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Send Bill Maher's show an

Send Bill Maher's show an e-mail

Heres The Link

Anyone have a link where I

Anyone have a link where I can view the entire video of the woman saying " That wasn't American Airlines, that wasn't American Airlines" on 911?

I ask, because as you may be aware, there is a man named Dan Nelson alleging if you look closely, you will see people shot in this video, and he claims the gov't is out to silence him.

An easy enough allegation to disprove...anyone have the link???

I found a short segment of it, and I DO think I hear a gunshot, and a man turn in amazement towards the shooter. Then the segment I have ends there...

Help, please.

I couldn't find it on

I couldn't find it on youtube. Isn't that clip in In Plane Sight?

Does anybody know if there

Does anybody know if there is still a screening of Loose Change at Sangha in Takoma Park, MD tonight?

I have not heard anything since the initial announcement.

Giuliani's Deadly

Someone needs to educate

Someone needs to educate Bill Maher now. If he honestly believes bin Laden was responsible for 9/11, then Maher is not a gatekeeper. He always says what's on his mind. And if he learned the truth, he might say it live on HBO. Someone needs to walk up to him and hand him information about 9/11. Emailing HBO won't do a thing. How many more shows does Maher have this season?

EDUCATE! WTC 7, Steven Jones paper, ST911, PNAC, Hello mom this is Mark Bingham, etc!

Idea.. maybe Ed Asner or Charlie Sheen could contact Bill Maher???

we are at war, an illegal

we are at war, an illegal war, started by the war crimes of 9-11

bush the border state president, did nothing about the border, and the democrats have flipped positions since building the san diego border fence

illegals shouldnt have staged mass protests during war time

this shows just how f*cked our government actually is

if 9-11 was a call for national security, why didnt bush do anything about the border

unless of course, it was planned in advance

Hey Farang, check out In

Hey Farang, check out In Plane Site, the Director's Cut. I took a look at that scene for the very reasons you mention and didn't see anything out of the ordinary going on, but maybe I missed it.

This stuff is making me feel

This stuff is making me feel sick the past couple days. Started when I saw what was happening to Sheen and McKinney. I don't trust the news, and I can see right through it now, when people like Hannity get into an on-air argument with Baldwin, just to play down the importance of celebs speaking out on issues. I used to watch a lot of news, now it makes me sick.

But I want to know more about 9/11, especially video footage and eyewitnesses. There's gotta be more evidence out there, and I can't find it soon enough. There's gotta be more people willing to bring it to the mainstream. They can't trash everyone. They'll just look more ridiculous for trying each time they do it.

there's been a lot of tape

there's been a lot of tape releases lately. the flight 93 cockpit recorder will be played publicly soon, b/c of the moussaoui trial. tapes of 911 calls from the towers were just released. why all at once? b/c it's an election year? just wondering everyone else's take on the sudden movement of tape releases. thanks.

those tapes could hurt us

those tapes could hurt us because if they show anything to disprove our claims then the media will run with it. also how can we prove that the tapes are a fraud?

also, if you do give bill some 9/11 material, you have to be careful which one you give him. he is egotistical and you have to break through several layers of ego and stubborness. so if you give him anything let it be Steven Jones Paper, 911revisted, and if someone can edit The Greatest Conspiracy and Loose Change to take out all the "questionable stuff" that would be great

Cheer up guys, you're in the

Cheer up guys, you're in the most perfect environment for solving the 9/11 mess since as per the guidelines and definitions of the Bush Administration torture in effect does not exist. So, all that is needed is to haul a few key people in for questioning and show them some clips of interrogation techniques approved by the Administration maybe give them a waterboarding sample, drill into a few kneekaps and the odd tough case could get a cattle prod laced with battery acid up their ass. I'd have the entire case wrapped up in say a month, the executions included.

Best regards,


Silly Dad OBrian was hot on

Silly Dad OBrian was hot on the McKinney assault on the American way of life story this morning.

If they could pin a felony charge on her then she would be gone gone gone and wouldn't be having hearings in the new democratic majority.

Why do I hear the words "High Tech Lynching"

Anyone want to add anything

Anyone want to add anything to this thread, feel free...

Excuse my bad english as it is not my primrary language and the excess mocking afterall it is a mockery forum!

Quick review of last nites

Quick review of last nites Palatine,IL 911 Truth event. Id say 20 people includeing the guys putting it on. Was that quick enough?



