9/11 Widow Writes Scathing Article Regarding Upcoming Giuliani Court Appearance

The following article is from Kristen Breitweiser in response to the recent news that Rudy Giuliani would be testifying in the upcoming sentencing phase of the Moussaoui trial.

Giuliani's Deadly Impact? - huffingtonpost.com

Can someone please explain to me why Rudy Giuliani gets to give a victim's impact statement at the Moussaoui penalty phase hearing? Which family member did Guiliani lose in the attacks?

Forgive me, but Giuliani is the person responsible for deciding to locate NYC's emergency command center in the World Trade Center along with a diesal fuel tank (against the advice of certain FDNY officials) before 9/11.

Locating the city's emergency command center in a known al Qaeda target (the towers were struck in 1993 and al Qaeda publicly promised to return to finish the job) was a colossal failure in judgment on his part that cost hundreds of lives on 9/11.

During the attacks, because the command center was rendered inoperable, NYC had no clear chain of command and no physical command structure in place to coordinate the emergency response. Frankly, the whole reason Giuliani was on television all day and available for interviews was because he was scrambling around the streets trying to set up a command post since the one he had designed and located was paralyzed during the attacks.

Anyone who wants to witness the results of NYC's abysmal emergency response to the attacks need only listen to the recently released 911 tapes that chillingly reveal a total lack of coordination and flow of vital life-saving information plaguing the city and its emergency response apparatus that day. (By the way, Mayor Bloomberg has yet to fix the 911 system--even five years later.)

Furthermore, Giuliani is also responsible for giving the FDNY inoperable Motorola radios. This, too, cost hundreds of lives when firemen did not hear the order to evacuate the towers prior to their collapse. (By the way, those radios are still not fixed--blame this on Bloomberg, too.)

How is a man who is responsible for such horrific and deadly judgments invited to give a victim's impact statement as to how 9/11 impacted him?

By these standards, should I expect Condoleezza Rice (Ms. "Nobody knew planes could be used as missiles"), George Tenet (Mr. "I failed to tell the FBI for 18 months that two known al Qaeda killers were living in San Diego and planning the 9/11 attacks"), and perhaps, George Bush (Mr. "I was reading a story about a pet goat while thousands of people perished and burned alive in the World Trade Center because I didn't want to alarm the school children.") to provide victim's impact statements, as well?

Wow, all I can say is 'right on'. Giuliani appearing at the trial seems more like a parade than a judicial court proceeding. Kind of ironic that Giuliani's new line of business is a security consulting business..

Way to go Kristen!!! Please

Way to go Kristen!!! Please rejoin the fray... if only to make a statement.

Giuliani knew the attacks

Giuliani knew the attacks were comming. He was part of it. I wanted to puke when I heard the news he was going to be testifying. The man has no conscience. FOR GOD SAKES HE WAS MAYOR OF THE FRIGGING CITY!!! He was part of a scheme to mass murder his own! Then he came back with Bush and started grandstanding at ground zero! Someone should throw him off the top of the Empire State Building and then tell him to grow wings. I don't know how much more of this shit I can take.

Yes, but I hope no one is

Yes, but I hope no one is implying that WTC-7 imploded do to some supposed diesel tank.

we should hound jon stewart

we should hound jon stewart to tell the truth

yes jon stewart

jon stewart is a liberal

jon stewart is a liberal gate keeper and so is al franken

So, who's going to be

So, who's going to be outside the courthouse in Alexandria, VA tomorrow with signs? Thanks Kristen. You said it!

giuliani is just

giuliani is just grandstanding for a presidential run in 2008, which is a disgrace.

I'll be puking with maddog

I'll be puking with maddog if he's our next President. I might really, finally, have to leave the country.

You got that right dz. I

You got that right dz. I have nothing but contempt for the man. He is worse than Bush or Cheney.

The Natl Enquirer is moving

The Natl Enquirer is moving back to Florida. The anthrax is finally gone. Who did they pay to clean it up? Giuliani.

While I agree that Guiliani

While I agree that Guiliani is grandstanding, KB's statement is full of dangerous misconceptions and serves to promote the "al queda did it" myth, not to mention the fallacious linking of the diesel fuel tank with the WTC7 demolition. Guiliani needs to be held accountable for a lot of things, not least the rapid removal of the debris and inhibiting proper on-site investigations.
As far as Moussaui is concerned, have you not noticed that the government's case was contradicted by his evidence, and the media promptly forgot what the governemnt was saying and accepted the version of a clearly deranged patsy. Diversion from the real issues working brilliantly again.


It is so pathetic,watching

It is so pathetic,watching what's going on,its a dream almost.They have so much control, only 1-2% know what's going on,

we need a Neil Young song here.

If you could look at the big picture,if only you could,you would see it.....its big....and we are a very small part of it..They are not worried at all.Coz it's big and they have control....I call it tres interesting..thats french you know,,,..travel I say across the great divide,discover what you can before they shut us down again,its close you know,they do now............ want us to know...

How did Giuliani now in

How did Giuliani now in advance that WTC 7 was going to fall.....? I wonder

Edgware bombing=London

Edgware bombing=London Bombings,Frigging netanyahoo and Gulianyoo were in adjoing rooms,therse guys are planning everyting.Isrealy firms run the whole London undergroud . security..Yeah yeah.Check it out.Its liek Marvin Bush ? Know him ? Securacom,runs security for Trade towers,Logan airport etc ,need I gon .I think I am going mad knowing that there is too much ,
great soap,

Got two words for Bloomberg

Got two words for Bloomberg & Guiliani.

"FUCK YOU!!" George Bush and the Illuminati!

Al'Quaida = American Imperialists.


The Revolution is coming...

I wonder if the defense team

I wonder if the defense team will ask him any tough or incriminating questions?

why is rudy the war criminal

why is rudy the war criminal testifying at all?

did he lose a family member?

Does anyone know where the

Does anyone know where the term "St. Rudy the Recycler" originated?

Best part is the comments.

Best part is the comments. What I've found in talking to people these last 2 weeks since the Charlie Sheen coverage on CNN headline news (A.J. Hammer should get more credit; he is obviously a 911 truthseeker.) is that you only need to tell people that essential fact that lifted the veil from my eyes:

Before 9/11, no steel frame building had ever collapsed from fire and none has collapsed from fire since 9/11. But 3 of them did on 9/11: WTC 1, 2 and 7.

As a non-scientist, general public, ordinary person who never took any physics at all in school, if I thought about the collapse at all, I must have thought it happens all the time that buildings collapse from fire. Thats what people think: it happens all the time. When they know that it never happens except on 9/11, that fact validates all the other suspicions they've always held about 9/11.

This has to be said: the

This has to be said: the 9/11 families were - for the most part - basically bought off. The rationale for the compensation was to save the airlines from the lawsuits but the airlines are bankrupt or failing anyway. Families got money that would have never been possible to get in a lawsuit against the airlines, as for example, almost a million dollars for the death of an adult child. In New York State law, if you weren't dependent on that adult child, you would have no standing to sue.

The compensation was used to silence them. Give all of them enough money so that they have a stake in maintaining the official version.

Yes, Hi. And not only did

Yes, Hi. And not only did they “collapse.” it was such an orderly, symmetrical, implosion! Just like controlled demolitions! As if modern steel-framed buildings were built to fail totally in some domino-effect chain reaction!

P.S. I read that GiulianiÂ’s daddy was a hoodlum/Mafioso with a criminal record. The apple didnÂ’t fall far from the tree. Rudy is a hoodlum/Mafioso politician!

Yes, again Hi. The family

Yes, again Hi. The family payoffs were hush-money, blood-money. One brave widow refused to accept it.

Maddog I could not agree

Maddog I could not agree more. If Guiliani is in a courtroom it should be for the many crimes commited. Destruction of evidence would seem a good place to start.

Was it fully explained to

Was it fully explained to Kristen Breitweiser, that her recent article is being used as propoganda on your web site? Or is she "onboard" with the conspiracy!

What a great web site. I

What a great web site. I especially love the paranoid delusionals rants. Do you guys think wrestling is "fixed" too?
Keep drinking (or smoking) whatever is you drink or smoke and I'll keep tuning in. :)

I just spotted this.

I just spotted this. http://news.yahoo.com/fc/us/terrorism Gouliani is playing it up to the hilt. "Steve Lawrence?" that's cute. Keep it up num-nuts. Changing the subject check out Mike Malloy's latest show. Malloy to Cynthia McKenney's rescue! This is why I love that guy.

Hey Steven Lawrence you know

Hey Steven Lawrence you know what else is "fixed" ? Your head up your ass. Sorry folks, I could not resist. Jesus, can't any of these mental midgets read at least one link at Scholars for 9-11 Truth before posting? Come on do some research if your are for real.

Oh I'm sorry I didn't

Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize because it's posted on the internet it must be true.
And YES my name is really Steven Lawrence.

steven, compared to all the


compared to all the truths that come from our government and military intelligence? comon. you shouldn't blindly believe in anything, including the governments version of 9/11.. you should research it, just as you would if it came from a bunch of draft dodging cokeheads and alcoholics..

dont read the web, read a book, here are two which i would suggest:

Dr. David Ray Griffin: The 9/11 Commmission - Ommissions and Distortions

Michael Ruppert: Crossing the Rubicon

I agree entirely with Hi.

I agree entirely with Hi. Recently I read Giuliani has predicted a new terrific desaster as the 9/11. Finally if things happen it's thanks to a load of sheep.

What is really sad is the

What is really sad is the hipocracy of the so-called 911 truth seekers. How do you think you handle the truth about other peoples dirty laundry when you can't accept that some of you are known criminals who practice anti-semitism and anti-muslim behavior when you were supposedly working on LC1?


lgf: Red and Green Anti-semeitsm

12 Max L 12-15-2003
11:22PM Pst

"Another wonderful eye opener Charles. Check out this hate mail filled post I got on my website, I will edit the foul words."

"Judentot_ You are a very sick person. Perhaps someday YOU will be raped to death in prison like your terrorist hero Irv rubin.That would be nice. F#$% you you evil kike. You are a pestilence on the world. Go Die.[2003-12-1600:17:36]

#21 zulubaby 12-16-2003
12:29AM PST

Max L (#12)

"I just realized something, that Email address kidsjistainright@Yahoo.ca is Dylan Avery aka abe smoling aka shlomo kats and a multitude of other jewish sounding names. He is a rabid jew hater and has posted tons of vicious slander about charles on nazimedia. He even posted something about reporting me and charles and deathberg to the Hate crimes Branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police." (Aside to Dylan Avery, If you're reading this, it doesn't say zulubaby on my passport,Ya Freak.)"

Lets see if you hipocrites can deal with this truth.


Sentinel, I hope you come

Sentinel, I hope you come forward with your real name and can back up what you just wrote re linking Dylan with those screen names.

If not, this is slander and defamation of the worst kind, and you should be legally prosecuted.

So, if you're a man you'll come out with your full identity.

This is no joking matter, OK?