9-11 Truth Movement: Time for Action

I agree, the time for debate is gone. I'm all for a massive protest, but I don't want to wait till September. Lets get busy!!


Last weekend, half a million pro-illegal immigration marchers gathered on the streets of Los Angeles to protest new legislation which would supposedly toughen penalties on law-breakers from Mexico and Central/South America (as well as those who hire or aid and abet them). There were also similar events in other cities around the country, including Phoenix, Chicago, and Washington DC.

On a different note, 250-300,000 people surrounded the White House last September 24, 2005. Their purpose: they were opposed to the war in Iraq. We’ve also seen massive displays of outrage in foreign countries, such as those who were appalled by the Mohammed cartoons, or the riots in Mar del Plata, Argentina to coincide with the fourth Summit of the Americas conference.

Yet when it comes to the most traumatic, disastrous terrorist attack in this nation’s history, what kind of public display do we see? Virtually none. Instead, 9-11 truth seekers are still cocooned in their chat rooms arguing about pods, blue-screens, and hologram airliners.

It’s been 4 ½ years! What are we waiting for? We've done enough theorizing because, in essence, we know the jist of what happened on 9-11. Now it’s time for action. What we should be doing is organizing on a massive scale to not only show the world that we don’t believe the government’s heinous lies; but to begin a process where the guilty parties are brought to justice (and their asses are thrown in jail).
Michael Collins Piper recently said it best on his radio show, The Piper Report: “My biggest fear is that 9-11 will become like the JFK assassination where a handful of researchers are still arguing over minutiae forty years later.”

He’s absolutely correct! We have verifiable, scientific proof based on physics and mathematics that the World Trade Center towers were destroyed via controlled demolition. Better yet, 19 Arab cave-dwellers could not have been able to perform such a feat. Plus, this information can be proven in a court of law without any speculation, pie-in-the-sky lunacy, or the use of conspiracy theories.
Wake up. It’s time for action! We need to get off our asses and DO something rather than remain huddled behind computer monitors. If all the other above-mentioned groups can come together as one and protest, why the hell can’t we? When you think about it, we haven’t even had ONE massive rally yet – not one! Why not? What’s wrong with us, and what is holding us back?

If we can’t unite this September 11th to commemorate the fifth anniversary of 9-11, we should absolutely be ashamed of ourselves. Hell, more people gather for the annual hog-calling contest in Weatherford, Oklahoma than do at Ground Zero in New York City. How can that be? And the worst part is, the government is laughing their asses off about it.

“Look at those idiots arguing about pods and bluescreens. They’re doing exactly what we want them to do – nothing! They could convict us in any court of law on the crux issue – controlled demolition – yet they’re still running around on their wild goose chases like chickens with their heads cut off. And its our plants and agents that are distracting them on all these message boards! What fools!”

My biggest fear is that 9-11

My biggest fear is that 9-11 will become like the JFK assassination where a handful of researchers are still arguing over minutiae forty years later.”


I'm there. Sometimes I'm

I'm there. Sometimes I'm the only one there. In L.A. anyway.

Deception Dollars seem to me

Deception Dollars seem to me to be a cost effective form of activism.


I take about 150 DDs and an

I take about 150 DDs and an equal number of flyers or info cards with me to each demo along with my sign. And don't forget windshields. I'm with SBG on that one. I try to take 20 or so with me every day.

"My biggest fear is that

"My biggest fear is that 9-11 will become like the JFK assassination where a handful of researchers are still arguing over minutiae forty years later."

Why fear that which you asked for to begin with?

I'm with you Big Guy.

I'm with you Big Guy. September is too far away lets seize the moment ,use all of our contacts to make this happen soon. If the Major media won't cover this we will just have to shove their faces in it. Then they will have to cover it if only to remove the egg from their face.

Most importantly we need firefighters and victims families to support us, now! Or they will portray them again as unnecessary victims of our probing questions and protests.

Hey Randy, thats awesome!

Hey Randy, thats awesome! It is so damn easy to hit a few windshields with flyers every time you walk through a parking lot. How many parked cars do we all walk by in a day?

You don't even have to go out of your way to be an activist, it just becomes part of your day.

I'm with RP too, lets put something together, if this is organized properly, we can have a huge turnout. Let me know if we have any takers? If so, we can begin the preparations right away!!

It is about time! I have

It is about time! I have only been wise to this issue for a couple of weeks now but have been obsessed with it since. It is obvious that this "movement" needs to move some more for anything worth celebrating for happens.

The mainstream media is only starting to pay attention because of the attention Sheen brought to it. Thank God he did and it is only a matter of time before other big names come out too.

