Bravo Charlie!!!

Thank you Mike for this submission. Drop Charlie Sheen a line here:

Charlie, like his father Martin Sheen is a free thinker and now at great risk to himself and his career is speaking freely as well. Bravo Charlie. The intent of this hastily built web site is to give Charlie Sheen the support he so deserves, it's also hoped that the sentiments expressed here will encourage others to step into the light as well. Click on the "Say Bravo Charlie" link to the right to let Charlie Sheen know he has support. The uninitiated might also want to take a look at some of the links under "911 The Evidence" Take a look and then make up your own mind.

You'd think that this poor

You'd think that this poor actor could at LEAST get the 9/11 date right.

But then again, it's in perfect keeping with his total lack of knowledge of the facts of 9/11.

Well thanks for that

Well thanks for that shill'tastic comment.

Hey guys... remember that

Hey guys... remember that question, "Why didn't Bush plant WMD in Iraq to justify the invasion?"

Heh, just found this on my site.

"They come in the summer of 2003, bringing in Iraqis, interviewing them,” the UN source said. “Then they start talking about WMD and they say to [these Iraqi intelligence officers] that ‘Our President is in trouble. He went to war saying there are WMD and there are no WMD. What can we do? Can you help us?’"

The source said intelligence officers understood quickly what they were being asked to do and that the assumption was they were being asked to provide WMD in order for coalition forces to find them.

“But the guys were thinking this is absurd because anything put down would not pass the smell test and could be shown to be not of Iraqi origin and not using Iraqi methodology,” the source added."

Are you bothered by my

Are you bothered by my perfectly factual statement, a007?

"Are you bother by my

"Are you bother by my perfectly factual statement, a007?"

"his total lack of knowledge of the facts of 9/11"

That's obviously an opinion, and not a fact.


Hearing about Charlie Sheen

Hearing about Charlie Sheen makes me want to go out and dance!

Anonymous' post sent a shill

Anonymous' post sent a shill down my spine. ;)

Anonymous' post sent a shill

Anonymous' post sent a shill down my spine.
Alan Strangis | 03.30.06 - 9:20 am | #

LOL :)

Don't these paid neo-con shills get it? By giving our questions about 9/11 any attention, they automatically lend credence to them. Your constant annoying posts here, oh brave Anon troll, is only validating everything we say. Thank you! :)

It is not our job to prove

It is not our job to prove anything other than the fact that their theory/answers do not stand up to even the most elementary evaluation of the evidence.

Actually as a theory its not even internally consistant.

Yet based on the official theory we have now invaded two countries, killed tens if not hundreds of thousand people, destroyed our civil rights, the constitution, and system of checks and balances, justify torture, illegal spying, ect.

Its as if a judge said to a defense attorney, ' although you have shown through solid physical and cicumstantial evidence that the prosecutions case against your client is riddled with errors and the evidence presented points to the guilt of a completely different party with intricate ties to the prosecutor and possible this judge, I am going to support a guilty verdict with all of the prosecutors insane requests for punishment on your client and any anyone else the prosecution would like to submit.

Until you can prove the guilt of this other party and every detail of how they accomplished it..............

The ruling stands.

And I further rule ...that you must prove their guilt without the benefit of any official investigation, any trial , and any of the powers and resources of this court and the laws upon which this court claims its legitimacy. "

The judge also added at the end:

I would also like to make it very clear that we have already severely tortured the accused and some of his family and aquantences before my ruling today. To even suggest his innocence, would be not only a great embarressment to the court but would imply our own culpabiity in further crimes beyond, yet intricately related to the crime which is being judged before this court.
In addition the reaction of the jury, upon learning that they have not heard almost any of the defences testimony or contrary evidence before reaching their guilty verdict, may turn their anger and thirst for justice, which we have carefully cultivated, on this very court, its members and its proceedings. The jury may even question their own culpabiity in allowing these crimes. That is an event which has ramifications that may be worse than the crime upon which this court sits in judgement.

Thus, the guilty verdict stands.

(please feel free to contribute to this analogy, if you like it)

It is great what Charlei

It is great what Charlei Sheen has done for the 911 movement.

However, I, for one, think the movement is way overdependent on trying to break through to the establishment media. After, these global corps are the global ruling class and it really isn't in their best interests to expose 911 so that it brings down Capitalism.

Now is the time for the 911 movement to take control over the story of 911. Perhaps the best way to do so would be to make our own movie about what really happened on that day.

Charlie Sheen and others like Edward Asner should become executive producers of just such a movie.

It is essential to break the grip that controlled corporate media has on the stories we are told and our own movies just might be the ticket.

Jon Gold goofed... "That's

Jon Gold goofed...

"That's obviously an opinion, and not a fact."

What Charlie Sheen claims is only an opinion too.

Trouble is, all of the claims he makes have been shown to have no merit.

Which means Sheen has no facts.


DJ, there's been such

DJ, there's been such terrible waste of time here today, why don't you just "pull it"?



anon, im dying here..

anon, im dying here.. HAHAHHA!!!!

WTC buildings 1,2 and 7

WTC buildings 1,2 and 7 collapsed as near freefall speed

The concrete, office furniture, computers, carpeting, etc were mostly pulvarized in fine powder and horizonally ejected at an upward angle from the towers WHILE they were collapsing.

The South Tower block that broke off started to topple over. But instead of continuing to topple, it disintegrated into powder in mid air. And then, the lower portion of the tower collapsed.

There were pools of molten metal, pieces of orange/salmon/yellow hot metal, and partly evaporated steel under the towers and WTC 7. Those colors indicate temperatures higher than that could be generated from buring jet fuel, even under optimum (100% oxygen) conditions.

There were dozens and dozens and dozens of statements from fire dept personel and other people giving specific accounts of explosions, bombs, flashes, etc that they thought were controlled demolitions.

The government's version of the collapses (fire, airplane strikes,WTC 7 being hit by debris) defies physics.

ALL the abnormalities can be easily explained by controlled demolitions.

Anyone who can't see that either does not know that facts (Charlie Sheen knows the facts), or is it deep denial.


I have made a demo of my 911

I have made a demo of my 911 anthem in the hope that someone has a good idea of who might stick their neck on the line and record it. Don't comment on my singing please, only the material. Click on my homepage to go stright there.