Webster Tarpley TV Interview on 9/11 Truth Breakthru Airs in Manhattan, on Internet, Wed. April 5th

Anyone know the viewership of this channel? It was an interview from March 29th, has anyone heard that interview?


An interview with Webster Tarpley will be aired on the Public Access Network in New York City on Wed. April 5th on MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) on 9 to 10 a.m. EDT on Channel 67 and will be simulcast on www.MNN.org at the same hour.

To watch the simulcast you only need a broadband internet connection. Just click on Channel 34 once you are on the MNN.org website.

The interview will be on Tina Tarryk's show, "Making Known The Unknown." It was taped on March 29th.

Molly Cheshire interviews Mr. Tarpley, and the focus is the startling release of the article in New York Magazine and the unexpected appearance of Charlie Sheen on CNN the week of March 20th. These new developments show that it is possible for these radical ideas to be recognized by the mainstream. We also discuss the destruction of WTC Building 7 as the incontrovertible evidence that defies the authorized explanation.

Mr. Tarpley will also be the guest on the Meria Heller Show tomorrow, www.meria.net, 9-10 a.m. PDT.

In a separate development, Tarpley's publisher, John Leonard of Progressive Press in California, is campaigning to highlight the negligence of the big insurance companies in failing to investigate suspect damage claims filed against them for the destruction of the NY World Center. He has purchased shares in two large German reinsurance companies, Allianz and Munich Re, in order to make shareholder motions at their annual general meetings. Today, April 4th, he filed a motion to withhold approval of the Munich Re board of directors, which should be published on the firm's website. The text may be viewed at www.waronfreedom.org/press/mumotion.txt

Home URL of this release: www.waronfreedom.org/press/MNN-MU-4406.txt

Also, if you have a moment, defend Charlie Sheen here:

fyi, it's channel 34 you

fyi, it's channel 34 you need to click on and it's on now (9:02 AM Est).

you need to click on 67. the

you need to click on 67. the quoted text is wrong.

The next 9/11 class is this

The next 9/11 class is this Saturday, 4/8/2006, and the topic is "Foreknowledge Of The Event".

Hope to see you all there. It will take place in the same thread...

Class Is Now In Session

Can someone post this in

Can someone post this in WMV?

On another note: I took a 24 hour vacation to St. Augustine this weekend. While at the top of the 160 foot tall historic lighthouse there, my rugrat made the comment that I shouldn't drop my cell phone. I responded that wouldn't be good, because as we all observed on 911, when you drop solid objects from tall buildings, they turn into pulverized dust, loud enough for the couple standing next to me to hear.

I struck up a conversation with them, asking them where they lived, what they did for a living, etc. Turns out they are a nice couple from Gainesville, they had bought some property in St. Augustine, and they were looking forward to retiring there in 12 years. The guy, in his early 50's, had been working as non-manager with Postal Service for 20+ years.

I struck up a conversation with them, and got to asking them if they had questioned the 'official story,' referring to my comment about the laws of physics requiring objects dropped from buildings to disintegrate.

To my utter surprise, this average, normal, birds out of the nest, 50 something couple had both seen Loose Change!

you need to click on 67. the

you need to click on 67. the quoted text is wrong.

Sorry about that... very well spoken... can hardly wait to burn this...

Anybody see "Secret-Evil-of-911.wmv" google it... it's got a great shot of a large steel structure being demolished, falling over sideways.

I also saw another large building falling over sideways in another controlled demolition, does anybody know of a small wmv file having this or other sideways falling?

I showed wtc7 to my highly educated step sister, she said of course it looked like controlled demolition.

No prob NB. it said it in

No prob NB. it said it in the press release. Only problem is I was going to rip a wmv of it, but I missed the first few minutes because of the channel thing and gave up.

Tarpley did well. I thought it would have been cool if he had some other big names when the interviewer asked for people like Nelson Mandela who were on board for the Indepepedent International Truth Commission.

I didn't see the Webster

I didn't see the Webster Tarpley interview, but here are 26 Rules for Being a Republican.

1) Being a drug addict is a moral failing and a crime, unless you are
millionaire conservative radio jock, which makes it an "illness" and
needs our prayers for your "recovery."