We need to pull together for the overall good of exposing the truth that we all agree on. We have to get organized in order to get the info out to the masses. We have to be smart about it.

When we actually have our chance to make a big bang with a press release or whatever we need to: FRAME THE ISSUE very carefully, choose our points and how they are worded very carefully, be carefull with who the "Spokespersons" are and that they are capable of staying on topic.

I live in Muncie, Indiana. Indiana is known as "The Crossroads of America" and Muncie is known as "Middletown USA". I share this only because Muncie, Indiana is a focal point of many researchers because it is supposedly statistically relevant due to it being the average American town. Average income, family size, etc. etc. but most importantly, point of view on issues.

Lets face it, we can't win this without the input and support of the average American. The enlightened coast dwellers can't carry this by themselves. The average American is who we MUST win over before we ever have the chance to see those responsible pay. The average American has to not see the only supporters of this issue as extremists or liberal or whatever. They need to see the movement for what it is: diverse people of this country (and others) seeking the truth.

We have a lot going for us: the Evidence, Experts, Motive, Inadequate Investigation, etc. etc. but we also have supporters sprinkled all over the country. The sprinlke needs to spread the news.

For example, I have made contact with someone I heard was looking into this issue too. Now I have thought of professors and others I know in the community that may be wise to the movement. I want to form a local group. I don't even know if there is a group in our state capital and most progressive city, Indianapolis. This is a problem.

We need several community groups to form all across the country. We need a way to communicate to each other on a local front, a listserve, blog,whatever, that we can find local groups.

We have to get local groups to form
and then have them connected to a national group in charge of keeping everyone up to date and organized for rallies and to send out press releases and such.

I really hope other out there are thinking the same thing and are ready to do the work. Grassroots and Grasstops have to become organized to make this really come to life!

Suggestions: - Creation of a


- Creation of a discussion forum for people to connect, to discuss the actions to take, talk about stuff, etc

- The creation of flyers, posters, bumper stickers, videos, etc, to bring more public awareness

- Creating copies of 9/11-related DVD's (even Alex Jones' stuff, such as "Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State") and distributing them around to wake people up

- Organizing protests, discussion groups, public showings of some of the documentaries, on a big screen

I was wondering, does the

I was wondering, does the 9/11 truth movement have a major online message board where discussions take place?


P.S. www.septembereleventh.org has a Visibility Project that I think will be most helpful to our efforts of spreading the news to the mases. We can all try and get our local Public Broadcasting networks to air the videos that share the knowledge we have been fortunate enough to find and gain.

I would have never heard or known anything about this issue if it weren't for me chancing upon a video posted on Youtube while looking for another video titled "Lazy Muncie"--a video made about the city I live in. That was my first time on Youtube. I found Youtube by googling. So, I found this info and movement totally by chance. There are still so many people that are in the dark. I would still be in the dark. I wouldn't even have known about the CNN Headline News shows because I don't have cable---just the basic cable which has public access and loacl news.

Anyway, my point is that when I saw the video remembering 9/11 in a nonthreatening way, I clicked for related videos and found other videos questioning everything, showing incredible footage and evidence. I was outraged. Simply shocked. I was hooked. I hope to get others interested and hooked too. I think getting the videos/dvds and interviews etc. are key to getting the masses educated in a comfortable, non threatening setting: their home. We could ask to have a weekly airing like Sunday night or whatever, of a video. Every week another video. Send a press release to the newspaper in the community calendar section or letter to the editor or whatever so that people are informed ahead of time to tune in. Flyers at art galleries, universities, grocery stores etc. just simply inviting people to tune in.

Just a thought.

Aside from street

Aside from street demonstrations ... Earth Day festivals and fairs are coming up Sat. Apr. 22 and some on the 15th. Any established groups might consider getting a booth. Have a supply of books, DVDs, flyers, etc. It would be ideal to have a DVD continuously playing like 9/11 Revisited and others on a portable DVD player or laptop. Or, if you are an individual, hand out flyers on the grounds or outside the gate.

Welcome Tonya! Those are

Welcome Tonya!

Those are some excellent suggestions and I agree with you we need to direct our efforts towards the 'average' american and the news papers which they read. Once they get a hint that they might have been lied to and manipulated, they will be open to supporting a larger investigation into our questions. That good old american sense of justice and questioning authority seems to come through. I am tired of all manipuIation and I don't endorse it in this movement.

Therefore, I don't offer any answers, because I honestly don't have them, only the facts which support our right to ask the questions of our government and demand they answer them. All of them.

