Release of 911 Emergency Calls on 9/11

Audio, Transcripts Of Sept. 11 911 Calls

This CD contains written transcripts of telephone conversations between operators of the New York City Fire Department, and persons who called the 911 system on September 11, 2001, about the attack on the World Trade Center. Operators from the New York City Police Department often participated in these conversations as well. If the speaker is designated in a transcript as “CRO” or “DISPATCHER” that is a New York City Fire Department operator. If the speaker is designated as “OPERATOR” that is a New York City Police Department operator.

As required by the decision of the New York Court of Appeals, the conversations have been redacted to protect the privacy of those who called 911. In accordance with the Court’s ruling, the callers’ words have been completely redacted, which means that only the operators’ words are contained in the transcripts. In addition, if the operator repeated identifying information provided by the caller, such as the caller’s name, or telephone number or office room number, this information also has been redacted to protect the caller’s privacy.

There are around 30 MP3s available for download via the link above. If you listen to them please feel free to comment, but please keep the comments respectable.

Thanks Jack for the submission.

I'll be pleasantly surprised

I'll be pleasantly surprised if any of those calls can be found to contain anything of benefit to the cause of 9/11 truth.

Those of us who've been able to (mostly) see through The Big Lie of 9/11 have been able to put our emotions "on hold" sufficiently to think clearly about what we've been shown and told about 9/11. I think most people's brains are overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of 9/11; they only think "oh, how terrible" and emote the rest (IOW, it shocks&awes them back to how they felt on 9/11).

This was recently pointed out to me twice, once by someone at the Critical Analysis forum in Denver last Friday, and again by a brand new 911 site,, (which is unreachable as I type this), whose initial home page contained the comment "Evocative imagery provided by the main stream media" even as it provided plenty of the media's more evocative images, along with the comment "So here we are, presenting logic and reason as a weapon against emotional imbalance". (!!!)

I urge honest 911 truthers to avoid gratuitously rekindling the emotions we're (foolishly? hopelessly?) trying overcome with logic, which is what happens when we confront 9/11-unaware people with images, sounds, and phrases which can cause their brains to shut down and their emotions to take over...

Some may consider this post

Some may consider this post off-topic here, but it directly relates to the 9/11 attacks:


Help With Wikipedia Nazis

*Everyone* here, please go to the Wikipedia article entry at and copy-and-paste the text from the below URL and post it as the Wikipedia article entry on the World Trade Center bombing:

Directions: go to the "edit this page" link at the top of the page of the Wikipedia article entry, clear the text that appears in the form, then paste in the text from the above URL, and post it.

Why am I asking *everyone* here to do that? For the below reason that I gave at the Talk page (i.e., the "discussion" link: ) for this article entry:


Why is Documentation on the FBI's Involvement in the Bombing Being Deleted?

Obviously there are individuals who greatly dislike people having access to this documentation, i.e., the audio recording and transcript of a conversation between FBI Special Agent John Anticev and FBI undercover agent Emad A. Salem, wherein Emad A. Salem admits to building the bomb which exploded in the World Trade Center with the supervision of the FBI and the District Attorney of the City of New York (MP3: [1][2], transcript: [3]). In the recording, FBI Special Agent John Anticev does not disagree with Emad A. Salem's account of the bombing.

Also being deleted is an external link to the *full text* of the two New York Times articles on the Emad A. Salem recordings: "Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast," Ralph Blumenthal, New York Times, October 28, 1993, Section A, Page 1, Column 4 [4]; and "Tapes in Bombing Plot Show Informer and F.B.I. at Odds," Ralph Blumenthal, New York Times, October 27, 1993, Section A, Page 1, Column 4.[5]

Certainly the above-said documentation is quite relevant--if not *the most* relevant--to any telling of the 1993 WTC bombing which stakes any claim to giving an accurate account of how the 1993 WTC bombing occured. Of course, it's precisely because said documentation is so devastating to the U.S. government's image that certain individuals are repeatedly deleting it from the Wikipedia article on the WTC bombing.

