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Does anyone have an email

Does anyone have an email address for Charlie Sheen? I just want to add my support, since he really is putting himself out there.


Todays Webster already in

Todays Webster already in the archive:


Hey Gothamite, I went

Hey Gothamite, I went hunting around yesterday for some way to contact him, couldn't find one, but I did find this fan site dedicated to him.


Lots of people are leaving their messages there. Also, send something to Alex Jones thanking both him and Charlie here:


I have an open question for

I have an open question for people... if you are new to the 9/11 Truth Movement, and have questions, but are afraid to ask them... would you be interested in an online 9/11 Truth Class?

Off-topic.... I just came

Off-topic.... I just came across a transcription of a Paul Craig Roberts interview that's quite revealing that he's TOTALLY on our side, but hasn't written about 9/11 because his editors forbid it.


The link above is over at the Rigorous Intuition discussion board and the posting includes a link to the Roberts interview in MP3 format. The interview was by George Kenny of electricpolitics.com

A couple of choice excerpts -- note that PCR is Paul Craig Roberts:

PCR: There are a lot of really smart people with sterling credentials who have noticed that there are difficult problems with the 9/11 story and that the standard explanation can't account for. Just yesterday in the Miami Herald there was a column, "9/11 Attacks; Avoiding the Hard Questions." So this kind of thinking is sort of percolating slowly into the main-stream.


PCR: Yeah, I suppose you know about these 9/11 Scholars...

GK: Yes.

PCR:...who have physicists, even includes a German Defense Minister, and the head of the German Secret Service. It's a wide variety of people with impressive credentials and they say the 9/11 Commission Report is a fraud. Now I have not really, I've been worrying about jobs and foreign policy and I haven't really looked at it very closely but I did go to Georgia Tech and I did learn some physics and I know enough physics to know that it is strictly impossible for buildings to collapse into their own footprints at free fall speed except under controlled demolition. Those buildings did not come down the way the 9/11 Report says. It is strictly impossible. In fact, the account in the 9/11 Report is a total contradiction to the laws of physics.


GK: It's the first time ever that a building sort of on its own collapsed due to fire. A steel structured building collapsing. You'd think that the engineering profession would want to know why.

PCR: You know, they'll talk. Some of them will tell you privately but if they say it publicly they loose clients for their firms because everybody gets mad, [mocking anger] 'You're against the government, you're against the country, you're a traitor, you don't believe Bush...' This is what happens, so they don't say anything.

The physicists at the university, very few of them can say anything because they all live on government grants.

GK: Right.

PCR: People don't understand how hard it is in America to speak the truth. Its almost impossible.

GK: That's right. Yeah.

PCR: Everywhere you go. You see, I'm not allowed to even write about it by my editors. So that is one reason I don't know much about it. I tried to find out something once and I pointed out some of the really major holes in the story and they just said, 'Don't write about it. You're not allowed to write about it. You'll ruin your credibility. Everybody will say you're a conspiracy theorist and then they won't believe what you say about jobs.'

Certainly the Charlie Sheen

Certainly the Charlie Sheen story can give him a way to report on it, maybe just be reporting on the controversy of it all, he doesn't have to even mention any of the facts, just mention what Charlie's been up to.

Surely if CNN is willing to report it, anyone should be able to wouldn't you think?

Paul is a great guy. He

Paul is a great guy. He told the Scholars that he totally supports them, off-the-record.


Someone had asked if those

Someone had asked if those new to the 911 truth movement would be interested in a class. I would potentially be interested although scheduling is always an issue for me. Especially, because from the little I have seen about it, it is very science and math based and I am not a scientist or a mathematician. It is also difficult because some sites that even claim to be "progressive" such as daily kos really aren't and will do anything to squash the movement.

Paul Craig Roberst: "I

Paul Craig Roberst: "I pointed out some of the really major holes in the story and they just said, 'Don't write about it. You're not allowed to write about it. You'll ruin your credibility. Everybody will say you're a conspiracy theorist and then they won't believe what you say about jobs.'"

This is one of the interesting things about Charlie Sheen. As a successful movie actor in his 40s, he undoubtedly has a couple of million in the bank, and he has no boss. Therefore, he has the kind of freedom most people can only dream about - because most people are dependent on a salary or a wage packet, and most people are chained to a mortgage. What's hindering the progress of 9/11 truth is not so much a lack of knowledge as a (justified) fear of what might might happen if they articulate that knowledge in public.

Actors are often accused of being childish, because they spend their lives avoiding wage slavery and playing with ideas. It didn't take a genius to notice that the Emperor is naked, but it took a child to say it out loud. Most adults are too worried about the consequences to even contemplate taking such a risk.

So- to get back to the original point - I'd say classes in 9/11 Truth are a very good idea; but the main task is to let people know that they are not alone in their entirely rational distrust of their government(s).

I think some very

I think some very informative, facts/evidence moreso than speculation, presentations should be made for people to view. Simple powerpoint stuff.

Show your support for

Show your support for Charlie Sheen as well as other Hollywood stars and TV shows and movies that are helping the patriot movement!


See the Alex Jones Video clip.

Sign up for the yahoo group as well!


Incredible riveting

Incredible riveting interview with Paul Craig Roberts, thanks for sharing.

And huge thanks to 911blogger for everything they have been doing.


Why can't I find the video

Why can't I find the video of Charlie Sheen's original CNN appearance anywhere on the web, including this site? All links are dead ends (at least on my Mac). Please -- can anyone help me?