I was playing around in

I was playing around in Photoshop, and I came up with what could be a background for a flyer... Feel free to use it if any of you feels like it, in any way you see fit...


Here's one without V in

What videos? 911blogger

What videos? 911blogger productions?

On another thought, we need

On another thought, we need to take advantage of the political diversity of this movement Republicans and libertarians are some of the greatest supporters and researchers, so this is not just a left wing/democratic hippie protest movement. If our government was involved in the crimes of 911 it overshadows all political differences. The crime should be investigated and the criminals should be arrested and put on trial for their actions.

That is why it is so hard for the mainstream left and right to honestly look into 911. Its not in the game book . It questions the legitimacy of the whole game and thus questions the legitmacy of their individual roles in that game.

This is a rare and precious opportunity to unite as americans despite our political differences.

Some of the videos I refer

Some of the videos I refer to are: loose change part 1&2, 9/11 Revisited (updated), BYU speech---too many to list but those are the ones on the top of my head at this moment.

Yes! We are diverse in this

Yes! We are diverse in this movement. It is not partisan. We have to promote that. We are everyone. I know there are others out there that will be so hurt when they see learn the thuth: that we were lied to--are being lied too and there is a massive cover. They will be hurt, shocked, outraged, pissed off, and then ready for action. It will get to them at the gut level ---as long as we do our job well.

Okay, I am going to sleep

Okay, I am going to sleep now, I see I have a few typos on my last entries--sorry!

I am in this for the long haul. I am gratefull to those of you that have been with this all along and have kept it alive. Good night, Tonya

Anonymous, The only forum


The only forum which we promote on this site is the one at yourbbsucks.com.. head on over and sign up!

there are tons of 9/11 message boards out there, just do some searches.

I agree with the Pragman,

I agree with the Pragman, but I gotta say, I learned about this stuff first from David Icke, who is no right-wing nut. And then I read AFP, which was way racist right-wing, but they covered it.

The extreme understand that any sudden shift in politics can bring out the worst in our government. That's why they each plan for the worst, and distrust the other side.

We definitely need to march.

I believe that converging on

I believe that converging on Ground Zero in New York, on the 5th Anniversary of September 11th, with a host of well spoken and "famous" speakers to spread and support the message will do more for this movement than anything! (I'm even contemplating flying in from Seattle... with video camera catching every minute, and spreading on the viral media known as youtube, google video, cubebreak, etc. BTW, I feel that posting videos is the most efficient way to spread the word.)

This would be an excellent focal point for tens of thousands of us to stand united against the government's version of 9/11... regardless of one's personal reasons of why their version is bogus.

Anyway, hope to see you in NYC!

I find it easier to convince

I find it easier to convince hardcore fascist Cheney-lovers that 911 was an inside job than I do with leftists.

Leftists are completely braindead because their phony leaders like Noam Chomsky are NSA assets who debilitate the movements. They are willing to waste their time with useless candlelight vigials and chest-pounding protests against the Iraq genocide, but when confronted with the facts about 911, the clam up.

Why? Because their precious leaders like Amy Goodman and Chomsky tell their pupils that we are the evil right-wing conspiracy nuts. And most of the time, the Left Gatekeeper news outlets simply pretend we don't exist.

Try emailing Noam at chomsky@mit.edu and see what he says about 9-11. Why is he running from the truth?

We need to face the facts that a large part of the "Left" is just NSA assets who bitch about CIA crimes from 25 years ago while ensuring that nobody wakes up to the 90% of the important things (911, bilderberg, CFR, oklahoma city, etc).

For a full expose on Chomsky's treason against the truth, read this: http://www.rense.com/general67/noam.htm

How about this for an idea. We bombard Chomsky with emails asking him why he won't address 9-11. This can help expose him once and for all


Let's Do It! We need a

Let's Do It!

We need a coordinating organization to lead it.
I suggest Scholars for Truth.

Let's build support for a massive show of force.

I'm there.

P.S. Check out the side-by-side towers demolition video on my site, 9eleven.info

WING TV? SBG seriously dude

WING TV? SBG seriously dude get WING TV the hellouttahere, they do no good it's all "attack this section of the truth movement, now attack this section" their dodgy, unproductive, unnecessary and unneeded fools who are probably cointelpro-esq agents themselves, I can't believe that they have the tragically ironic gall to criticize others of behaving like dis-info agents, when their the ones who have been reading out of the dis-info divide and conquer rule book! They donÂ’t deserve to get a mention dude seriously!

dbls, WingTV recently had 'a


WingTV recently had 'a change of heart' i believe.. check their site, all the attack crap went away.. i believe this was the request of a scholars for 9/11 truth member who thought they should focus on unity, not division..

