Buycott CNN

I agree completely with this, CNN must be loving these ratings, let them know that the good ratings will continue if they continue to report on this fairly. Also, let them know that their ratings will only INCREASE if they choose to actually report on this topic on their news channel.

We've been given a gift, lets use it:

Now that CNN has broken the media boycott on 9-11 information with its 3 Showbiz Tonight programs covering Charlie Sheen, Alex Jones and other 9-11 leaders, it is time to reward CNN. How?

A buycott. A buycott is simply a reverse boycott: instead of saying we won't buy a company's products until they start acting responsibly, let's say we will buy their products as long as they KEEP acting responsibly. This is like the idea of the old-fashion Chinese doctor: he only gets paid if he keeps his patient well.

Specifically, here's the plan:

(1) Send a message to CNN thanking them for their fair coverage of 9-11 on Showbiz Tonight.

(2) In the "My comments" box (lower right), copy and paste this:

As long as CNN continues to cover the question of whether 9-11 was an inside job fairly and openly (on its news programs as well as entertainment programs) -- I pledge to make EVERY EFFORT to buy the products and services advertised on CNN whenever I have the choice.

(3) Give your real name and other information.

If enough of us do this, it will encourage CNN to "do well by doing good".

Pass this message on widely ... let's make this a viral campaign which causes a tipping point in spreading the truth.

The strange case of Luai

The strange case of Luai Sakra

let that don't slip into i-net nirvana!

More importantly then

More importantly then boycotting mainstream media outlets is diffusing propaganda spins before they... i guess contiminate a topic. For example 8:56 am est. CNN: American Morning, had a news item on its scrolling news flashes on the bottom of the screen. It basically stated that a letter that Saddam Hussien possibly wrote, reached the internet warning of an American-Israeli conspiracy to divide Iraq into 3 pieces threw civil war. This wasn't a new idea discovered today. Let's keep following the news and posting.

trying to work with the

trying to work with the media is like trying to tame an animal it seems. you know how you have to use food or goodies to train an animal, or how you can even tame a wild beast by using rewards. its like the media is this nasty slob of a beast and as long we dangle money above its head and then say good boy as they roll over, they will do what we want, i think this is a good idea but it is absolutely ashame that we have to "bribe" the media to do their job :0(

Can this be the beginning of

Can this be the beginning of "criminals" being held indefinately? C-Span is currently airing Immigration Reform Bill: Senate judiciary committee. Being debated or touched upon are possible legal consequences for landholders having illegal immigrants on their land (terminology being floated around is landowners "should have known" "knew" "recklessly disregarded" etc... and possible punishments being government seizure of lands involved. Also talk of camps being used to detain illegals during the in-between process. A doubling of border patrol personnel. And an interesting note..... Talk of who can be detained and for how long, what type of detainee (criminal, possible terrorist, convicted, charged, etc) supreme court decided in zabadas case (check spelling) ruled 6 months is longest certain types of detainees can be held (in certain circumstances country of origin may not allow return of immigrant to country of origin). Current debating is on which groups can be held indefinately.