Oprah911.com - Petition Oprah to Discuss 9/11

I just got a heads up about a new 9/11 related site: www.oprah911.com.

Recently Jesse at TV News Lies suggested the idea of contacting Oprah to cover the issues of 9/11. This new website has that same idea in mind, and is a pretty impressive new site. You can contact the Oprah show through the site, comment in their forums, post your submissions, and find an extensive list of 9/11 sites as well.

Here is a submission from the user that forwarded the site to us:

Oprah, would you please help us? There are so many problems that are piling up on us, especially since GWB took office. But there is a growing group of us, many thousands of us, who are convinced that the 'Mother of ALL Lies', The 911 Caper, is so obvious and so notable for the sheer audacity of it, that exposing it could be the transformational event that wakes the nation up and alerts the general public to the grave danger that we are facing. There are not many openings left through which we can cast our desires as a people and get our voices heard. Surveys show that an overwhelming majority of us are against the war, in favor of free choice for women, in favor of a national health plan – yet neither political party in this stacked game of winner takes all represents us! We the people have been forsaken and the corporate globalists in control are destroying our environment, launching us into world war, and preparing an economic collapse before our very eyes. You have always been a caring and loving presence and we need you to bring 9/11 truth to the American people and help the country look at the deceit and the madness and change course urgently. Will you please hear us and be our representative? The country needs the truth and you can do it!

So, go check out oprah911.com, contact Oprah, and check out their sister site bravocharlie911.com while your at it.

Thanks Mia for the submission!

This post may be considered

This post may be considered off-topic here by some, but it directly relates to the 9/11 attacks:


Help With Wikipedia Nazis

*Everyone* here, please go to the Wikipedia article entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Trade_Center_bombing and copy-and-paste the text from the below URL and post it as the Wikipedia article entry on the World Trade Center bombing:


Directions: go to the "edit this page" link at the top of the page of the Wikipedia article entry, clear the text that appears in the form, then paste in the text from the above URL, and post it.

Why am I asking *everyone* here to do that? For the below reason that I gave at the Talk page (i.e., the "discussion" link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:World_Trade_Center_bombing ) for this article entry:


Why is Documentation on the FBI's Involvement in the Bombing Being Deleted?

Obviously there are individuals who greatly dislike people having access to this documentation, i.e., the audio recording and transcript of a conversation between FBI Special Agent John Anticev and FBI undercover agent Emad A. Salem, wherein Emad A. Salem admits to building the bomb which exploded in the World Trade Center with the supervision of the FBI and the District Attorney of the City of New York (MP3: [1][2], transcript: [3]). In the recording, FBI Special Agent John Anticev does not disagree with Emad A. Salem's account of the bombing.

Also being deleted is an external link to the *full text* of the two New York Times articles on the Emad A. Salem recordings: "Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast," Ralph Blumenthal, New York Times, October 28, 1993, Section A, Page 1, Column 4 [4]; and "Tapes in Bombing Plot Show Informer and F.B.I. at Odds," Ralph Blumenthal, New York Times, October 27, 1993, Section A, Page 1, Column 4.[5]

Certainly the above-said documentation is quite relevant--if not *the most* relevant--to any telling of the 1993 WTC bombing which stakes any claim to giving an accurate account of how the 1993 WTC bombing occured. Of course, it's precisely because said documentation is so devastating to the U.S. government's image that certain individuals are repeatedly deleting it from the Wikipedia article on the WTC bombing.

Needless to say, such deletions are about as far removed from honest scholarly behavior as one can get. Instead, it's called bowdlerization and censorship: such actions of bowdlerization being used to expunge from the article facts which certain individuals find greatly upsetting and who thus take said actions to try to keep others from seeing this information. 05:36, 5 April 2006 (UTC)


1. http://nwo.media.xs2.net/tape/SalemWBAI.mp3
2. http://nwo.media.xs2.net/tape/emad%20salem.mp3
3. http://pdr.autono.net/WhoBombedWTC.html
4. http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a3b3c830e34de.htm
5. Ibid.