I mean yes, I mean, it was

I mean yes, I mean, it was too quick

what happened in Palatine,

what happened in Palatine, Jaybird?

dz, Thanks for that Project

dz, Thanks for that Project Achilles' link. I think the modest success those guys had in making cell calls from small planes is misleading to apply to the airliners on 9/11/01. Since these Achilles' guys got some calls through, it may look like the calls on 9/11 were possible/legitimate. I think the letters in APPENDIX B: Letters/Professional Opinions section are best. (I'm glad they included these, at least.)

Here's my earlier post:
A few more doubts about Mark BinghamÂ’s famous cell phone call on 9/11/01 (and other peopleÂ’s calls that day also):
Was there cell phone coverage throughout rural Pennsylvania back then? If any, wouldnÂ’t it have been extremely erratic at best, with miles & miles of dead zones?
Since Bingham was based in California, would his phone service even work in the Northeast? (I believe most all phone plans were regional back then.) If possible, did it need to do some very unreliable “roaming” to work at all?
WerenÂ’t East Coast cell networks severely overloaded by the time Bingham supposedly made his call?

Just one more about Bingham:
If he was at 33,000 feet, that's about 6 miles. I don't believe cell phones could reach anywhere near that distance. And we must include penetrating the plane's body, electrical interference, analog signals back then, and so on.

Looks like it's case closed to me.

Tyrant NYC major Giuliani is

Tyrant NYC major Giuliani is going to testify in the Mossaoui trial.
They'll tell their old 9/11 lies all over again, and no one in the M$M speaks up. It's a shame.

Libby just fingered Bush.

Libby just fingered Bush. From a 9/11 perspective, that could either be distracting, or a door opening.



How is it that you have the unmitigated gall to go to court and testify against a man whom you know is innocent in the crimes You helped plan and commit??


Ill get back at you after

Ill get back at you after work about the Palatine event. Im stoked about the Chicago event big time. Already scheduled the time off work.

I just saw on the TV that

I just saw on the TV that Libby just fingered Bush. No honor among thieves. It's just a matter of time and someone will "sing" on 9/11. Trust me on that one.

Watch out for info on the

Watch out for info on the Flight 93 voice recorder. They say it will be played in the trial.
Could this be a forgery.

Prosecutors showed the jury

Prosecutors showed the jury video clips of jetliners striking both towers. Giuliani, who was mayor at the time of the attacks, used a scale model of the World Trade Center to describe what the videos showed. He said he realized the crashes were a terrorist attack when the second plane hit the trade center.

Prosecutor Rob Spencer said the attacks turned the World Trade Center's twin towers into ``slaughterhouses.'' He said, ``The only verdict and the only punishment that fits this crime is the death penalty.''

Moussaoui and the other al-ciada members to follow, are the conspirators masterpiece: They will convince the whole world by pleading guilty that it was really really really really the work of hijackers.

Don't even ask how Moussaoui would have piloted a 747 into the Whitehouse, after failing with a tiny Cessna, don't ask because he "confessed" already. We have super duper court system!!!!

The Moussaoui trial was a

The Moussaoui trial was a farce. If people don't see this they are blind. I didn't even follow it knowing first hand how crooked the court system is. Look at the O.J. thing for starters. The list goes on. The whole system is a joke.

PS Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

re: Moussaoui trial as

re: Moussaoui trial as farce, maybe, but that doesn't mean it is bereft of new information. Check out Daniel Hopsicker's latest today at

Kristen Breitweiser's

Kristen Breitweiser's article is actually not good in my opinion. 1) She continues to reinforce the official story of 9/11. 2) The reason to be very critical of this Giuliani-at-the-sentencing thing is because it demonstrates the propaganda event the whole Moussaoui trial has been. They had an electro shock belt on him and he was saying whatever baloney the planted in his head to say in order to bolster the decaying official story. Clearly they are afraid people are waking up. And Flight 93 is a real problem for them because as Dylan Avery showed in Loose Change 2nd Edition, there was no plane there and the coroner's statements about no bodies at all is so powerful. Plus the Cleveland Airport evidence. This BS trial goes along with the propaganda films about Flight 93.

Excellent article: 9/11

Excellent article:
Ask Dick Cheney!

Don't forget to visit this

Don't forget to visit this great Charlie Sheen site:

"Q: Why were President Bush

"Q: Why were President Bush and Vice President Cheney interviewed together by the Commission, and why weren't they under oath?

