911Blogger.com 1 Year Anniversary + Introducing 911Podcasts.com

While there are over 18 months worth of archives now, April 5th marks the official 1 year anniversary since we launched the 911blogger.com domain.

A few notes of thanks

In the first year we have made some good strides. To date we have had 700,000 page views, sent out terabytes of media, received $2000 in donations to run 22 blogads (including our most recent at rawstory.com), received thousands of emails, and developed a growing community of 9/11 activists from different opinions and persuasions. We have come a very long way since the launch of this site last April, and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the growth of this site over the last year. Almost all of our news, events, media, links, and donations have been submitted by all sorts of 9/11 activists, and I want to say thanks for everyone who has helped us out.

The point of this site has been to serve the larger community of people who follow 9/11 alternative news, as well as attract others who may become interested in the subject - not to compete with the existing 9/11 sites that already existed. Over the last year we have gained a lot of support from other 9/11 related websites through having our links posted and referencing our posts and media. We have received only a tiny bit of negative press from some site owners who might want to think we have some sort of agenda, or are looking to promote certain opinions, but the overwhelming reaction from both individual users and contributors from other 9/11 sites has been very positive. Thanks to all the sites out there who have somehow contributed to this site and have been supportive of 911blogger.com.

So, without further ado, an anniversary present!

Announcing 911podcasts.com

About three months ago we received a couple of emails requesting ipod compatible versions of our 9/11 media. At the time I said that I liked the idea, but had to be honest in stating that I personally had no time to even look at it. Somebigguy followed up on the suggestion with information on a new mass media host, I bought the domain service, and handed the project over to him to head up. Over the next three months SBG along with Truth01 managed to get the framework of the site together, the site expanded to cover multiple formats of media, and along with some input from others in the community they managed to get 911podcasts.com up and ready for the 1 year anniversary. I'd like once again to give a big thanks to Truth01 and Somebigguy for all of their work in getting this new sister site together.

What is available now at 911podcasts.com is a great starting point for what should develop into a great contribution to the 9/11 alternative scene. The long term goal is to get any and all 9/11 related media together and available in all different formats for people out there to use in spreading 9/11 information. We will continue to post updates to this site as new media is added and changes to the layout and functionality are made. If you have media which you would like to see hosted, or would like to help with the project, please send in some feedback. We will also be accepting DVD media via our P.O. Box as well, if you would like to mail something in you can use the address listed in the 'donate via mail' link on the left panel here.

Future plans for the blog

We do our best here to at least read every email, listen to ideas and suggestions, and reply to all that we can. Most of the good ideas in the 9/11 community that end up being implemented are done by individuals out there looking to do something to contribute - that's how this site got started. We listed a few things which we would like to improve on our site a few months ago, including adding a '9/11 Related Activism' section and bringing back the 9/11 quotes panel. These things haven't been done yet because of the continually increasing amount of news that we are covering, and the time spent working on 911podcasts.com. So, I would like to ask for help from the many users who have become frequenters here at 9/11 Blogger in improving this site and working on other side projects that might help our mutual causes.

There is a new forum over at yourbbsucks.com called 911Blogger.com Deep Discussions, and I would like to invite those interested in working together on different ideas to join up and help out. This forum will be a place for us to ask for help on our side projects as well as a place for us to network and work together on many of the great ideas that we have seen floating around. I have created a thread about the 9/11 Related Activism section here with some general notes on the sections I think should be included and a few applicable links. If you have some good ideas you would like some help with implementing, or if you would like to help out in improving this site, it would be much appreciated. I hope to see some of you there.

Aside from that, the plans for 911blogger.com remain the same as last year - to provide a centralized 9/11 news site which promotes awareness and activism, raising money for running advertisements for recent news, and providing a unified site for 9/11 skeptics no matter their personal differences of opinion.

Thanks again to everyone out there who has helped make this first year a success, best wishes!

Happy Anniversary 9/11

Happy Anniversary 9/11 Blogger! While I'm here:

A few more doubts about Mark BinghamÂ’s famous cell phone call on 9/11/01 (and other peopleÂ’s calls that day also):

Was there cell phone coverage throughout rural Pennsylvania back then? If any, wouldnÂ’t it have been extremely erratic at best, with miles & miles of dead zones?

Since Bingham was based in California, would his phone service even work in the Northeast? (I believe most all phone plans were regional back then.) If possible, did it need to do some very unreliable “roaming” to work at all?

WerenÂ’t East Coast cell networks severely overloaded by the time Bingham supposedly made his call?

Just one more about

Just one more about Bingham:

If he was at 33,000 feet, that's about 6 miles. I don't believe cell phones could reach anywhere near that distance. And we must include penetrating the plane's body, electrical interference, analog signals back then, and so on.

Looks like it's case closed to me.

stick to building 7 until

stick to building 7 until there is a truely independent investigation that addresses all the other aspects

anonymous, have you looked


have you looked at 'project achilles'? it is exactly what you are talking about:


You guys got a great web

You guys got a great web site. I think it is the best 9/11 truth site on the web. I check it out four or five times a day. It is always up to the date with new 9/11 related news. Keep up the great work men.

Congrats on excellent site

Congrats on excellent site and your 1st aniversary!

Congrats But....Will there


But....Will there ever be support for PSP mp4 files?

stick to building 7 until

stick to building 7 until there is a truely independent investigation that addresses all the other aspects

Why? There are plenty of smoking guns. Why would you advocate abstaining from research?

valis, ipod video files are


ipod video files are .mp4's, have you tried the videos that are ipod compliant? if you have a PSP send in some feedback and let us try a few files with you, i assumed that the same mp4 file would play both on ipod and psp?

Congratulations to all those

Congratulations to all those involved with this site for playing a vital role in bringing out the truth about 9/11! Thanking you!

dz. They are different. Look

dz. They are different. Look at the LC2E Google Video download options; three choices. Those work. I'd love to try to demo some files for you guys. Drop me a line.


Happy 1st anniversary.

Happy 1st anniversary. Really appreciate all the work you guys and lots of contributors have put into it. Cheers to all of you.

Happy Anniversary... Happy

Happy Anniversary... Happy Anniversary... Happy Anniversary... HAPPY Anniversary. Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary. Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy ANNIVERSARY.

Happy anniversary to a great

Happy anniversary to a great 9/11 blog

Thank you 911blogger crew!

Thank you 911blogger crew!


Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and thanks to all that have made this fantastic site what it is!

( Does this mean the 'honeymoon' stage is over?)

Yes, thanks very much for

Yes, thanks very much for providing such a great learning and communication tool.

Great job!

Great job!

Re Mark Bingham's phone

Re Mark Bingham's phone call... his mom said that when he spoke to her, he said, "Hi mum, it's Mark, Mark BINGHAM." Has any son ever given his surname when speaking to his mum on the phone?

Seems extremely strange to me.

Congrats, by the way!