David Griffin Live Audio Stream March 30th

Just got the following information:

The David Ray Griffin talk, '9/11: The Myth & The Reality', on Thursday, March 30th at 7pm PST (10pm EST) in Oakland CA at the Grand Lake Theater will be web-streamed live. You can go to KMUD.org that night and click on the 'Listen Now' link.

For more information about the event, please go to www.pdeastbay.org/911MythReality

It is great to see that all of us will be able to tune into the next major speech by Dr. David Ray Griffin. For those of you unfamiliar - Dr. David Ray Griffin is the author of The 9/11 Commission Report - Ommissions and Distortions in which he points out not only the failures of the 9/11 Commission report but the massive conflicts of interest by all members, most notably Philip Zelikow, as well. This book is a great place to start for newbies, and I know a lot of us will be tuning in for his next speech.

Thanks Greg for the heads up!

OT - It looks like 9/11 will

OT - It looks like 9/11 will never again be covered by C&L thanks to some hot-headed posters. I really hope this wasn't deliberate.


the ultimate crooks and

the ultimate crooks and liars wont be covered???

defeats the purpose of the website IMHO

This is

Collection of "high quality"

Collection of "high quality" respones to Sheen's 9/11 comments from the media and various blogs...


Very Powerful... Katrina

If anyone calls into

If anyone calls into rbnlive.com Webster Tarpley with BS Freak Nico Haupt...

Please ask them the following questions...

1] To what end was BS tech chosen for the WTC events, what was the motive.
2] Why did they not use similar technology at the Pentagon.
3] How could they avoid the "unnacceptable risks" of having all those uncontrolled cameras out there, thousands of them pointing to the sky watching the events unfold at the North tower.
4] Why would they choose a tech that has obvious flaws like, disappearing wings etc.
5] How could they fake the sound of an airliner over such a wide area.
6] Why do the noplaners ALWAYS use low quality vid with obvious compression damage.
7] How can they discount the thousands of eye witnesses who actually saw the planes.
8] Who benefits by the 9/11 movement seen as crackpots.
9] I keep seeing quotes of "impact looked fishy" and similar... How many times before had they seen planes crash into skyscrapers at 500+ MPH to build their "norm" that is used in their comparisons.

Also his comments on


What a bunch of NUTTERS


The basic of disinformation

The basic of disinformation is to spread confusion. One thing a disinformation agent would never tell you to do is to hand out or post printed material about this 911 truth topic. Give it to people you know and smile. Leave it in laundromats car washes, wherever someone might be waiting.

Seems to me that 911Reaserch.WTC7.net has some pretty good stuff to print and hand out. What do you people think?
Is there any where else that has some real good flyers and posters?

City To Conduct Terror

Blue Screens & Holograms are

Blue Screens & Holograms are obviously disinformation to discredit the truth movement. Here's another question to ask:

Why would the perpetrotors need to resort to an imaging system when real planes who work just fine?????

That's did work just fine,


did work just fine, damn it!

Here's a damn good

I don't think the hologram

I don't think the hologram idea is that far fetched and its even possible. But I never bring it up because its the kind of thing thats so cloaked in secrecy it would be too difficult to prove one way or the other.

Hi andi In truth there are

Hi andi

In truth there are million's of possibilities.

I just don't understand all the speculation and potential whacky ideas, I'm sure if we all put our minds to it we could come up with some pretty nutty scenarios, yet because we have thought of it, could be possible.

I have listened to Nico Haupt (on rbnlive), who to me has no solid theory on the "noplanes" and even discounted an eye witness who phoned in - yet at reopen911.org they call it "Proof Blue Screen Technology Faked 2nd Plane" - I'm not convinced

Also Jeff King made me cringe with his Scalar Weapons used in WTC demolitions speculation.... Why Jeff... RDX is proven to be pretty damn effective in demolitions.

Put it this way... This week has been pretty special and giant leaps have been made forward. I do not believe this tabloid speculation offers any benefits or credibility to the genuine 9/11 cause, in fact I believe it serves to the contrary.


Andi: Why, why, why, would

Andi: Why, why, why, would they want to use holograms or other imagery when real planes would be fine? Holograms make everything far more technically difficult, complicated, & risky, even if it could be done (which is extremely doubtful).

I agree with you a007, while

I agree with you a007, while I believe the technolgy and desire to use holograms for shit like this exists, I have no idea if it was used on 9/11 but I do know what temperature steel melts at and I know towers don't fall down by themselves, that airplanes leave wreckage and that NORAD does not stand down unless its directed to, so we should stick to those aspects. I agree the more unprovable stuff should be set aside.

"Andi: Why, why, why, would

"Andi: Why, why, why, would they want to use holograms or other imagery when real planes would be fine? Holograms make everything far more technically difficult, complicated, & risky, even if it could be done (which is extremely doubtful)."

Good points! I don't have the answers, I do believe the hologram technology exists but would they use it for 9/11? I have no idea. That and there's no proof that why it needs to be kept out of the 9/11 skeptic arguments, IMHO.

I will be attending the DRG

I will be attending the DRG talk in Oakland on Thursday. I will post a full report on www.yayacanada.com. I will also try to provide some pictures. Keep the faith fellow truth seekers. I can smell blood!

Jeezus Christ. I just turned

Jeezus Christ. I just turned on CNN and they're doing it again. Last night they had a two hour special (a repeat even, I think) with "Doctor Sunjay Gupta" on SLEEP. How fucking symbolic. Now they're on again right now doing an interview with someone else about SLEEP!

I am seriously starting to wonder if the people in the media know all about 9/11 and everything and these stupid stories are their way of sending us a message. Turn on Larry King any day since after 9/11 and he just looks so fucking defeated. He does "Growing Pains" reunions and MacCulley Culkin for god's sake.

Anyways, I am fed up with it.

Andi......of course the big

Andi......of course the big guys in the media know about 911, they will ignore it until they can't, then they will attack it as crazy based on the messenger(ala Charle Sheen), small news stations and news papers will cover it based on his celebrity then some reporters will look deeper, slowly the facts of the messenger will come out(through our efforts) and the 'big guys' in the media will have to cover it. Hopefully some of the more important facts will come out before the big media gets its hands on it so they will have to answer them or look like they are ignoring them.

We're only in the begining stages of this process, but its quite a start.

Recommendation for action:
Contact your local news stations and news paper and use the celebrity angle but ask for more information ....they, especially the news stations, are all about the number and interest of the viewers, thats why they can typically go from the horrors of the Iraq war to Paris Hilton's outrageous behavior( I wonder if we could get her to write '911 was an inside job' across her breasts).
Keep heart and work with what we've got...
.If you have lemons.....well you know how it goes

"All publicity is good publicity"
at least at this stage.
I'll personally work on the the Paris Hilton angle. Its the least I could do.

I have made many, many

I have made many, many holograms over the past 20 years. I am not joking.

This fake plane/hologram thing is pure nonsense. Drop it like a hot potato.

As for the plane 'melting into the building', the truth is that 'bodies in motion tend to remain in motion.' Even through the walls of the WTC.

Stay with the *real* issues. DRG is among the best at that.

I dont want Paris Hilton to

I dont want Paris Hilton to say anything about 911 being an inside job. Then were really done. (this was suppose to be a joke)