Ben-Veniste: Well, they were interviewed together because that was a condition laid down by the White House. You may recall that at first the president and vice president declined to be interviewed by all ten members of the Commission; they insisted that they would submit to a brief half-hour interview conducted by the chair and vice chair only. That was not acceptable to us and a negotiation took place; there was an impasse for quite some time. In the interim, former President Clinton and former Vice President Gore were interviewed by the Commission. Clinton spent three and a half hours with us and I think turned out the lights at the end of the interview. Gore gave freely of his time and answered all of our questions. That may have had an influence on the president in reversing course and agreeing to be interviewed by the full Commission, for as long as we had reasonable, pertinent questions to ask - and he did spend about the same amount of time with us in the Oval Office. Of course, Vice President Cheney participated in the same interview. We found the president forthcoming; he told us what he knew, he told us what he didn't know - and both parts of the interview were illuminating."

"Q: We have an astonishing

"Q: We have an astonishing array of questions which I would say fall in the general category of conspiracy issues: Lead hijacker Mohamed Atta received $100,000 from the head of Pakistan. Why did the Commission fail to examine the huge spike in stock puts on United and American Airlines before 9/11? Building seven in the World Trade Center collapsed; its owner said the building was pulled. The Pentagon never released photos of the plane that hit the Pentagon; was it really just blown up? Did you run across a huge amount of conspiracy theory issues surrounding this?

Gorton: The short answer to that question is yes.

Ben-Veniste: We were mindful of the fact that, particularly following the Warren Commission, many conspiracy theories still exist, and we were determined to do what we could to conduct ourselves in as open and transparent a way as possible. So people could see what we were doing, we had open hearings, where the highest officials of the government were questioned publicly and under oath. We sought to conduct ourselves so as to eliminate, to the greatest extent, any plausible, lingering questions.

The questions about the stock market were answered for us by an exhaustive examination that took place by the Securities and Exchange Commission - which has a great deal of expertise in looking at such issues. We did not attempt to replicate what they did in our own work. There will be, in the age of the Internet, a great number of conspiracy theories, no matter what you do. In a country of 300 million, there are undoubtedly people e-mailing each other urgently on a daily basis about how the world is really flat. No doubt, if one were to take time to look at all of this garbage on the Internet and sift through it, one would find many, many conspiracy theories. But the antidote to that is to read our report - and we expect to have our report supplemented by the publication, hopefully soon, of even more extensive monographs on specific issues.

Gorton: We think that we have come up with the relevant facts leading up to 9/11. We've deliberately avoided making opinionated conclusions. We allow and invite that from the public as a whole, when they base those opinions on facts that actually took place. Yes, Flight 77 did go into the Pentagon; you know its most famous passenger was the wife of the solicitor general of the United States, and we had at least one member of our staff who was a victim - who was seriously injured, but not killed, in that particular crash. With respect to the World Trade Center, of course the two aircraft that hit World Trade towers one and two caused a great deal of collateral damage. There was damage or destruction of several other buildings."

Now; those bozos need to be

Now; those bozos need to be hauled in for some serious questioning about how that Boeing 757 managed to approach the Pentagon at 530 miles per hour virtually hugging the ground.

"At 9:37:46,American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon,traveling
at approximately 530 miles per hour.61 All on board, as well as many civilian
and military personnel in the building, were killed."

Except those who couldn´t

Except those who couldn´t be under any oath, he avoids mentioning:

"""So people could see what we were doing, we had open hearings, where the highest officials of the government were questioned publicly and under oath"""

Q: Why did the Commission

Q: Why did the Commission begin its investigation with the conclusion that Osama bin Laden and Arab hijackers carried out 9/11? Are you just following the government's narrative?

Gorton: We began with that conclusion because that is what happened.

Jorge Bush is crazier than a

Jorge Bush is crazier than a peach orchard boar, is as crooked as a dogÂ’s hind leg, and should have been impeached years ago. The crazier he gets the worse off the American people will be. HeÂ’s gotten so bad that the congress ought to remove that SOB and lock him up before he kills anyone else.

"Crooked as a dog's hind

"Crooked as a dog's hind leg." My old boss used to say that. She was an ol' gal from Texas. Had a Lesbian daughter, She was bank mgr. where I used to work. We used to go out drinkin' together. She could spot 'em when they came through the door. Kinda like Dubya and Dick. Crooked as a dog's hind leg.

I agree. Lock him up.

I agree. Lock him up. String him up by the toenails. Cheney too. Make 'em squeal!

Has anyone heard news of

Has anyone heard news of Venezuelas supposed investigation???