Michael Ruppert Weighs in on Recent Media Coverage


There Are Good Reasons Why 9/11 is Having Its 15 Minutes of Fame Now - Look at Who's In the Spotlight

Michel Chossudovsky, Paul Thompson, Nafeez Ahmed, Mike Ruppert, Dan Hopsicker; these are the people who were front and center with credible, original, and groundbreaking research and investigation in the months following the attacks of September 11th. For the next three years, almost every major, incontrovertible piece of evidence showing government complicity in the attacks originated from this group. Add to this list David Ray Griffin, the late-comer author of two excellent books deconstructing the US government's 'explanation' of the attacks, and you have encompassed five of the best-selling books about 9/11 - books which thoroughly and reliably discredit the US government. It is also from these scholars, investigative journalists, and researchers that almost every now-standard, unanswered issue debunking the government's position originated.

There are other writers and researchers who made serious contributions to our knowledge of 9/11, but these five were there 'firstest with the mostest.'
Watching all the recent hullabaloo about Alex Jones interviewing Charlie Sheen and then both making the 'big time' on CNN, you'd think that questions about the attacks, now four-and-a-half years old, were new news. In this latest media 'frenzy' (yawn) which has Alex Jones parading like a puffed-up superstar version of Edward R. Murrow and a slightly-deranged, multi-pierced, obviously unstable, researcher named Nico Haupt wrapping himself in an ill-fitting label as the new 'avant garde' of the 9/11 movement, 9/11 truth has sadly and predictably rounded a corner from Solid Avenue onto Surreal Boulevard. Add to this list of movement 'leaders' Webster Tarpley, a former senior researcher for Lyndon LaRouche - whose intellectual capacity far exceeds his street smarts - and you have what the world now 'sees' as the only real threats to the US version of events.
This was all predictable. This has all happened before. The pattern hasn't changed much in 40 years.

The authors that Ruppert references are all due large credit for their wealth of research - which has to some degree or another served as an initial basis for most other 9/11 research. However, this list is missing other very prominent figures who have done the same as well, whether Ruppert thinks so or not.

Given the somewhat brash tone of Ruppert's article I think it is only fair to provide some constructive criticism.

Part of the issue which he discusses is directly caused by prominent and respectable figures not leading the way of 9/11 activism. When prominent researchers such as Griffin, Hoffman, and countless others spend their time writing new material, making public speeches, publishing books and dvds they are promoting the spread of 9/11 awareness - they are 'practicing what they preach' and 'leading by example'.

Were it not for many of the 9/11 activists that Ruppert might disagree with the interest in the subject of 9/11 may have dwindled into nothing a year ago. I would suggest that Ruppert should begin spending more time devoting himself to 9/11, less time criticizing those that are doing just that, and be more focused on leading by example.

This is just me ranting, no disrespected intended.

In the "huh???" category,

In the "huh???" category, check out this article by Darly Bradford Smith, where he calls everyone from 911Blogger to Scholars for 9/11 Truth criminals:



And a shame to see Eric

And a shame to see Eric Hufschmid going down the toilet with him.

Did you hear the on-air blowout WingTv had with him yesterday? Oy.....

She also includes links to

She also includes links to 911blogger and other sites that promote idiotic theories, such as the airplanes were illusions created by blue screen technology. Also, she promotes sites that cannot find any Israeli involvement in 9-11.

wtf? why can some people not grasp the idea that we do not 'promote' any damn theories. we cover the 9/11 related news, i have never written an opinion piece on anything like what he is suggesting. i believe we have had a total of 1 link to an article on the suggestion that there were no planes (in a grab bag no less). given the massive amounts of information we cover weekly this is nowhere even close to 'promoting' such theories.

anytime i have ever seen anyone criticize this site their criticisms have illustrated the fact that they have no clue about this site, and no foot to stand on in criticizing it.

we have covered articles here from this author, is that to say we were promoting him? or that we are 'promoting' any of his 'idiotic theories'? no. we are covering the damn news.

damned if you do, damned if you dont..