2) You have to believe that those privileged from birth achieve success
all on their own.

3) You have to believe that the US should get out of the UN, and that
our highest national priority is enforcing UN resolutions against Iraq.

4) You have to believe that government should stay out of people's
lives but it needs to punish anyone caught having private sex with the
"wrong" gender.

5) You have to believe that pollution is ok, so long as it makes a

6) You have to believe in prayer in schools, as long as you don't pray
to Allah or Buddha.

7) "Standing Tall for America" means firing your workers and moving
their jobs to India.

8 ) You have to believe that a woman cannot be trusted with decisions
about her own body, but that large multi-national corporations can make
decisions affecting all mankind with no regulation whatsoever.

9) You have to believe that you love Jesus and Jesus loves you, and
that Jesus shares your hatred of AIDS victims, homosexuals, and Hillary

10) You hate the ALCU for representing convicted felons, but they owed
it to the country to bail out Oliver North.

11) You have to believe that the best way to encourage military morale
is to praise the troops overseas while cutting their VA benefits.

12) You believe that group sex and drug use are degenerate sins that
can only be purged by running for governor of California as a Republican.

13) You have to believe it is wise to keep condoms out of schools,
because we all know if teenagers don't have condoms they won't have

14) You have to believe that the best way to fight terrorism is to
alienate our allies and then demand their cooperation and money.

15) You have to believe that government medicine is wrong and that HMOs
and insurance companies only have your best interests at heart.

16) You have to believe that providing health care to all Iraqis is
sound government policy but providing health care to all Americans is
socialism personified.

17) You believe that tobacco's link to cancer and global warming are
"junk science", but Creationism should be taught in schools.

18 ) You have to believe that waging war with no exit strategy was wrong
in Vietnam but right in Iraq.

19) You have to believe that Saddam was a good guy when Reagan armed
him, a bad guy when Bush's daddy made war on him, a good guy when
Cheney was doing business with him, and a bad guy when Bush needed a "we can't
find Bin Laden" diversion.

20) You believe that government should restrict itself to just the
powers named in the Constitution, which includes banning gay marriages
and censoring the Internet.

21) You have to believe that the public has a right to know about the
adulterous affairs of Democrats, while those of Republicans are a
"private matter".

22) You have to believe that the public has a right to know about
Hillary's cattle trades but that Bush was right to censor those 28
pages from the Congressional 9/11 report because you just can't handle the

23) You support state rights, which means Ashcroft telling states what
locally passed voter initiatives he will allow them to have.

24) You have to believe that what Clinton did in the 1960s is of vital
national interest but what Bush did decades later is "stale news" and

25) You have to believe that trade with Cuba is wrong because it is
communist, but trading with China and Vietnam is just dandy.

26) You have to believe that jet planes do not explode and break apart upon impact and that they magically slip inside buildings like they did at the WTC on 9/11. :)


We need to focus our efforts

We need to focus our efforts on supporting the frontline troops such as Cynthia McKinney, Charlie Sheen and actually my favorite, Oprah, rather than blog battling with blithering idiots.

I do sound like my mother.

I like drugs except they

I like drugs except they make you feel like crap the next day so I don't do them. The war on drugs is really boring. It has worn out its welcome on most pols lips.

NB: Where was the building


Where was the building located that fell sideways during demolition?

It's only necessary to set it up so the building falls straight down into its own footprint when you're trying to avoid damage to surrounding property; otherwise, it's my understanding that it's easier and cheaper to do a quick-and-dirty demolition that just knocks it down.

Again, the name of the file

Again, the name of the file (which I found on google) is:


2:52 (Two minutes, fifty-two seconds)

The structure looks to be about 11-14 story tall steel framework surrounding and industrial process of some sort.

Falls straight on it's side. As I said, I saw another video with a building falling sideways.

I would imagine falling into a building's footprint is all fine and good, but I imagine falling sideways if space permits would be less expensive to clean up: no sub-basements to have to climb out of as the debris pile gets smaller...

