Amy Goodman on 9/11

Amy Goodman was on C-Span's Washington Journal show.

She said we need a "full investigation" into 9/11, and said the 9/11 Commission "did not do a satisfactory investigation".

Video is here: rtsp://
The question comes at 1:16; the answer comes at 1:20

This is a major breakthrough -- until now, Goodman has been a major left gatekeeper.

Well, somebody got a

Well, somebody got a delivery from the Clue Train.

its about fucking time!!!!

its about fucking time!!!! jesus...

Hey this comment: "

Hey this comment:

" more tirade before bed.....9/11 was an inside job....its freakin obvious if u ask questions with an open mind. Chuck Hagel is a good bet 4 next Prez cause he works for the rigged vote stealin computer company, check out his first victory......first time in HISTORY the exit polls were WAY off the "result" coincidence the first time touch screen voting was ever used , anywhere and hmmmmmmm...the victor worked for the same company that made the stupid do they think we are, come on, lets fight back....fuck the pussy democrats...we need men whom are pissed off...who's with me?"

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Link's dead- was this for

Link's dead- was this for real? Did the terrorists make C-Span take it down?

What gives with Amy Goodman?

What gives with Amy Goodman? She's gonna lose her foundation funding if she keeps this up.

And I hope she DOES keep it up.... or, was this just a crumb for the 9/11 truth community so we'll stop bashing her?

I'm very suspicious of anyone like Goodman.... I'll give her the benefit of the doubt for now, but if lots of time passes and she doesn't bring Sander Hicks or other 9/11 truth people on, then she'll go back on my sh*t list.

I concur with Kit - Goodman

I concur with Kit - Goodman needs to get new revenue streams, ones not controlled by Zionist mass-murders. Is my language too strong? It's just getting really old seeing those who should be out in front being weak and unsure of acting.

Rachel Corrie has no National memorial because my two senators have no courage. Goodman opposes the Occupation, but she can't deliver on a subject that might totally upset the Israel apple-cart. It makes me crazy. If people know the truth, they aren't gonna want to bomb Israel, they're just gonna want an investigation. That's all. Maybe some of these foundation financiers are themselves complicit? There was a lot of money changing hands right before the 11th. Could it be?

I do like the show and think

I do like the show and think that Amy does alot of good. I agree that there are some limits to where she will go and I am encouraged to see her get more aggressive.

On the DVD “IN

On the DVD “IN MEMORIAM” As WTC-7 drops, a group of people some blocks away scream. A woman in the group, who looks exactly like journalist Amy Goodman of left-wing “Democracy Now” fame, yells and scampers back. (If this is indeed Ms. Goodman, I wonder why she has never spoken about her eyewitness account of WTC-7 imploding? Maybe she should.)

I guess she heard me.

(BTW, Goodman did a long piece on her show re: Rachel Corrie about 2 weeks ago.)

Saw it- problem was didn't

Saw it- problem was didn't have Real Player installed at work. She's officially a "Conspiracy Theorist" now; the Establishment Party line is that the 9/11 Commission was the definitive account and all important questions have been answered, "Move along, folks, there's nothing to see here." she said-

"we have to make sure that there is a model of an honest media that isn't simply used as part of an arsenal of the Pentagon"

"we're there to hold those in power accountable"

"and on 9/11, yes, there has to be a FULL investigation done, and the, uh, so called 'independent 9/11 Commisson did not come up- did not do a satisfactory investigation"

I smell a crumb

I smell a crumb

Amy Goodman is nothing but a

Amy Goodman is nothing but a gatekeeper and an NSA asset. She, along with Chomsky, discuss 10% of what is going on and vehemently deny any of the real issues. Not just 911, but the NSA's Echelon network, the private Federal Reserve monopoly, the Bilderberg group, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the JFK assassination, Oklahoma City, etc etc.

Don't get your hopes up. She probably wants more investigation into the "Saudi role" in 9-11, or the "intelligence failures." Amy Goodman isn't even LIHOP or close to it.

She and Chomsky are controlled assets of the globalists. While seemingly "radical" they are actually agents who help control social movements and limit dissent. In other words, what she discusses is true, but she ignores the true shadow government and any of the hardcore issues of who runs this planet.

She will never ask a serious 9-11 question. And neither will Pacifica radio, Z Mag, The Nation, Counterpunch, or any of these other phony gatekeeper outlets.

We would have a better time convincing Lou Dobbs or something. At least the libertarian/right-wingers might not be NSA agents.


Amy Goodman has supported

Amy Goodman has supported Sibel Edmonds, Cynthia Mckinny, and other 9/11 whistelblowers on her show. Just because she hosted a debate with David Ray Griffen doesnt mean she is a so-called gate keeper. You people that through insults have no idea what your talking about....get over it! the Zionist dont control DN. If they do lets see the PROOF!!! somthing other than Oilempires smears.

Yeah I guess you are right

Yeah I guess you are right Gregory. Amy Goodman has really been a vocal advocate for investigating WTC7. And she has invited Paul Craig Roberts, Morgan Reynolds, Andreas Von Bulow, and so many other whistleblowers.

Oh wait, no she hasn't.

Big freakin' deal that she had Sibel Edmonds on. Goodman won't touch 9-11 truth with a ten foot pole. And one bogus "debate" between David Ray Griffin and Chip Berlet on DemocracyNow doesn't count as advocacy.

Face reality man. We cannot win as a mass movement until we wake up the antiwar crowd. And as long as their leaders are controlled assets, we are fighting an uphill battle.

The leaders of any

The leaders of any organizations are easily compromised. It is often the case that "leaders" are bringing up the rear and only take action when forced to do so by those they lead. Which shows the CRITICAL importance of ordinary people speaking and taking action on their own.

Absolutely shocking. I've

Absolutely shocking. I've been emailing her for years.