Actor & Director Ed Asner Shares 9/11 Concerns

Award winning director, producer and actor Ed Asner is the latest high profile public figure to voice his support for Charlie Sheen's stance on 9/11 and share his own concerns about 9/11, the war in Iraq and the Neo-Cons.

Speaking to The Alex Jones Show Asner, best known for his Emmy-winning role as Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, echoed Charlie Sheen's sentiments in stating, "I became suspicious of 9/11 on the day it happened."

"I will always be that suspect of it and challenge it and challenge various points of it," said Asner.

Asner agreed that the official story of 9/11 and the Kean Commission investigation was a fable and a fraud.

"I do not buy it and I would challenge it, I know all of these points....the standing down," said Asner. Asner questioned why no authority figures had been fired for their inability to prevent 9/11.

"Nobody in high office has ever paid the penalty for keeping us unprepared for 9/11, no one has paid the price and I cite the fact that Abu Ghraib was another typical example of the way this government works," said Asner.

"It's very easy to think of 9/11 to think of being yet another cause of being able to generate war in this country, " said Asner as he compared 9/11 to past examples of manufactured provocations such as the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the attack on the Maine and Pearl Harbor.

"Many of the purported hijackers are living persons elsewhere," said Asner highlighting a story reported by BBC and others that several of the so-called perpetrators of 9/11 visited their embassies in protest that they had been identified as terrorists.
Asner questioned why CNN chose to cancel his scheduled spot on Showbiz Tonight. After speaking to inside sources within CNN we were able to confirm that the order came down from a higher office to "kill" the story, despite the fact that the issue had generated the most interest Showbiz Tonight had ever encountered.

i really was hoping to get

i really was hoping to get to see him interviewed on the subject.

here is an article by him on 9/11:

and here is a video from him on 9/11 (just search for asner):

Can you imagine what would

Can you imagine what would have happened if Asner actually made it to CNN the other night? We were that close...




The alive hijackers may be

The alive hijackers may be the weakest point of all what Sheen and Jones talking about. It was already dismissed by german Spiegel research. You won't find anybody that confirms the story- even the BBC reporter or the other mainstream reporters which reported about this issue in the first days won't confirm it- in fact they are pissed in case you asking them- for their investigative failures.

So, lets return to the demolition, the stand down, the weird plane crash sites, the tracking of the patsies, the cover-up and on and on and on.

Sit: His main


His main arguments(demands) were Building 7 and Pentagon Footage.

That'd be a good name for a band...either of them.

Loose Change 2nd Edition

Loose Change 2nd Edition lists 8 or 9 alive hijackers. Is this part of the film unreliable?

Unreliable- not. It was

Unreliable- not. It was reported. But german newsmagazine "Der Spiegel" did search for this allegations in 2003 and found no hard evidence to prove it. They contacted Al-Jazeera as well as the BBC. None of the reporters stood by their reports afterwards, no claim was proveable.

The Spiegel hadn't the intention to disprove the official theory- the cherry picked this one for an easy going.

You can put it under "weak issues", maybe it was distributed to strenghten the myth of hijackers overall. We have other, better issues for use. Be careful!

God, I wish we knew the name

God, I wish we knew the name of the person at CNN who killed the story and the interview. We would be that much closer to knowing one more of the behind the scenes corporatist enemies to be hunted after the fall of this government. Because these folks are the true enemies of the Republic and must be brought to justice.

they and their middle managers, the neocons, must all be brought to justice. You define it.

WOW!!!! I believe I have

WOW!!!! I believe I have just entered the *Twilight Zone*

Y'all sound like a bunch of whack jobs.

If "Crazy" Ed sincerely

If "Crazy" Ed sincerely believes the U.S. gov't murdered almost 3,000 of its own people just to further there own agenda...why doesn't he move to another country. Why live in a country where the gov't indiscriminately murders its own for political advancement.

The reason he stays.. because he is just another empty headed white guilt ridden moron.