Ruppert ignore Thierry

Ruppert ignore Thierry Meyssan, who has written two books: The Big Lie and Pentagate.

Both were in the forefront of 9-11 investigation.

I love the confrontational

I love the confrontational tone he takes with Charlie Sheen.

Hey Mike - I guess we just figured it would be quicker to get Charlie on CNN to talk about 9/11 than to wait for you to get a top rated TV show.

The Perps main design at this point is to have us fighting amongst each other. Nice to see some of us are obliging. Let's see if we can turn this 15 minutes of fame into 15 seconds.


To be quite honest I can't

To be quite honest I can't stomach Mike Ruppert. Ever since he gave his "Elephant Talk" I wrote him off. Thank God he has dropped out of the 9/11 truth movement. We don't need quitters like him. His "Peak Oil" theory is a joke. "Fossil Fuel" is a big oil rue. Try to imagine how many bodies of dead dinosaurs it would take to fill an oil well. I don't want to get into a discussion on Peak Oil. Do a Google search and you will come up with all the answers you need on the Peak Oil myth. Good riddance Ruppert. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out..........Changing the subject, I just returned from seeing Dr. Griffin speak in Oakland. As usual he gave a great talk. The Grand Theater was packed!!! Standing room only. Dr Griffin received a standing ovation at the end of his talk. I will write a full report this weekend and post it on yayacanada.com. Keep the faith truth seekers, we are going to win this thing. The 9/11 truth movement is growing exponentially. It is just a matter of time until we reach critical mass.

iamthewitness.com is

iamthewitness.com is retarded.

Sorry maddog. I understand

Sorry maddog. I understand people may
dislike Ruppert because he said 911
is no more a priority issue. He thinks
greater dangers are flying around. I
agree with him on that even though
I still think 911 is a top priority
for people awareness.

But I think you can't attack him on
Peak Oil. Peak Oil is now acknowledged
by most of the oil industries and the
IEA. When you predict oil will run out, you
predict Peak Oil. I agree there is a debate
on its date of occurence but not on
its existence. However, it is looking
closer and closer as awareness grows.
Most people now think it would occur
before 2020 and many geologists says
before 2010.

Ruppert is just jealous.

Ruppert is just jealous. Last year, he told us to move on from 9/11 and worry about peak oil. What can he say now?

As I recall, he also tried to avoid the initial discussions of Building 7 like it was poison ivy. You have to wonder about this guy.

wow, is mike ruppert

wow, is mike ruppert extremely jelous or what?

I am a big fan of both Ruppert and Jones . They both go too far in some respects in their conclusions, but i take the best facts that i can from their research and form my own opinion.

I just dont see the point of criticizing Jones for doing something that Ruppert has never been able to do. It's pure jelously.

To dmx. Please check this

To dmx. Please check this out. I can assure you "Peak Oil" is a myth. http://www.the7thfire.com/peak_oil/peak_oil_introduction.htm

The misuse of 911victims

The misuse of 911victims families, relatives and friends.

Especially FOX was on the front line, last time with “Sean and Hannity”1, trying to dismiss Charlie Sheens outcoming on his 911 official theory doubts, with the point:
You do harm to the relatives and friends of the 911 victims.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In fact, FOX news regurlarly misuse the family factor for their stand-by to the cover-up of the official conspiracy theory.

ItÂ’s quite easy to enlighten this:

How much time did FOX spend to interview the “Jersey Girls”2 and aired their questions and their doubts about the 911 white-wash commission?3

How much time did they on William Rodriguez4, just as one example for the dozens of witnesses that fateful day which didÂ’t follow the official explanations?

Why did they cut the interview with Jeremy Glick on “The O’Reilly factor”5, after Glick came forward with his doubts about the official theory and his plea to not misuse 911 for human rights conflicting unprovoked wars6?

Did they ever show one other singular, sceptical of the 911 victims relatives or friends?

You bet.

So- donÂ’t misuse the relatives of the victims for your mindboggling propaganda. Stop speaking in their name if you donÂ’t let them speak for themselves.

They suffer enough sorrows and pain from their losts. Do not involve them as justification for the ongoing official cover-up.

• 1 http://www.911podcasts.com/files/video/HannityColmes/hannity20060323.mov
• 2 http://www.furnitureforthepeople.com/jersey.htm
• 3 http://www.911blogger.com/files/video/zelikowresign.mov
• 4 http://www.911forthetruth.com/pages/Rodriguez.htm
• 5 http://www.oreilly-sucks.com/transcripts/oreillyglick.htm
• 6 http://mediamatters.org/items/200407210006


http://iamthewitness.com/ DarylBr...th_Michael.html

What *is* this?!

Sorry, broken

How about this link

How about this link :


Who are the real criminals ? Bush ? Cheney ? No. America has been hijacked by the Zionist clique.

They are sending your children to die for their war.

Half truth is still a lie ....and it will not set you free.

Once again ruppert has

Once again ruppert has worked to demonstrate his ability to be an arse. As well as a leader of the disinfo performance team along with wingtv.

As for 911blogger being nutty theorist I have to dispute that claim. I have not once seen dz nor the SBG(nutcase) push any theories. SBG has posted some idiotic articles that have been a waste of time. But they were 9-11 related idiotic articles and acceptable wastes of time.
I can speak for myself only but I dont claim to have a theory as to what really happened. I did have a theory that the government(small faction within it) had lied but that theory is no more since it has been proven they did.

I do have a theory which I believe most here also hold onto as nutty as it is. The theory that the truth will set us free. And with nites like this one with the likes of Dr Griffin I keep hope that it too will be proven. My new favorite qoute "We have each other and we have the TRUTH!"David Ray Griffin March 30 2006

Hey Everyone, Alex Jones

Hey Everyone, Alex Jones predicted 9/11 months before it happened.

He was the FIRST 9/11 truther. He was promoting the truth BEFORE there was a truth movement.

Ruppert's implication that none of the pioneers of the Truth movement were not featured on CNN last week is nothing but a LIE by a jealous fear monger who is afraid he might not make as much money off of 9/11 if Alex Jones gets some attention.

SS "As well as a leader of


"As well as a leader of the disinfo performance team along with wingtv."

wingTV.net are fine as far as I'm concerned, they do a good service for 9/11 Truth.

Do you have any proof that they are, as you allege "disinfo agents" - it is quite a charge.



I agree that Ruppert is

I agree that Ruppert is jealous of Alex Jones. I also think people like iamthewitness are way too paranoid.

To maddog ... Not just

To maddog ... Not just Ruppert is
talking Peak Oil ...

Matthew Simmons
Colin Campbell
Head of Chevron
The french PM

A lots of other people ...

The existence of Peak Oil is just
the acknowledgement that oil is
a finite resource.

Sorry but on Peak Oil, Mike is right and
he is really not alone. None of the
people cited above are part of 9/11
truth ...

Mike Rupert is an Ass! what

Mike Rupert is an Ass! what a dickwad. "charlie sheen risks nothing by doing this..." oh really? What a stupid article.

The US used to be an oil

The US used to be an oil exporter, now it's the world's biggest importer. 30 years ago, no one would admit that US oil would ever become too scarce to be profitable, either, but it happened.

Snake oil theories like abiotic oil are for people who wear magnetic bracelets to cure arthritis.

Peak Oil has to be called a myth so right-wing libertarians can continue to express their "freedom" by driving gas guzzlers and buying slave labor consumer crap imported from China. If they admit that resources are finite, it makes the premise of right-wing economics a suicidal lie.

I guess we've been involved in the Middle East for the last 50 years because we want them to be free and democratic like the government says, not because that's where the oil is.

It may be fair to say that

It may be fair to say that Mike has
a big ego and may be jealous ...

He has not been dismissed because
of that but because he speaks
Peak Oil and Peak Oil, nobody wants
to hear about for the reasons stated
by timbermonkey.

Anyway, Peak Oil will deal with all of
us very soon ... denying it won't create
oil out of thin air !

"30 years ago, no one would

"30 years ago, no one would admit that US oil would ever become too scarce to be profitable, either, but it happened"

Well, not really!

We have been drilling and capping oil wells for years. At least 30 years, as when I was a young kid my step father worked on a oil rig that would do just this.

All we have to do is pump the oil we have capped, and there will be no oil issue in our country. But that's not on the adgenda for the oil companies. They want to try and drain other reserves low while making a killing and then make a killing.

Perhaps they have started pumping oil from these capped well, but I doubt it, and I really don't know.

Ruppert is a bum.

Ruppert is a bum.

removebush: I'm not saying


I'm not saying that there's no more oil in the US; the problem is that this economy depends on oil being available to industry and consumers at a government-subsidized price within a certain range. Based on what I've read, even $5 a gallon gas would be a disaster. The oil in those capped wells is still in the ground because it cost more to extract than it was worth on the market.

I have no doubt that there's still a good bit of oil in existing wells that will be available when it becomes profitable to market gas at $10 a gallon. But I don't know how we can make a transition to oil priced at that level without real economic problems.

There's also oil in the Rockies, off the Florida and North Carolina coasts, and in other beautiful places. It's not being extracted because the externalities, like harm to commercial fishing and tourism, make it impractical. My hope is that we will have made a transition to a more mixed economy with more influence on renewables and conservation before that is ever necessary.

timbermonkey - I understand

timbermonkey - I understand you point, but mine was that we have oil in the gulf that is available now.

You are making a claim that it is cheaper to load a tanker, ship the oil over the ocean, and then process it?

You don't think its cheaper to pump the oil out of wells we have capped now in the ocean and ship it... Oh maybe 100 miles at most?

I disagree with that thought.

I believe it would be much cheaper to pump the oil from the wells and travel the 100 miles, versus the 1000's of miles to the processing plants. But that's just me.

Peak oil is a myth because

Peak oil is a myth because the use of oil has been entirely optional for many years. Just because the public is ignorant doesn't change the choices. Oil is simply a centralized control mechanism. It has been introduced into the production process of everything (cattle food?!) not because it's better (or the only option), but because it's already controlled.

In short, supressed technology trumps peak oil. The 1920s model-T ford got 25 mpg.

And yeah, Rupert is a jealous, hyper-type-A personlaity.

Is the Peak-Oil "theory" a

Is the Peak-Oil "theory" a last-ditch "excuse" for NeoCons to claim that 9/11 was NECESSARY to prevent a complete shutdown of all U.S. military & industry due to lack of oil???

To Busy, As I understand

To Busy,

As I understand you, you do not say
that Peak Oil does not exist but
that it will not have the consequences
usually associated to it.

Of course, oil has been optional for centuries.
But we were not 6.5 billions human
beings ... Without oil, agriculture
can sustain at most 2 billions. So
when oil runs out (or has a very low
output), 4 billions people should
have disappeared ... this is in 30
years when you listen to "optimists."

Moreover, what ceases with Peak Oil
is not the availability of oil (which
is what most people wrongly think)
but the AVAILABILITY OF (economic) GROWTH.

without growth, we won't be able to pay our
debts. The banking system will not
survive a recession.

To Anonymous, Peak Oil is

To Anonymous, Peak Oil is certainly
the reason (not the "excuse" which they
do not need for the moment) why the
military and industrial complex needed
a "New Pearl Harbor" quickly. That is
the claim of Mike Ruppert and I
completely agree with him on this point.

Like a junky which can rob its parents
because he "needs" their money to buy
heroin. Unfortunatly for the neocons,
fortunatly for the rest of the world,
the US army is not strong enough to
rule the world. However, it may be
strong enough to destroy the world.

Yes Peak Oil is BAD NEWS but do not
shoot the messenger because you do
not like the message. That is what
9/11 truth is all about, isn't it ?

"Is the Peak-Oil "theory" a

"Is the Peak-Oil "theory" a last-ditch "excuse" for NeoCons to claim that 9/11 was NECESSARY to prevent a complete shutdown of all U.S. military & industry due to lack of oil???"

