Midweek Grab Bag

We've received many submissions asking us to promote the Charlie Sheen interviews CNN far and wide. So.. not that I need to tell anyone here that, but spread the word!!! Continue to bombard CNN, plus use the CNN interviews as leverage to get other news organizations to report on the Sheen interviews. After all, if CNN will report on this story, then every news organization should be willing.

A little light reading for you here, thanks to everyone who submitted news, its coming fast and furious, keep it coming:

Let's not lose the 9/11 Truth momentum

edit: I like this guy's use of exclamation points!!!
Here are e-mail addresses to send follow-up comments / suggestions to:

UPDATE: Contact Anderson Cooper here:

Showbiz Tonight
or http://edition.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form5c.html?23

Larry King Live
or http://edition.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form5.html?12

Paula Zahn Now
or http://edition.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form5.html?11

Lou Dobbs Tonight
or http://edition.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form5.html?9

Say it in your own words, but say it, and say it now !!

9/11 Timeline: New & Improved:

For those conducting general research into the events of 9/11, Thompson has provided a great service, collating a ton of information from the public domain, which at times contradicts the “Official Story”.

Theologian Exposes 9/11 Myth in San Francisco, attend if you can...

Respected author, theologian, David Ray Griffin, has authored two excellent books questioning the official 9-11 narrative. As the 9-11 cover-up is questioned nationally on CNN by actor Charlie Sheen, the Bay Area is poised for the first, in person, 9/11 talks by David Ray Griffin. Will the media accept Sheen's challenge and begin to cover some of the serious questions and facts that Griffin and the 9-11 Truth Movement have raised, or will they ignore the events?


I predict that CNN's decision to cancel actor Ed Asner and 9/11 author Sander Hicks is going to backfire.
Let's make these predictions come true .

Dear Government Employee

Please take your oath seriously -- to defend our country against all enemies, foreign or domestic. Please do the right thing.

'United 93' to Open Tribeca Film Festival. Prepare to lose your lunch. Might I recommend a flyer campaign?



"United 93" chronicles in real time the hijacked United Airlines flight, which passengers tried to retake before it crashed into a field outside Shanksville, Pa.

9-11: Can the Truth Set Us Free?

Moreover, if the official account doesn’t fit the facts, wouldn’t that call into question or invalidate every action and policy that has since been justified with 9/11?

Lookin' for the 911 Truth? "Challenge Me On The Facts!"

Those are the courageous words of Charlie Sheen as he comes out as a 9/11 skeptic. Mr. Sheen has taken a stand. He believes that the government is covering up the truth of 9/11 and he's not afraid to say so.

9/11 -- Eliminating the Impossible

I've seen what happens to those who question the elaborate, tangled explanations the Bush administration offers about what happened, how it happened, who did it, and why they did it. It doesn't matter if those who dare speak truth to the lies are professors, investigative reporters, eyewitnesses, scientists -- "conspiracy theorist" is immediately tattooed on their foreheads. They are jeered at, ridiculed, spat upon and swift-boated right out of the room.

I just sent them e-mails.

I just sent them e-mails.

I went on myspace and put the youtube.com html code for 9/11 Revisited (Updated) and put the video on alot of my friends comments section. I got a couple of positive reactions from people already. I put them up today and the people who responded to me had not heard anything about it.

Heres the html code for the video. I took out the brackets at the beginning and end so it would show up here.

$param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/PWgSaBT9hNU">

David Ray Griffin is not

David Ray Griffin is not respected.

Well, not to rational people devoted to the truth, that is.

Hey dz, your grand lakes is

Hey dz, your grand lakes is jutting out into the right column. I'm using FF.

Grand Lake* image * that is.

Grand Lake* image * that is.

David Ray Griffin is a hero

David Ray Griffin is a hero and a patriot.

Letter I just sent to

Letter I just sent to truthout.org

Dear Marc Ash and Scott Galindez,

There is a groundswell of 9/11 truth hitting the internet and even the television with Charlie Sheen's comment being covered on CNN's Showbiz Tonight for three nights last week. This issue is growing from the grassroots -- the evidence is too compelling -- and, those who continue to deride 9/11 truth as simply "conspiracy theory" are off the mark. I hope you'll join the brave news outlets who are starting to cover this issue.

Just today, there are two more excellent examples of prominent people speaking out: Mark Morford of SFGate.com and Sheila Samples, former U.S. Army Public Information Officer.

Please read these compelling pieces, and then consider including them on your site.

9/11 - Eliminating the Impossible
by Sheila Samples, OpEdNews.com

Long Live the 9/11 Conspiracy!
by Mark Morford, San Francisco Chronicle

Thank you.

just sent Charlie Sheen's

just sent Charlie Sheen's statement to the media out to Lou, Michael Moore, and Larry King, Paula Zann's email is not correct in the post. I also forwarded each of them all of today's posts from 911blogger.

excellent andi Here are

excellent andi

Here are e-mail addresses for truthout -- for what it's worth:

Marc Ash, Executive Director

Scott Galindez, Managing Editor

Hi Sheila, Thanks for

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for writing that piece. I'm with the 9/11 Truth Movement. I wanted to show you where you're wrong. Not to point it out as if, "YOU DID A BAD THING", it's just so you know...

You said in the piece...

"The only proof of their presence is the passport of one Salem Suqami that fluttered through the chaos of explosions, a raging inferno and collapse of buildings and landed, undamaged, on the sidewalk below."

That's not the case...

"The commission released pictures of hijackers' visas -- including the charred remains of Ziad Jarrah's visa, plucked from the wreckage of United Flight 93 near Shanksville, Pennsylvania."



"A “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Student Identity Card” was found in the rubble at the Pentagon with Moqed’s name on it."

This is not a critique, just point it out for your benefit.

Thanks again,

Jon Gold

Salem Suqami Ziad

Salem Suqami
Ziad Jarrah

Which one is still alive?

Thank you Andi for sending

Thank you Andi for sending those emails, that makes all the difference. Sending mine now...

The Professional, just sized

The Professional,

just sized down the image and centered it, any better?

Looks good sir! :+: :+:

Looks good sir! :+: :+:

Thanks Citizen, I'll pass

Thanks Citizen, I'll pass one along, couldnt hurt. Although I did email them 2 days ago and told them since they outright refuse to cover the 9/11 Sheen stuff, to remove me from their email list which I had been a subscriber of for 2 years.

Cool Somebigguy and thanks for the easy access to the email addresses. It would be nice to get Anderson Cooper's address too, Ive been looking for it but can't find it listed at CNN.

You guys gotta check out

You guys gotta check out this thread...the charlie sheen thing is really working...!


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* need to be corrisponding brackets.

Heres the direct link to 9/11 on youtube

9/11 Revisited

Sibel Edmonds just won the

Sibel Edmonds just won the annual PEN/Newman's Own First Amendment Award; the acceptance speech on April 18 could be very interesting, see


I can't find an email for

I can't find an email for Anderson Cooper either, but I found his blog, we should be able to leave comments here:


Notice on his site, he used the following statement:

"Be honest about what you see, get out of the way and let the story reveal itself."

Which kind of sounds a little like Steven Jones's statement of "let the chips fall where they may."

Anyway, make sure you use that statement against him if he refused to look at the evidence.

Found this site to send

Found this site to send Anderson a message, let him have it:


tonight is the big night in

tonight is the big night in oakland!!!! i cant wait.. i hope to meet a few of you guys there...

ill be there with a black baseball cap and a black sweatshirt... im 6.3 and have big yellow plugs in my ears... HAHAHAHAH!!!!