MASSIVE Weekend Grab Bag

Well, before we begin another exciting new week, we should take care of some business. If we have missed your submission, please resubmit it, things have been a little crazy lately:

Upcoming guests on the Meria Heller Internet Radio show:

From Jesse at TVNewsLies:

I will be conducting a live presentation entitled “American Corporate News Media: America’s # 1 Enemy! The Media & 9/11”, in New York City on April 30th.

It will be an in depth exploration of media deception with special focus on the reporting or lack of reporting of the events related to the attacks of September 11th, 2001. We will have a question and answer session as well.

The event will be hosted by
DATE: Sunday, April 30th, 6:30 PM ET
Location: NYC – St. Marks Church – 131 East 10th Street at 2nd Avenue – New York, NY
Contact 212-714-4147 -
Free admission but donations to will be accepted.
Please join me! Thank you.

Webster- King/Haupt show up in archives:

Check out the flash movie, Children of Abraham at
It seems to be having quite an affect on people and making them want to get up and do something about it. WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT, watch the video at your own risk, but might be good viewing for all the war mongers out there, make sure they take a look at it.

Notice the Comments people are leaving, people seem to be equating the wars with 9/11. Encourage them to join our cause, we are told the "War on Terror" will last centuries, if the anti-war group wants to end these wars they need to help us expose the lies of 9/11.

Random links:

Conspiracy and Closed Minds on 9/11 by Morgan Reynolds

Rick Siegel (911eyewitness) on Coast to coast on April 10.

Why 9/11 Debates (on dailykos) Go Nowhere

Robert Perry on 911 negligence

New video: 911 Answers

Here is a speach by Martin Luther King titled "A time comes when silence is betrayal". When your opponents inevitably ask you WHY you do what you do, send them this.

Some kind words from Sandra:

Sheen discussion on Brad Blog 109 comments and growing!
This is one of the most solid progressive blogs around. I was disturbed that no one was talking about 911. I put a few comments out a few months ago ... and its been growing ever since. But this Charlie Sheen story has just expoded the discussion.

You will be pleased to see the long list of links provided throughout the comments. But the comments themself do a good job of educating readers to the issues surrounding 911.

Congratulations for getting your logo FULL SCREEN on Showbiz Tonight. Just too cool. You have broken into the mainstream. It is going to be VERY INTERESTING to follow this where it leads.

Great work! You are saving our democracy.

Helen Thomas interview with Wolf Blitzer
See Helen talk about PNAC, how 9/11 was the justifiation for the Iraq war, and how none of it adds up.

I believe there are not

I believe there are not enough evidence which I find convincing that shows 9/11 was an inside job. However, there are several proofs showing that Osama bin Laden and the ninteen hijackers may have not been involved, instead they were scapegoats and patsies. There are mountain of solid evidence showing that the Bush administration knew it was being planned and then allowed it to happen which they are clearly capable of doing. The evidences shown are the NORAD stand down, prior warnings, insider tradings, NSA spying prior to 9/11, setting up al-Qaeda members as patsies, needing an opportunity to invade the middle east, et cetera. But I'm not clear if it was them who orchestrated the attack itself and brought down the towers by using explosives. Yes, they should be accounted for by act of neglience and evidence tamperings along with lying about the air safety in New York, but the investigation needs to be reopened to seek the truth as who it was that attacked the US and hold them accountable. I've come across several reports on the internet showing the Bush administration or different foreigners were the perpetrators, but I'm having difficulties deciding which is which. There are a lot of people with different theories that lacks supporting evidence. There are also many disinformation agents deliberately spreading misleading information in order to divert the attention away from those responsible. I guess the big question here is, who were they actually trying to hide?

geggy, read your post.I do

geggy, read your post.I do not know all the answers but for me watching the collapse of WTC7 erased all doubt that 9-11 was an inside job.

Hey Geggy, you made this

Hey Geggy, you made this statement:

"I believe there are not enough evidence which I find convincing that shows 9/11 was an inside job. "

And then this statement:

"The evidences shown are the NORAD stand down, prior warnings, insider tradings, NSA spying prior to 9/11, setting up al-Qaeda members as patsies, needing an opportunity to invade the middle east, et cetera."

Everything in the second statement is in fact evidence that 9/11 WAS an inside job. If standard operating procedures had been followed that day, and the days leading up to that day, then NONE of it would have happened. Therefore, it was an Inside Job.

Whether or not it was an inside job is not in question, only the level of their involvement.

George Washington, you can

George Washington, you can quote me on the above post if you see fit!!!

WTC7 is batman and the

WTC7 is batman and the Pentagon crash is robin. We need no others and its easy to get lost in countless attacks on individual threads of the argument.

wargames were my starting

wargames were my starting point..

Batman and Robin are

Batman and Robin are fictitious, I think.

geggy's point of view may

geggy's point of view may coincide with many other Americans' who just can't "go there" about it being an inside job. And, at least geggy is saying that at minimum it was LIHOP (let it happen on purpose). That's still treason.

My questions for geggy are: If you believe osama and the alleged hijackers were patsies, who framed them? If you if you believe NORAD was ordered to stand down, who gave those orders? Don't you think it highly improbable that all the anomolies of 9/11 could be chalked up to foreigners? If people outside this government (outside the CIA) were the perpetrators, do they have the kind of access within our government that they could arrange all of this without even one government official (or CIA operative) being involved too?

Very hard to imagine a scenario of outsiders infiltrating our government to the degree necessary to hijack NORAD, for example. Think about it and do more research, if you will. We'll bring you over to MIHOP I expect.

"Form letters tell 9/11

"Form letters tell 9/11 families of 911 calls"

(This story has been picked up by rawstory)

On the HBO DVD “IN

On the HBO DVD “IN MEMORIAM” at approximately 27:30, I see WABC TV newsman “N.J. Burkett” walking alongside 2 NYC cops and Burkett asks them “Why are they pulling us out of here?” The cops reply, “the North Tower...the North Tower is leaning!....” Then the DVD cuts to Mayor Giuliani for a few seconds. Then it’s back to Burkett who screams, “Oh, my God, there it goes!", as he and the cops run like hell further away from the WTC. Then it cuts back to Giuliani & friends who are running like hell too.

Point is, how in the world did these cops have advanced notice that the North Tower was about to collapse ahead of time??? Who told them??? And the North Tower was never leaning before it fell, not to my knowledge! (Earlier, the South Tower leaned DURING its implosion.)

Perhaps whoever was doing the demolition that day felt a twinge of guilt before they demolished the 2nd tower. They gave a quick “heads-up” warning that the 2nd tower was about to fall. (I wish we knew who originated this warning.)

Also on the same DVD, at about 37:50, a fireman, & then a cop, say that WTC-7 is in danger of collapsing. Then we are shown some of the other WTC buildings burning heavily. Suddenly, we are cut back to a view of WTC-7, with very heavy smoke at ground level and around one of its sides. Seconds later, WTC-7 begins to implode. (We are not shown WTC-7 long enough before the collapse to determine where the heavy smoke came from. Could it be from explosives that preceeded the collapse?)

As WTC-7 drops, a group of people some blocks away scream. A woman in the group, who looks exactly like journalist Amy Goodman of left-wing “Democracy Now” fame, yells and scampers back. (If this is indeed Ms. Goodman, I wonder why she has never spoken about her eyewitness account of WTC-7 imploding? Maybe she should.)

(If you think this post is helpful, please pass around the info.)

A major dutch

A major dutch breaktrough:

Very positive Sheen-article with links to the CNN-broadcast and the first Alex Jones interview.

This is Great.

Almost 25.000 hits yet.

(BTW? Where should i post when i find interresting 911-related article?)

I'm listening to Tarpley's

I'm listening to Tarpley's latest show.

I am furious.

What is he saying, Sir Gold?

What is he saying, Sir Gold?

I'm not going to get into

I'm not going to get into it, but I am FURIOUS.


Let's just say this...

Let's just say this... Webster Tarpley was just on NATIONAL TELEVISION.

Let me repeat... Webster Tarpley was just on NATIONAL TELEVISION.

The first show you have following your first appearance on NATIONAL TELEVISION should include the BEST OF THE BEST.

That's all I'll say.



Because your FIRST SHOW

Because your FIRST SHOW AFTER A NATIONAL TELEVISION APPEARANCE will MOST LIKELY have some "newcomers". People who are curious...

They should be hearing about the BEST EVIDENCE we have.

Ok, my rant is done.

Jon, what are you trying to

Jon, what are you trying to say? :)

I'm not going to get into

I'm not going to get into personal attacks... but this is not rocket science.

My guess is, he was

My guess is, he was promoting holograms?


let's just say that was a

let's just say that was a bad show and move on.

geggy, download the below

geggy, download the below clip which unmistakably shows explosive charges going from bottom to top on the World Trade Center 7 building, taken from the Naudet brothers' documentary *9/11*:

See also:

"Nails In The Coffin of Trade Seven - WTC-7 Collapse Footage Shows Unmistakable Demolition Charges," Mind_Virus, LibertyForum, November 27, 2004:


See also the below articles:

"Why Indeed did the WTC Buildings Collapse?," Prof. Steven E. Jones, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University, to be contained in 9/11 and the American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out, David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, editors (Northampton, Massachusetts: Olive Branch Press [an imprint of Interlink Publishing Group, Inc.], 2006)

"Thinking About 'Conspiracy Theories': 9/11 and JFK," Prof. James H. Fetzer, University of Minnesota, to be contained in 9/11 and the American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out, David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, editors (Northampton, Massachusetts: Olive Branch Press [an imprint of Interlink Publishing Group, Inc.], 2006) and in The 9/11 Conspiracy, James H. Fetzer, editor (Chicago, Illinois: Catfeet Press [an imprint of Open Court Publishing Company], forthcoming):

"The Destruction of the World Trade Center: Why the Official Account Cannot Be True," Prof. David Ray Griffin, based on a lecture given in New York, New York on October 15 and 16, 2005, to be contained in "The Hidden History of 9-11-2001," Research in Political Economy, Vol. 23, Paul Zarembka, editor (Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier, Spring 2006):


One can make a conclusive case proving the U.S. government staged the 9/11 attacks even without any physicalist inquiry into the plane crashes or collapsed buildings (even though the case for that is conclusive), i.e., via historical inquiry into the public record in conjunction with deductive reasoning. For example, in regard to such facts as listed below:

- The PNAC document in 2000 calling for "a new Pearl Harbor" as a pretext for Middle-East domination;

- the fact that the October 2001 Afghanistan invasion was planned months beforehand (thus, the U.S. government was certain months before the 9/11 attacks that a pretext would present itself allowing the U.S. government to invade Afghanistan, and lo and behold such a pretext arives right on time);

