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I shamelessly admit it; I simply cannot 'get over' 9/11 and move on. Every time that the images of that day begin to fade in my mind, something happens or someone says something that brings it all back again. The most recent examples for me were a CNN on line poll and two articles which appeared in New York magazine and SFGate.com and once again, I am reminded that I'm not the only one out here that feels duped by the official version of events.
Then there was New York magazine's Mark Jacobson's article The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll and SF Gate's Mark Morford's Long Live the 9/11 Conspiracy which brought up the subject of those of us who just don't buy the 'official version' of 9/11. Both of these pieces not only point to the various 'conspiracy theories' we've all heard, but they also make the argument that there are many, many Americans who justly believed from the beginning that the 9/11 Commission didn't tell the whole story.
We desperately need to find a way back to 9/11 and open the whole thing back up again. We need to stop being so afraid of asking some questions which should have been asked years ago. We need to remember that when it comes to the events of that day, the only 'conspiracy theorists' who are engaging any form of disrespect to the victims of that day are those who desperately cling to the official story. We need to reopen not only the dialogue, but a real investigation into that fateful day. Only by achieving a loud voice demanding answers from a wide range of culprits will we deny the use of 9/11 as a weapon, conveniently welded against the people of this country and the rest of the world.

Talk about using 9/11 as a

Talk about using 9/11 as a weapon: "Showbiz Tonight" just did a big segment on the Flight 93 movie. They shamelessly pimped Mark Bingham's MOTHER
to sell this piece of shit as something that will help family/survivors gain "closure".
I am furious.

that sucks.. i missed it but

that sucks.. i missed it but ill catch it at later tonight...

Mark Bingham is not a real

Mark Bingham is not a real person, and never was.

He has no SS number, no death certificate, nothing

he certainly has a helluva

he certainly has a helluva website!
leave a comment there - I did! how utterly respectful of me!

"Mom, this is Mark Bingham."

"Mom, this is Mark Bingham."

That's a really disgusting

That's a really disgusting PR move by the govern-media. Appealing to middle America like this . . .
Of course, what else can be expected from the scum?

blimp. In one sentence, can

blimp. In one sentence, can you tell me what you think the flash symbolizes?

Seriously, I'd like an answer... the flash symbolizes a missile. The flash symbolizes a hologram. The flash symbolizes explosives in the plane. The flash symbolizes a plasma weapon. The flash symbolizes a UFO beaming down a nuclear device into the plane....

What does it symbolize?

Jon, it symbolizes the need

Jon, it symbolizes the need to focus all our efforts on exposing things like flashes, holograms, and video trickery even though none of it can be proven and only leads to endless speculation and arguing.

Because if we don't focus on these endless arguments and instead focus on provable facts like controlled demolition, then we are not real Truthers, but instead we're just gatekeepers trying to keep the truth from coming out.

Didn't you know that? Come on we have squibs, witness statements, video evidence, molten metal, and WTC7 which all prove controlled demolition beyond any reasonable doubt. But just ignore that and concentrate on the flash instead, would ya?

Ditto, Jon & bigguy! The

Ditto, Jon & bigguy! The flashing planes, no planes at WTC, etc., symbolize a wild-goose-chase diversion that Blimpie & others want us to get tangled-up & lost in! It is a classic disinfo tactic.

Well put BIg Guy. The

Well put BIg Guy.
The sarcasm around here is running thick.

I would also like to add a question for 911 blimp.

How does focusing on 'flashes' missles ect. do anything to expose the fact that our government was involved and lead to the indictmnet of the criminals who did it.? It does the opposite!

"Although I believe the government was involved in 911, it was their insideous use of holograms and missles that really got me motivated for 911 truth and justice.'

"Your honor if not for their insideous use of holograms and missles, I would not be asking for such a stiff sentence."

Come ON!

You say , in reference to steve Jones, " too much information leads to a covering up of the truth" and "people will just get confused and abandon their interests in 911".(thats not a direct quote)
Use your own logic on yourself!!!!
What's more distracting or confusing.

Everyone needs to take their ego's out of their particular positions.

This continues to destroy many good 911 Truthers.

It is not about us.
It is about revealing the truth and holding the criminals responsible.

CB Is that true about Mark

Is that true about Mark Bingham? I've heard that before but I haven't seen any evidence. Please provide it if you can.
If it is true and proveable, it could be a valuable tool in debunking the predictable current campaign to paint the movement as heartless. It does seem a little too obvious.

If it isn't true and we go around spreading false information like this, we will be seen as not only heartless, but the lunatic conspiracy theoriest they repeatedly claim we are.

There are severe problems in

There are severe problems in the legend of Mark Bingham:

He called his mother and said hi mom, this is Mark Bingham....my plane is being hijacked....you believe me, donÂ’t you mom.... (Who calls his mother and introduces himself using first & last name? And why wouldnÂ’t his mother believe him?)

BinghamÂ’s memorial website was created on 9/12/01. Who the hell would register a website for him one day after 9/11, in the midst of all the ongoing calamity??? And the guy wasnÂ’t even confirmed dead, the whereabouts of his body were uncertain, etc.

Totally implausible!


MARKBINGHAM.COM - > Secret site owner.

Whois Server Version 1.3

Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered
with many different competing registrars. Go to http://www.internic.net
for detailed information.

Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Whois Server: whois.enom.com
Updated Date: 11-jan-2006
Creation Date: 12-sep-2001
Expiration Date: 12-sep-2007

Nice job anonymous. The sept

Nice job anonymous. The sept 12 web site is highly suspicious, but we need more.
The phone calls were likely faked but that doesn't mean he doesn't exist, as CB suggested.

If Dr. Robert Bowman is correct( in the above interview) that many people in the military know about 911 and are trying to stop the admnistration from another false flag attack and a foolish attack on Iran, than they might be subtly releasing more evidence of the administration's guilt for 911, to be exposed with just a little research.

Lets keep looking into this.

has mr. blimp done something

has mr. blimp done something wrong by pointing out the flash? I'm sorry for perpetuating this but why should he have to figure out what the flash is? maybe it was a flashlight, who knows? in fact there was a weird flash at each tower as you all well know, but disregarding them does not make them go away - has he stepped on any of your toes? did someone actually call him a disinfo agent? that is too funny! his 911blimp.net is full of good information, and it has a strong shock value as well - mr. blimp has done as much for the truther movement as anybody has, and more than most and I won't remain silent while he is denigrated. Ha.

Hey James, he has done

Hey James, he has done nothing wrong by perpetuating the flash, however his implication that those that do not focus on it are somehow covering up the truth is nonsense and it is getting very tiresome.

I for one find the flash very interesting, and I'm more than willing to listen to his opinions on it as well as his other beliefs. In fact, long long ago, I suggested he write something up and we would post it.

I believe my exact statement was "if you have proof of holograms, I want to see it and so does everyone else."

Anyway, if he wants others to respect his opinions, he needs to start respecting ours. Negativity breeds negativity, and we don't need it. We need to be positive and support each other.

bigguy, I do see what you're

bigguy, I do see what you're saying and I was not taking sides - J

Is there proof that Mark

Is there proof that Mark Bingham is not a real person? Somebody said that he has no SS number or death certificate. How can this be verified?

What about that Beamer guy?