Guys, As one who speaks from


As one who speaks from across the pond, I am fully supportive of your campaign. I vist this site on a daily basis, and as I read your suggestions / comments why am I reminded of committee meetings in the movie "The Life of Brian". You need a recognised figurehead to the average american to front up, otherwise I fear for your campaign. Charlie Sheen, though admirable, is an easy target for the hawks. Can someone explain why Michael Moore has not grabbed hold of this opportunity? Keep up the good work.


Dz, their tainted with the

Dz, their tainted with the disinfo brush man, when you mention them here the blog gets that same smear, there are so many real people fighting to expose the lies that they have attacked, now it seems their focusing on attacking the use of the internet by activists, the internet has made the biggest difference in fighting this, I’m all for physical protest but to say people are just sitting behind PC screens is an insult that suggests that’s all the 9/11 truth movement is, is “people sitting on their arses”. And criticizing the pod people, the pod people etc need to be reached out to and talked around, they don't need to be attacked like this it just creates more division, not unity. WING TV do equal if not more damage then the pod issue etc, and like I said you shouldn’t give them a mention because they’ll damage the blog just by association.

I love this blog basically

I love this blog basically lol, I just don't want to see it watered down by bullshit "WING TV" people.

Annv. #5 has gotta be big! I

Annv. #5 has gotta be big!

I just have to say something since David Icke was brought up. I was introduced to 9/11 Truth when he spoke in Pasadena, CA in Aug.'04 after I picked up a flyer that said something like: Find out who controls your world and why. Along with alot of other stuff, he went into 9/11. It was quite a shock. (On 9/11/01 I only briefly scratched my head wondering how they got the names and photos of the hijackers up on the tube so fast.) Outside the event, I was handed another flyer for a 9/11 screening in Malibu. I spent about the next year in denial. ... Yes they did. No they didn't. Yes they did. But I began my own research. Only last year did I become more fearless about activism. So, whatever they say about David Icke, don't complain if he brings someone to the Truth. Thanks for your story too Tonya. It reminded me of my awakening.

Denial ... I forgot to

Denial ... I forgot to mention the anger that followed.

Hi somebigguy et al,

Hi somebigguy et al,
I'm brand new to this site, having been banned from AmericaBlog and Crooks & Liars for posting anything about this issue. Thrown off and told to shut up!

I'm am all for some kind of mass demonstration. The Charlie Sheen spark is fading already, and I can't stand waiting anymore for some celebrity or media type to carry our water.

Count me in. Where and When (east coast)?

DBLS... WINGTV is definitely

DBLS... WINGTV is definitely not for everyone, but I would argue that they are a key component in the struggle to bring out the truth... raw-in-your-face-and-on-the-streets-activism... How many people can say they've been photographed in front of the WhiteHouse holding a fifteen foot "9/11 = Controlled Demolition" sign. I say if Victor and Lisa are willing to put aside their differences with the other 9/11 researchers, then by all means, let's all unite, drop the name calling, and show up at ground zero on the 5th anniversary as a united front against the rubbish that we all believe is the official government version of 9/11.





START SAVING YOUR MONEY. There is still over 5 months left.

Mass demonstration for sure!

Mass demonstration for sure! I fear mainstream media will still shut us out but we can't control them. Either way, I will be there with dvd's in hand!




Shivers--that's a very

Shivers--that's a very interesting Chomsky exposé at Rense you linked above!

Hey bigguy, The rumor is

Hey bigguy,
The rumor is that the government spent about 1.6 billion to ‘market’ the official story. Compare that with this blog and a tiny budget. I distribute flyers and disks too. I know that we are making a difference. But after thinking about it for a couple of days I just had to make a donation. So I did. It’s worth fifty bucks easy. I’ll remember that I this when everyone, REALLY EVERYONE, doesn’t believe the official story.

See, someone might ask- “what did you do?” .Make a donation to 911truth or 911blogger or similar sites and you’ll feel much better in the future. The truth is coming now. I’m sure of it.

I have an idea for a major

I have an idea for a major 911 event that I am presenting to a number of the leaders of the Truth movement. If it is found to be a sound idea, I will share it here.

We all need to think in terms of well executed marketing when it comes to getting the word out, in order to rise above the mass media and governement propagated chatter. Stirring Truthers to come together en masse is fine, but we can't count on it as the primary form of exposure.

Very true Alex, very true.

Very true Alex, very true. This is much to important to half-ass.