- the fact that the supposed hijackers weren't Muslim extremists but did cocaine, hired prostitutes, drank alcohol, partied hard, etc.;

- the fact that many of the supposed hijackers were trained on U.S. military bases and had their legal residences on U.S. military bases;

- the fact that the supposed hijackers apparently knew that they had protection from the highest levels of the U.S. government and repeatedly went out of their way to draw attention to themselves as crazed, potential terrorists, as if to build a "legend" back-story;

- the fact that the many FBI agents attempting to invastigate these supposed hijackers were repeatedly and consistently blocked and ordered not to investigate these supposed hijackers, despite forceful protestations from said FBI agents that terrorist attacks were going to happen;

- the fact that U.S. government agents who tried to investigate the supposed hijackers were persecuted yet those in the government who blocked the investigations were promoted and given bonuses;

- the fact that many of these FBI agents went to David Schippers, the former Chief Council for the House Judiciary Committee, informing him (in an attempt to try and get something done) about the planned terrorist attacks and that they were threatened with the National Security Act not to pursue their cases and not to talk about them;

- the fact that David Schippers tried to get high-level functionaries (such as John Ashcroft) in the U.S. government to listen to him but they weren't interested;

- the fact that Osama bin Laden is a protected CIA asset and that before the 9/11 attacks a number of governments offered to arrest Osama and turn him over to the U.S. government but every time the U.S. government wasn't interested, despite the fact that he was supposedly wanted in connection to a number of previous terrorist attacks;

- the fact that the U.S. government worked with, supplied and used Osama's al-Qaeda terrorist network against the Serbian government all the way up into at least 1998, despite the fact that Osama was supposedly wanted in connection to a number of previous terrorist attacks.

And the list of such facts documented by the mainstream major media news articles and in primary documentation (such as the PNAC report) go on and on and on. The above is barely even scratching the surface on such facts as can be found in the mainstream public record. Add to that the fact that the U.S. government has a well-documented history (i.e., modus operandi) of staging such Hegelian dialectical PsyOps attacks as the Pearl Harbor attack, Operation Northwoods (which although didn't go forward due to John F. Kennedy, all the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff approved it for implementation), the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, etc., etc.

For mainstream documentation on the above facts, as well as on more such facts, see the below documentation resources:

The below post by me contains the November 10, 2003 article "September 11--Islamic Jihad or Another Northwoods?" by Tim Howells, Ph.D., which is a very good, short introduction to just some of the more damning mainstream major media articles and U.S. government primary documentation which proves up one side and down the other that the 9/11 attacks and the following anthrax attacks were a Hegelian dialectical PsyOp staged by the U.S. government as a pretext in order to obtain more power and control. I append my own additional endnotes at the conclusion of Dr. Howells' article, in order to add further mainstream documentation.

From: James Redford
Subject: The U.S. Government Staged the 9/11 Attacks
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 13:49:56 GMT


The Truth About the 9/11 Attacks: (Note that this website by me hasn't been updated in a long time, so some of the links on it have gone dead. You can use to revive some of the dead links.)

For more on government-staged terrorism, see the below post by me:

"Documentation on Government-Staged Terrorism," September 30, 2005:

Jon, it's not recommended to

Jon, it's not recommended to pique a person's interest and then leave him or her with unfulfilled desire to know more.

Jon, Consider the source.

Consider the source. After all, we are talking about terrorists who hate our freedoms. This has been a good week. The media gives ground only to preserve their power. This week they did a strategic retreat. Straw men and disinfo will slow us down but we bloggers are motivated and dedicated. We will not be stopped. Truth justice and the Canadian way I say!

In the HBO DVD “IN

In the HBO DVD “IN MEMORIAM” described above (btw, this is NOT the Naudet brother video), it seems that they purposely starting showing WTC-7 AFTER the smoke was seen at the building's base & side, just seconds before it collapsed. (Perhaps video that was cut out could very clearly show the origin of this "demolition-like" smoke.)

Off topic for a moment - I'm

Off topic for a moment - I'm very pleased for Mr. McIlvaine that 9/11 truth is squeaking or perhaps rushing out. He must be very happy that at least it's not verboten to speak 9/11.

Other points - has wtc7 still not been shown on TV? I have much concern that the media continues to perceive this as entertainment.

Journalists seem to refuse to cover the movement honestly - I was thinking that Bush (Rove) may have made a devastatingly unwise move strategically this week, in their campaign against the MSM. For years the MSM has perhaps known, dismissed, or treated as a skeleton in the closet, the whole 9/11 issue. I wonder if they even talked about it all among themselves. Did they dare to when their jobs may have been on the line? After all, truthers were turning over every stone for further info. I doubt they themselves did this, and if they did, they would not voice it.

So this week Bush castigates the Media on their Iraq coverage and they seem furious. The 9/11 movement can make inroads here by turning this anger to their advantage I think. Continuing to urge the media to expose Bush and discuss 9/11 should be kept up seriously now.

Questions I would love to have quick answers on?
Jon - Hope Tarpley didn't blow it and which TV program was he on?

Is Sheen on again this coming week?

Is the Dutch newspaper mainstream?

"Jon - Hope Tarpley didn't

"Jon - Hope Tarpley didn't blow it and which TV program was he on?"

He was on the first showing on Showbiz Tonight. And... he did a good job.

