Who provided protective coverage for 9/11 operation?


On October 26, 1999, the famous golfer Payne Stewart boarded a private Learjet in Florida and left for Texas. Shortly after takeoff, Stewart's jet veered sharply off course and began heading northwest. All contact with air controllers was lost. Within 15 minutes of having gone off course, US fighter jets had already intercepted the jet.

These fighter jets were dispatched by NORAD, the branch of the US air force whose job is to monitor and defend US airspace 24 hours a day. NORAD maintains a huge array of land based radar systems and has fighter jets on alert 24 hours a day so that they can respond to any crisis.
The quick reaction time and military precision with which NORAD intercepted and escorted Stewart's jet was impressive, and exactly what one would have expected from the greatest military power in world history.

But on 9-11, the same NORAD which had so effortlessly intercepted Stewart's jet in 1999, was nowhere to be found during that two hour period between the first planes going off course and the last one crashing in a Pennsylvania field. How is it possible that the airspace between Boston and Washington DC, an area which contains the political and economic heart of the nation, was left completely defenseless? The second plane to hit the New York had flown off course without communication for 40 minutes. On its way to New York, it actually flew within a few miles of McGuire Air Force base in New Jersey, after the first tower had already been hit! And how is it possible that Washington DC was left undefended (long after the New York attacks) when Andrews Air Force base is within car driving distance?

CNN has dedicated a half an

CNN has dedicated a half an hour so far to Cynthia McKinney violent outburst at the capitol. They even had Tom Delay comment on her character which was too much for Jack Cafferty.

Someone tell me they saw this also, hopefully it was just bad mushrooms.

Chris Matthews is covering

Chris Matthews is covering this also and its a good thing because its so much more important than Delay and thousands of innocent Iraqis being murdered by the blood for oil industry.

Does that Capitol policeman

Does that Capitol policeman even have a black and blue mark? The whole thing IS racist; the whole media is having a good time making this woman a figure of fun. The Republicans and the media are hoping this McKinney issue helps Republicans with their "base" vote in the mid-terms.

Yeah, they're really tough, aggressive reporters going after Cynthia McKinney for pushing a man while they swallow every piece of crap nonsense out of Bush and his crowd.

aljazeera says it was only

aljazeera says it was only 15 minutes?

Didn't other news reports say an hour, or there abouts?

the source i just looked up

the source i just looked up said that jets were 'scrambled to intercept' the Stewart Lear jet within 25 minutes after it failed to report as required upon reaching a certain altitude, and caught up within 30 minutes after that. This source still used that case as part of an argument for a deliberate stand-down, using the word 'treason,' see http://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/AirDefStdDwn.pdf

I am still waiting for gov

I am still waiting for gov to explain how 19 fanatics with boxcutters caused NORAD to stand down.