Dr. David Ray Griffin on Guns and Butter Tomorrow


Host Bonnie Faulkner will be interviewing David Ray Griffin regarding the 9/11 oral histories and eyewitness testimony to explosions in the WTC towers on 9/11.

Guns & Butter - Wednesdays 1-2p - KPFA 94.1fm
Berkeley, CA - www.kpfa.org - live stream and archived for one week.

Thanks Yarrow for the heads up!



when are the following

when are the following topics going to be addressed


illegal war


wire taps

israeli prior knowledge

and how these relate to 9-11?

the big picture, we all need to see it

sh*t or get off the pot

mr let me, this is a 9/11

mr let me,

this is a 9/11 related news blog, so our coverage here is typically driven by new articles, videos, etc. You can find a bunch of sites on the right hand panel which might cover the specific aspects you mentioned, otherwise we cover them as new news comes out.

actually, we've covered many

actually, we've covered many of those subjects, especially zionism. we've had ralph schoenman, author of "the hidden history of zionism" on many times.

do your research about who you are criticizing or get off the pot ;)

hey look, a guns and butter

hey look, a guns and butter representative! :)

looking forward to the show!

The Guns and Butter/Griffin

The Guns and Butter/Griffin interview is not directly linked (at the time of this writting). Here it is: