Full Transcript of Recent Griffin Speech '9/11: The Myth and the Reality'

9/11: The Myth and the Reality - 911truth.org

NOTE: This lecture was delivered March 30, 2006, at Grand Lake Theater in Oakland for Progressive Democrats of the East Bay. Abbreviated versions of it were given in San Francisco for the Democratic World Federalists on April 2 and the Commonwealth Club on April 3.
Myth Number 1: Our political and military leaders simply would not do such a thing.
Myth Number 2: Our political and military leaders would have had no motive for orchestrating the 9/11 attacks.
Myth Number 3: Such a big operation, involving so many people, could not have been kept a secret, because someone involved in it would have talked by now.
Myth Number 4: The 9/11 Commission, which has endorsed the official account, was an independent, impartial commission and hence can be believed.
Myth Number 5: The Bush administration provided proof that the attacks were carried out by al-Qaeda terrorists under the direction of Osama bin Laden.
Myth Number 6: The 9/11 attacks came as a surprise to the Bush administration.
Myth Number 7: US officials have explained why the hijacked airliners were not intercepted.
Myth Number 8: Official Reports have explained why the Twin Towers and Building 7 of the World Trade Center collapsed.
Myth Number 9: There is no doubt that Flight 77, under the control of al-Qaeda hijacker Hani Hanjour, struck the Pentagon.

Be sure to check out this transcript, and the mp3 of his presentation. Also, you can download a copy of today's Guns+Butter show, which covered the first half of Griffin's presentation here.

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A very smart list of myths

A very smart list of myths from DRG. Very concise. Use often. Would be good on a flyer.

excellent! Reminds me of an

excellent! Reminds me of an article I wrote some time back along the same lines. Scholars for 911 Truth has provided a webfocus that we can always refer the public too. Now people need a set of key ideas that we can get repeated ad nauseum so that the media spin and lies can't deflect them.

This list may be it - or at least a very good start. Bravo!

About these alive hijackers

About these alive hijackers Griffin mentions.
Isn´t the idea based on reports from 2001? I thought for a long time it was a proven fact some of them are still alive, but then I read stories written later which would seriously question possibility that some hijackers were actually alive.
I have not been able to find stories written after 01 that would tell any of them are still alive.
Can anyone brief me on this matter?

Tep, here is a link on the


here is a link on the alive hijackers:

you can find the reference articles at the bottom of that page..

i think the better question may be to ask what articles you think you might have seen that claimed they weren't still alive.. the 9/11 commission relisted the original 19 despite the contradicting news articles without even mentioning that their identities were highly in question.. i dont think anyone has argued against what is on the link above, if anything they have just ignored the information and continued to spout off about the original 19 (who were presented within 48 hours)..

check out the link above, and do some searches..

Yes, those stories all are

Yes, those stories all are from 2001.

But this one is from 03:...What these investigative journalists should have done was to spend a little time listening to those whom they cite as "reputable" sources for their arguments. Take the BBC, for example, which did in fact report, on September 23, 2001, that some of the alleged terrorists were alive and healthy and had protested their being named as assassins.

But there is one wrinkle. The BBC journalist responsible for the story only recalls this supposed sensation after having been told the date on which the story aired. "No, we did not have any videotape or photographs of the individuals in question at that time," he says, and tells us that the report was based on articles in Arab newspapers, such as the Arab News, an English-language Saudi newspaper.

The operator at the call center has the number for the Arab News on speed dial. We make a call to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. A few seconds later, Managing Editor John Bradley is on the line. When we tell Bradley our story, he snorts and says: "That's ridiculous! People here stopped talking about that a long time ago."

I´m not saying that

I´m not saying that Spiegel story is definately trueful and factual(about alive hijackers actually not being alive).
But if it isn´t, there must be something that beats it.

Where is Alex Jones interviewing one of alleged hijackers, for example?

Soo, nobody wants to tell me

Soo, nobody wants to tell me what to think about that article? Hmmm, don´t like this.
Really, people must stop talking about alive hijackers if there is no other proof of that other than 4+ years old articles which might be wrong.