9/11 Truth Calling Oprah!

I was on the fence about posting this, I just did not think Oprah would ever speak out about the events of 9/11, and it would be a waste of time and effort for all of us. However, I was talking to Reprehensor and he made the statement that a year ago, nobody every thought CNN would ever step up to the plate. So, without further adieu:


An Appeal from TvNewsLIES.org

For more than five years now, the entire mainstream corporate news media apparatus has been controlled by a handful of behind-the-scene power brokers. In all that time there has been a total blackout on any mention, never mind discussion, of the truth behind the events of 9/11.
Recent events, however, suggest that there may be a breach in this wall of silence. It seems that the only way for the 9/11 truth movement to attract the attention of the public is for well-known individuals in the entertainment arena to come forward and demand the truth.
Therefore, I am suggesting that a powerful, focused effort be made to inform Ms. Oprah Winfrey of the piles of evidence that give lie to the official story of 9/11. I also suggest that we try to convince this very powerful woman to use her show as a format for that evidence to be presented to the viewing public.
I am offering my services to review and coordinate a presentation to Ms. Winfrey because I know how to keep the message focused and bulletproof. We cannot afford to be distracted by minutia or a myriad of theories. The last thing we need is to talk about a suspicious flash on a wing when we have authentic videos of the collapse of a 47 story building along with a confession about its destruction by its owner.

So, to those of you who seek the truth, and to those of you who suspect the truth and to those of you who know the truth about 9/11, I ask your help. Send out an SOS to Oprah Winfrey. Imagine if she were to receive tens of thousands of requests for a series of shows that would reveal the evidence that has been accrued over these years.

Please take five minutes of your time to send a message to the Oprah Winfrey Show, and let her know that you want a show about 9/11. And if you choose to do so, please add that I’d be happy to appear as a representative of the Truth Community. Here’s where you can type in your suggestion for a future show:


Think about it!
Jesse - Editor, TvNewsLIES.org

Hearing about Opra makes me

Hearing about Opra makes me want to dance!

Would You Partake In A

It's time. It's been "time"

It's time. It's been "time" for a LONG time now.

You might have a better

You might have a better chance convincing her about chemtrails, UFOs, bigfoot, the Bildebergers and whatever other hilarity you believe in. Godd luck tho...

Flanshill is making

Flanshill is making generalizations about that which he has no idea about. Flanshill, go pull the wings off of a fly or something.

Personally, I don't think

Personally, I don't think Oprah is going to touch 9/11 Truth with a 10ft. poll, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Flanshill's beliefs: "Even

Flanshill's beliefs:

"Even moderate muslims love death... "

"Islam - the barbarity continues..."

"Young muslims dream of killing infidels..."

"A Muslim with courage - yes, there is at least ONE"

"In the muslim world, Jew-hatred is EVERYWHERE!"

What a nutjob.

Somewhat related to

Somewhat related to informing celebs: I just watched the first third of Loose Change 2nd ed. It has extremely severe factual errors regarding the Pentagon strike. Serious, Meissan-level bullshit. Utterly debunked by many people, including Russell Pickering.

PLEASE, when informing people in visible positions, DO NOT promote any single source as the ultimate truth. MAKE SURE to warn them of mis/disinformation.

=A=, can you be more

=A=, can you be more specific?

For example, what

For example, what information was factually inaccurate and who 'debunked' it. The word debunked is too easy to throw around these days.

Right now Oprah is featuring

Right now Oprah is featuring someone who lost 305 pounds in a single year.

Sure, here are some...

Sure, here are some... inaccuracies:

- A plane part would have had to puncture masonry walls to make the exit hole -- false, the light wells are only three stories deep, no thick masonry walls on the first/second floors.

- Blue tarp-covered object carried away -- no, that was a tent carried into the pentagon area.

- No plane debris -- shitloads of debris on the lawn. Couldn't have been planted, either.

- No parts on a Rolls Royce 757 engine match the ones found inside the building -- untrue, see pentagonresearch.com

- The entry hole was 16 feet wide -- bizarre bullshit, the huge hole is obscured by fire retardant foam in the one photograph the no-planers love so much.

-- Karl Schwarz and his magical JT8D-equipped Skywarrior.

Always being the eternal

Always being the eternal optimist, I think Oprah might just do it but why stop there? I was thinking Barbara Strestand or Tom Hanks. Buy the way I am listening to the Mike Malloy show. It seems Jesse e-mailed him about having David Ray Griffin appear on Oprah's show. Wouldn't that be a bombshell! Malloy pulls through for us again.

one more: - no fire damage

one more:

- no fire damage to book on stand -- there was a thick wall between the book and the impact area before the roof collapsed.

=A=, do you believe the

do you believe the Bush/PNAC adminstration story of the events that took place on Before, on, and after 9-11-2001?

see jack

see jack white


proof of photoshopped pics of the pentagon crash

no way, another shill???

no way, another shill??? youre kidding...

i like this one form -a-... - No plane debris -- shitloads of debris on the lawn. Couldn't have been planted, either.

well, thats it, =a= said it couldnt be planted.. thats enough for me... HAHAHHAHA!!!!

you know something =A= has a

you know something =A= has a good point. i believe is LC2E is the BEST put togther documentary on 9/11 BUT it does have to many points that.....well i wont say debunked...but i will say questionable and whenever you are coming from a position such as ours, anything questionable is automtically deemed as DEBUNKED. so we must stick to as much FACTUAL evidence as we can and put questionable evidence in a "Questionable" frame and label it as "NOT FACTUAL" but just an irregular occurence that happened that day.

"Blue tarp-covered object

"Blue tarp-covered object carried away -- no, that was a tent carried into the pentagon area." It didn't look like a tent to me. And aren't tents "set up" on site? Why carry one into the area. Got some more pictures of this tent?
Shit loads of debris? You mean some scraps confiscated by guys in business suits?
Foam-filled hole?
Wrong engine for 757?
How much are you paid to post this?

I'm not big on walking huge

I'm not big on walking huge distances, but I'd do it for this.

Oprah is no hero. Another

Oprah is no hero. Another liar by ommission with too much to lose. Just my opinion.

pw, no I do not subscribe to

pw, no I do not subscribe to the official story. I find the Pentagon aspects to be the weakest of the alternative ones, however.

How could all that debris have been planted? There were too many witnesses there. Sure, maybe a part or two, but all of it?

For the tent, see http://www.pentagonresearch.com - it was assembled on the highway, carried near to the building.

The photograph with the fire engine spraying foam so that just the TOP PART of the very wide entry hole is visible is the source for one of the most infamous pieces of disinfo among 9-11 Truth. Loose Change, among others, says that that's where the fuselage went in and asks where the wings went in, even though the fuselage+wings entered below that hole -- in the part covered by foam IN THAT ONE PHOTO. The tail most likely went through the top part of the hole, although I admit the fit is tight. Still, no way the conspirators would have risked having someone photograph anything else besides a 757.

"How much are you paid to post this?"

Paranoia is a crippling emotion. Couldn't you just believe that I'm an idiot and not paid disinfo? That's what I do when I discover stupidity among 9-11 research.

Oh, one more unfortunate item in LC: the study about cell phones in high altitude...done in CANADA.

Just because I'm paranoid

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean 9/11 wasn't an inside job, and that there aren't disinfo agents to keep it that way.

=A=, have you really looked

=A=, have you really looked at the damage at the pentagon? When looking at the damage in the photos below, I really find it impossible that a 757 crashed there.



You also fail to explain the engine part seen in the picture below which is obviously not from a 757 either.


=A=: I agree that Loose

I agree that Loose Change isn't as "hot" as a lot of people claim, and often I've posted alternatives.

However, keep this in mind =A=, you are only addressing the speculative aspects (demolition, noplane, etc).

There are many other issues that do not deal with these speculations, and it is important to understand that there is more to 9/11 "truthseekers" than controlled demolition and the pentagon lawn.

Ideally, skeptics would spend 30 days researching all the information, then come up with their own conclusion.

This attempt to debunk speculative aspects does nobody any good.

How come the infamous Arabs

How come the infamous Arabs couldn't learn to fly a Cessna, yet they could do precision acrobatics with a jumbo jet?

I still can't find the

I still can't find the "tent" pictures you are referring to.

I sent the following message

I sent the following message (below) to Oprah on the link provided the other day. Sure, it is one of thousands sent to her show, but you never know who might be reading and have the ability to act on it. You at least have to try.

"Please consider having a show regarding all the questions about 911. I am a government lawyer. I have been trying cases for over 28 years. There is little evidence to support the US Govt.'s conspiracy theory that 19 middle eastern men with box cutters hijacked and flew 4 planes, evading the US military, hitting 3 out of 4 targets.

There is much evidence that the WTC towers .... including Tower 7 which was NOT hit by a plane ...were imploded with explosions.

Our Democracy is in very great danger. The truth WILL set us free. Will you have Charlie Sheen on your show? Will you have other 911 skeptics like Profession Stephen Jones? Also see: http://www.tvnewslies.org/html/9_11_truth_calling_oprah.html"

Thank you for your consideration.

this is the only pic of the

this is the only pic of the "tent" I've ever seen.


...and it sure does look

...and it sure does look more like a "box" than a "tent" to me.

blue tarp -

blue tarp - http://www.pentagonresearch.com/090.html

i've never seen that before. it definitely is a tent, and it is hollow.

DHS: Yes, I agree that Loose

DHS: Yes, I agree that Loose Change could be better. Granted, it was made by a 22-year-old in his basement or something, and it is still quite good. Imagine is some major production company did a high-budget 9/11 documentary!!! Case closed!!!

thats what i mean by

thats what i mean by speculation....

gonna need a Loose Change 3 lol.

That's why I have to make a video that doesn't deal with the speculations.

I have great skepticism

I have great skepticism about films like "Loose Change" because it deals with speculation and many items in it can be proven invalid.

It worries me that pushing videos like this will hurt the effort if/when some of the items it pushes are proven wrong, because there are many other issues that should be addressed first.

=A=: Interesting tent

=A=: Interesting tent pictures. Now if you only had some pics of AA77 slamming into the Pentagon...

"have you really looked at

"have you really looked at the damage at the pentagon?"


I recognise that many honest people have genuine trouble reconciling the entry hole with the fact that a jetliner drove through there, but that's almost certainly what happened.

If the coverup with the video confiscations etc. was meant to create a tar pit for 9-11 skeptics, it worked real well.


That's just what I was talking about, that IS a 757 engine part! Not the large fan at the front, obviously, but one of the smaller ones inside.

"Ideally, skeptics would spend 30 days researching all the information, then come up with their own conclusion."

I've been studying 9-11 for a bit over a year now, though not very intensively.

"This attempt to debunk speculative aspects does nobody any good."

I disagree, bad logic and poor analysis need to be pointed out. (Of course, spreading 9-11 Truth in general comes first.)

Oh, and it would be awesome if Oprah gave 9-11 fair coverage :)

"Now if you only had some

"Now if you only had some pics of AA77 slamming into the Pentagon..."

Ask the US Government. :(

=A=: Interesting tent

=A=: Interesting tent pictures. Now if you only had some pics of AA77 slamming into the Pentagon...
Anonymous | 03.30.06 - 1:37 pm | #

good call. when the Moussaoui trial is over, the video from the pentagon should be released, unless they can make another excuse to keep it locked up.

although, 4.5 years later...even i could fake all the video necessary to show a boeing hitting the pentagon...but that still won't explain -

why FAA thought is was a military jet.

why the pilot made such an amazing maneuver to hit an unoccupied portion of the building.

why Rumsfeld is quoted as saying a missile hit the pentagon.

why the Pentagon people were totally oblivious to the attacks, yet cancelled their flights the day before due to a threat assessment.

why no fighters were launched until after all buildings were hit.

why the FBI felt the need to confiscate all video in the nearby neighborhood that may have been filming the pentagon when it was hit.

why Rumsfeld was telling Congress on 9-10 that $2 trillion was unaccounted for and then the evening of 9-11 was telling congress that more money needed to be pumped into the missile defense. (how bout you find that $2 trillion first - you SOB)

(BTW it's annoying how this

(BTW it's annoying how this forum duplicates posts)

"why FAA thought is was a military jet"

Because Hani Hanjour was piloting it like the semi-competent maniac that he was?
(Yeah I know, the plane might have been on remote control, too)

"why Rumsfeld is quoted as saying a missile hit the pentagon"

Because he wanted to deepen the tar pit?

"why FAA thought is was a

"why FAA thought is was a military jet"

Because Hani Hanjour was piloting it like the semi-competent maniac that he was?

hey =A= how does FAA thinking it was a military jet link in any way with Hani piloting like a semi-competent manic?

"is this real world or exercise?"

FAA asks W.VA police to investigate possible downing of flight 77 after making turn over Ohio/WVa border.

war games used as distraction.

plane reappears 40 mins later near DC.

dick cheney's aid, "the plane is 50 miles out, 30 miles, 10 miles out. do the order still stand?"

"of course they do, have you heard anything to the contrary?"

nothing happens.

so what happened?

ask questions. demand answers.

that's all we are doing here.

I have made a demo of my 911

I have made a demo of my 911 anthem in the hope that someone has a good idea of who might stick their neck on the line and record it. Don't comment on my singing please, only the material. Click on my homepage to go straight there.

I once saw an episode of

I once saw an episode of Oprah where one of her guests was a little black girl who idolized Condi Rice. They showed this video segment where the girl talked about how she wrote Condi a letter praising her and telling her what an inspiration she is to young black children. Then Oprah surprised the girl by having Condi herself come out from the back and meet the girl. She hugged Condi and was crying and stuff.

Anyway, my point is that I don't see Oprah pulling a 180 and trying to implicate Condi as a terrorist. They might even be friends. Oprah is a billionaire and has many friends in high places. Aside from that, I seriously doubt she really wants to commit career suicide.

Just my opinion.

Nutjob, you seem very sane.

Nutjob, you seem very sane. I too doubt Oprah would come within a million miles of any 9/11 truth movement.