Needless to say, such deletions are about as far removed from honest scholarly behavior as one can get. Instead, it's called bowdlerization and censorship: such actions of bowdlerization being used to expunge from the article facts which certain individuals find greatly upsetting and who thus take said actions to try to keep others from seeing this information. 05:36, 5 April 2006 (UTC)


5. Ibid.


The above documentation has been *repeatedly* deleted by a few individuals without giving any reason (or, rather, I should say only one supposed reason was ever given by only one person: one individual in his post comment said of Wikipedia that "this is not a repository for quotes" at a time when I was posting a short eleven-paragraph transcript of the Anticev and Salem conversation; shortly after that I started posting an article version which still contained links to all the documentation but without any quotes in the article, but the information was still deleted; also note that Wikipedia allows quotes when it is effective in elucidating a particular subject, as in this case; see: ), and I have been now been blocked from posting anymore on Wikipedia for trying to maintain the above documentation on the Wikipedia entry on the World Trade Center bombing.

*Everyone* here, if truth is important to you, then please help to keep this documentation in the Wikipedia entry on the World Trade Center bombing.

I thank you for your time on this matter in advance.

From listening to lots of

From listening to lots of the tapes they appear to be completely useless without the callers voice and who knows what edited out.

In one of the taped

In one of the taped conversations between Salem and "Special Agent" John Anticev, Salem refers to him and the Bureau's involvement in making the bomb that blew up the World Trade Center. As Salem is pressing for money while emphasizing his value as a Bureau asset, the conversation moves in and out of references to the bombing and the FBI's knowledge of the bomb making:

FBI: But ah basically nothing has changed. I'm just telling you for my own sake that nothing, that this isn't a salary but you got paid regularly for good information. I mean the expenses were a little bit out of the ordinary and it was really questioned. Don't tell Nancy I told you this. (Nancy Floyd is another FBI agent who worked with Salem in his informant capacity. The second tape obtained by the SHADOW is of a telephone conversation between Salem and Floyd -Ed.)

SALEM: Well, I have to tell her of course.

FBI: Well then, if you have to, you have to.

SALEM: Yeah, I mean because the lady was being honest and I was being honest and everything was submitted with receipts and now it's questionable.

FBI: It's not questionable, it's like a little out of the' ordinary.

SALEM: Okay. I don't think it was. If that what you think guys, fine, but I don't think that because we was start already building the bomb which is went off in the World Trade Center. It was built by supervising supervision from the Bureau and the DA and we was all informed about it and we know what the bomb start to be built. By who? By your confidential informant. What a wonderful great case! And then he put his head in the sand I said "Oh, no, no, that's not true, he is son of a bitch." (Deep breath) Okay. It's built with a different way in another place and that's it.

FBI: No, don't make any rash decisions. I'm just trying to be as honest with you as I can.

SALEM: Of course, I appreciate that.


Gee. Who could possibly want us not to know that Emad Salem taped several of his coversations with the Effa Bee Eye that prove foreknowledge.

MIHOP, LIHOP... what's the conclusive difference? Here we have an agent provacateur, fully involved with the first WTC plot, the FBI knew what he was doing, and even the DA?

"Salem is a former Egyptian Army officer..."

Say, that sounds familiar...
Sergeant Ali Mohamed and U.S. Intelligence Links to the Al Qaeda Leadership

The (9/11 Commission)Report describes Ali Mohamed as “a former Egyptian army officer who had moved to the United States in the mid-1980s, enlisted in the U.S. Army, and become an instructor at Fort Bragg,” as well as helping to plan the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kenya... In fact Ali Mohamed was an important al Qaeda agent who, as the 9/11 Commission was told, "trained most of al Qaeda's top leadership," including "persons who would later carry out the 1993 World Trade Center bombing."[25] But the person telling the 9/11 Commission this, U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald, misrepresented Ali Mohamed’s FBI relationship. He told the Commission that, "From 1994 until his arrest in 1998, [Mohamed] lived as an American citizen in California, applying for jobs as an FBI translator and working as a security guard for a defense contractor."[26]

Ali Mohamed was not just an FBI job applicant. Unquestionably he was an FBI informant, from at least 1993 and maybe 1989.[27] And almost certainly he was something more. A veteran of the CIA-trained bodyguards of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, he was able, despite being on a State Department Watch List, to come to America around 1984, on what an FBI consultant has called “a visa program controlled by the CIA”, and obtain a job, first as a security officer, then with U.S. Special Forces.[28] In 1988 he took a lengthy leave of absence from the U.S. Army and went to fight in Afghanistan, where he met with Ayman al-Zawahiri (later bin Laden’s chief deputy in al Qaeda) and the “Arab Afghan” leadership.[29] Despite this, he was able to receive an Honorable Discharge one year later, at which point he established close contact with bin Laden in Afghanistan.

Ali Mohamed clearly enjoyed U.S. protection: in 1993, when detained by the RCMP in Canada, a single phone call to the U.S. secured his release. This enabled him to play a role, in the same year, in planning the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kenya in 1998.[30]

Congress should determine the true relationship of the U.S. Government to Ali Mohamed, who was close to bin Laden and above all Zawahiri, who has been called the “main player” in 9/11.[31] (Al-Zawahiri is often described as the more sophisticated mentor of the younger bin Laden.)[32] In particular Congress should determine why Patrick Fitzgerald chose to mislead the American people about Mohamed’s FBI status.

In short, the al Qaeda terror network accused of the 9/11 attacks was supported and expanded by U.S. intelligence programs and covert operations, both during and after the Soviet Afghan War. Congress should rethink their decision to grant still greater powers and budget to the agencies responsible for fostering this enemy in the first place.

Sane voices clamor from the Muslim world that the best answer to terrorism is not war but justice. We should listen to them. By using its energies to reduce the injustices tormenting Islam, the United States will do more to diminish terrorism than by creating any number of new directorates in Washington.

- Peter Dale Scott.


These guys are probably all Muslim Brotherhood dupes.



"What I'm doing today is doing what I'm doing now: I'm educating a new generation in the CIA that the Muslim Brotherhood was a fascist organization that was hired by Western intelligence that evolved over time into what we today know as al-Qaeda."
- John Loftus.

And Western intel. never, ever, "lost track" of these guys.

Who Is Osama Bin Laden?

The only thing that has changed in 60 years is the payroll structure, and the number of degrees of seperation to claim "plausible denial".

John Loftus

What do you guys make of a

What do you guys make of a supposed secret millitary plan to attack the twin towers from 1976?

I wonder if this claim can be substantiated besides this retired intelligence operative.

I just read through all the

I just read through all the transcripts, and though there is much less info because of redaction, there's a few interesting things in the FDNY transcripts.

There are a couple of references to people trapped on the ~18-20th floors, and some incident on the ground floor.

Also, a car, possibly a police car, was on fire at the corner of Albany and West, and a Class E (electrical) fire and people trapped on the 6th floor of a building at 130 Liberty St and Cedar St

Pages of interest are:
FDNY, Part 5: p25-26,31,34
FDNY, Part 8: p11
FDNY, Part 9: p6,9

Great work, J. Redford!

Great work, J. Redford!

Actually, the electrical

Actually, the electrical fire was on 108 Greenwich St I think. It was weird cause its a couple blocks away.

idk, the ground floor fires or explosions that might have been in a couple of those sections is probably more interesting than a fire in a building (too) far away.

Benthere, I'm very


I'm very interested in reports of ground floor fires and explosions.

Which pages mention those? And also, sorry for acting a question I'm sure was already answered somewhere, where is the link to the new tapes?


It is part 5, page

It is part 5, page 6:

RECORDER: Message Number 2 concludes at 0900 hours, 11 minutes and 3 seconds. Please stand by for Message Number 3, a Telephone Alarm, originally recorded on Bronx Master Tape Number 413, received on Channel Number 10. The message commences at 0900 hours, 54 minutes and 0 seconds.
DISPATCHER: Fire Department, Dispatcher 827. WhatÂ’s your address?
DISPATCHER: ItÂ’s the 19th --
DISPATCHER: Okay, the 19th floor?
DISPATCHER: The North Building?
DISPATCHER: IÂ’ll tell them.

Part 5, page 9:

RECORDER: Message Number 4 concludes at 1000 hours, 18 minutes and 22 seconds. Please stand by for Message Number 5, a telephone alarm, received on Channel 3. The message commences at 0900 hours, 21 minutes and 10 seconds.
DISPATCHER: Fire Department 408.
OPERATOR: Sir, go ahead.
DISPATCHER: Okay. What floor?
DISPATCHER: What floor?
DISPATCHER: So thatÂ’s down -- ThatÂ’s down, near the ground?
DISPATCHER: All right. DonÂ’t worry about it. WeÂ’ll take care of it.

Part 9, page 25-26:

OPERATOR: IÂ’m still reading, FD. Give me a chance. Have you got anything updated for FD? Yes, for FD. Have you got anything updated? Okay. Just keep it open, FD. FD?
OPERATOR: Okay. Did they give you information about someone trapped on 22nd Floor?
DISPATCHER: WhatÂ’s that? At what address?
OPERATOR: Okay. This is coming – this is coming from Number One.
DISPATCHER: One World Trade?
DISPATCHER: Okay. You have anything else for One World Trade?
OPERATOR: IÂ’m reading through. ItÂ’s like a five page job. Paulette. I got FD on the open line. LetÂ’s give them what we got.

Part 9, page 31:

OPERATOR: All right. Listen, on the 42nd floor --
OPERATOR: In the stairwell, [identifying information redacted]. WeÂ’re trying to get through to EMS now. Okay.
DISPATCHER: In what building?
OPERATOR: One World Trade.
DISPATCHER: Both of them in One World?
OPERATOR: Right. Okay and supposedly thereÂ’s an explosion now on the 80th floor, explosion blown out the floor. ThatÂ’s One World Trade Center. One World Trade.
OPERATOR: All right?

That one is probably the plane at the 80th floor, and the elevator lobby that is known to be at around the 40th floor. Might not be anything unusual there.

Part 9, page 34:

RECORDER: Message Number 0021-B concludes at 1000 hours, 0 minutes and 59 seconds. Please stand by for Message Number 0022-B, a series of jobs given to us by the Police Department via the tie line. The message was received on Channel Number 4, and it commences at 1000 hours, 4 minutes and 44 seconds.
DISPATCHER: Fire Dispatcher 449. The address of the fire?
OPERATOR: Oh, okay. 911 calling here. Update on some information.
OPERATOR: On the 83rd floor, One World Trade.
OPERATOR: We had a gentleman calling from [identifying information redacted], stating that heÂ’s trapped in there with a group of people.
DISPATCHER: [identifying information redacted] and ---
OPERATOR: Beg your pardon?
DISPATCHER: What building is this?
OPERATOR: 1-1. One World Trade.
DISPATCHER: One World Trade?
DISPATCHER: Do you have any other information in regard to this collapse?
OPERATOR: I beg your pardon?
DISPATCHER: Excuse me.
OPERATOR: IÂ’m sorry, I didnÂ’t hear you.
DISPATCHER: Do you have any information about collapse?
OPERATOR: About any what?
DISPATCHER: Never mind. ItÂ’s -- And you say theyÂ’re at One World Trade?
DISPATCHER: One World Trade Center, [identifying information redacted]?

That's just weird because the firefighters use numbers like 8-0 for 80 throughout the rest. Why is 1-1, or 11 mentioned? The first 2 I gave are most interesting though.

All the audio and PDFs are linked on the main post of this blog, but here's the link anyway:

The first tape that has been

The first tape that has been released by a family to the media does contain both sides of the conversation (maybe edited). And in this tape, the guy talked about an explosion. The fire official he was then connected with also talked about fires or explosions, but no mention of planes. The guy was on the 106th floor of I forget which tower. It would be interesting to figure out if he had any idea that the building was being attacked by planes, or if he was only reporting an explosion. What time was the call? Was the explosion he heard from a plane hitting the building, or something else? This tape was played quite a bit on the news the first day these new tapes came out.

rossposted I remember that

I remember that on 9/11 morning, soon after the 2nd Tower was struck, cell-phone service became severely flooded & clogged with calls. (Even most landline phone service was disrupted.) By about 9:15 a.m., cells phones were useless in New York, and probably the rest of the Northeast U.S., as the tremendous spike in calls overloaded the (2001) system.

So then how did all those calls go through, including those to/from Flight 93????