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Here it is: an absolutely exceptional inside scoop on the white-hot world of Sept. 11 conspiracy theories, writ large and smart by Mark Jacobson over at New York magazine, and it's mandatory reading for anyone and everyone who's ever entertained the nagging thought that something -- or rather, far more than one something -- is deeply wrong with the official line on what actually happened on Sept. 11.

See, it is very likely that you already know that Sept. 11 will go down in the conspiracy history books as a far more sinister affair than, say, the murky swirl of the Kennedy assassination. You probably already know that much of what exactly happened on Sept. 11 remains deeply unsettling and largely unsolved -- or to put another way, if you don't know all of this and if you fully and blithely accept the official Sept. 11 story, well, you haven't been paying close enough attention.

But on this, the third anniversary of the launch of Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq by way of whoring the tragedy of Sept. 11 for his cronies' appalling gain, what you might not know, what gets so easily forgotten in the mists of time and via the endless repetition of the orthodox Sept. 11 tale, is the sheer volume, the staggering array of unanswered questions about just about every single aspect of Sept. 11 -- the planes, the WTC towers, the Pentagon, the fires, the passengers and the cell phone calls and the firefighters and, well, just about everything. It is, when you look closely, all merely a matter of how far down the rabbit hole you are willing to go.

Verily, Jacobson, in his New York mag piece, encounters crackpots and fringe nutballs and those who think Sept. 11 was connected to aliens and electromagnetic fields and the Illuminati. It can, unfortunately, get a little crazy. But there is also a very smart, grounded, intelligent and surprisingly large faction -- which includes eyewitnesses, Sept. 11 widows, former generals, pilots, professors, engineers, WTC maintenance workers and many, many more -- who point to a rather shocking pile of evidence that says there is simply no way 19 fanatics with box cutters sent by some bearded lunatic in a cave could have pulled off the most perfectly orchestrated air attack of the century. Not without serious help, anyway.
There is also the very big question of what happened to 7 WTC, the only building not hit by anything at all, but which collapsed anyway, in a perfect controlled-demolition sort of way, for no reason anyone can sufficiently explain. But which just so happened to contain vital offices for the IRS, the Department of Defense, the CIA, the Secret Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission and more.
The overwhelming quantity, the bloody, deadly stench of it. Fact is, it is quite impossible to watch the entire "Loose Change" documentary and not come away just a little shaken, a little awed by the sheer number of perversely interrelated facts and aberrant coincidences-that-aren't-coincidences, shaking your head at how it all seems to irrefutably prove there is far, far more to the Sept. 11 tragedy than just crazy Osama and his band of zealots, as you begin to sink into a sighing morass of rage and frustration and suspicion and mistrust. You almost can't help it.

Of course, there is another option. There is another way out. You may, as is the standard cultural default, simply ignore it all, scoff and roll your eyes and shrug it all off because it's just too bleak and distasteful to entertain the idea that the dark Sept. 11 thread winds all the way through the NSA and the FBI and the White House and the Project for the New American Century and Dick Cheney's mangled soul and God only knows where else.

But then again, no. You have to look. You have to try. Knowledge is power, and while the truth may be spurious and slippery and messy and deep, the pursuit of it is just about the only thing we have left. Give that up, and all that's left is spiritual numbness, emotional stasis and death. So what are you waiting for?

This article has been getting rave reviews from the viewers here, and has been submitted several times today, be sure to check it out and send in feedback.

Thanks Chander (and everyone else) for the heads up!

Look what they wrote about

Look what they wrote about her in the Associated Press...

wasnt the government going

wasnt the government going to show the moussaoui jury the pentagon crash tapes?

did that happen?

check out

no, they decided not to show

no, they decided not to show the footage.. which i believe means their reasoning for not releasing it to the public no longer holds weight..

Wow. So what will be next?

Wow. So what will be next? The tapes was destroyed in... uhm... well, we had to... hmmm... uhm... eh, well, shut up!

Theres no stopping us! We want freedom!!

"no, they decided not to

"no, they decided not to show the footage.. which i believe means their reasoning for not releasing it to the public no longer holds weight.."


"The actual audio recordings of radiophone calls by flight attendants on Flight 11 have been played in public before. But to avoid inflaming the jury at this sentencing trial, prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed instead to read an account of the flight, including major sections of the phone call transcripts."

I don't know if you know or not, but a man by the name of Scott Hodes of has been trying for a while through FOIA requests to get the videos of the Pentagon released.

The reason for denying his request was as follows...

"Release of the document responsive to plaintiff's FOIA request would threaten to interfere with the criminal prosecution of Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person to be brought to trial in the United States for the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. The process of selecting prospective jurors for the penalty phase of Moussaoui's trial is expected to begin in late 2005. Therefore, the FBI withheld the responsible record, a CD-ROM of time-lapse images from Pentagon security cameras, pursuant to Exemption 7(A) because its release could reasonably be expected to interfere with that law enforcement proceeding. Federal prosecutors may ask the Court to impose the death penalty. Widespread dissemination of this record could present significant harm to the government's criminal case."

That reason no longer has merit because as we just found out, "to avoid inflaming the jury at this sentencing trial, prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed instead to read an account of the flight, including major sections of the phone call transcripts".

They're not going to be needing those pesky tapes it seems... no reason to hide them any longer.



A transcript of what Bob Fisk actually said.

U.S. Rep. McKinney Accused

U.S. Rep. McKinney Accused Of Hitting Officer, Arrested



So long Andrew

Highly recommend the Fisk

Highly recommend the Fisk speech, KPFA David Ray Griffin interview today and this great SFGate article.

Time to get the posse

Time to get the posse together? Cynthia McKinney's home was also recently vandalized.

Like someone said, do we

Like someone said, do we follow Martin or do we follow Malcolm?

Incredible piece by Mark

Incredible piece by Mark Morford. Best I've seen!

That's very worrisome about Cynthia McKinney. Very suspicious. She really needs to watch her back. What a world.

I think we should do

I think we should do something to support her. If there are any truthers in her area... EHEM...

check mckinney on cnn story

check mckinney on cnn story - 911 mentioned

Yes, but notice CNN's

Yes, but notice CNN's version of the AP story left out Dennis Hastert's spokesman.

Read about Dennis Hastert

Read about Dennis Hastert here.

It's interesting to hear

It's interesting to hear Fisk's comments. I asked him about 9/11 a few months back when he came to speak at USC. Surprisingly, though, he had not heard of Michael Meacher (British MP and 9/11 skeptic).

I see it's time for the

I see it's time for the bastards to intimidate, smear, & discredit McKinney now!

thats what im saying about

thats what im saying about mckinney - the language being used petition should petition should hit 10,000 sometime in April...

Maybe right in time for the release of that United 93 movie.

Coincidence? I think

Coincidence? I think so...
"A New name in the 9/11 plot surfaces."

Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has told interrogators that at least 34 individuals were "participants" in the attacks on New York and the Pentagon, including a mysterious Jordanian who supposedly prepared 10 of the hijackers for their grisly task by training them to butcher camels and sheep with Swiss Army knives.

Mohammed's statements were read aloud in court this week during the sentencing trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person charged in the United States as a co-conspirator in the terrorist attacks.....

Last I heard, KSM

Last I heard, KSM "disappeared" within U.S. Custody. As it turns out, Bush is the one who WANTED him to "disappear".

Speaking of movies and with

Speaking of movies and with the recent cancellation of further discussion of the issue on ShowBiz Tonite why doesn't the 911 truth movement consider making a movie about what really happened on 911.

I mean what better way to get the word out to large numers of people than via the big screen?

Charley Sheen and Edward Asner could be approached about exective producing to raise money. Maybe Sheen could direct or whatever. The movie could be done along with all the other actions that people are taking to bring the truth to the world about 911 being an inside job.

Or maybe we could come up with some money and do it ourselves.

I think going through the process of making a truth movie about 911 would be extremely helpful to the movement in that it would really have people focus on telling the clearst most meaininful story possible about the inside job carried out against all of us on Sept. 11, 2001. A very large number of very diverse people would have to work in a highly cooperative manner to get this done.

The movie could start with William Rodriguez going to work. Or it could start with the power down on the weekend before the attack or with the Northwoods docs or?

I know its a stretch but we grow tired of waiting for establishment orgs like CNN to cover the issue fairly. Lets take it out of their control.

That my post. Rip away.

Hmmm... Now why would Bush

Hmmm... Now why would Bush want KSM to "disappear"? Why would Bush want the alleged, "Mastermind" behind 9/11 to "disappear"? According to him, it's because he provides useful information. Useful, or DANGEROUS? If it's "dangerous" to the Administration, he's already dead, and the REAL "Mastermind" is sitting in D.C.

What happened with the CNN

What happened with the CNN march?

Looks like CNN "pulled it"

It's not as much the

It's not as much the Chronicle, but Mark Morford's special column. You really should put his name up there, just as you would any other unique author.

Great article. Best I have

Great article. Best I have read so far. How could anyone with half a brain believe the "Official Story" Why people have not taken to the streets is beyond me.

I wrote to Robert Fisk a

I wrote to Robert Fisk a couple of weeks ago. He said that he was waiting for the conclusive proof that would show government complicity in 911, which he felt did not yet exist. If he had that proof, he said he would be the first to follow that lead himself.

Sounds to me as though he is half-way there. What troubles me is his conversation with the family of Jarrahi, the alleged 'hijacker'. That seems to me quite important evidence, though I am not sure what of.

By the way, a really great

By the way, a really great way to get banned from commenting on this blog forever is to spam it repeatedly with the same message in the comments over and over again. I'm just putting folks on notice, talk about the 9/11 inside job conspiracy theory again, and you're banned. The folks pushing this theory thought it would be cute to have a bunch of them spam the blog with it over and over again. Well, that was a bad idea. You are free to discuss whatever you want, but when you coordinate to take over the comments in an effort to just harass me and other folks reading this blog, you cross a line.

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Americablog thinks 9/11 is a

Americablog thinks 9/11 is a dirty word?

Sorry, I should clarify that

Sorry, I should clarify that the threat to ban bloggers was posted on Americablog following some discussion on an open thread yesterday.

They basically said go over

They basically said go over to 911blogger if you want to talk about 911.

Although the cancellation of

Although the cancellation of Ed Asner's piece was a major blow, be shouldn't feel too bad. CNN DID give FOUR nights to 9/11 Truth, and we now have all these new visitors

which I think is amazing!

Never Settle... Jamestown

Never Settle...

Jamestown was centuries ago.

just enough for a breather

just enough for a breather

I swear the internet is like

I swear the internet is like a gold mine. Just keep digging and you'll find gold.

This is what happens when

This is what happens when you post a perfectly good Mark Morford article at an AIPAC-Whipped Left Gatekeeper site like

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Posted: 2006-03-29 21:26

Oh goody. A conspiracy topic for me to lock.

This is one of two, yes?


This topic is locked; no new posts may be added
(well that's the url until they "burn the book" AKA delete it)

What's funny is, they used to LOVE Mark Morford articles there. Enter "Mark Morford" in the search field near the top left, note they used to routinely reprint MM articles on their home page.

Well this thread still lives

Well this thread still lives at, at least until BoardNanny (BoloNanny? BoardoBoffin??) decides it's unfit,

"Video: CNN, FOX: Charlie Sheen doubts Official 9/11 Story, 83% agree"

(note all links therein point to 911blogger!)

I had a similar experience

I had a similar experience on re the Sheen story.
This is a Big Apple site and they were really offended by what Charlie said. Did none of them hear the explosions on their way to the morning dance class?

I wrote Mark Morford,

I wrote Mark Morford, thanking him for his terrific article. It would be great if any of you did the same, as a show of support: how the hell are we how the hell are we supposed to FIGHT back?! How do we, as American citizens, fight back against this evil axis of control that is running the United States of America?! When do i get to rise up in arms, along with every other person in the world that KNOWS the TRUTH, against the Bush Regime, and the 9/11 conspirators? When do I get to defeat this evil presence in America?! WHEN?!

Well smirkingchimp since

Well smirkingchimp since deleted the 2 911 truth threads I posted there and pointed to above. Click on them, leads to a page with no title and saying "post 0 of 1", IE they burned the book. Oh yeah, my new profile was banned too, didn´t last 24 hours.

As 911 Truth gathers more and more attention (MSM breakthroughs!), Left Gatekeeper, Israel-First sites like SC look sillier and sillier trying to supress dialog of it. Shame, shame.

Finaly people are starting

Finaly people are starting to talk about this issue. I am from Holland and the last 2 years I have been studying 911. I am just amazed how long the american covernment could keep such a loose end story alive. It's about time a real investigation starts. Sorry to say but it's time for a (peacefull) revolution. Good luck to everyone who wants to know the from holland

A couple of cocerns I have

A couple of cocerns I have are:

(1) Does anyone think the government will ever, ever release any evidence that would incriminate them?

(2) Even if a new independent investigation is ever started, how far can it go when there is no know physical evidence out there.

I am so upset because I believe that this one will go down in the history books and the true perpetrators will never be brought to justice.

Jon Carroll (S.F. Chronicle)

Jon Carroll (S.F. Chronicle) did another 9/11 article today only about his belief conspiracy theories are a distraction. Please complain to about his lazy man's, "we need to deal with today's problems" article.

Speaking of Sheen, and Alex

Speaking of Sheen, and Alex Jones, Maybe the mainstream media thought that having these two speaking up would backfire on the movement. If so, the were wrong!

People interested in

People interested in following the ins and outs of Dennis Hastert should look at disclosedenny. It's produced by Lukery.

Also Sibel Edmonds had this to say about Lukery's blog at wotisitgood4: ""Your Blog is the best one out there connecting the dots in my case; thank you for all your hard work." (She liked his work so much she sought out an interview with him!)

A lot of gritty, detailed analysis at both sites. Great reads for those following the GOP corruption links.

When do I get to defeat this

When do I get to defeat this evil presence in America?! WHEN?!

Its called voting for a new Presidential administration. It happens every four years.

If you think that's fixed too try moving to Iran or Cuba I hear they love citizens who speak there mind. Especially ones wo speak against there administration.