Webster Tarpley on Manhattan Neighborhood Network This Wednesday

Webster Tarpley Interview Airs in Manhattan and on the Internet Wed. April 5th

An interview with Webster Tarpley shot on Wed. March 29th will be aired on the Public Access Network in New York City on Wed. April 5th on MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) on Channel 67 and will be simulcast on MNN.org from 9am - 10am. For the simulcast you need to have access to broadband. All you do is click on Channel 34 once you are on the website. (mnn.org)

The interview will appear on Tina Tarryk’s show, “Making Known The Unknown.”

On Weds. April 5th, at 9am - 10am on Ch 67, the interview is conducted by Molly Cheshire, and the focus of the interview with Webster Tarpley is the startling release of the article in New York Magazine and the unexpected appearance of Charlie Sheen on CNN. These new developments show that it is possible for these radical ideas to be recognized by the mainstream. We also discuss Building 7 as the incontrovertible evidence that defies the authorized explanation.

its 8:37 AM EST time and

its 8:37 AM EST time and they are talking about Mossaoui, and they have a lady whistle blower who is running for congress who said that this is just a show case.

her name is collen rowley

her name is collen rowley

can somebody tape this?

can somebody tape this? Democracy Now.

i know its only me in

i know its only me in here..but the quality of the streaming video is very good!

Coleen Rowley, very



SEPT 14, 2001



“Making Known The

“Making Known The Unknown.”?

I LOVE this show! One of the great cable access shows in NYC featuring exposes on the Masons and the Bildebergers, poison contrails, alien invasions, flat earthers, planet X and now 9/11 conspiracies!

Should be a great laugh for all!

To those whom have not

To those whom have not checked it out:

Foreign intelligence warnings: