Further Dirt Dishing in Response to Giuliani's Recent Court Appearance

Rudy Giuliani slavering witness for Moussaoui prosecution - OnlineJournal.com

You’ve come a long way Rudy to World Hero. Or have you? Remember that slip of the tongue from Tom Kenney of FEMA’s National Urban Search and Rescue Team, telling Dan Rather of CBS News that FEMA had arrived in New York on the night of September 10, 2001 (what a coincidence). And you, Rudy, were supposed to use this as your command post on 9/11/2001, after you were to evacuate WTC 7.

So this means what, that you knew that night before that the WTC was going to collapse and didn’t say anything? And you knew about the five major terror hijacking drills that were going to be run on 9/11 that would fill the screen with some 22 plans and render NORAD, in a word, impotent. Yup, read all about them on the link above from Alex Jones’ Prison Planet.

And wait a minute. Didn’t you tell, like it says there, the late Peter Jennings of ABC News, "We were operating out of there when were told that the World Trade Center was gonna collapse." How could you have known that then when no steel building (especially a redundant steel building) in history had ever collapsed before from fire damage? Smells like a rat to me, Rudy.

Now, did you tell the above to the people on the jury? I don’t think so. I read your polemic and I didn’t hear a word about your foreknowledge of the terrible event that Zacarias Moussaoui is now taking the rap for, single-handedly, and with a "sting band" to boot, and with your urging the jury to give him the big sting, death by lethal injection in the Terre Haute, Indiana, death house.

I guess, since George and the Boyz couldn’t get hold of Osama bin Laden after almost five years, they’re desperate for a goat. So you’ll have to settle for the hapless Moussaoui and help shove the needle in. I guess America will have to settle for that, because you’re one of the Boyz, and the Boyz, with choir master Cheney, the big shooter, took charge and ran the hit. So we need a patsy, no? Like father like son, like cousin like cousin. Madonna mia.

And there you were at the trial, telling the people to listen to the tapes of dying people in the Towers, when it was your crew that told those people to stay in the buildings. Why didn’t you tell the courtroom like you did Peter Jennings that WTC 7 was going to fall, or even that Towers 1 and 2 were going to fall? You could hear the detonations going off from both buildings. You knew all this and ran around like Captain Video with his Video Rangers, and never said a word.

And those tapes from the planes. They’re baloney. More CIA productions like the Osama tapes. First of all cell phones didn’t work then from nearly seven miles up. It’s a scientific fact. It wasn’t till 2004 that American Airlines spent millions to install cell "towers" in the nosecones of their planes so that cell phone calls could be made. And the ones being played are be fakes, cruel jokes. Is that why the public is not allowed to hear them?

How could you look those people in the eye, knowing what you know? How do you look yourself in the eye? Are you another Bernie Kerik, your old partner, another procurer and thief and god knows what else, who got kicked out of the post of Homeland Security Boss. But hey, that’s guilt by association. We don’t need that when we’ve got red-handed guilt, guilt by word, deed and action. So tell the people. Confess. Set the record straight. Mention your juicy speaking fees, hundreds of thousands of dollars, for capitalizing on people’s tragedies.

And, readers, if you think this Rudy rage is just me, just listen to what this 9/11 widow, Kristen Breitweiser, posted under "Giuliani’s Deadly Impact?" at huffingtonpost.com on Wednesday.

all good intill the 7

all good intill the 7 paragraph.
No ones ever herd of airphones?

Truther Of course people

Truther Of course people heared of airphones but they didnt say the calls came from airphones. well not until intelligent people pointed out that cells didnt work. Then they switched that part of the story to seatback(airphones) for the calls but that makes the call from the guy in the lav that much more suspect wouldnt you say since the lavs didnt have phone and cells did not even receive a signal back then. But that is the way of this everychangeing story....like Iraq the WMD the terrorost ties the connection to 911 WMD now year 4 and TeamBush finally has gotten around to creating Iraq files that prove that Sadam did have WMD.

Isn't it ludicrous to think

Isn't it ludicrous to think of hijackers allowing the passengers to use any kind of phones? You only need one pilot so there would be 2 or 3 hijackers monitoring the cabin and a low passenger count. If passengers WERE allowed to use phones, wouldn't they have used the calls to send out whatever message was the purpose of the hijacking?

The Moussaoui thing is just a travesty. Him bringing up Richard Reid as his prospective co-conspirator! And the government jumps on it as actual proof for their side.

When this thing, this 911 monstrous lie, comes down, as it will come down, how will Americans ever rebuild faith in their institutions of government? I doubt that the Moussaoui prosecutors were part of the team that engineered 911, but here they are, willing to lie and be complicit in lies for their own selfish career interests.

rudy deserves his lumps what

rudy deserves his lumps

what a false prophet

"Hi Mom, this is Mark

"Hi Mom, this is Mark Bingahm....You believe me, don't you Mom?"

BTW, I read that some people thought the big lie was supposed to go off on 9/10/01 instead of 9/11. I've also read that Bingham was too sick to travel on 9/10. He seem's to be a key part of the "official plan", hmmm...maybe they did postpone it a day to get one of their "key witnesses" on board.

We are now living in what

We are now living in what has been called the Age of Synthetic Terror. In contrast to the corporate media line, "terrorism" is the brainchild and product of western intelligence agencies. Its purpose is to foment domestic anger at Muslims in order to justify a program of a) invasion of sovereign nations, b) seizure of their oil resources, c) mass murder designed to look like sectarian violence, d) establishing permanent military bases and e) the installation of puppet governments in the countries so affected.


( Anonymous- Mark Bingham is one of the fake passengers.)

AmadaRecon--there is way,

AmadaRecon--there is way, way too much factual stuff out there on Bingham!!! Everything to me indicates that he was a real person used as a plant to be a 9/11 hero and "showpiece" for the "official story." Stop spreading b.s.!!! The perpetrators are no going chance getting caught in inventing a fictitious person!!!

You on the otherhand, are a fraud or a nut, Recon with that!!!

Bingham or not, 9-11 was

Bingham or not, 9-11 was still an inside job. It's up to the government to prove its hypotheses in court. It just has to get to court, first. The Moussaoui trial is a charade (so far).

No doubt Mark Bingham is a

No doubt Mark Bingham is a real person and he's dead. My mother wouldn't recognize my voice over the phone for sure unless I told her who I was so probably lots of people could have impersonated Mark Bingham to his mother. And is she going to say later on that she didn't think it was his voice, anyway?

Don't you find strange that

Don't you find strange that someone calling his mother has to tell his full name ? That looks very suspicious to me.

I still say that all

I still say that all politics is managed theater. The Rudy slip ups were allowed to find the MSM because they need their Hoover-like dirt on everyone.

The ideal Presidential election card for the Perps is: their next puppet, Hillary, vs. the GOP's worst candidate, Condoleeza Rice. If Rudy garners too much support against Rice, they will actually use 9/11 suspicions to bring him down in the polls.

This is why they always have LIHOP to fall back on. 9/11 guilt can always point to specific members of the Bush administration, or selected NYC officials.

The Perps will allow a LIHOP story to hit the mainstream if needed. It keeps them insulated, and can do selective damage, as they see politically fit.