I have theorized the possibility that Mike Ruppert is trying to justify in the peoples subconscious the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent wars, by scaring people with world ecenomic collapse becouse of Peak Oil. He even said that attacks prevented an imminent economic collapse even before Peak Oil. Although Ruppert denounces Bush, Cheney & Co. as criminals, people who believe him are not so much troubled by the fact we live in a country whose leaders kill their cizitens, but more with their own lives after Peak Oil. That prevents them from being activly engaged in exposing 911. Mike said that himself that exposing 911 should not be the highest priority. More than 99% of Americans did not loose any of their relatives or close friends on that day so to them punishing the culprits is not the most important issue, especially if there are more dangerous things ahead. If Ruppert led the 9/11 truth movement we wouldn't be making documentaries and tring to get attention of the media, but selling our SUV's moving out of the suburbs and starting local farming.

That is my one theory about Ruppert.

The other is that he is just an ex detective trying to make some money by investingating world events and he is presenting Peak Oil theory as a fact to get more subscriptions from concerned citizens.

What do you think?

Unfortunately, David, both

Unfortunately, David, both of your above theories, as different as they are, seem plausible!

removebush: If we were


If we were comparing apples to apples, I would agree with you. But the way I understand it, even when you add transportation costs, it is less expensive to import light sweet crude from the Middle East than to refine and transport the heavier crude that would be left in US reserves.

I do agree with you, though, that they're going to squeeze every drop out of the rest of the world before we play our ace in the hole and pump the last of our domestic reserves. And since not everyone in the world thinks their oil should be reserved for Americans who support tyrannies in their own countries, military force will continue to be used to maintain access to those resources, even over the protests of the people in those countries.

I fail to see how Peak Oil

I fail to see how Peak Oil is being used to justify 9/11; in fact, the same interests who refuse to entertain any discussion of 9/11 are generally the same interests who refuse to discuss Peak Oil.

Either topic is a challenge to the prevailing wisdom--infinte resources, infinite growth, government as a force for freedom and democracy, American exceptionalism--that makes the wealth of the media, the market, and the military-industrial complex possible, as well as control of the government by individuals more concerned with power and wealth than with democracy or justice.

Most geopolitics is about resources more than about ideals anyway; even in WWII, German military strategy was focused on maintaining supply lines and trying to acquire access to oil in the USSR or Africa. They weren't playing a real-life game of risk just for bragging rights over who controlled the most countries.

I don't understand why this seems like such a radical notion.



it is interesting that ruppert does not credit other valid researchers or activist efforts.

"it is interesting that

"it is interesting that ruppert does not credit other valid researchers or activist efforts."

I agree that Ruppert is an egomaniac; he can't stop talking about himself in his latest video.

However, he does credit Nahfeez Ahmed, Paul Thompson, Catherine Austin-Fitts, Jamey Hecht and other researchers (at least occasionally).

What I'm saying is that Peak

What I'm saying is that Peak Oil is a manufactured problem. Therefor it is an excuse, because it isn't necesary in the first place.

DMX'x junkie analogy has some truth to it. My solution is...
Stop being a junkie.

Further, food production is not inherently dependant on oil. Sustainable farming practices shun oil. And corporate farming is not more efficient than small organic farms, just bigger at the moment. But let's not get sidetracked from the original "peak oil" sidetrack...

Ruppert has contributed

Ruppert has contributed dearly to 9/11 truth with works such as Crossing The Rubicon. However he does spend most his time researching peak-oil and admits avoiding studying or getting too involved in the physical evidence side of 9/11.

Because of this he seems quick to dismiss some theories that sound very plausible after reviewing the physical evidence. Take the "pod theory" for example. You can take a photo directly from Time magazine - zoom in and clearly defined is a missile shaped anomoloy riding on the belly of the plane. Take classic video clips from many of the mainstream media outlets and not only do you see the same "pod" anomoly, you will also see the bright flash just before impact.

Yet, Ruppert dismisses this theory as "bullshit" after admitting that he doesn't get involved in the physical evidence side of things.

A little contradictive I think.

"In this latest media

"In this latest media “frenzy” (yawn) which has Alex Jones parading like a puffed-up superstar version of Edward R. Murrow and a slightly-deranged, multi-pierced, obviously unstable, researcher named Nico Haupt wrapping himself in an ill-fitting label as the new “avant garde” of the 9/11 movement, 9/11 truth has sadly and predictably rounded a corner from Solid Avenue onto Surreal Boulevard."

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when Ruppert discusses Alex Jones, he fails to mention that Alex very specifically predicted the events of 9/11 two months in advance.

I've been following Mike for a while now, but I keep getting the impression that he's always trying to sell himself, and his book, and his DVD's, and his FTW service. In just about every interview I see him do, he always has to pump his website and his newsletter. It seems every topic he mentions has to start with "As we reported at least 6 months before the mainstream media on FTW.com......"

I think Ruppert is half

I think Ruppert is half right on Peak Oil, and half-right on 911.

Peak Oil
Peak oil is a fact wrt COMMONLY ADMITTED oil fields. What about Gull Island (and other such mega oil fields, if they exist.) Even assuming that mega oil fields in Gull Island are real, whether or not they remain hidden is not up to you and I.

I have to admit I'm a little skeptical that there are not also major oil fields in the "Stans", even if some oil majors have pulled out (as reported by Ruppert). I could be dead wrong, but IMO, oil field detection technology and methodology were quite advanced by 1990, and the oil companies knew damn well what they were getting into. Even so, I am speculating here.

Also, Ruppert has a couple of major blind spots. The potential of nuclear power is awesome (with advanced reactors + "mining" uranium or plutonium - can't remember which, offhand - from seawater), but he generally dismisses it by talking about infrastructure changes taking 20 years. So what do we do, just all die after 20 years??? In point of fact, I saw an article recently that indicated that China was looking to develop seawater mining of nuclear fuel. Good for them. (Japan already has good adsorption technology for this purpose.)

He also seems mathematically challenged in that he confuses a peak with a "cliff". Is he really so naive as to think that higher energy prices will not spur conservation? We've seen huge increases in prices, but we didn't all die off, now did we?

He's quite right that there's "nowhere" to take 911, in the sense that there's "nowhere in the federal government itself to take 911 Truth to." However, the point that he completely misses is that nothing lasts forever, and that includes the lunatics in charge of our government/military-industrial complex.

Thus, the point of 911 activism is to take it to THE PEOPLE, and to DISCREDIT the US GOVERNMENT as the protector of murderers that it is. At that point, the public will have a choice - either continue in their somnabulent, sheep-like condition, OR get off their rear ends and demand change.

No, the government is way to big to change totally, and human nature means that corruption will always be there. Being realistic about the limits of reform in no way excuses us from not attempting it. The fate of not just the US, but of the world depends on us doing our part. Just ask the Iraqis, who have had what could have been a jewel in the Middle East for a country (yes, even with the constraints of a thuggish Sadaam in charge) ruined, complements of the US taxpayer, and instead have had their country serve as a dumping ground of US DEPLETED URANIUM munitions, which are (I suppose) inexhorably making their way into the Iraqi water tables.

The US government is running amok, and make no mistake about it: our Depleted Uranium munitions are killing our own troops, and killing another 3,000 OR MORE Americans is obviously not a big deal for the lunatics making the decisions.

Re the Peak Oil issue: To

Re the Peak Oil issue:

To get a perspective on the implications of perpetual economic growth in oil consumption (required by our current economic systems and with our existing technologies), check out the lecture by retired University of Colorado Phsyics Prof Albert Bartlett on steady arithmetic growth and resource consumption.

It's not too technical or math intensive and quite easy for the layperson to follow. It's also relevant in other areas of planning for the future besides oil and energy issues.

Quick Time version (MP4), OK for dialup (you can also right click and select "Save As" to save to your hard drive).


You can find other video streaming (Real Player ram format) and MP3 links to the lecture here: