundtable and there are others like it. It's a great way to get plugged into all the anti-establishment thinkers in your area. That's also sort of the model for the blog I write, The American Peoples' Congress. In effect, we come together to change the world.

Use any networks you can to spread this message. Our ancestors are watching us, and cheering us on.

Screw Wolf, lets get the

Screw Wolf, lets get the cranky old guy who isn't taking any crap from anybody.

Hey SS, I didn't mean to

Hey SS, I didn't mean to sound defensive, just gave you my opinion of whats going on behind the scenes. Seems to me Sheen is in this for the long haul, I think things will only get better.

But, I'm the eternal optimist, just ask Gold.

You know Martin Sheen wants

You know Martin Sheen wants to get in on this.

DHS... I hope so.

DHS... I hope so.

The Alex Jones Clip

The Alex Jones Clip requested in the previous post, where George Bush was publicly admonished in July of 2001 that we knew of his plans to blame a future terror attack on CIA asset Osama Bin Laden:
Bush abetted the 9-11 attacks and used the Office of President to Obstruct Justice and to destroy the forensic evidence of that War Crime.
Bush then deliberately used the 9-11 attacks as an excuse to abandon international law.
Bush knowingly manipulated, falsified, and omitted intelligence data to instigate a War of aggression against a sovereign nation. Bush used said criminal tactics to deceive the Congress.
Bush committed Crimes against Peace by these actions.
Bush committed War Crimes by planning and fomenting War under false pretenses.
Bush has regularly used Weapons of Mass Destruction on civilians since.
Bush has embraced the use of torture as an acceptable practice. Bush promulgated torture orders.
Bush has been using nuclear weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan (DU).
Bush has instituted a Policy of using hydrogen Bombs in unprovoked first strikes.
This policy holds even if falsified intelligence is submitted claiming an “enemy” is attempting to acquire something the [corporate] United States does not wish them to have... [Iraq was just attacked for possessing an anodized aluminum tube and being falsely accused of attempting to get uranium]
Bush is now attempting to institute martial law.

For the rest of the links supporting these assertions