9/11 questions explored in new documentary Loose Change 2nd Edition

New Documentary??? Where have these guys been?


Produced by Korey Rowe and directed by Dylan Avery, the documentary LOOSE CHANGE 2ND EDITION explores many troubling questions about the 9/11 attacks using scientific analyses, eyewitness accounts, historical facts, television news footage and many other resources.

The gut-wrenching television news coverage from that day is combined with detailed examination of hard data, theories and apparently unusual circumstances. It is a fast-paced yet steady presentation of objective analysis and uncomfortable possibilities.
This documentary goes beyond the theory that the attacks by 19 hijackers might have been allowed to happen through incompetence or to achieve some desired outcome in manipulating the American and international public and media.

LOOSE CHANGE 2ND EDITION clearly tries to make the case that the attacks were something quite different: They were part of a complex plan organized from within.

By looking in depth at the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7, the documentary uses scientific analyses of why it is unlikely that the impact of the aircraft and heat of the fires caused the buildings collapse.

In short, that heat from the fires and trauma from the impact of the aircraft could not have brought down these buildings.

Based on witness accounts, including those of FDNY firefighters and TV news reporters, this documentary indicates that the buildings were brought down by pre-planted explosives, set to create a controlled demolition. Audio of firefighters' radio transmissions that report multiple secondary explosions are included.
Covering familiar ground on one point, the documentary indicates that a passenger jetliner did not hit the Pentagon. Rather, they suggest the attack may have involved a military-type aircraft and a cruise missile, not a Boeing 757.

Surveillance video cameras in the area were confiscated and the video has never been released.

Air traffic controllers reportedly thought the aircraft was a military plane based on its speed and maneuvers.

The type of damage done to the Pentagon also appears inconsistent with a 757 crash. The lack of aircraft parts on the scene is another anomaly. Parts that were found do not match those of a 757, according to data presented in the documentary.

It reports that witnesses smelled cordite, an explosive. The fireball upon impact resembled and explosion from cordite, not jet fuel.

Witness testimony from the area near Shanksville, Pennsylvia, is presented that describes a white military-type jet near the site of the crash of Flight 93.

Other theories about that crash and a mysterious small white jet have speculated that Flight 93 was shot down.

However, this documentary makes the claim that the flight actually did land in Cleveland, where the passengers disembarked due to a �bomb threat� and were taken to a facility nearby.
LOOSE CHANGE 2ND EDITION is available for viewing on the Web and on DVD. It is a work worth seeing and hearing that makes us wonder about what occurred on 9/11 and if we have been told all the facts.

Of greater concern, it makes us consider our roles as Americans, patriots and human beings in a very difficult time in the life of our nation.

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They've been where the vst

They've been where the vst majority of the country currently is!

LC2E isn't bad, but it's a

LC2E isn't bad, but it's a crying shame that someone somehow convinced decision-makers to completely omit the government-lie-breaking evidence of the flash frame in the Naudet video (as if "flashes and missiles" are somehow inseparable, which is nonsense). http://911blimp.net/images/wtc1flash_DVD.jpg

The 9-11 Commission fooled people by just leaving out govt-lie-breaking evidence and filling their heads with fiction.

Jim Hoffman does the same thing.

And now LC2E follows that pattern.

It's a real shame...

Who's going to listen to

Who's going to listen to Showbiz Tonight?

I don't wanna.

I don't wanna.

The number of people

The number of people visiting 911Blogger is dwindling


since it skyrocketed from being mentioned on CNN

Why is this?

I remember seeing the flash

I remember seeing the flash milliseconds before the plane hit north tower but really, I'd try my best avoiding including that in debates. It doesn't really prove anything.

That's just the way it is...

That's just the way it is... they come in waves... the difference is... between each wave, we get more people... so if you look at the gradual growth, over time, you'll see there are more people.

BTW... I showed somebody

BTW... I showed somebody today 911revisited at work... they were floored.

Way to go Dustin...

Its a blog - there's alot of

Its a blog - there's alot of really good information that fades away in the rear view mirror.

By the way, the machine is trying to devour Ms. McKinney.

CBS news says that the capital police want a warrant for her arrest.

I updated the McKinney

I updated the McKinney thread with stuff...


CB, it was also a weekend,


it was also a weekend, it will go back up during the week somewhat.

And believe me CB... there

And believe me CB... there are SO many "lurkers" on our sites... Several of the members I've recently gotten said, "I've been watching your site for a few months"...

People just read, and do their thing... they're not as "outspoken".

D.R. Griffin spoke at SF

D.R. Griffin spoke at SF Commonwealth Club today at noon PST. I know someone who went, waiting to hear back from them at to how it was. Prolly ended just an hour or so ago, provided it lasted 2 hours. Any early reports? We gonna have a recording?

Griffin got strokes for his Oakland speech last week, but I thought the action was in the Q&A. Most of us don't need a stock speech highlighting the evidence of MIHOP, that's for newbies. The Q&A is where the cutting edge impressions come from, and you can feel the pulse of the Truth movement.

I'm still waiting for DRG to

I'm still waiting for DRG to lecture at MSG. If Billy Joel can sell out 12 shows, can't DRG sell out one??? :-)

I'm still waiting for DRG to

I'm still waiting for DRG to give dz an autographed copy of his book.

heh, I was gonna buy a copy

heh, I was gonna buy a copy of O&D last Oct to get it autographed after the NYC lecture, but it SOLD OUT! I guess that's a good thing though....

greggy, That flash could not


That flash could not have been caused by an ordinary 767 having struck a passive WTC tower!

The government can't (and could never) explain it without resorting to some exotic explanation which would totally demolish their standard "hijacked 767" lie, which the government so desperately wants everyone to believe.

So if the lying government is afraid of it, and we avoid it, we're at least tacitly helping the perpetrators! (or, in the case of Hoffman, more than just tacitly... http://911u.org/CoDR/graphics/HoffmanOmittedFlashFrame+.gif ) We needn't be able to fully explain it ourselves in order to use it to demolish The Big Lie of 9/11... Because we don't need any theories of our own in order to disprove the government's impossible conspiracy theory of 9/11!

The first Loose Change video mentioned/showed it, but along with a lot of "missiles" disinfo. Then when Loose Change 2nd Edition came out, they threw out the baby (the flash frame) with the bathwater (all that "missiles" nonsense).

blimp. In one sentence, can

blimp. In one sentence, can you tell me what you think the flash symbolizes?

I reckon the plane had a

I reckon the plane had a cargo of thermite which was pre-ignited immediately before impact (hence the bright glow). I also disagree with the independent missile, there was no need for it, the plane was the missile, it could have even had a armour-plated nose cone. The pod was probably for housing the remote control equipment.

That's my theory...

Sorry JG, I know you asked 911blimp, just couldn't resist :)


blimp. In one sentence, can

blimp. In one sentence, can you tell me what you think the flash symbolizes?

Seriously, I'd like an answer... the flash symbolizes a missile. The flash symbolizes a hologram. The flash symbolizes explosives in the plane. The flash symbolizes a plasma weapon. The flash symbolizes a UFO beaming down a nuclear device into the plane....

What does it symbolize?

The flashing planes, no

The flashing planes, no planes at WTC, etc., symbolize a wild-goose-chase diversion that Blimpie & others want us to get tangled-up & lost in! It is a classic disinfo tactic.

New informational designed

New informational designed flyer. It has the movie's positive points listed and comments on other incorrect information presented.

Sifting for GOLD in LOOSE CHANGE

It took me coming here a

It took me coming here a couple of times before I became a regular viewer