Of course, if it's got to come down in it's own footprint, like in NYC, then the best way to clean it up is to cut the pieces into perfectly sized pieces of steel for easy removal. Which company cleaned up the WTC again?

i agree with most of the 26

i agree with most of the 26 rules except for 26! its not that i dont think that is not true, its just to skeptical and can be debunked to easily. and also you should add.. you have to be democrat to allow the republicans to do all of those 25 things year after year and you not saying anything

The "Defamer" requires an

The "Defamer" requires an invite for posting comments.

Sheen says "challenge him on the facts", which is the exact opposite of what's happening.

Would someone with access post,

"Sheen says challenge him on the facts. These are the facts.


for him, please?

I was just on the Ron & Fez

I was just on the Ron & Fez show... can anybody tell me where to get their archives?

I agree with most of the

I agree with most of the "Republican Rules" jokes, but some of them are just so factually incorrect for even a joke.

"4) You have to believe that government should stay out of people's
lives but it needs to punish anyone caught having private sex with the
"wrong" gender."

What republicans still advocate punishments for homosexuality? Here the joke would better refer on the oppsoite side to hypocrisy of the liberals:

You have to believe no one should have any less rights for being socially different in any way, but one should be legally persecuted for having bad opinion about homosexuality.

Does anyone else see the

Does anyone else see the 9/11 angle to this story? Bush Administration Media Collusion Memos Surface (AP). http://www.guerrillafunk.com/story/0,3566,190215,00.html I ran across this yesterday. These memos surfaced last Friday, and I have heard not one word about it on the news. Barbara Boxer is calling for a congressional inquiry. "This is it. This is a smoking gun."

David, did you hear this (from a Democrat, no less) Democrat for Senate: Death Penalty For Practicing Gays? (World Net Daily). Candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio. Some crazy trucker.

For all questions about 9/11

For all questions about 9/11 skeptics of the official story, get the full story. Go to www.st911.org or another reputable 9/11 skeptic site such as www.911truth.org

Watch David Ray Griffin's CSPAN video presentation. Then watch 9/11 Revisisted. After that you will know the basic facts that every patriotic American should learn.

Porter Goss was issuing

Porter Goss was issuing memos along those lines to the CIA, Randy, so why shouldn't we expect other explicit or implicit internal directives to be operating?

How many smoking guns does

How many smoking guns does it take???

Look at this shit.

People are talking, just

People are talking, just some are ill informed.

one guy made this comment in

one guy made this comment in support of the official story.

please research the construction of the WTC.

You are completely wrong. the "cage" as it was called was designed to be load bearing.

the core had no reinforced concrete or steel WHATSOEVER.

The core was not the reason for failure.

Please stop repeating this lie.

Nobody has blamed a core failure for the WTF falling....nobody has done this because the structural construction and design of the WTC has nothing to do with the integrity of the core.

Guess who's filing an

Guess who's filing an "Ethics Complaint" against Cynthia McKinney?


Hey, can someone give the

Hey, can someone give the link to Paul Craig Roberts saying 9/11 was an inside job?


Hey... can somebody find my

Hey... can somebody find my eyeballs? They just popped out of their sockets from laughing so hard.



Is there any particular

Is there any particular reason not to ban 'AmandaReconwith'?

The Pitonisa Condolleza Rice

The Pitonisa Condolleza Rice predicted the Attack of 11S with 5 DAYS. Another "chance" but or simply definio the SCENE of the Attack as it indicates Now Manual of Operations Concealed of the company Giuliani one of the civil employees involved in the Maneuverses of Attacks called Tripod alerts today [ 5-Abril ] of another Great Attack, that if the Numerologia of the Elite is fulfilled within 6 days, [11 April ].

Giuliani Predicts Another Terror Attack ----> [11S 2 = [¿11 April?].

Condoleezza Rice Warned Sept. 6 About Imminent Terror Attack.

Five days before Sept. 11, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice was warned that a terrorist attack inside the United States was imminent, a former U.S. senator who headed up a blue-ribbon commission on terrorism revealed late Tuesday.

Lieutenant Fletcher Prouty: Manual of Secret Operations of the company: [ AutoAttacks] emphasized lieutenant Fletcher Prouty, one of the members of those Special equipment: the company it uses its clandestine infrastructure to stimulate the actions that interest to him with the purpose of generating reactions within the Governmental Structure of the United States. The Plan consists first of defining the scene with Declarations about which the Enemy is about to to attack; soon the Equipment of Operating mounts Ataque very secret and provocative Autoataque, of the type of which it will produce an open answer. After or the attacks (autoataques) impelled secretly by the company, the following step it is to categorizar to the enemy "like an aggressor" or a "subversive insurgency", from which the facts "to the National Security Council will be transferred". This organism will operate of there in more on the Congress until obtaining the favorable voting to the WAR, generally never declared with respect to a certain country.

"Condolleza Rice predicted

"Condolleza Rice predicted the Attack of 11S with 5 DAYS. Another "chance" but or simply definio the SCENE of the Attack as it indicates Now Manual of Operations Concealed of the company Giuliani one of the civil employees involved in the Maneuverses of Attacks called Tripod alerts today [ 5-Abril ] of another Great Attack, that if the Numerologia of the Elite is fulfilled within 6 days, [11 April ]."













I've been lurking for some

I've been lurking for some time now...

Just saw this on my home page...

Moussaoui Judge OKs Playing Plane Tapes


ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) - The cockpit recorder tape from the Sept. 11 jetliner that crashed in Pennsylvania will be played in public for the first time - to the Zacarias Moussaoui sentencing jury - the judge in the case ruled Wednesday.

U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema said the jury considering whether to execute Moussaoui could hear the recording from United Airlines Flight 93 and see a transcript of it.

This cockpit tape has been played privately for the families of Flight 93 victims, but it has never been played in public.

Prosecutors asked the judge to order the tape sealed and to keep the transcript from the general public after it is played in open court, but she made no immediate ruling on that.

Noting that the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered trial evidence made public, she said relatives of Flight 93 victims would have until next Tuesday to advise her whether they object to general release of the material.

She said if no family members object, she will release the material to the general public the day after it is submitted into evidence. No date was set for that.

The sentencing trial of the 37-year-old Frenchman will resume Thursday morning after the jury in the first phase unanimously found him eligible for the death penalty on counts of conspiracy to commit international terrorism, to commit air piracy and to use weapons of mass destruction. This second phase will examine aggravating and mitigating evidence about his crimes, and the jury will decide whether he will be executed or imprisoned for life for his role in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

In an order describing Wednesday's closed hearing, Brinkema said the government's reason for wanting to keep the tape and transcript sealed from general release was "to protect the National Traffic Safety Board against premature public speculation regarding the cause of any airline crash so it may 'conduct a full and fair investigation.'" Brinkema said even prosecutors admitted in court that that reason "is not implicated in this sentencing proceeding."

Much of what happened aboard Flight 93, including an effort by passengers to retake the plane from al-Qaida hijackers, is known because of the use of cell phones in flight by passengers and flight attendants. Earlier in the trial, prosecutor David Raskin transfixed the jury by reading an account of the last moments of the flight based on the cell phone calls by two flight attendants from the plane to ground controllers.

The transcripts of the flight attendants' calls were excerpted in the Sept. 11 Commission report. Also public are parts of the cell phone calls made by some passengers. A Hollywood movie re-enacting the flight is to be released later this month.

Discussing general public release of the tape and transcript, Brinkema wrote, "The court is also mindful that family members of the flight crew or passengers on Flight 93 may object to the voices of their loved ones being publicly revealed in this manner."

Prosecutors began calling relatives of the victims Wednesday afternoon to advise them of the judge's decision.

Even if no family member objects, the exact date of general public release remained uncertain. Prosecutors have not disclosed when they plan to present the material to the jury.

Thursday is the only trial day this week and it will be consumed in part with opening statements from both sides before any testimony is heard. The jury will return Monday next week to its Monday-Thursday schedule. Estimates of the length of phase 2 range from two weeks to two months.

The government will bring in testimony in an effort to prove that Moussaoui's victims suffered cruel physical abuse, that his acts resulted in "serious physical and emotional injuries, including maiming, disfigurement and permanent disability" for numerous survivors and injured or harmed not only the victims but also their families, friends and co-workers.

Prosecutors intend to identify for the jury by name and photograph each of 2,972 victims and to call witnesses to tell the stories of about 45 victims. This sample will include victims from each of the four hijacked jetliners, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. And it will cover the diversity of race, religion, economic status and occupation of victims as well as the range of people affected, including spouses, parents, children, siblings and friends.

Prosecutors also intend to show the harm the attacks did to New York's economy and public employees and to the Pentagon.

To make a case for life in prison, the court-appointed defense team wants to call a doctor to testify that Moussaoui is schizophrenic and to call sociologists to describe his impoverished childhood in France and the racism he encountered in France and England because of his Moroccan ancestry. They have yet to outline all the mitigating factors they hope to show.

To obtain a death penalty, the prosecution must prove at least one of three aggravating factors beyond a reasonable doubt: Moussaoui knowingly created a grave risk of death to one or more innocent bystanders; he subjected victims to serious physical abuse in a heinous and cruel way or relished the killing, or he acted to cause death or terrorism after substantial planning or premeditation.

That plus any other damage they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt would have to outweigh any mitigating evidence submitted on Moussaoui's behalf.

This is the first I've seen

This is the first I've seen of the Bush memos to Viacom. Its very strange. It includes the quote below and focuses on BET, rap and Al Sharpton. I think its very likely be a FAKE or a JOKE. Can any one verify it?

Not all agree, however. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist took a more defensive stance. "Of course it raises some concerns, but we can't let this issue be blown out of proportion. Of course there have to be media guidelines. Hell, if we want to plant I.D. chips in people and torture their loved ones until they break, we will. I know the idea of governmental control over what the media can or cannot say during wartime may be an uncomfortable topic for some to digest, but it is a necessary fact of life when our enemies are trying to kill us."

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a fake... There's nothing about it on news.google.com, and it's a fake FOX News page on guerrillafunk.com...


I'm crossposting here

I'm crossposting here but:

As Jon reported we just get this gem from the Moussaoui trial.

I'm assuming the prosecution needs to present this tape to support their case, since the jury knows it exists. But in all probability it contradicts the information that has been made public (cell phone calls, propaganda film, etc) because we know the flight was shot down and there are discrepancies in the the times of the crash (within a few minutes).

Could the public release of this tape cause the Flight 93 "official story" to be debunked?

If that is the case, will the prosecution fold their case instead of releasing the evidence?

I have many questions about the direction of this trial and the defense's use our research in bolstering their case.

If the prosecution can present every single victim of the attacks, then it would be completely legitimate to delve into the other elements of the attacks that killed the most people: the collapse of the towers.

DP | 04.05.06 - 5:52 pm |

DP | 04.05.06 - 5:52 pm | #

Thanks for the full article but I would suggest it get clipped for copyright reasons.

They have proof that Cynthia

They have proof that Cynthia McKinney was the one that attacked the pilots and forced flight 22 to land in Memphis.

Anyone know where to get

Anyone know where to get "Ron & Fez" archived recordings?



Randy wrote: "Does anyone

Randy wrote: "Does anyone else see the 9/11 angle to this story? Bush Administration Media Collusion Memos Surface (AP). http://www.guerrillafunk.com/story/0,3566,190215,00.html I ran across this yesterday. These memos surfaced last Friday, and I have heard not one word about it on the news. Barbara Boxer is calling for a congressional inquiry. "This is it. This is a smoking gun.""

This is page is satire, it says so if you read the the scrolling message text above the story (see below):

Yes, it's satire, but why did so many of you find it so easy to believe? Maybe because the whole thing feels real - especially when you consider the negative images and messages that corporations continue to endorse and promote as entertainment. If Fox really reported the truth the news would look more like this because record labels and video channels influence millions...Courtesy of guerrillafunk.com

(Guerrilla Funk is the website of the excellent hip hop artist 'Paris'). The webaddress is not foxnews.com but fox-news.us. It's a similar 'hoax' to that one about Australian PM John Howard 'apologising' for the Iraq War.