The above documentation has been *repeatedly* deleted by a few individuals without giving any reason (or, rather, I should say only one supposed reason was ever given by only one person: one individual in his post comment said of Wikipedia that "this is not a repository for quotes" at a time when I was posting a short eleven-paragraph transcript of the Anticev and Salem conversation; shortly after that I started posting an article version which still contained links to all the documentation but without any quotes in the article, but the information was still deleted; also note that Wikipedia allows quotes when it is effective in elucidating a particular subject, as in this case; see: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=World_Trade_Center_bombing&act... ), and I have been now been blocked from posting anymore on Wikipedia for trying to maintain the above documentation on the Wikipedia entry on the World Trade Center bombing.

*Everyone* here, if truth is important to you, then please help to keep this documentation in the Wikipedia entry on the World Trade Center bombing.

I thank you for your time on this matter in advance.

Some interesting comments

Some interesting comments from the floor of the senate during the morning session of the 3/27/06 Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on Immigration Bill Reform.

Senator John Cornyn on his concerns on inadequate Detention Methods.
Play in RealPlayer (quote starts at 1hr:29min:00secs.


Senator Jeff Sessions makes some very clear comments on increases in detention space, using closed military bases as detention centers, etc.
Jeff Sessions comments begin 1hr:48min:00secs


"The fact of the matter is uh uh going back to a theme of mine; if we really want the American People to we've done something that will work we've gotta have more detention space" (Senator Jeff Sessions, 1hr:48min:22secs)


Great work, Redford!

Great work, Redford!

I think this Oprah thing

I think this Oprah thing could backfire on us. and the reason i say that is this, what do MOST people care about more than the truth......their own personal welfare...their ability to survive and maintain the same standard of living they are used to. and Oprah, as brave as she is, can not give an honest show about 9/11 because of the detrimental effects it could have on her and her career. so if she does do a show, it would not be an honest one. and thats not because she is a non believer but because she has to look out for her 1st.

I believe our best bet will be too make better documentaries, acquire some structural egineers, and develop talking points that we all will live by that could unify our movement

This Oprah thing is awesome.

This Oprah thing is awesome. I've already been sending emails to here, just sent one more.

Yizzo, I have similar

Yizzo, I have similar concerns. Oprah is part of the status quo. She'll go after small injustices, but one this big shakes the foundations of this country. I don't think she'd want to rock the boat to that degree.

On the other hand, maybe she could offer to give cars away to anyone who can disprove the official conspiracy theory. Not!

Hell will freeze over before she takes on the Bush Crime Family. I'd put money on it.

I know this comes across as pessimistic, but I believe it's realistic and logical.

I think its naive to think

I think its naive to think people like Oprah dont already understand 911. With the amount of people she and her like come into contact with she understands how to play the game. What I have learned over and over again with this 911 issue is that you cant make people care (and most dont).

An Oprah show with the

An Oprah show with the Jersey Girls, among others, could be a great thing. I sent that idea in to her a couple months ago.

she gets paid by the same

she gets paid by the same people covering it up

Oprah owns her own shown and

Oprah owns her own shown and production company!! Even though she "gets paid" by the same people who are covering up, she is a gold mine for those people. I don't think that will matter. Oprah needs to be convinced.

Let's take a step back in history. The Washington Post was as big as any juggernaut on TV in those days, and they TOOK THE CHANCE TO EXPOSE WATERGATE. They had a lot to lose, but it didn't stop them.

I want to keep the faith that TRUTH WILL PREVAIL -- we have to keep plugging the truth to EVERYONE.

Thanks for Everyone's contrubution to the truth movement. In the beginning, it was so lonely... to feel like the only person who was willing to step up and tell the truth about 9/11. NOW WE ARE MUCH STRONGER. OUR NUMBERS ARE GROWING. THE BURDEN OF A FEW TRUTHSEEKERS HAS BEEN LIGHTENED UP BY THE NEWLY AWAKENED PEOPLE, WHO ARE NOW HELPING US WITH THE IMPORTANT JOB OF GETTING THE TRUTH TO THE MASSES.


I sent her a letter as

I sent her a letter as follows:

Dear Oprah,
Last week I read about a campaign to ask you to do a show or several shows about the actual events of September 11, 2001. I hope you do look into the independent research that has been done by concerned people. I feel it is compelling and I feel you are the right person to bring this controversy to the attention of the broad public because you are someone who values her own credibility and accountability. The James Frey controversy proved that: you held yourself accountable. Not many public people do that; there's so much weasel-wording and parsing to avoid accountability.

My suggestion is for a show with Lisa Giuliani, Victor Thorn and Vincent Samartino, authors of "911 on Trial." They have been on the Lionel Radio Show and they are very articulate and able to deal with all the details.

Thank you.

Oprah is owned by the Hearst

Oprah is owned by the Hearst corporation...


PLEASE NOTE: By submitting any show ideas or materials (hereinafter show ideas and materials referred to as the "Materials"), you acknowledge and agree to the following:

1. Harpo and/or Hearst is not obligated to use the Materials or pay you.
2. You acknowledge that Harpo and/or Hearst has its own ideas and projects in development which may be similar to yours, and that use by Harpo and/or Hearst of an idea similar to yours may have come from a source other than you.

If you agree with the forgoing, please submit your ideas. If you do not agree to the foregoing, we thank you for your interest in The Oprah Winfrey Show and O, The Oprah Magazine but we cannot consider your ideas.

Could someone please explain

Could someone please explain to me, "Why Oprah?"
Has she expressed doubts? Didn't she just get popped pushing a phony writer? Has Faulkner made her smarter? Her crowd will be the last to come around most likely. Discuss

I felt the same way Candice

I felt the same way Candice felt. When I first knew the truth about 9/11 I felt so alone. The first 9/11 truth meeting I went to Carol Brouillet was the only one there. Later in the afternoon Janette and others showed up but I thought to myself that we didn't have a chance. Boy, have things changed since then! The 9/11 truth movement has exploded. Each day more and more people are starting to speek up but as far as Oprah goes I am not holding my breath. I hope she pulls through but I have my doubts. We will see what she is made of. But don't worry, other famous people will speak up. It is just a matter of time. It wouldn't surprise me at all if someone who was part of the attacks pulls a "Judas" and talks.

We may fail, but its worth a

We may fail, but its worth a try.

Someone other than CNN is going to figure out that they can track a huge audience with 911 truth.

Helen Thomas works for

Helen Thomas works for Hearst. Its a big company and is motivated by profit.

Don't assume there is one evil entity out there. I happen to think there's multiple like street gangs.

The Iraq war is making people run for cover. In this confusion there is the opportunity for things to surface.

Until we get rid of the secrets industry, we cannot have a democracy.

@ Candice: I fear that

@ Candice: I fear that Bernstein / Woodward were not real reporters, but limited hang outs. Nixon gets a danger for the same cabal that is now in key positions of the US gov', like it was stated in Power Of Nightmares.

In 1972, President Richard Nixon returned from the Soviet Union with a treaty worked out by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the beginning of a process Kissinger called “detente.” On June 1, 1972, Nixon gave a speech in which he said, “Last Friday, in Moscow, we witnessed the beginning of the end of that era which began in 1945. With this step, we have enhanced the security of both nations. We have begun to reduce the level of fear, by reducing the causes of fear for our two peoples, and for all peoples in the world.”

On Jun 17 th was the

On Jun 17 th was the housebreaking. Just coincidence, as always.

PS: The source:


Why the hell isn't Woodward

Why the hell isn't Woodward on top of this? What a sell-out!

Why hasn't Woodward covered

Why hasn't Woodward covered this? Thats a peculular question.

Oprah is at the top of the

Oprah is at the top of the totem pole in the entertainment industry, and the government has their tentacles everywhere. I'm sure whatever subject matter she wants to cover has to pass through some kind of filter and be approved by someone higher than her. Plus, I doubt the middle-aged housewife contingent is a bastion of 9/11 truth-seekers. This is not a subject most people can handle. Oprah is the last person I would expect to touch this.