To Geggy - you get to MIHOP

To Geggy - you get to MIHOP very quickly when you think about what the Terrorist were able to do vs. what a government can do. The most the terrorists could do was to fly planes into buildings. all the other anomalies were government related.

And lastly, watch David Shayler's video. Government co-ordination was necessary to ensure success. You can't have terrorist running randomly around threatening to blow things up. Anything might happen. Heck, they might now even show up on time, or decide to do it some other day, or worse, get caught before they could complete the task.

With so many possibilities for failure, government involvement was essential.

You thought he went deep

You thought he went deep into the realm of unsupported hypotheses with his guests too?

Tarpley kept saying that now is the time to push on with the most contoversial arguments, and that picking 10 stable points of discussion was too academic, and would cause the theories to have only the effect of JFK assassination theories. But I don't agree with that. The first mainstream discussion should rein things in a bit so the first thing most people hear is believable. THEN they can choose to look further into other ideas once you have them on board. At least Charlie's got the right idea.

Invisible planes and blue screens and hundreds of doctored pieces of film are NOT the place to start.

I like Webster Tarpley, but

I like Webster Tarpley, but way to blow credibility! Having guests on chatting about "holograms" hitting the towers, COME THE FUNK ON! What is up with that! It just makes every other credible effort a joke. And then one of the guests goes, "I think Charlie Sheen is the latest no planer", he might as well have said, "I think I want to trash Charlie SheenÂ’s credibility", what a pathetic unfunny, and massively unhelpful joke!

URGENT - please watch! -

URGENT - please watch! - please forward !! MEDIA BLACKOUT

we would like to call to your immediate attention the most extraordinary footage on US Television
On March 22, 23; and 24th CNN Showbiz ( nationwide primetime Mon - Fri )
did broadcast 3 sequences about Charlie Sheens remarks on 9/11.
The shows are based on a Alex Jones radio interview with Charlie Sheen
and imply that the US government is lying and was most likely behind the attacks of 9/11.
The show is just mindboggling, there has been an immense response and no pick up in the international
printmedia whatsoever - google is boycotting it - the show might proceed on Monday

First CNN Showbiz Show on March 22
Statements of actor Charlie Sheen that there is more behind the official 911 story is discussed. In the first half the statements from Sheen are played, in the second half there is the discussion with the leader of and the producer of "Inside 9/11" of the 'National Geographic Channel'.
(CNN Showbiz March 22, wmv, 27 MB)
Transcript or

CNN refers to the interview with Sheen on GCN:
Original Interview with Alex Jones or (mp3, 9MB) article)


Followup: Video of Interview with Alex Jones on March, 23 (CNN Showbiz March 23 , avi, 32 MB)


Another followup after new comments from Sheen, March 24 Vidodownload: (CNN Showbiz, avi, 32 MB)

Online Poll at 84% pro Sheenan


Showbiz Tonight Transcript Friday 24th Featuring Alex Jones

Charlie Sheen: 'Challenge Me On the Facts' Actor's first response since media firestorm over 9/11 comments


alternative videolinks of the CNN shows



Helen Thomas is right

Helen Thomas is right on.

About the press conference:

Now, the point is well taken that she was weaving an opinion into her question, but, then, why not? It was a legitimate question.

Also, I have *lots* more to say about a lot of things.

Can someone please tell us

Can someone please tell us what Tarpley actually said on national tv today???

If it was invisible planes, blue screens, or holograms, we need to know now, thank you!!! (And if it was this, I'll explain why this is DISINFO to discredit the truth movement!)

Tarpley did not mention

Tarpley did not mention "invisible planes, blue screens, or hologram" on CNN, only his radio show

CNN Quickvote 47000+ votes

CNN Quickvote 47000+ votes 84% / 16%

Thank you, CB. Tarpley

Thank you, CB. Tarpley shoudn't get into that crap even on the radio.

Where was Jones on the

Where was Jones on the issue? Perhaps he can ask Tarpley to knock it off for the sake of the movement.

he was dicsussing it with

he was dicsussing it with former MIT research engineer Jeff King. I wonder if there's any truth in it??? Regardless, I agree it should not have been discussed at this time

Tarpley (not Jones) was

Tarpley (not Jones) was discussing it with King

Frankly, that Jeff King guy

Frankly, that Jeff King guy gave a rambling, convoluted presentation on "Confronting the Evidence" DVD. The audience was the general public, and IMO, most people found him confusing/too hard to follow. (Not a good way to catch the newbies' attention. Good way to lose them.)


DU HamdenRice on progressive talk radio talks about NY Mag 9/11 truth!

Anonymous, yes, the


yes, the confronting the evidence lecture was a bit much for the general public.

At least we now have Sheen!

and I hope more celebrities come forward THIS COMING WEEK

My post at bradblog: Thank

My post at bradblog:

Thank you so much Brad for having the balls that AmericaBlog and Crooks And Liars don't. Everyone put your money/donations into bradblog and other courageous people instead of those bloggers who refuse to cover 9/11 inquiry.

I suppose that this will

I suppose that this will help Tucker Carlson to respond to Sheen. With this timing, Tucker can now put Mr. Tarpley's theories in the same sentence with Mr. SheenÂ’s name. So, we still are going to have a lot of work to do. ItÂ’s not fair that we truthers donÂ’t have a tv show yet. Of course if we did have a television show who would we put on as the best spokesperson? What would the best thing to say be?

This is

This is crazy:

On CNN too????? I guess they gotta report the news, sounds like the families are pissed off. Government trying to push the official story after a damaging week?

I'll tell you, when we have members of being shot and the government releasing 911 calls out of the blue reaks of desperation. These fuckers know they are one straw away from nationwide headlines.

PUSH IT HARD PEOPLE!!! We are just about there, and continue to send in your positive feedback to CNN, tomorrow is Monday, lets see if we can start next week where we left last week off.

oh, and the post about

oh, and the post about putting all three Sheen CNN segments on ipods and then showing them to people personally is a great idea! I wish I had an ipod but I hope others are doing it.

the release of the 9/11

the release of the 9/11 tapes right now huh? We already know we have the technology to take a voice and make it say anything we want, just look at all the online videos of George Bush where we twist them around comically to make it sound like he's saying what he means instead of what he actually said. This is just great. Fuck you New World Order fuckers!

Howard Stern does it

Howard Stern does it constantly, he has porn stars calling people on the phone!!! Faking a couple of 911 calls isn't so far fetched. Interesting timing I would say.

As for the Podcast, you can subscribe to it using iTunes, give it a try, we're trying to get the bugs worked out of these podcasts...

Hey Andi, I like your

Hey Andi, I like your attitude!!!

Has anyone noticed a small

Has anyone noticed a small circle appear at the point of impact (missile?) in frame 89?

exactly re: Howard Stern.

exactly re: Howard Stern. Sorry about my passion fucks up there, lol But the idea that they would use that technology (if that's what it is they are doing, remains to be seen) makes me so sick an angry.

It's Post-Sheen time in

It's Post-Sheen time in America.

The Next Wave of 9/11 Activism Begins

VALIS! I loved reading you,

VALIS! I loved reading you, my favourite book. Say hi to Phil for me. :)

Yes, extremely late (4.5

Yes, extremely late (4.5 years!) & suspecious timing for those unreleased 9/11 phone calls, woudn't you say! (And they've had more than ample time to edit out any explosion noises, or of bombs mentioned by the callers, etc.)

exactly anon and its

exactly anon and its sickening. you know what, I bet they've been intentionally holding them back and waiting for a moment like this to try to take the 9/11 skeptic movement down. Bastards.

Somebody should email

Somebody should email crooksandliars and americablog and tell them they'd better de-link bradblog and rawstory on their mighty indentical big liberal blog rolls. Since Brad blog and Raw Story are part of the "Sheen Brigade" now simply by covering the Sheen 9/11 inquiry story.

Hey everyone, defacing

Hey everyone, defacing currency is against the law, possibly a felony, we do not recommend doing so.

one liner: "Why would you

one liner:

"Why would you believe Bush over Prof Jones? Bush is a known liar. When was the last time Jones' lied to you?"

is it against the law? it

is it against the law? it doesnt appear to be in canada, as a former cashier we've taken in tons of bills where people wrote on them with pens, never a url before though. What happens is they stay in circulation for awhile and then the bank will replace them,but they get passed along to alot of people before that. Are you sure its against the law? I wouldnt advise it if it was either. Maybe write on really old and worn bills that they would have replaced soon anyway instead of the new crisp ones?

The CNN article (

The CNN article ( ) just says 911 calls from victims of the 9/11 attacks. It doesn't say cell-phone calls from the planes (which we know are physically impossible).

The U.S. government also fought the release of the Fire Department of New York oral histories which have many instances of firefighters talking about explosives going off in the buildings. For more on that, see the below article:

"Explosive Testimony: Revelations about the Twin Towers in the 9/11 Oral Histories," Prof. David Ray Griffin,, January 18, 2006:

I believe its against the

I believe its against the law in Canada too. Just doing my duty to protect!!

"The mayor's office is

"The mayor's office is sending form letters this weekend to the families of 24 victims of the 9/11 attacks,"

Since when does the "Mayor's Office" work on the weekend to send "form letters" to victims of a 4.5 year old crime???

Time to turn up the heat...

i hear ya somebigguy, just a

i hear ya somebigguy, just a ps-I am not advising it either.

now re: the tapes, I see, they could mean, for example, tapes from people phoning from the WTC and not from the planes?

we can count on the CNN poll

we can count on the CNN poll reaching 50,000 tonight. It's now at 47426 votes

should get 40,000 Sheen

should get 40,000 Sheen votes easily. It's now at 39907 votes

Encourage & Thank

Encourage & Thank Bradblog:

go over and spend 5 minutes clicking on as many of his google ads as possible (make sure they are google) he gets 40 cents a hit or something like that. When he sees a highly abnormal amount of money coming in via google ads, it will be obvious why (the Sheen story).

Please help and it does cost you a thing but time and it gives him money.

41 more needed for 40,000

41 more needed for 40,000 Sheen votes

That's right neo, a

That's right neo, a collapsing WTC7 still hasn't been shown on TV since the day it happened.

*ucker Carlson pointedly showed a still photo of #7 during his interview of professor Steven Jones, instead of the video he'd been provided. That's the closest TV has gotten. But Carlson was doing his laughably annoying best to provide a hit piece. And he failed at that, receiving fan mail praising him for having the courage to bring up the topic.

cool CB, let us know when it

cool CB, let us know when it hits 50 thou.

at this rate I bet it'll get

at this rate I bet it'll get 50,000 total votes over the next 8 hours. More people will be net surfing in the evening

The timing of this release

The timing of this release is highly, highly suspect. Even if they don't fake them, It looks like they will use the "asking questions about 911, especially suggesting government involvement, is offensive, direspectful and hurtful to the victims and their families."

Its simply the "Support the Troops' don't question the war or our leaders if you truly care about the soldiers and their familys applied to 911.
It effects the gut and the heart and not the brain, so they can avoid even a discussion of the facts.

Now is the time for victims families to stand up and make their voices crystal clear in support of asking hard questions about 911.

They were used to give legitimacy to the 911 commision, and then abandoned. They will be used again unless they stand up Now!

How about "Support The Truth" bumber stickers with st911 and at the bottom.

Good thinking Andi, clicking

Good thinking Andi, clicking away now...

As we used to CHANT in our

As we used to CHANT in our protests over the first Gulf War.


IMO, the DVD "Painful

IMO, the DVD "Painful Deceptions" (Feb 2005) by Eric Hufschmid is the BEST 9/11 truth video ever made. It's 2 hours of outstanding research, analysis, facts, photos, diagrams, etc. It provide irrefutable proof that 9/11 was an inside job.

Hey andi -- I left a comment

Hey andi -- I left a comment over at Brad Blog in response to yours about AmericaBlog and Crooks & Liars.

Let's keep that thread going over at Brad Blog -- it's about f'ing time the liberal blogs got up to speed.

I think there are much

I think there are much better videos than Eric Hufschmid's -- he's a really volatile figure, even though I agree with much of his analysis, and has embraced the idea that we didn't go to the moon. Whether the latter is true or not is irrelevant, in my view, and just taints his reputation.

My choices for videos:

"Loose Change Second Edition" - Dylan Avery
"The Great Conspiracy" - Barry Zwicker
"9/11 Special" - Dutch Television Documentary, interviews with Michael Meacher and Andreas von Bulow

I'm unbanned from

I'm unbanned from

On Webster Tarpley, I

On Webster Tarpley, I haven't been following him at all. But, if he's spouting off junk about holograms and the like, he's totally discrediting himself as well as the 9/11 truth movement. Disinfo agent?

Long as this is a

Long as this is a grab-bag...

Why are you still highlighting the lousy Maxim hit-piece at the top of the page in the "post-Sheen" era? There's better press out there!

NL Lol....I bet they never

Lol....I bet they never thought they'd hear that!

Yah, I think Hufschmid has

Yah, I think Hufschmid has some wacky political beliefs too, but he made the best 9/11 DVD. It covers/debunks & slams just about every aspect of the official story. So easy to watch also. (And he put out a great book back in 2002.)

just getting back home,

just getting back home, thanks big guy glad you liked my idea! :) Citizen Im headijg back over there now too, see you there!

NL... good week, wouldn't

NL... good week, wouldn't you say? ;)

Jon, will you kindly finish

Jon, will you kindly finish explaining what Tarpley did today? You started at the top of this thread.

I made my stink... but if

I made my stink... but if you want particulars, I won't get into it... I'm not going to attack people... if you listen to the show...

You'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

Where can I see the CNN

Where can I see the CNN program on which Tarpley appeared?

I love how Jon comes here

I love how Jon comes here shooting his mouth off, but can't be bothered to explain it to us...

Yeah, as if we're not worth

Yeah, as if we're not worth Gold's time!

(just kidding.)

I did explain it to you.

I did explain it to you. The information Tarpley was promoting today after his first National Television appearance was crap, and he should have focused on the best of the best. If you listen to the show, you'll know exactly what I mean.

Nico Haupt is one of the "Leading Researchers"?

Hello? How many times have we heard from Nico to boycott this, and this person is this and that, etc...


incase its deleted and I am

incase its deleted and I am banned, posted just now at America Blog open thread:

That's it - from now on, my nom de commentary will be "9-11 Was an Inside Job" until some blogger posts something on this subject.
Jersey Jay | 03.26.06 - 5:16 pm | #

I say as long as we're in open threads it should be ok, but then its not up to me is it.

John, you know its safe now? Its not fringy or extreme to post articles and questions asking for an actual real investigation into 9/11, so you're not risking anything or putting yourself on the line to do it. Infact, you stand to increase your readership and clearly there are a large portion of readers here who are asking for you to cover it and are pretty pissed off that you're not. 9/11 skeptics have been mainstream for awhile now and you are way behind public opinion on this issue. CNN and Boston Globe and New York post, Raw Story, Brad Blog have all stepped up to the plate. We're waiting for you to do the same.

Oh, I thought Tarpley blew

Oh, I thought Tarpley blew the CNN show, but apparently he blew something else after that. Sorry but I sometimes have difficulty following this conversation. :)

No... I said Tarpley did

No... I said Tarpley did well on CNN..

Jon, I agree. That Haupt

Jon, I agree. That Haupt article on Bellaciao looks like he's talking crap. I've alway thought was a great site & organization. Am I missing something?

Nope, you're not missing a

Nope, you're not missing a thing.

Let's not forget these

Let's not forget these wonderful lists of Nico's...

Got ya. Anyone who so

Got ya. Anyone who so vehemently attacks a leading site like, I too question the motives behind that.

want evidence without

want evidence without speculation?

Watch Michael Ruppert's Timeline of 9/11...

November 2001

email from Blogger

email from Blogger Brigade" and Arctic Servers knocked down a while ago this might be why

arcticbeacon and RBN I think are on the same server. if not they are joined at the hip watch out!

This is the way I look at

This is the way I look at all the different 9/11 researchers and websites: as long as you're asking for a real investigation and you're not talking about holograms and UFOs as the meat of your arguement, I'm with you. We need to stick together, power in numbers, and the frauds, the shills, the government spooks & posers will slip up and reveal their faces all by themselves along the way.

Come on. I'm newer to the

Come on. I'm newer to the truth than many here, but just glancing that list tells me the guy is either a disinfo artist or a jackass.

I mean c'mon.... Most

I mean c'mon....

Most annoying fake activist newcomer:
Jonathan Gold

I'm been an annoying fake activist for a long time now.

I've been...

I've been...

Congratulations! Seriously,

Congratulations! Seriously, the guy looks like a disinfo agent to me.

I can't believe I just read

I can't believe I just read a list of "9/11 Truth Oscar" winners. I got tears laughing...what a world...

Well... To be fair... Nico

Well... To be fair... Nico was quoted in "A New Pearl Harbor", so he did contribute something. However, his animosity towards everyone else, and his constant attacks, to me, mean he doesn't deserve any spotlight.

To be honest, I am concerned

To be honest, I am concerned about the three of them...

Webster Tarpley, Nico Haupt and Jeff King.

I hope I'm wrong but something does not smell right...

The sad thing is that has links to these interviews !!!

"Leading researcher" - Nico Haupt is a joke :(

Good luck to all

a007--I'm leaning in that

a007--I'm leaning in that direction too.

I look at it this way... if

I look at it this way... if you're the target of a hit piece, you must be doing something right.

Hey look guys... I think

Hey look guys...

I think what Webster did on his show was a mistake, but Webster Tarpley has contributed a lot in the last 20 years. I believe he was the one who initially discovered the Hitler/Bush connection.

Anyway... it doesn't mean we have to write him off... ALL of us make mistakes...

And on top of mistakes... we

And on top of mistakes... we ALL have opinions about what happened on that day....

One thing we DO agree on is that we were lied to, and the evidence points more towards small factions within the Government than it does to 19 hijackers, and Osama Bin Laden.

And another thing...

And another thing... infighting wastes time...

We weren't the ones who did it.

Maybe they're all whacked up

Maybe they're all whacked up on mk-ultra :)

Mistakes, yeah, but when Nico tried to make out that Charlie Sheen was a noplaner, that cretin made me cringe...

I also cringed at the way he discounted that eye witness who phoned in saying that he seen a grouping of missiles, or a top secret invisible object with a hologram on it.... sick man ;)

Anyway, still was a good week and maybe common sense will prevail.

Good Luck to all genuine 9/11 truthseekers and look-in the mirror nightmares to the shills ;)

Jon: I agree, however

I agree, however speculating on what "might be" doesn't help.

Why can't these people who are getting the opportunity to speak bring up the facts, like:

The stock options, the warnings from other countries, blocking any investigation into certain people, the errors and inconsistencies of the 911 report, the fact that the list of hijackers is inaccurate, the disregard by the 911Com of WTC7, etc...

with so much out there (beyond the things I just mentioned), why would we even bother bringing up the possibility of things like holograms/noplanes/etc...

I'm not disagreeing with

I'm not disagreeing with you...

Hey guys... I'm getting

Hey guys... I'm getting quite a few emails from people willing to take part in 9/11 classes on my site... if you're interested, just go to my site, and sign up... when I have the particulars, I'll have dz post it, etc...

"with so much out there

"with so much out there (beyond the things I just mentioned), why would we even bother bringing up the possibility of things like holograms/noplanes/etc..."


"with so much out there

"with so much out there (beyond the things I just mentioned), why would we even bother bringing up the possibility of things like holograms/noplanes/etc..."

Anonymous | 03.26.06 - 7:06 pm | #


Jon: I'd like to


I'd like to create/present material for the class if possible.

Ideally it'd be left unbiased and merely state the facts/observations, and not try to impose judgment.

If we can present it fairly, and let people draw their own conclusions, we cannot be accused of coercion.

Agreed... if you want, pick

Agreed... if you want, pick a topic, and form a syllabus... Send it to me in Word, and I'll convert it to .pdf for people to download...

CBCs (canadian broadcasting

CBCs (canadian broadcasting channel) show 'the hour' has a host camed George Stroumboulopoulos. He ridiculed openly Charlie sheen and his 911 truth, did not know any of the evidence. It was a joke and worthy of FOX. below is the feedback page.

call toll free 1-866-837-9054


and help enlighten these fools as to the truth. I already have:)

Oh my god, that's his real

Oh my god, that's his real name?? I thought you just couldn't spell it, and typed gibberish.

And besides, he's a

And besides, he's a canadian... who cares what they think?

I just stuck it to the

I just stuck it to the prick, do the same please!!!

Are you mocking someone

Are you mocking someone else's name Mr Jon Barbara Gold???

SBG... isn't your middle

SBG... isn't your middle name "Ding"?

Hey Jon, looks like a job

Hey Jon, looks like a job for the Blogger Brigade:

Stick it to em. People want to fool with Charlie Sheen? Then they get the wrath of the Blogger Brigade.

Can I hear the show?

Can I hear the show?

I don't know what to

I don't know what to say..

"Yeah... someone told me you're a poo-poo head. Well, you are."

I don't worry too much about

I don't worry too much about what Nico said on Tarpley's show. In my mind the planes or whatever that hit the towers is irrelivant. That was just a distraction or as Rummy calls it "Shock and Awe". The controlled demolition of the towers and especially building 7 is what will nail them. Charlie Sheen spoted that right away. Remember his challenge to Larry Silverscum? Building 7 isn't just a smoking gun, it is absolute proof of an inside job.

Tell them to fairly report

Tell them to fairly report on the topic, include a couple of links, and leave it at that. You don't need any more info than that.

George, I understand that

George, I understand that you had some comments to say about Charlie Sheen. Here's the bottom line. Bush and friends wanted to invade Iraq long before they came into office. It was discovered they wanted to invade Afghanistan as well. Before 9/11. Bush and friends fought against the creation of the commission, stacked the commission with Bush Administraiton insiders, and has since used 9/11 to further their agenda.

They are automatically a suspect behind 9/11.

The evidence points to them as well.

Why are you helping them to achieve their goals?

Hey Jon, I like it, send

Hey Jon, I like it, send it...

On another note, Charlie Sheen was just mentioned on the Simpsons!!

I did.

I did.

I emailed him and asked him

I emailed him and asked him to do a follow up show and interview with Alex Jones.

Where can I watch the show and when was it on? Do you have a download of it?

Total: 48823 votes

Total: 48823 votes

I have to agree with you

I have to agree with you Jon, when I listened to Tarpley's interviews I couldn't believe it. Here's a man that can figure out the techniques of mass manipulation of nation states over the past century, but he didn't have the good sense to know that his first show after his first national television appearance could easily be used to discredit all 911 truth seekers.

I say go ahead and research the all of the possible ways 911 was executed, open inquiry is good science, and I encourage it, but its horrible PR.

Mistake or not, there was no need to air all of this at this time.What was the benefit? Increase our knowledge of nanotechnology?

At this point all evidence pointing to the fact that our government did it or was involved , is more important than the many possible ways they could have done it.

Sometimes, I think we have been talking among the converted for too long!

VOTE 49034

VOTE 49034

I just spent about an hour

I just spent about an hour on the phone with Keith Phucas. Who's Keith Phucas you say? He's the reporter who wrote this story...

He wants to do a story about the 9/11 Truth Movement. :)

take a look at

take a look at

New Yorkers to Gather at CNN Studios Wednesday


You can blow out a

You can blow out a candle
But you can't blow out a fire
Once the flames begin to catch
The wind will blow it higher

- peter gabriel



not only do we have the media promoting the 19 hijackers with box cutters infiltrating the most secured country in the universe, but now HOLLYWOOD IS DOING IT TOOO! I think this movie will hurt our movement more than any news special trying to discredit us because it will make people empathize with the Protagonist in the story (THE AMERICANS) and further prepetuate the idea these so called "MUSLIMS" from the middle east are our enemies. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!! AS SOON WE MAKE A BIG LEAP FORWARD, A MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR MOVIE, could possibly set us back!

I don't think so Yizzo...

I don't think so Yizzo... we'll see...

The movies themselves are an

The movies themselves are an outlet for people to hand out flyers, etc...

yeah your right...i just

yeah your right...i just think its frustrating that they would make a movie like this and release 5 years after 9/11 and not doing any substantial research on the subject

585 more votes needed to

585 more votes needed to reach the golden 50,000

At least the united 93 movie

At least the united 93 movie site links to Wikipedia (which has some info on inconsistencies) and to Paul Thompson's timeline:

I think the next guests for

I think the next guests for Webster should be David Ray Griffin or / and Steven Jones.

I agree, it was a little bit out of place to present Nico and Jeff in the last show.

911truth failed to mention

911truth failed to mention on cnn that national geographic failed to mention wtc-7 in thier documentary

hope they dont drop the ball again

The dutch newsitem is indeed

The dutch newsitem is indeed MSM.

i wish i could read what the

i wish i could read what the dutch have to say...

AmandaReconwith, go away,

AmandaReconwith, go away, you pod people are not helping the movement.

Jon Gold: "I'm not going to attack people"

Maybe you should. Disinfo such as the kind Tarpley is peddling needs to be destroyed.

"infighting wastes time"

If it wasn't for the no-planers, we'd all have been where we are now a year ago. Talk about wasted time.

i think the noplaners should

i think the noplaners should be bann if they keep spouting their crap...

Moussaoui just executed a

Moussaoui just executed a controlled demolition on the 9/11 conspiracy movement.

Too bad for you guys.

Sure Jansen, one

Sure Jansen, one gov't-manipulated jackass sunk the entire truth movement!

Doug Jansen. What makes you

Doug Jansen.

What makes you think so? That he was planning on doing it to rescue the blind sheikh? If that were true, why no demands from the hijackers?

Moussaoui is a patsy, whether he knows it or not.

That's obvious.

When are we going to see a

When are we going to see a half million people in the streets of an American city demanding a new, independent 9/11 investigation ... like we saw this last weekend over proposed immigration reform? They just stopped traffic on the 101 today! And I don't get it. Maybe "the worm is turning" as Charlie says. Everyone in NY turn out Wed. and "thank" CNN.

" When are we going to see a

" When are we going to see a half million people in the streets of an American city demanding a new, independent 9/11 investigation."

You won't. And you wouldn't like the results anyway.