Sound Bites

In this age of sound bites and fast-moving entertainment, many adults may have the attention-span of a child. Moreover, many people have such strong preconceptions about what happened on 9/11, that they will not listen to new information about what really happened on 9/11 if you try to engage them in a long, rational discussion (they are too good at filtering out new information which comes in through normal channels).

So what's the answer?

Hit 'em fast and hard with a one-liner which makes a winning point in a humorous or unusual way, and so slips 9/11 truth in "under the radar" before they have a chance to censor it out.

Here are some readers' ideas for 9/11 sound bites.

"Why hasn't Bin Laden been indicted?"

"Mohammed Atta liked pork chops, did cocaine and had a stripper girlfriend. Muslim fanatics are all like that."

"The top floor of the WTC fell down in ten seconds. Wasn't it nice of all the lower floors to just get out of the way?"

"We couldn't stop the planes because the 911 Report insisted that the airforce radar towers were all pointing the wrong way."

"Planes never go missing over London, Frankfurt and Tokyo, but because we were busy on 9/11 we lost some and only found them an hour later."

"You know they found one of the hijacker's passports unmarked in the wreckage of the twin towers. Do you think they should return it to him?"

"Bush didn't leave Sarasota school till 9.30 because he only got the first news at 8.30 and the CIA warning from the month before had only mentioned multiple hijackings."

"When the government made the fake Osama confession video in Dec 2001 they didn't actually intend that you should look at it - you have looked at it haven't you?"

"Do you like it when people lie to you? Then why do you believe it when they tell you that Bin Laden confessed to 9/11?"

"VP Cheney watched flight 77 approach Washington from 50 miles out and he didn't lift a finger. But if he wouldn't discuss it with you I don't see why I should."

"I'd probably get a good cell phone signal if I was 30,000 feet up."

"Is it too late to get the evidence back from China regarding the biggest crime in history? Maybe the Chinese took better care of it than we did."

Keep the one-line sound bites coming. And let me know which ones are "battle-tested" and really work in waking people up.

"Mohammed Atta liked pork

"Mohammed Atta liked pork chops, did cocaine and had a stripper girlfriend. Muslim fanatics are all like that."

oh,gee, that also sounds like the M.O of someone who is brainwashed?

its far more realistic an idealist would have a night of hedonism before he did his fateful act rather than a supposedly brainwashed patsy who was supposed to be a part of such a high level conspiracy....... he went to look for hookers before his mission.

glenn, why would he care

glenn, why would he care about american hookers if he knew he had 72 virgins waiting for him????

$40,000,000 was spent

$40,000,000 was spent investigating the oval office being blown by an intern, yet only $15,000,000 was spent investigating WTC and the Pentagon being blown by Al Qaida.

Glenn: Remember, not


Remember, not everyone even believes in the hijackers.

Deal with the real issues:
the stock options
norman mineta testimony
prior warnings

Glenn, this wasn't just a

Glenn, this wasn't just a day or week before the attacks. Mo Atta was regularly partying like a rock star (and probably running drugs). Maybe he was just blending in, but I doubt it.

one nation under

one nation under Guns/Oil/Drugs

glenn, why would he care

glenn, why would he care about american hookers if he knew he had 72 virgins waiting for him????

Good lord, I thought it was "raisins".

Osama Bin Forgotten. Or ...

Osama Bin Forgotten. Or ... Where in the world is Osama? (sung to the tune of Where in the world is Matt Lauer?)

actually from another angle,

actually from another angle, for a conspiracy with people who supposedly control the media why did we even hear about this potentially damaging blurb about the hi-jackers seeing hookers?

you guys switch gears as to how these 911 planners even saw their own brainwashed patsys.

did they brainwash them to fit the cover story of being islamic fundies or frat boys out for a night of fun?

these planners dont sound like they could plan a party yet alone one of the most devious crimes of the century.

This is awful but I'm afraid

This is awful but I'm afraid to leave any kind of a name.

Anyway, if these are true, these are the best facts to wake people up:

There were no Arab names on the passenger manifests. (So what are the names they were supposed to have been travelling under?)

No steel skyscraper has ever collapsed because of fire but on 9/11/01, three of them did.

as far as the 72 virgins,if

as far as the 72 virgins,if they were willing to ignore the korans tenant about not commiting suicide in their hateful ideology against the west I see no reason why they didnt have some sex before they went.

hey, it makes more sense than a brainwashed patsy.why would the plnners brainwash them to have sex with hookers rather than the cover story of being islamic fundies?

I dont think you guys know as you keep changing your ideas of these plans.

Glenn, this comic reminded

Glenn, this comic reminded me of you.


The Prof.

"Glenn" is the same Bush

"Glenn" is the same Bush shill that posts on APFN under the handle of "Swampfox." I have dealt with him before. He is bad news so just ignore him. He should be black-balled from this web site.

Glenn, I think you expect


I think you expect people who question 9/11 to have some unified theory on everything that happened, where in fact we mostly have personal opinions based on our own personal research. We aren't the ones with the answers.

Perhaps you have the mindset that 'conspiracy theorists' start with the idea of 'the government was involved with 9/11', and then find whatever they can to support it - when in actuality the doubt of the official story comes from the wealth of questions, inconsistencies, coincidences, and bold faced lies found when doing any type of research into 9/11.

I didnt choose to have my personal opinions on subjects surrounding 9/11, I reached them only after months of reading books, timelines, news reports, etc.. What got me started researching almost 2 years ago was when I heard of the wargames on the morning of 9/11 - 6 to be exact. I would much rather not have any questions about 9/11, but unfortunately that is impossible with any real understanding of the subjects surrounding the event.

You don't have to believe in any specific ideas here, but you do need to keep in mind that everyone here is welcome to their own opinions, and that you can't group every person on this forum into the labels that you wish to portray us all as.

Glen, I'm just waiting for

Glen, I'm just waiting for you to become the biggest 9/11 Truth advocate on here. You spend enough time here already.

But seriously, has this become the Glenn blog? It would probably be more valuable to reply to each other (or the topic) than to him.

To dz......I will repeat.

To dz......I will repeat. Glenn is a PAID BUSH SHILL Trust me on that one. I knew this would happen when 9/11 blogger was mentioned on TV. You can't reason with him. He works for the man. This is a great 9/11 truth web site. Don't let him screw it up.

I forget who he was quoting

I forget who he was quoting but I remember a great quote in a Krugman column:

You can't get someone to understand something that he is paid not to understand.

I heard something similar.

I heard something similar. You can't get someone to understand something when their livelihood depends on them not understanding it. ... Which also reminds me of a lumberjack relative of mine who says: You can't wipe your butt with a spotted owl. I can't get them to look at 9/11 either, because they love Bush since he is letting them cut down all the forests.