Details on Upcoming Maryland Loose Change 2 Screening

Got this a few days ago via email, if you are in the area be sure to check it out:

Thursday April 6, 2006 at 7PM
Screening of "Loose Change II"
Sangha 7014 Westmoreland Ave, Takoma Park, Md.
3 blocks from Takoma Park Metro, adjacent to Carroll Ave gazebo stage.

This event is intended to kick off organizing of a DC area 9/11 truth group.

It's no wonder the events

It's no wonder the events happened during the day...The towers would have looked like a couple of sparklers as the fell, had it happened at night.

Good to hear this news. We

Good to hear this news. We need to have more screenings of Loose Change 2.

"Superthermites" use tiny particles of aluminum known as "nanoaluminum" (less than 120 nanometers) in order to increase their reactivity. Mixed with fine metal oxide particles such as micron-scale iron oxide dust, nanoaluminum in superthermite becomes explosive:

Nanoenergetics refers to a broad class of energetic materials and formulations that exploit mechanisms and properties that exist only at the nanoscale. For example, aluminum is a highly reactive metal when produced as nanopowder (size less than 100 nm). Metal powders are an important subset of nanoenergetics. Today it is well known that nanoenergetics can increase performance of explosives, propellants and pyrotechnic devices. The interest and appeal of nanoenergetic formulations lies in their ability to release energy in a controllable fashion, coupled with their higher energy density, relative to conventional organic explosivesÂ…. Recent advances in particle synthesis technology allow commercial scale production of nanoaluminum. (See and, regarding bombs, .)

The possible use of nanoaluminum and superthermite on 9/11 should be further investigated.

Indeed it should Professor Jones...:)

The Center for NanoEnergetics Research is an Army
funded center created in the spring of 2001 and exists
at four university sites, with the University of
Minnesota as the lead institution.

I like the new Evidence to

J, thats something ive


thats something ive always noticed in one of the more famous clips.. if you find the 1st collapse (2nd tower) on DVD you see a ton of glints of light all throughout the top half of the tower.. of course it could just be reflections of the sun, but it looks just like a sparkler..

dz, I toally agree! When I

I toally agree! When I saw it on 911, I thought maybe they were papers, since they were shown blowing around the nyc streets..then I realized, due to distance, that they would have to be HUGE peices of paper. Looks almost like confetti. It'd be great if there were some sort of software that could simulate nightime conditions.

...and apply it to the

...and apply it to the footage, that is.

Colonel Powell - cabinent member talking about the UN speech a fraud

lol..i feel like we are

lol..i feel like we are starting up a network marketing company